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Decoding Star Wars and the Force by TS Caladan

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Decoding Star Wars and the Force
by TS Caladan

What are they really trying to say with Star Wars and the Force? What is the Force? Not the given definition Yoda or Luke or fans might say. What is it to the filmmakers and financiers? What is it really, underneath everything? I'll give you a few minutes to come up with ONE WORD that the Force really and truly is...behind all the bullshit they tell us. One word, and it's not the flow of "energy" between all living things and the rocks and everything else. It is something much deeper and darker to those who FORCE it upon us.
       For a clue to the one word the Force really is, consider its Light Side and its Dark Side. It has a positive and negative polarity. The Power can be used to generate strong feelings of love and goodness or its direct opposite: anger, hatred and destruction. Is the Force Electricity? Is it Magnetism? The spirit, Life?
       In George Lucas' own words, he said there are two kinds of people in the world: compassionate, giving people and selfish, cruel people who take. Selfish people live on the Dark Side and compassionate people live in the Light. In his early version, Jedi and Sith were absolute polar opposites.
       [Thank you, 'Dash,' for your insight and research on the Grey. Let's explore aspects of the Jedi/Sith and the new trend against Yin-Yang to discover the one word that the FORCE truly is].
       Jedi of Old Republic were always "doomed to fail."
       The Prophecy of the Chosen One: "A Jedi will come to destroy the Sith and bring balance to the Force," sums up Star Wars 1-6 or Anakin's rise, fall and redemption.
       Snoke abandoned the Rule of Two (Master and apprentice) in favor of creating the Knights of Ren and training Kylo. Ren was "better to sculpt" because he possessed the Light and the Dark, unlike any previous Sith. Balance did not last in the later trilogy. If the good guys totally defeated the Sith, then what? Was the Prophesy misread by the Jedi as they'd feared?
       What is Luke searching for at the First Jedi Temple on Ahch-To (island) and what will he find? He discovers this new trend of Greyness or darkness from Disney (Marvel, DC, TV, movies, music, etc.) or that...
       The original Jedi, long ago, had a completely different philosophy from the later Jedi we're familiar with of Guardians of Truth and Justice that never attacked. The revelation or big secret is the First Jedi embraced the complete Force and possessed the other side.
       In Star Wars 'Rebels,' Jedi Kanan Jarrus encounters a new lifeform: a large creature called the "Bendu." Kanan's imbalance awakens the Grey:
       The Bendu tells him, "Your presence is like a violent storm in this quiet world."
       "You're a Force-wielder?" Kanan asks. "But you're not a Jedi."
       "Wielder? Hm. Jedi and Sith wield the Ashlon and Bogan, the Light and the Dark. I'm the one in the middle, the Bendu."
       Blind Kanan shows the creature a Sith Holocron. "It's...a source of evil. My student (Ezra) has been using it and I'm afraid it's changing him."
       "An object cannot make you good or evil. The temptation of power, Forbidden Knowledge, even the desire to do good can lead some down that path. But only you can change yourself...If you can see yourself, you will never be blind, Kanan Jarrus, Jedi knight."
       Ezra Bridger (in 'Rebels') asks Yoda: "Was it wrong for the Jedi to fight? Is it wrong for me to protect my friends?"
       Yoda answers, "Wrong? Hm. Long time, fought I did. Consumed by fear, I was. Foresee it, I did not."
       "You were afraid?"
       "Yes. Afraid. Surprised, are you? A challenge, lifelong, it not bend fear into anger."

There is another prophecy, only it is not from the perspective of Jedi or Sith. It is the Grey or simply "the Force." Light, Dark and everything in-between. This makes the Jedi Prophecy incorrect or misread or changed. Light and Dark are opposite polarities, like a magnet, + and -. Now what was once only a thin double-sided coin, has a large middle ground.
       There have been Grey Jedi like Jolee Bindo in 'Expanded Universe.' Ahsoka Tano was the first Grey Jedi and had white-grey sabers in the end. But Grey was never considered canon since it went against the grain of Lucas' original concept, which he used as a simple allegory of only good and evil.
