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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » "Questions: Safety/Zap/Show/Zim Rates and More" - One Who Knows - 5.18.17

"Questions: Safety/Zap/Show/Zim Rates and More" - One Who Knows - 5.18.17

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"Questions: Safety/Zap/Show/Zim Rates and More" - One Who Knows - 5.18.17

5/18/2017 05:02:00 PM  Emailed, Intel, OWK, Q&A, Thoughts  
Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 3:57 PM EDT on May 18, 2017

Questions: Safety / Zap / Show / Zim Rates / Gifting / T-4 / England / Taxes / Fear Mongering

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"When we Call the 800 Numbers"

Entry Submitted by B at 12:59 AM EDT on May 13, 2017

Hi Patrick and OWK,

I have a question about the actual phone call for the exchange. I was listening to the replay with Philip Tilton and Tank. Deborah suggested we should buy a throw away phone number to be safe and have a brand new email for banking. I don't have money for a throw away phone right now. Much less to renew it until this actually goes. Can I just block my number? I wasn't going to give them my email either. Just asking to make sure because that information from a couple of years ago may or may not apply. Any info you can give me will be much appreciated. Thanks.

With Love And Light To All,



I remember back in the day, when there were so many safety issues of all kinds. Interestingly, they may have even made sense the last time that the GCR tried to go... 9/11. Back then the Elders TRUSTED the Cabal to keep their promises to agree to the new system of GESARA. Obviously, the Cabal could not be trusted, and frankly can never be trusted.

What Is New

This time around, the Elders made "Different" plans to make sure they didn't have to trust the Cabal. They took back the militaries of the World, now they don't have to trust the Cabal regarding the Military. Then they rebuilt the Banking and Financial systems, and took all the Banks, and central banks from the Cabal, now they don't have to trust the Cabal banking system any more. They took over all the Governments, who are now controlled by benevolent forces, so that the Elders do not have to trust the Cabal governments. In short, before the Cabal still controlled all the major systems of the World, and so they had to play along with the GCR. BUT they proved non-trust worthy. Now the Cabal do not own or control anything. Now, the GCR does not rely on the Cabal behaving as they don't control anything.


All this being said, the Elders and the NPTB are still looking out for your safety to the highest degree, just for good measure. Is there as chance something will happen? NO, none what so ever. Is that because the Cabal minions are completely finished off? Or is it because the Safety plans are so strong, so safe, that the Cabal don't dare try anything? Probably a little of both.

The Safety Plan

So at the exchange centers there will be military in plain sight patrolling the area. There will also be security forces in plain clothes around the area of the exchange centers and nearby as well.

You Will Be Tracked For Your Safety

So, the safety is so strong, that there will be no issues.

1) You should call from your regular cell phone if you have one. They will then automatically track you (By your phone) as you drive to your exchange and back home to make sure that you make it. For this reason, it would be best for you to drive straight home as soon as possible after the exchange so they know that you made it.

2) When you get to the exchange, they will put a temporary tracker on your vehicle so that they have a secondary way to make sure you get back home safely. Again, I think you should drive straight home so that they know you made it, and no longer have to track you. If you go on a shopping spree, they will have to track you until you get home. But if you are driving around, how can they tell if you have a problem? If you drive straight home first, then the tracking is complete and successful.

3) They will put a tracker in the cash money you leave the exchange with. This way if your cash gets taken from you, they can track it down. It is also another way to follow you electronically to make sure you get home safely.

Don't worry how they can track you, remember they are using the old Cabal systems and I am sure some Galactic technology as well. Basically, they want to give you big money, then they want to make sure you are safe as well.

Thank You Elders and the NPTB!

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"Questions for OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:07 PM EDT on May 13, 2017

Hi Richard

A couple of questions: if our financial system is indeed in shape, what's up with all the delays and bank greed experienced by Landa? Watching this go on does not make for trust in banks.

Next: if we are not having polar ice melting, what about the polar bears we are told are drowning due to lack of ice?

Next: when the Gathering happens, will animals also be a part of it?

Many thanks and




Zap's issue is no different than ours. No one is going to get paid until everyone does. The big difference, is that when a go date comes and goes for us, we just shrug our shoulders and wait for the next date and time.

However, for Zap, since he is always asking for money, he feels that he has to give some valid explanation as to why it has not come yet. The bottom line on this is that a Banker will do this or that, or something was not transferred or whatever will happen, because Zap is NOT going to get that money till we do. So are those "Real" things that are happening to delay his funds, or are they excuses by the bank because they are NOT PERMITTED to release the money yet? Who knows? Thankfully, we in the Currency side of things do not have to give a specific technical explanation as to why it did not go... it just didn't go that’s all. The problem is that when you are asking for money every week, and you keep promising those people you will get paid at a certain date, they want answers, and I don't blame them But there are no answers except it is not go time yet.

