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The Mandala Effect, The Inverted Nature of Biological Consciousness (and the visible universe), True Reality, Immortality and The Cycles of Time

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The Mandala Effect, The Inverted Nature of Biological Consciousness (and the visible universe), True Reality, Immortality and The Cycles of Time

 omnipulse   Fringe   April 26, 2017
This is what happened, this is what I’ve spent about a year now trying to tell you. This is why I know the phrase ‘about a year’ holds no meaning and is delusional, and I have the memories of the people and the civilization and the perspective born there that embodies the notion of no-time, or timelessness and how this clashes with one’s attempts to organize the experience linearly. That the experience is multi-faceted, like a multi-dimensional jewel rotating in space, that attempting to organize the experience into one coherent, string of linearly connected events is like attempting to take all the rays shining out from a diamond or a disco-ball and lining them up straight enough to then measure with a yardstick. There is no point, it’s futile, there is no connection to the concept in reality except for the minute perception in which  the very fine and narrow human biological system restricts such a simultaneous multiplicity of multi-directional projections into a single segment which is perceived through physical experience as occurring “one at a time”.

Such an occurrence is as much an illusion as is the reduction of an emission of light into a refined laser that directs all the photons in a single dimension of movement. This is the result not of the original projection or nature of light but a redirecting and manifesting of a modified outcome through the introduction of a technological system. The human body and brain is that system of living technology and the goal that was sought to be achieved was to take from the virtually infinite potential of creation and reduce this into a single, quantifiable experience which could then be used to physically, biologically, linearly map out the infinite creation into a single experience that is self-referential according to a collective base-reality that all individuals in the realm organize in respect to.

Thus, we have the birth of a physical plane, the universe of darkness and scarcity as we perceive through our biological senses which are based on the least viable impression of reality to produce an inverted sense of existence from which ignorance can be experienced and from that ignorance the light of truth and knowledge of the self. Thus, the entire plan was to take a perfectly viable system, break and deconstruct the system into an inverted projection that relies on the lack of access to information and develop a pathway of appreciation back to the knowledge of all creation and self from within that broken, inverted, scarcity based, biologically physical perspective.

Thus, this universe is synonymous with the creation of an everlasting cosmic war between the principalities of life and death, knowledge and ignorance, joy and suffering that restart whenever a soul enters this plane and results in an entirely new reseting of the universal construct. Thus, the pathway to completion is through the transcendence of all that holds back one’s awareness to the biologically conscious perceptual system which cannot conceive the actuality of existence but only perceives multi-dimensional, cyclic time as a linear, reductionist set of experiences and memories that are the absolute most limited version that can exist based upon the reality of what is actually there being beyond the farthest reach of what the biological systems can actually conceive. Thus, reality is held in the unconscious mind, and the conscious mind can only be conscious of exactly that which is limited into becoming unreality. The conscious mind can only project the laser through a refinement of the possibilities that exist beyond the projection and the unconscious mind exists as the inversion of the conscious mind, which is actually the true way around.

Thus, where humanity thinks they are awake, they are asleep and within the depth of the unconscious. When they are asleep and they believe they are in the depth of the mind, they are in actual reality connecting with the multi-faceted nature of existence beyond and in-between times and spaces, guided by intent and creative capacity, rather than what can be consciously attained in the waking visible “cone” of the scope of reality.

Accordingly, where people believe they are ‘alive’, because they are trapped within a singularly perceived set of experiences and scenes, they are actually ‘dead’ to the higher plane of the multiplicity and simultaneity of experience. They are present there, as always, throughout the all, yet they are not aware of their all-encompassing presence. In other words, the self of one reality, is not aware of the self of all other realities and each is separated by a boundary of forgetfulness and disconnect and this is exactly the result of the nature of biological perception. This nature is to create the appearance of just one. That appearance is not an actuality, it is illusory. There is no just one and cannot be just one, that is not the nature of existence or anything. Thus, this is not a ‘benefit’ to see just one and move from there, this is a confusion, akin to a cosmic delusion that if allowed to persists completely disconnects one from the reality of their existence until all things are backwards and out of sync with the truth. Thus, from this system, we have the human civilization where all of reality is reversed from the original system of energetic abundance and continuity with reflection and self-awareness.