       The Bendu did not see an object or artifact as good or bad, but was really the intent of the wielder. Also fascinating was the Bendu's usage of "Ashlon" and "Bogan." They were ancient terms for the Light and the Dark. And they actually were the original names for both sides of the Force by George Lucas from the very beginning in his revisions of the script.
       From Lucas' original Star Wars opening crawl:
       "...Until the tragic Holy Rebellion of "06," the respected JEDI BENDU OF ASHLON were the most powerful warriors in the Universe. For 100,000 years, generations of Bendu Knights learned the ways of the mysterious FORCE OF OTHERS, and acted as the guardians of peace and justice in the Republic...They have been destroyed by a ferocious rival sect of mercenary warriors: THE BLACK KNIGHTS OF THE SITH." 
       Disney has gone "Grey or Dark-crazy," which is certainly no coincidence.
       In the 'Rogue One' war-film, Chirrut from Jedha is a Guardian and follows the Jedi way. From the 'Star Wars Visual Dictionary':
       "Although Chirrut deeply believes in the reality of the Force and respects the former Jedi Order, he knows no one could ever hold a monopoly on understanding the cosmic energy field. Unlike the late departed Jedi, the teachings of the Guardians of the Whills do NOT emphasize the discord between the lightness and the darkness. The Guardians believe their approach allows mortal minds to encompass the totality of the Force."
       This is huge and completely different than "your father's Jedi."
       Jedha City was destroyed and surely all the teachings or the "Journal of the Whills"  (Lucas' concept of beings who chronicled the entire Star Wars saga).
       According to 'Star Wars Complete Locations,' before the Jedi Purge and Age of the Empire, Jedi scholars made a case for Ahch-To as the location of the First Temple along with other "candidate worlds such as Tython, Coruscant, Jedha and Ossus."
       In 'Star Wars Legends,' Typhon was home of the First Jedi Temple and the Knights were not the good, heroic wielders back then either. They were aligned with the Whills teachings and known as "Je'daii." Jedi came from the earlier Je'daii. Je'daii believed warriors had to know and control both sides of the Force. If any student on Typhon was too far Dark or Light, they'd be sent to one of the moons to meditate and become balanced again. The Light Side moon was called "Ashlon" and the Dark Side moon was called "Bogan," exactly what came out of the Bendu's mouth. 
       Luke Skywalker on Ahch-To finds the "middle ground" of Grey in his exile, after the disaster of training Kylo Ren. Luke explores the Dark Side and gains fantastic power, like the early Jedi. Luke would have came across the same ancient philosophy whether he was on Ahch-To or Typhon.
       First Jedi changed over time and became fanatical toward the Good and Light Side. They "warped" the original teachings further to the Light, toward strict Law and Order and their "Code." They became extremely dogmatic in time as far as the Force and its use.
       (Have you thought of what the Force is or know what the writer has in mind? Hang on for another minute...).
       From Luke's POV: His aunt and uncle were killed. Ben also. He fought his father; he faced the death of his father. When Luke finally believed there was balance to the Force, he trained a new batch of young Jedi following the ways of the Order...only to have nephew Kylo destroy all of his work! In his sorrow, Luke went in search of First Temple.
       In "TFA," Han Solo said, "Luke felt responsible. He just walked away from everything."  
       Daisy Ridley said of Rey: "I don't know if I'm a Jedi."
       Mark Hamill told a crowd that the title for VIII reminds him of 'The Last Samurai.'
       Here is how [Dash foresees] Star Wars IX will end:
       ...with a poem.
       "Journal of the Whills" is in canon. The Whills (overseers of everything) could be the story-tellers of the entire Star Wars saga, as was the original idea. A verse within the Journal labeled "7:477" (?) contains a poem concerning both sides of the Force. From 'The Force Awakens' novel:
       "First comes the day
        Then comes the night.
        After the darkness
        Shines through the light.
        The difference, they say,
        Is only made right
        By the resolving of Gray
        Through refined Jedi sight."