The Melting of the ice is just to make a passage way for cruise ships to be able to go into Hollow Earth. No biggie to the Bears.

Yes the animals will be saved during the Gathering as well.

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"Re: Low Rates"

Entry Submitted by One Of The Light at 10:54 PM EDT on May 14, 2017

"ZIM Question: Low Rates?" - One Who Knows - 5.14.17


Remember you are the creator of your destiny, if you think small you will have small things if you think big you will have and do things it's all up to you both are ok if that's what you are creating for your experience. Peace And Love.

One Of The Light



Thank You!

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"To OWK Re: Low Rates"

Entry Submitted by One Of The Light at 10:42 PM EDT on May 14, 2017

"Person Claiming Treason" by (Anonymous) - 5.14.17

Just read this post anyone with common sense and has been any research knows by now that the Trump was installed how do we know that, it's simple all of the candidates that ran in this last election ran for the USA Inc. not the Republic so really to tell you the truth all of them have committed treason against the original constitution so none of this is new and you really don't have a point.

One Of The Light



There is NOTHING to see or figure out. (On TV)

That show is NOT for you, not for us, we know the truth.

It (the show) has to go bad for Trump to step down, and Ryan to end up taking over.

That is a MUST.

No worries, just don't watch "the Show," it is like a soap opera, a whole lot of drama "Happens" that is meaningless at the end of the day.

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"To OWK Re: Low Rates"

Entry Submitted by Spiritwind at 8:30 PM EDT on May 14, 2017

"ZIM Question: Low Rates?" - One Who Knows - 5.14.17

Thank you for the confirmation I received in spirit. I downloaded my email on the road and was reading and saw the notice about the ZIM rate and did quick math. I only hold two of the "smaller" bills. All the high number rates being spread about, I didn't bother buying more, and at first, I thought you should be the one held accountable for financle crimes for my decision not to buy more. See how easy it is to make some else responsible for your decisions audience, it can happen in a nano sec. I grounded and began thinking. And the very same think came to me that you talked about. That person has totally different circumstances then me. And even if all I'm getting is 60,000 that enough to fix my home, or maybe invest. Who knows and I still have a few dinars and dongs. I won't let what ever I get dampen the joy at not being left behind. Because even a little bit, will catapult me into a better place, and I will always take someone with me when I go higher.





No matter the size of the Zim you have, it can go to $125,000/zim.

Frankly, the people who have only one note and especially the ones who have the smaller notes, are more likely to get the super high rate, than those who have lots of the $100T notes. It is a matter of the overall amount of funds you ask for. Those who have lots of the big notes, only need a smaller rate per zim to get what they are asking for, where as the people with a single small note, need the highest rate to get the funds they are asking for.

Don't let the amount of any currency deter you from asking for all the money you want to receive. Remember, the Banks want to give you that money since they get paid based on what they bring in. Also, based on the Benevolence of the Elders, they realize that many could only afford to buy a very small amount of currency and often the smaller notes, so they are not going to hold that against you when it comes time to be Blessed. You shall be blessed according to your Heart, and not what currencies you have.

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"Thank you OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 6:15 PM EDT on May 14, 2017

Thank you for the thank you message from the NPTB. Following our hearts and trying to do what's right is tough. The highway to hell is the Autobahn. The highway to heaven is a goat path. It's natural for people to take the path of least resistance. Good work everyone. We will all meet at the end of the goat path and open the narrow gate.



The road is a little bumpy, but it is going in the right direction!

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"100 Trillion with Gold Foil"

Entry Submitted by Angel Ambassador D at 11:22 AM EDT on May 15, 2017

To The One Who Knows, I had purchased a 100 Trillion Zim with gold foil inlay placed into it in the fall. My question is, will this Zim still be honored or will it be invalid as has been “ tampered “ with? As a back up plan, I did purchase another Zim without the gold foil. Hope you can answer this for me.

Angel Ambassador D



I have been told directly that the Gold Foiled notes will be accepted. All notes will be accepted. So bring everything! (Including Bearer Checks - no matter the date on them)

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"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted by B at 3:44 PM EDT on May 15, 2017


I gifted my immediate family 200,000 Dong, and a few friends the same, at the time it was believed that this particular currency would revalue at .50 cents or lower, now I'm concerned that this could be too much wealth for them to handle; I do not want to corrupt anyone. Would you suggest that I do not share the 800#'s with them, and just let them exchange with the regular public;

plus making it to a redemption center would be just too much for my parents to handle. My concern is that they aren't burdened with too much wealth, or not enough if they redeem with the general public. Any thoughts on this would be helpful.




I would tell them the 800#s when you get them. The real issues come with the Zim and the Trillions that means. Remember you could always just redeem it all yourself, and then give them the amount they would have gotten if they redeemed it themselves.