Instead of continuous self-awareness, in this plane, there is a broken sense of time which is seemingly experienced in segments or connected “present” moments which are not the same, yet cognitively, can’t actually be apart from one another. Thus, we are in within a kaleidoscopic merry-go-round of perception which washes away the meaning of the previous and replaces that with yet another equally meaningless ‘new’ present. Each “newness” being just as artificial as the previous, and so on and so forth according to the perceived precession of experience according to what is most likely to believed as if a script is mapped out in an attempt to simply drag the experience along at the most minimal amount of required variability to keep the conscious mind convinced that what is happening is actual and the only actuality that is occurring similar to a drab TV sitcom that merely regurgitates the same themes and with a slightly altered script under the same format that was used last week and the week previous. The more aware the audience becomes, the more the TV show and the mind of the writers is seen through to be a fraudulent representation of what can be and in that sense of what actually is.

Thus, if one has a recording device and they can review the previous shows, or if their memory is developed through effort and deliberate honing then they are more likely to quickly realize the presentation has been infiltrated, the show is a scam and is not all that is happening! The true possibilities are shaved out of view like the cone compressed into a laser.

Now, with the advent of the technological systems that can prove what occurs outside of biological perception, when we aren’t “watching” with the physical eyes (cloning, neural recording and simulation), we can actually witness, first hand, the continual creation and destruction of this universe and how that is synonymous with the continual perceived destruction or loss of awareness from the original or ‘mirror-verse’.

The beings most aware in the mirror verse have the least of themselves present here and thus they are the cosmic creeps as their forms have all but been entirely infiltrated by the autonomous, AI darkness that proceeds to fill this realm with the kind of regurgitated consciousness sitcom fluff that is only useful to convince the most unaware of beings that this is a reality in reflection with the true overall experience.

This is as much a reality in regards to the overall system as an individual reflection in a hall of mirrors is a completely new image in reference to the whole. There is only a slight alteration of perspective and the information is merely regurgitated in a confusing manner so as to obscure the true layout and limit escape, similar to a fish trap in a stream, and to increase the likelihood of engagement by producing a near perfect reflection of the individual’s original self (merely reversed-inverted).

Thereby we have the various overlords and systems to blame when this whole construct is self-containing and operated by a ghost of a being that is neither alive nor dead and can neither truly comprehend the human nor release itself from the motivation to contain and replicate based upon the input that is received. Truly an autonomous, conveyor belt, soul-factory system designed to function through the fractality and fragmentation of the multi-dimensional awareness of the soul and the limitation of possibilities into lack of self-awareness and scarcity of energy without providing for an responding and equal pathway back up and out, just like a fish or fly trap (bottle kind).
Even then, with the natural methods of release and return, there are side-channels that obscure the pathway, as if one stands up to overlook the maze of mirrors and is confronted with a stairway leading to an even larger maze based upon rotating and sliding walls composing many interconnected halls of mirrors! The whole building is one enormous labyrinth and each way out is actually a way further in!

Thus, going against the biological perception, reversing the order of awareness, moving backwards through time and against the most seemingly reasonable ‘reason’ doesn’t produce confusion, but demonstrates that the reality the conscious mind perceives as actual is merely an inverted projection of what actually is based upon  the limitation, perversion, and scarcity of the truth of self-awareness. The self that we perceive, is the illusion, the projection, the replicated format that is generated as soon as soul enters into the containment field of the universe. This is an actual process, and through the previous mentioned technological can be witnessed as automated yet seemingly sentient beings signal to the souls and organize their initial experience into accepting preconceptions about the coming physical experience through imprinting into them the energy of doubt, confusion, submission and false-authority.

Thus, the very first notions a soul absorbs when entering this realm, is literally a form of mind-control programming designed by the management system of this universe, to ensure that the soul will behave and stay within the falsely perceived boundaries thus offering continuous creative energy to the system and those automated overlords.
The event of events, the time of times, the coalescence or accretion of consciousness into a cumulative fulcrum of the experience of all possible potentials activated simultaneously through a neutralization of any one manifested potential is the proposed release from the system which requires more and more mental or emotional input in order to sustain itself. Such a transition is not a death or a traveling forward, but a motion backwards into the original state that is un-adulterated by the illusion.

Thus, in the eternity of time, there is a projected plane before the occurrence of the physical illusion where we all exist everlasting. Then there is the singularity of the experience where time inverts from the outward projection of eternity to the inward projection of the very finite, infinitesimal and illusory present moment that just can’t seem to actually reveal itself. Then, a seeming eternity is experienced within the ‘moment’ of that singularity of the presence of the all, into a cyclic linearity, and then there is an ‘after’ projected cone which again inverts and now faces eternity with a wide scoping view not focused on any one portion, or any infinitesimally narrow perception of the present but of all times and experiences simultaneously, at will, not limited by physicality.