       Sith and Jedi were opposing systems or viewpoints that did not work as a monopoly of power and were abandoned in time. They barely exist in the third trilogy. Knights of Ren had abandoned the ways of the Sith.
       * Does the Force need both extremes to exist outside of the Grey? To Los San Tekka, "There cannot be balance in the Force without the Jedi."
       * Does the Light really need the Dark to exist and vice versa?
       * Will Rey learn the lesson to embrace the Force in its entirety? Does she explore the Dark Side?
       * "Refined Jedi sight" might refer to Kylo as he's pulled toward the Light and the goodness that's inside him? Does Ren realize he's wrong and later defeat Snoke?
       * Does the unbelievable happen and Ben Solo and Rey Kenobi [she's Obi-wan's granddaughter*] get together as a loving couple by Episode 9? [*leaked script]. 
       * And what role will the Grey play in the final resolution to ages of battles between both sides?

Okay. What is the Force to Disney producers? What is the one word?
MAGIC. (You could also say: "money").
       Black Magic. White Magic. Mojo. Good, bad, positive, negative, the Dark and the Light. They are really giving us a continuing story of Black Magic vs. White Magic and wars between magicians of Light and magicians of Darkness and Fire.
       Haven't you noticed the darkening of all superheroes and stories of DC and Marvel? No? Superman and Batman at each other's throats? Batman shooting masses of "bad guys" with machineguns? Superman a threat and in a blackened costume? Honoring Suicide Squads? There was even a dark Kermit the Frog and you haven't noticed?
       From TS Caladan's novel 'Science-Faction': "What if good, righteous, powerful Superheroes were real and truly existed in today's world? They would not serve world leaders. They would be at War with them!"
       WHY? Why are these fictional portrayals of our society going dark and also the real world? To be real, to be hip and current and make a better story? Are all plots and characters simply made for fun and pure enjoyment from creative minds? No way. It's Programming and Propaganda, folks. Look up Caladan's 'Why are They Still Killing Superman?' for a few answers.
       What is wrong with Star Wars? Let's decode it down to its barest essence and see if we can find the programming? You are to be like Luke and accept the Dark Side. Purging of the evil, violent nastiness, such as old Jedi ways, are to be abandoned. We should not be horrified and repulsed by the Dark, by cruelty, but be desensitized to it. We are to embrace the darkness. We are forced to accept it like good, little dystopians. We are to be good, little, mindless soldiers and march to war without question. Any war they create. We are to settle everything with fights, arguments, violence and "road rage." It's not only magical Disney's Star Wars, it's a far larger web of seduction and control by those who control Hollywood, Music, TV, etc. Mind Control. And certainly we have to buy and consume the products they force down our throats.
       Dabbling in The Force is like dabbling in the Mystic Arts or magic itself. More Black Magic. (We don't know what White Magic is or pure white magicians). Are these real, actual powers "traps" that inevitably lead to the Dark Side and disastrous consequences? Or is there untainted, eternal goodness? Is there ever peace and depictions of mind-blowing, wonderful events and cool storylines or is that just boring to fans so accustomed to warfare, explosions and blood and guts? These days, why have excellent stories been replaced by action, special-effects and a high body-count (you Deadpool fans)?
       Are they really preaching Darwinism in all aspects of Media, under the surface, and saying: We are only animals, warlike animals...and not harmonious, divine spirits at all?
       We should understand that the Knights of Ren represent the historic Knights of Templar and the quest for the Holy Grail (truth). We should realize that the Jedi "Order," as with the Sith "Order," has to do with true Occult ORDERS, secret organizations of Witchcraft, Black Magic and Satanism, very much alive today. Real Black Magic and real evil in society. Who do you think produces these films and about everything else? Not good, compassionate people at the top of Industries.
