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Dark Journalist on The Hagmann Report: Comey and the Secret Space Program

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Dark Journalist on The Hagmann Report: Comey and the Secret Space Program

Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt is interviewed here on Hagmann & Hagmann. He begins by saying that he can tie in the firing of former FBI Director, James Comey with the Secret Space Program and he proceeds to launch into potential explanations for Comey’s dismissal that I’ve not seen anywhere else.
Many of us have heard that the polarized reporting that we see on Trump, between FoxNews on the one hand and the other members of the Mainstream Media is palpable evidence of an ongoing “war within the Deep State”.
Liszt reminds us that Comey was involved in the prosecution of the Gambino crime family, while working as the Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division for US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, between 1987-1993. Liszt suggests that while the majority of the Deep State is against President Trump, there is a minority element allied with the Mafia that supports him. Trump necessarily has relationships with Mafia syndicates, both as the CEO of a large construction company in New York City and as the founder of casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey. There’s no way around this.
Moreover, Liszt explains, between 2005-2010, James Comey was General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Lockheed Martin, the US Department of Defense’s largest contractor, with 2015 revenues of over $46 billion. If Trump is to purge this larger faction of the Deep State from his Administration, Comey, as a representative of that faction had to go. Liszt suggests that Comey’s replacement will likely not be as beholden to the Military Industrial Complex as Comey. (Let’s hope so!)
Watch this interview to see how Liszt connects all of this back to the Secret Space Program.

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