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Anna von Reitz - The Best Explanation of “The System” — Right From the Horse’s Mouth plus more

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The Best Explanation of “The System” — Right From the Horse’s Mouth

Posted on May 7, 2017 by David Robinson  

By Anna Von Reitz
Everyone please go to this link and spend five minutes to listen to this explanation of the “System”—– by the author of its American version,  Colonel House.
This explicitly and simply explains what has been done to you and how and why and by whom and when.
Be sure to read the accompanying article which further details the history, meaning, make-up, and operations of the “Federal Reserve” and the banking system as a whole.
This entire presentation is worthy of memorizing.
And so is Melvin Stamper’s book, Fruit From a Poisonous Tree.   He didn’t get it all, but he came close— and he explained what he did know very well.
Those who are serious about getting to the root cause of what has gone wrong in America and in the world at large need to deeply contemplate the information presented in these brief resources.
I am truly grateful to the authors/organizers of the Galactic Connection for doing such a bang-em-up job with this presentation of key information everyone in this country ought to have and know as well as they know the “Pledge of Allegiance” that Colonel House used to further indoctrinate and complete his system of feudal “pledging” and eternal debt.

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Bad News: World War I and II Happened.

Posted on May 7, 2017 by David Robinson

By Judge Anna Von Reitz
You don’t want to believe that your government, your dear, dear sainted government, would kill you?
Well, the facts are in front of your face.
It’s not really your government. It hasn’t been your government since 1860. Two rival gangs of mostly-European commercial banks and trading companies set up an illegal commercial mercenary “war” on our soil and got away with it. They called it the “American Civil War” but the fact is that it was never declared by Congress and never settled via any peace treaty. It was a crime and it still is.
We are living through the backwash of an illegal and unresolved conflict that is now over 150 years old.
On the way here we have endured multiple fraudulent “national bankruptcies”, two equally illegal World Wars, and constant lesser conflicts—Korea, Vietnam, Iraq I and II, Libya, Afghanistan….
Prior to the Second World War, the Nazis based their economy on investments made by the German People themselves—German banks, German aristocrats, German Jews— and sold bonds based on the labor and assets of the German people to international investors, too.
When the Nazis couldn’t pay their debts what did they do? They killed the Priority Creditors who were closest to home — German bankers, German aristocrats, and German Jews.
Why? Because getting rid of those Priority Creditors erased a large part of their government debt, allowed the Nazis to claim the victim’s homes and land and bank accounts as their own, and netted the life insurance policies the Nazis placed on their Priority Creditors before they killed them.
They loaded their Priority Creditors on cattle cars and took them to forced labor camps, worked some of them to death, and murdered the rest. That is what happened and that is why it happened.
The same exact process has taken place here in America.
The US Government has done the same thing and now they can’t pay their debts. 800 FEMA Camps. 30,000 guillotines. Thousands of “specially equipped” train cars set up with manacles.
Why guillotines?  To harvest teeth and gold fillings, just as they did after Waterloo and just as they did at Treblinka.
Those who don’t remember history are condemned to relive it.
Now those who have defrauded the world and who have set up this awful situation are understandably afraid.
We know who they are.  We know where they live.
They have planned to do this all along by conventional means in order to maximize their profits, but they also have had a Plan B, known as ‘Slice and Dice Technology’.
Many of you have heard of EMP’s — Electro-Magnetic Pulse weaponry created by exploding a nuclear bomb in mid-air, which has the effect of taking out electrical generators and electrical equipment of all kinds.  Such a disaster could shut down the grid in an entire country, which is awful enough to think about— but you haven’t thought far enough.
Just as sound and other resonance frequency devices can promote and restore health, they can also be used as weapons to destroy.
Think of an energy device that does nothing but interrupt the electrical pulse of your heart beat?  Like an EMP for biological systems?  If nobody is there to restart your heart, you’re dead.
Now think of such a device that can be triangulated to define a specific three-dimensional space anywhere on Earth. It could be a mile high, a mile wide, and a mile deep in the ocean or in the air or it could be at ground level just as easily.
They have been testing these weapons for several years. Those tests are the cause of the “mysterious die-offs” of sea creatures and birds all over the world.  Whole huge flocks of birds suddenly drop out of the sky, dead as doornails. Turtles, porpoises, and other sea reptiles, amphibians, and mammals destroyed en masse and just as fast.
It’s not as profitable as the old way of working them to death first, but it works and the mess is relatively short-lived and easy to clean up.  No buildings are harmed.  Just living things.
And this is what the Numbnutz have been threatening to unleash if they can’t remain in control.
Obviously, they’ve done such a great job of running everything that we should be grateful and agree to let them put us in cattle cars and declare everyone hopelessly in debt for the next 10,000 years?
There are just a few things standing in their way— and one of them, which I pointed out this morning, is your own ability to project energy over vast distances of time and space. Your thoughts are alive. Your emotions, too. You are a creator.
Most of you have inherited abilities that you don’t begin to dream of, which are more powerful than you can imagine, and it takes only a few of us to bend and twist and shape physical realities in such a way that these resonance weapons are useless.
On a more mundane level, frequency weapons can be countered with opposing frequencies, just like canceling out any sine wave with an equal and opposing one. We have machines that are capable of matching and erasing their signals.
We have advanced technologies that can take these vermin out, but the question is— can we do it before they devastate a whole region?
Why not use the one weapon that they have no defense for and which they won’t expect?
The concentrated force of the human mind, bearing down on them?
The Guardians among us have the ability to thwart the use of these weapons merely by thinking about them consciously and countermanding their use.  But in order to do that, they must be aware that these things exist and that they are deployed and where they are located and how they operate and to some extent, who is operating them.
So to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, the information I gave this morning is important and won’t be scoffed at or argued over. They will simply look, see, know, and do.
And this threat also will be overcome.
When you hear Colonel House’s chilling words (see my prior article and Melvin Stamper’s excellent book, Fruit From a Poisonous Tree) and House’s apparent satisfaction in condemning the American People to endless enslavement, you will have some idea of the asocial, amoral, uncaring, egocentric, snake-like, calculating nature of the vermin.
They live only to eat, to consume, to satisfy their own pride and appetites. They scheme endlessly. Lie endlessly. Deceive, defraud, and destroy endlessly.
They come in every color and pretend to embrace every creed, espouse every nation and represent every ethnicity. They make up about five percent of the total population on Earth and they cause nearly all of the violence, crime, destruction, misery and death.
They are galactic-level parasites.