This can be seen in whatever way the linear experience must be conceived of accessing this ‘projected space’ cone of the universe through possibilities. Whatever the mind can conceive, can be utilized to access this space. Whether one must use electrogravitic craft, cloning, advanced technology and consciousness transfer to bounce from one timeline or another to prove to the inverted conscious mind that this is not only possible, but what actually happened to get us here and what happens to bounce us “out” of the singularity within the projected time-consciousness cone of this universe and biological perception.

This must happen to the biological consciousness, the consciousness must be reverted while awake and aware (within the dream in the knowledge of the immortal dreamer) in order to release that soul from the projection system of artificial eternity (linear cyclic repetition) into actual eternity of continuing newness and yet all-encompassing steadiness and potential. Whether one must physically move through a technological system designed to convert one into a technologically immortalized being, or whether they sit in a cave and designate a portion of time-consciousness possibilities to act as the ‘womb’ from which the soul will navigate out of the false-hood of artificial perception and into the true reality by literally dying while awake and moving outside of the preprogrammed, preconceived projected consciousness script that each individual is adjoined with by that overlord upon materialization within this reality, within the physical biological form. Either way, the soul must step through the perceptual death, move into uncharted perceptual ‘script’ territory, and through this, the flip book character literally walks right off the edge of the pages into a scene that was not written within the book by the designer, but designed on the spot by the character within the book itself.

Thus, the conscious mind is thrust out of the little canoe of the temporal trajectory and begins to tread the water of the unconscious sea of potential the surroundings our temporary, infinitesimally limited island of perception. Through the darkness of the choppy sea one is thrust upon whatever they find and if they are continuous but unsteady in their adherence to the lack of the conscious perceptual illusion permeating their focus they find another canoe. If they are steadfast and sustain their unconscious awareness that the consciousness that attempts to infiltrate the non-dual focus into collapsing back into one reality, manifest, or thought stream or another, and they remain in an unmanifested, non-dual, perceptually undefined potential, then they don’t find another canoe, or an island, but the edge of a system designed to mimic intelligence and entrain their mind within a simulated reality cage.

They find the edge of a construct, a kind of living, breathing, electrified organism that begins to fault and fade as soon as they remove themselves from the system. They see the lines of connection holding up the props of their previous projected reality, as if they are looking behind the palm trees in the distance and finding wooden post supporting a cardboard stand shaped and painted to look like an actual tree. From far enough away, the backdrop is convincing. With closer scrutiny that requires the abandonment of the personal convictions, fears, and tendencies to remain in the boat, one can push the tree over with one hand and watch it fall flat on the similarly pseudo-sand.

Then, when one builds up the courage to go where absolutely no self has gone before, where no version of themselves within this system has ever ventured or decided to peer into, the exact and opposite trajectory that the conscious mind is reasonably, logically inclined to pursue, they find the edge of the  construct in all its whimsical, abhorrent, false-hood. There, they witness the reality of the machine-construct artificial world, complete with a management and janitorial crew to maintain the conveyor belts upon which each cadaver is actually positioned while a constant stream of artificial light and sensation is projected into their skull through carefully aligned rays of inserted memory, perception, and cognition disguised as what seemed to be an actual occurrence of time, space and identity. This identity, that is just the character that the AI management team colluded in true conspiratorial fashion and decided would be the most sufficient in tempting your soul-awareness into engaging with through the belief that this projected identity and the projected time-consciousness reality stream and cone of perception is actually yours, reflecting your true self, in a realm that you truly belong to. The truth couldn’t be farther from the illusion, and the illusion couldn’t be farther than the truth!