       Are they forcing a philosophy of Machiavelli ('The Prince') where no powerful King (or Jedi) can be all-good: They MUST RULE BY FEAR AND TERROR and be the absolute worst of humanity. ['1984' warned us]. Machiavelli would want you to believe: 'Good guys always finish last.' Truth is: Royalty must be able to ruthlessly kill the masses~
       When a film shows a "portal" or gateway to another world (Disney's 'Black Hole,' 'Event Horizon,' etc. etc.), isn't it always a Door to Hell? Where's balance? Where is an equal amount of the Light Side? How about a Door to Paradise, Utopia? Nope. They always show us dark angels, but never good ones. Angels of Light and goodness and real truths are always perverted in time, destroyed or made very uncool. We've been manipulated to have no conception of the GOOD and what's good behavior. We're made to forget about the Light Side and to only love the Dark...when it should be Yin-Yang, 50-50. Good guys should win, not lose.
       Consider the Power Ring in 'The Lord of the Rings.' Whomever put the Ring on became super-powerful, according to the individual who wielded it. And it always corrupted and pulled the user to the Dark Side.
       The following took decades to finally realize; I expect few to agree. I had to break through layers and layers of prejudicial LOVE for Star Wars and Star Trek, since this dude cherished these franchises from the start. What’s wrong with Star Wars? The “Republic,” that’s what’s wrong with Star Wars. You don’t fight for the Republic. People should be fighting against The Republic! Look up the word. A Republic is not a Democracy, it is a Star Chamber and rule by a council of elites. A few fascist families rule the world, that’s a Republic…like the Republic of China, Czech Republic, etc. You are not free men and women under a Republic. We’re not talking about another galaxy. We‘re talking about planet Earth and modern times. That’s what SW & ST actually symbolize. Maybe you fight for Democracy and freedom and human rights. Or maybe you don't fight at all. But a “republic” is another word for fascism. They don’t want you to be a “Separatist” or a dissident or an enemy to the Evil (British) Empire. What do you think they are really showing us?
       What's wrong with Star Trek? The Federation? Seriously. When have the feds ever been good or done anything good? For you, for the people? I know it is the ‘United Federation of Planets’ and they propose a future harmony of Earthlings and aliens. Too bad it is fiction and not a reality or…far from reality, as yet. We love these out-of-this-world "fantasies" and I love them more than all of you! But they really mean, under the surface, something altogether different than what we originally thought...long ago.
       I enjoyed many parts of the *leaked script for Star Wars 8, especially where Snoke takes Kylo into a place (like Luke's cave in 'Empire,' only opposite) where Ren must confront, with hallucinations, the love and goodness inside him in order to eliminate his positive feelings. Funny and rare that the Dark Side has to deal with sweet love and 'Kumbaya' and everything fuzzy, warm and good. 
       If the Jedi had a Dark Side, why have a Sith?
       If fans voted: Do we want the Old Jedi or this new, dark version? Many might choose the old ways, similar to wanting the old Star Trek instead of the twisted version we received in the new movies. We certainly have no choice. We are forced to accept whatever they throw at us, whatever they pushFans do not create the programming; programming creates the attitudes of fans.
       I gave a positive review of 'Rogue One' months ago and ended it with this line:
“Never accept war when you can accept peace” (from the last hippie). Five weeks later, the title for SW8 was announced: "The Last Jedi." I'm sure it's just a coincidence~
       I know it’s Star WARS! There’s going to be wars and battles, good and evil, Dark Side vs. the Light Side of the Force. We've seen it in early animation of Disney films: the great good and the terribly wicked. But. There’s way too much Dark Side today and why is hell so damn cool? Where’s balance? How come they force us to believe: Hell has hotter women and better music?
       That’s another thing: The “Force” was misnamed. It should have been: “May the Energy be with you.” That only sounds weird because we’re not used to it. FORCE? Force is not a neutral word, between positive and negative, between good and bad. It is an extremely nasty word. You don’t force something. Hitler and evil fascists “forced” their will. How about "armed" FORCES? Military forces? The Air Force? "Force" is a despicable word.
It's what a bully does or a rapist or invaders or conquerors.
       It should have been "Energy." You go with the flow, the natural and easy flow of nature. You force nothing. What the hell is wrong with that?


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