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A Message of Hope for Pope Francis

Posted on May 7, 2017 by David Robinson

By Judge Anna Von Reitz
For reasons I do not know, Our Father prompted me to write to you this morning.
The message I have for you is a message of hope in very dark times.
I am to tell you not to worry so much and to stop trying to take on so many burdens and to find so many answers all by yourself.
Please observe that it is not given to Man to know all the answers.  There are many questions that we can’t answer, in fact, the only question that we can ever reliably answer is — “What?”
What do we truly want in our heart of hearts?   Just tell Him, and the rest is in His hands, not ours.
For the rest we must be content with not knowing the details of how or when or why or who or where.  That’s all our Father’s province and He has it well in hand.
So you can stop worrying about pollution and you can stop worrying about what appears to be overpopulation and wars and rumors of wars and all the endless politics.
This is where things stand:
(1) Satan has been bound and the thousand years of peace declared.  The Church has long known that this would be done by a woman, so no surprises there—-except for me.  I was surprised that it would be me to do it.  But He has his ways and reasons and He delights in using simple means to confound the wise.
(2) Our American Asset Recovery Team has gained control of the banks worldwide and is hot on the track of all the purloined wealth owed to us and to the people of the entire world.  They are sorting it out in very competent fashion.
(3) Our American World Debt Retirement Committee has hit upon a means of retiring all debt worldwide without harming anyone, via a gradual process that will take about ten (10) years.  This news should gladden your heart and put an end to the war-mongering and fear.
(4) Cardinal Mamberti and Mr. Trump will both be advised.  Please ask Cardinal Mamberti to contact me directly at (907) 250-5087 so that we can coordinate the implementation of the Debt Retirement Plan to begin as early as June 1.  This has all been thoroughly vetted and nobody anywhere has any objection to it, so please have the Vatican Bank ready to fully cooperate.
(5)  As you know, the Rothschilds are unable to meet their obligations and the IMF and World Bank are in deep trouble as a result of the Great Fraud and all the odious debt, but there is no need for anyone to panic. This is a simple matter of correcting bookkeeping and public records and balancing equations—which we can do.
(6) The Satanists among us have made a comeback and need to be rooted out and suppressed. Again.  They have sheltered themselves in the heart of the Church, and reportedly, this has been the worst secret of some members of your own Order, the Jesuits, for the past three centuries.  I am not sure why just “three centuries” when Satanism pre-dates Noah, nor why the Jesuits have been singled out, but apparently even you have been accused of participating in these heinous and ancient rites of child sacrifice.
(7) Reports of disruption of “Ninth Circle” rituals on April 30 and the arrest of participants and the rescuing of captured children and the finding of mutilated child corpses on the premises of these facilities and reports of similar atrocities taking place in St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington, DC, proves that this plague and corruption is rearing its ugly head and showing its trademarks of idolatry, enslavement, and infanticide “just as in the Days of Noah”.
(8) You may be sure that forensic teams will scour the premises of all reported ritual sites related to this Cult and you may be sure that anyone practicing this religion will be hunted down as a criminal and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Public Law throughout North America.
(9)  It is imperative for everyone to realize that the Church is being threatened from within and without and for Church leadership to explicitly condemn these false practices and beliefs. It is also necessary to follow through with determined action to purge Satanists and to educate people to recognize them for what they are— whether they pretend to be Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Blue-Butted Baboons, Freemasons, or members of the Bohemian Grove.
We realize that Satan has had his function as a Goad and an Accuser and a Teacher of rare ability.  We realize that he has been allowed to do what he has done, but those lessons are learned and he is bound according to Divine Will, by whatever name anyone can call him for the next thousand years.
Time to get on the Peace Train and clean this mess up.
Most sincerely,
Anna Maria