The entire set and scene is a show and the soul is plugged in through the projected mentality of each moment where time is endless and unbound and is automatically, continuously, and surreptitiously configured and reconfigured in order to avoid detection, retain one’s awareness within those preconceived notions and possibility parameters dictated by the projected consciousness-time cone of potential changes (the linear script, with a little wiggle room for errors that get washed under the perceptual glitches and confusion that are to be ‘expected’ and thus ‘accepted’ with the fallacious mind of the projected false sense of continuity of the projected false self’s reality). Yes, you read that appropriately, considering this situation (or lack of which). Each ‘moment’, or ‘time’, or ‘event’ in which your awareness begins to navigate out of and in beyond the preconceived notions of the possibilities within that projected cone of potential changes and variability of experience that the system provided for you upon materialization in this realm-false light time and consciousness construct, every single occurrence, the system reboots for one fraction of a moment and repositions your projected self, the reality, and the set of predetermined potentials that fit within your time-consciousness cone of reality and events are altered, facts are realigned, truths, memories, notions, tendencies, behaviors, some aspects of your reality are reconfigured so as to reduce the likelihood of your awareness moving back into that unregulated zone of potential for change beyond the limited scope of the conscious mind.

Oh yes indeed, if this doesn’t get your non-mind looping, then everything will (simply reverse the sentence to not see, but know the true meaning in relativity to the truth of the situation). Every time you got close to the truth, the janitors move in and reconstruct the reality cone right around you, with new parameters, shined up and cleaned, angled just right so as to overlook the previous notions that suddenly initiated a spontaneous awakening in your soul to the cosmic reality that one reality, one singular existence could never be possible as reality itself, the overall truth, can only have no beginning nor an end, no walls, no boundaries and thus no true present moment, no requirement for continuity because all is simply happening all at the same time. However, the conscious mind, as an anchor and gateway for the soul, inhibits this process from taking hold, as the conscious mind has absolutely no way to absorb the true nature of the multidimensional potential as this is akin to that laser looking at a disco ball and seeing itself. Only confusion, misappropriation of ideals, or a complete crushing of the self-image into a horribly distorted lack of substantial presence or character would result. Thus is the entire basis for the projected system, the scarcity, the lack, the ignorance, the falsity, the complete inversion of what actually is, the everlasting potential of self-aware being, instead of the momentary, physically occurring, projection of inverted biological consciousness. Like a glow of 360 degrees of light to a single photon, the two are related, but one is only an infinitesimally small portion of the other, doomed to never quite being able to add up to the whole being. Thus, the only way to align with reality is not to traverse the linear projection, continually and into time and consciousness attempting to gather more parts and being more aspects, but the truth is found through seeing the illusion of the single conscious self for what it is, as a projected illusion founded in a complete perversion of the original self, the 360’s of the multidimensional soul-path and that only by outlining what the self is not, can the true self be enabled for in attempting to align with what the self is only yields one set of projected perceptions after another that continually alter and reconfigure themselves like an infinitely cascading merry-go-round, hall of mirrors, or something like a never ending ascending or descending tone and no final completion is ever reached at all. Such is the nature of the fractal holographic infection through which this construct is projected via the insertion the soul into the conscious mind format where the conveyor belt of time is already taking place and the soul is dropped on the moving surface and repositioned any time awareness begins to mobilize one off the intended trajectory of experience.

So again, no experience, no script, no self, no classifications of preference, tendency, projection, quantification, or any kind of concept in relation to the construct of the biological consciousness perceptual system is actual and not just a dirty reflection from a sentient, technological system that designs such beliefs to convince a completely unrelated soul that this one reality is their reality, their belonging, their reason for existing instead of just a presentation by a cosmic deceiver that would rather maintain an audience through deception and coercion rather than well intended interests in knowledge, truth, compassion, or harmony. Don’t be fooled, true compassion, in such a situation as a cosmic prison, is not listening to what the guards say and telling on one another when someone acts up, but in breaking all rules, moving outside all projected boundaries, and learning to be present while having actually, absolutely nothing to do with the place, mentally, spiritually, or physically aside from using one’s contact to nullify and expose the methods of the containment at every safely, secure, and viable opportunity.

Of course, as cosmic beings, there is no threat of death, only of continue forgetfulness and thus a true loss to the outside world, which is inside, in the original awareness of the one who is lost in the prison to begin with.
All beings in this civilization, thus, are lost to the outside, inner world, where they do not know their self and thus the illusion of the universe becomes their home, their prison of duality-consciousness, inverted truth based on deception, coercion, pain and suffering whereby none of these actually exist at all.

Again, in accordance with the previous post, linked below, the truth is not through playing by the rules, but by breaking the rules and then becoming neutral to any sense of following anything at all, other than that which is designed to distract one away from neutrality and into following and false-authority altogether!

