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World’s Oldest Pyramids Found In Alaska Baffle Scientific Community

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World’s Oldest Pyramids Found In Alaska Baffle Scientific Community

May 3, 2017svyatnyk

Could it be possible that Alaska has the world’s oldest man made pyramids?
And, if true, is the recent snow and ice melting going to reveal even more ancient structures in the future?

Amazingly, a small team of explorers has just announced that they have indeed found at least two ancient pyramids. Currently, only the upper portions of the pyramids are exposed but the general shape is obvious.

The team was able to find the outer rock edges of one pyramid and the stones were obviously stacked one on top of the other (comparable to Egypt pyramids). The team actually made the discovery by accident while on a hiking expedition.

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Light Being

Pyramids are not man made, but man was there to learn how the ETs known as Ra constructed them. If you draw a perfect 22 degree triangle and draw 4 perfect triangles inside of that triangle you have a 22 degree horizontal diamond inside the triangle. If you put three of those together in a pyramid shape and point one corner of that pyramid 22 degrees north northeast the pyramid will bring in the All That Is, the One (God) energy for all kinds of mystical things. The energy comes in at the point where 4 corners of the diamond meets with a second side, in the middle of the pyramid.

The Pyramids in Egypt are out of align as they were built on 20 degrees North Northeast. Since 2012 the magnetic pole has shifted 2 degrees and now the alignment is 22 degrees N. NE. Try meditating at 22 degrees N. NE., clear your mind in complete silence and call in the One Energy and experience the unknown. It is fantastic!

Be Love,

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