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Who or What Is At the Bottom of All This?

Posted on May 8, 2017 by David Robinson

By Judge Anna Von Reitz
Queen Victoria and Benjamin D’Israeli
The British Crown and the Dutch East India Company
The Great Abomination, aka, Semiramis, aka, Mystery Babylon
The Office of the Roman Pontiff
The Tax Collectors of the Pontifex Maximus — aka Bar Associations
Clueless, Corrupt Politicians
Clueless, Corrupt Military Leaders
In more or less that order…….
At a certain point, it becomes a circular argument, because all these maladies are linked.
Satan, the Father of All Lies, the Great Deceiver, has been hard at work deluding and misleading people for thousands of years and he has had a real hay-day here thanks to our gullibility.
Queen Victoria and her favorite Prime Minister, Benjamin D’Israeli opened the ancient Pandora’s Box of Evil Tricks and Babylonian Bullshit in order to finance the Raj in India and that whole debacle.
The British Crown and the Dutch East India Company Heirs have been colluding and fighting each other by turns for the last three centuries and have been causing nothing but trouble on a worldwide basis since they started indulging in the fruits of Institutionalized insurance fraud circa 1702.
Semiramis, the Queen of Sumeria and wife of Noah’s Grandson, Nimrod, also known as The Great Abomination and Ashtoreth and Astarte and Isis and Cybele — started her own religion based on infanticide, tree worship, sex as a sacrament, and idolatry which included the use of graven images and symbolic coins as money shortly after the Great Flood. [This venal religion known as Mystery Babylon is also known as Satanism and practices ritual sacrifice of children and deliberate subterfuge and secrecy. It basically promises its members secret knowledge and then gets them into compromised positions via sex and drugs and participation in ugly things and then simply blackmails them and threatens them to go along with whatever the leaders want done.]
The Office of the Roman Pontiff — the Church has been trying to serve two masters ever since the Council of Nicea — and this is reflected in the Pope trying to hold two offices at once, one sacred and one profane. The Office of the Roman Pontiff is the secular, pagan, and profane office. No man should be placed in such a position, but that is what has gone on.
The Pontiff or Pontifex Maximus as the Romans called him two centuries before the birth of Jesus was a deal maker and breaker, the literal “bridge” between jurisdictions under the Lex Mercantoria, the Magician responsible for the creation of poppets now known as corporations and “legal fiction persons”. This is why Francis is responsible for the wrong-doing of all these corporations and why, under ecclesiastical law, the Pope retains the ability to change, repeal, or annul any corporate law or decision. He literally holds the charter of all incorporated entities on Earth— C Corps, S Corps, LLC’s, trade unions, cooperatives, foundations, trusts— you name it, and at the end of the day, all these things have been created by and are the responsibility of the Roman Curia. So when things go wrong and commercial corporations start mercenary wars and pass oppressive “legislation” — don’t even pause. Head straight to Rome and start banging your dishes on the floor like angry dogs.
Tax Collectors of the Pontifex Maximus — the Bar Associations. Also since the Second Century BCE, the Pontifex Maximus has employed peculiar tax collectors: priests of Cybele (See Mystery Babylon comment above; “Cybele” is another name for Semiramis.) who wore black robes and white wigs and who practiced their own peculiar twisted form of writing (cursive as in “cursing”) and their own equally twisted form of language today known popularly as “legalese” or the “language of fraud”.
All the above have combined with clueless and corrupt political and military leaders to result in The Great Fraud and The Mess which the world is currently facing up to.

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