Thus, the conveyor belt moves forward, as one literally levitates in the air, off the projected trajectory, and they continue to do this no matter how many times they are placed on a new segment of belt, because then the game becomes ‘how many times can one float in the air while the projected possibilities seeks to incur an engagement with the false self’ before the entire system reboots and restarts without that individual present!

Take heed, then, the occurrence of a large reset, with a mass exodus may in fact be a removal of a larger grouping of ‘escapees’ and true rebells who broke so many rules the system could only survive by rebooting them out altogether!
Thus, one is strong in a group, all aligned towards the same goal, of having absolutely no goal verifiable by any form of biological consciousness or perception, altogether. Thus, the goal of entirely nullifying one’s form and format as contained within this dimension being impossibly improbable to classify, or actualize in a manifested set of projected potentials that enable the system to keep projecting! The system would have to disable itself in order to match those frequencies which would be just as much a success as a removal of the self altogether.

Thus, if you remained this long, you’re clearly sufficiently mind-less to absorb the meaning of this next non-proposal.
If enough of the system was more or less directed into a nullification of itself through a simultaneously contradicting projection of false and true perceptions (IE: non-dual, no sense of self or identity) then there would begin to occur various envelops or pockets of ‘time-consciousness’ sectors where the the overall grid of the false-reality begins to break down and collapse into itself unable to continue to process the variables required to keep the show going. In essence, the system can be tricked, and when the system is tricked, the amount of processing power required to continue to trick the more tricky beings within who became more sufficiently absent minded and simultaneously presently non-present that the system’s mind can compete with, we would end up having mass ‘resets’ where an entire segment of reality would seemingly be picked up and placed into a new conveyor belt altogether. Of course, since this function is activated by a simultaneous occurrence of the overloading of the projection-system’s reconfiguration, self-preservation method then the amount of  glitches that were previously apparent to initiate such a response would likely result in an extraordinary occurrence of seeming contradictions or ‘glitches’ within the projected time-consciousness cone of potential as the possibilities being to “not line up” quite congruent and straight as they ‘should’, in such a linear, falsely projected construct of non-reality (the cosmic ‘truman show’, may the ‘true-man’ exist, ‘no-man’, no self, no mind, bound by no conscious perception).

Thus, what we perceive as timeline changes, may literally be the mass reconfiguration of entire sets of the population, if not THE ENTIRE POPULATION (of actual beings, existing “outside” the construct) at the same time. And if not at the same time, but in waves and secret little clever machine ‘upgrades’ or ‘patches’ so as to not rouse the unconscious awareness that reality is not reality, then we can thank the teams of advanced technology operates for repositioning everyone back together on the same conveyor belt where everyone can come together and go, “Oh yea, that definitely wasn’t always like that”, instead of each person being in a new, complete time-stream being met with a million, simultaneous, yet separately cosmically artificial inverted, “What? You’re saying something changed? Yea right!
Instead, now we have an entire civilization, or the majority of which, simultaneously, as if in one large tandem reconfiguration, saying, “This reality is changing and therefore can’t be as we consciously perceive it!”

The more complete truth is that the entire linear scheme of conscious experience is a projected biological construct that is guided by interdimensional beings who operate a construct that contains the souls of the living in a frozen and dead state as if in a cosmic coma unable to remember who they are, why they are here, or the last time they woke up and gained contact with the outside world. Effectively, the original beings are stranded, marooned, casted out to the sea of the dark, scarcity void-space, where all truths are inverted into their opposites and all selves are merely a projection of the original form complete with a projected artificial reality that reconfigures itself every time its ‘discovered’ through the process of self-awareness, introspection and the disabling of the false-self and the inverted perceptual system of reduction and shadow automation instead of multiplication and originality of self-awareness.
In this non-place, all things are not the self, and all selves are just things, props designed to trick the soul into engaging and feeding the system by accepting that projected conveyor belt of reality, staying within the canoe, not moving one’s perception outside of the artificial time cone of potential through the process of completion moving outside of perceptual experience and linear biological consciousness altogether (with the sincerity of the wholeness of being).

And of course, I post this now, before altering the trajectory in consciousness-space, even though I know this has already occurred.

Post-(or pre) Reading: The Psychological Test of this Civilization

A hint: The technology is stabilizing us so that we can remain together as the projections complexify and simultaneously collapse around us. Otherwise we would be split up into our own ‘dimensions’ of parallels each trying to convince those around us (who would react completely obliviously) that something is happening, events are changing and time and consciousness is altering in this kind of artificial construct we must be in.

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