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Bizarre Emergency Alert System Message Another Sign We're Closing In Upon 'The Main Event'?

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Bizarre Emergency Alert System Message Another Sign We're Closing In Upon 'The Main Event'?

- A Series Of 'Strange Coincidences' Have Aligned For Wednesday 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In an email we received this morning from ANP reader Lillith, she shared with us a bizarre emergency alert system message that flashed across her screen at 6:40 in the morning that said it was not a test and it was in effect for Los Angeles. Strangely, Lillith was in Missouri when she received it. Claiming that she was not sure what that means but we may find out soon enough, every day we get more evidence we're moving closer to a huge event. 

In a story over at Reuters getting a ton of attention on Monday they reported that on Wednesday, the entire US Senate will be going to the White House in what they call 'a very unusual move', allegedly for a briefing on North Korea. As of this moment, a meeting is also being set up with the House of Representatives according to aides there. 

It was not lost on Zero Hedge that the very same day, Washington DC is also holding a massive, 'coordinated terror attack drill', which also happens to be the same day that Operation Gotham Shield will be ongoing as well as the exact same day the USS Carl Vinson is supposed to arrive off the coast of the Korean peninsula. 

The drills in Washington DC on Wednesday will also include Northern Virginia and Prince Georges County, Maryland according to this press release from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government's which reports there is no reason for residents to be alarmed. From the press release: 

Law enforcement officials and other first responders will participate in a full-scale exercise on April 26 designed to prepare for the possibility of a complex coordinated terror attack in the National Capital Region.

Emergency managers who work together at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) planned the exercise to help protect residents by preparing for an attack involving multiple target locations and teams of perpetrators.

The regional exercise will be staged at six sites in the District of Columbia, suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia, and will involve hundreds of police, fire, and emergency medical service personnel and volunteer actors. The locations include neighborhoods in the northeast and southeast quadrants of the District of Columbia, Prince George’s County, and Arlington and Fairfax Counties. Residents in those neighborhoods will be notified ahead of time to expect the exercise.

“Law enforcement officials practice and exercise their skills on their own regularly because that’s the best way to ensure we are always ready to respond quickly and professionally,” said Scott Boggs, Managing Director of Homeland Security and Public Safety at COG. “On April 26, we’ll go one step further and stage a very realistic emergency event involving multiple sites and actors posing as the casualties. However, there is no reason for residents to be alarmed because the exercise will occur in a controlled environment.”

Should we be concerned about massive drills such as this now taking place in Washington DC and New York or is this just good, smart preparation under President Trump that should have been done long ago?

The new story from France24 that the Drudge Report linked to on Monday reports that according to official North Korean state media, Pyongyang will 'wipe out' the US should Washington start war on the Korean peninsula. Just the latest threat from NKorea to the US, it's long been warned that NKorea does pose an existential threat to the US if experts are right and the two satellite's flying over the US several times every day are capable of carrying miniaturized nuclear weapons.

As Dr. Peter Vincent Pry reported at The Hill back on March 29th, while much of the mainstream media will claim that North Korea is not a danger to us, there may be no other country that is as much of a danger to us than NKorea and their suicidal leader Kim Jong Un. While Russia and China understand 'mutually assured destruction', Kim, like ISIS, may be seeking it out. 

As Dr. Pry and Ambassador Woolsey warned us in their story, North Korea is quite capable of sending the US back to the dark ages, an attack that would likely lead to the deaths of 90% of us through starvation and the chaos that followed.:

In February and March of 2015, former senior national security officials of the Reagan and Clinton administrations warned that North Korea should be regarded as capable of delivering by satellite a small nuclear warhead, specially designed to make a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack against the United States.

According to the Congressional EMP Commission, a single warhead delivered by North Korean satellite could blackout the national electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures for over a year—killing 9 of 10 Americans by starvation and societal collapse.

Two North Korean satellites, the KMS-3 and KMS-4, presently orbit over the U.S. on trajectories consistent with surprise EMP attack. Why do the press and public officials ignore or under-report these facts?

Perhaps no administration wants to acknowledge that North Korea is an existential threat on their watch.

Whatever the motives for obfuscating the North Korean nuclear threat, the need to protect the American people is immediate and urgent.

The coordinated dates of the upcoming drills, following the recent blackouts in 3 of the US's biggest cities, may just all be a huge coincidence and as the press release informs residents, "there is no need to be alarmed". In fact, doing such drills is quite wise and something that should have been done a long time ago, yet it's not lost on others of the increasing frequency of such drills all across America, along with the increased levels of threats which the drills are preparing for.  Millions of Americans are also now well aware that drills have a tendency to 'go hot' as they have, over and over again. 

In this new story from Jeremiah Johnson over at SHTFPlan he reports a global catastrophe is now being orchestrated by the elite and there may be nothing that anybody, including President Trump, will be able to do to stop it. Warning that the problem lies in the fact that these interests are elitists who believe in the forced imposition of their philosophies upon the masses and that includes “culling the herd”, we see what could be the globalists 'end game' carried out before our eyes.  

As Johnson's story tells us, these globalists have long been waiting patiently for when their “1984” society is a reality, having crafted and shaped their 'new world order' for decades. For the goals written on the Georgia Guidestones to be realized, massive depopulation must still take place and as Johnson's story reports, the US is 'ground zero' and the 'end game' of the scene he describes is like something out of the Denver International Airport.:

The numbers of humanity pose a problem, because they cannot effectively eradicate all necessary without a large-scale plague or a war, and after such an event, the planet itself might be unsustainable.

The key question for them: how to kill off about 6 to 6 ½ billion people without destroying the world?

The most efficient way would be with a limited nuclear war that destroyed enough key targets to minimize postwar effectiveness of the major powers, in a manner that does not irradiate most of the warring nations. The key to the entire equation is to take down the United States. The EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is the weapon of choice. This would paralyze all the infrastructure, leading to (as so eloquently outlined in the book “One Second After”) mass die-offs and the reduction of populations to pre-industrial societies.

The shielded and stocked communities of the elite could just sit back and allow the populations to destroy themselves and whittle down the numbers. After a time (most likely already estimated and predetermined), mercenary forces of the elitists could emerge to mop up the remnant, enslaving and subjugating them completely.

In the new story from the NYTimes they report as North Korea has sped up their nuclear program, the US feels that the time to stop them is running out. Reporting that their nuclear program will eventually be able to produce a nuclear bomb every 6 to 7 weeks, we see that NKorea has no intention upon stopping their nuclear program on their own.

And with threat after threat being unleashed by a man who those who've known him have called 'suicidal' and 'willing to sacrifice his entire country', we understand why President Trump says “people have put blindfolds on for decades, and now it’s time to solve the problem". Making his remarks after a phone call with Xi Jinping, China’s president who urged Mr. Trump to show “restraint” with North Korea, we see why experts warn a nuclear war could begin by accident, a war that would instantly change everything here in America and across the planet and lead to the fulfillment of long-warned prophecy.

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