In other words, if they would have gotten $5 million, you just redeem the currency with yours into your account together. Then later just transfer the $5 million to them. Or bring them to the second appointment with you to meet the Wealth Manager and have him help you figure it out, trusts and/or payments or whatever. No biggie!

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"To OWK"

Entry Submitted by One Of The Light at 2:40 PM EDT on May 15, 2017

Hello OWK, there is to much misinformation going on in this house and as much as I think I know or understand I'm very confused so help me clear up just this information. Can you verify it in fact T1 T2 and T3 have gone and now we are at the T4 Internet group level we were told that the banks are ready for Retail Engagement, am I correct or not?? Thank you in advance for your answer in the Matters.

One Of The Light



I wouldn't worry or pay attention to the T1-T3. It really doesn't matter. Maybe they have to go first or maybe some of them exchange when we do. You will never hear for sure if they have or have not exchanged and if it matters or not.

So, just save yourself the aggravation. All that matters is that when it is time to go for us, you will in some way get the call in number and make your appointment.

Interestingly, whatever had to be done by then, will suddenly be done, or it will turn out it didn't need to be done. Who cares. When it goes, is all that matters. Keep your eye on the prize, that is when we go!

No Biggie.

Post/Question: (10)

Got some question on Englan going and why can't anyone verify it?



No worries, the "segments" are in play until it makes it to us.

Remember it starts when the day starts in the Far East, then goes to Europe/Middle East, and finally to us.

That is why there is a "Segments" program to call people with the number so other countries like us, don't find out about it until it is our turn.

However, once it is finally here in the US, then it will be both safe and appropriate for the number to be sent by email and be on the Website.

Then it all goes public with the 800#s on screen.

That will be any day/time now.

No biggie!

All is well.

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I have heard from people who are suffering with Patience, and there is a reason for that.



Patience is not a good word, as it has a bad meaning that something has gone wrong (it is late) and you have to suck it up

Use anticipation, it means that something has not arrived yet, but you are looking for it. It doesn't imply that anything has gone wrong, it is on time.

You are anticipating its arrival (Feel good)


You are being patient about its arrival (Feel bad)

Try it!

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"To OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:28 AM EDT on May 18, 2017

Sorry, OWK, I know you are very busy at this time with the RV literally at our doorstep but could you please tell Zap not to spend God's good money on radiation cleanup. I don't think Zap understands that low frequency harmful radiation is negated by the high frequency radiation it encounters when it is released. God's good money should be better spent on spreading Cintamani stones and other high frequency materials around the world to raise the world's frequency higher. People need to understand that love energy can be formed into anything just as hate energy can. This, sadly, the world is too familiar with. Inner earth replicators work with love energy so we won't be able to use them until the surface of earth reaches 5D unless, being nothing is impossible for God, 3D can be transformed to utilize only love energy.



No worries, Disclosure will be right after the GCR/Republic.

Then we will have all the correct information and nothing will be wasted or go wrong.

Right now people are being given false information and it is hard to get the real truth. But the real truth will be available in abundance starting after the GCR goes.

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"To OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:39 PM EDT on May 17, 2017

At one was said we need to call 800 number from our this still valid? Or can we be anywhere and call from our cell. Do they need to document where we are leaving that why from home?

If he can slide this into one of his articles...doesnt have to be directed to me...



It is best for safety reasons that you make your appointment from you cell phone if you have one. That way they can track you to and from the exchange center to make sure you make it.

Some people keep their currency at home and others keep it on them at all times. So it is hard to track that exactly. However, I expect that they will start tracking you on the day of your appointment, even if you go to work or store before hand, and keep tracking you until you get back home after your appointment. I expect they will stop tracking you then since you made it safely back home.

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"To OWK"

Entry Submitted by Marc at 6:35 PM EDT on May 16, 2017

Dear OWK u say the IRS is history in the US. Can u please inform us in the "GREAT WHITE NORTH' CANADA if the same is applicable to the CRA (income tax) agency here! Thanks also for all u do cause it's deeply appreciated by all obviously! Many thanks, marc



The tax laws that are coming into power are based on the GESARA Laws, (We call it NESARA here in the US). This means that income taxes will end and Payments to every person will start. In short all the great things you are hearing in our country will apply to most all countries since we will all be under the same new Government structure.

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"Questions for OWK"

Entry Submitted by Rev Doc at 5:31 AM EDT on May 12, 2017


I just read in one of the latest GCR updates that, although no economic collapse is predicted during the reset, there will be a stop in commerce, and that we should have a 30-day food storage. Is this true? And if so, why are we DC readers the only ones to know this ahead of time in order to prepare? What can be done to prevent this so that millions of people don’t go hungry, riots don’t occur, etc.??

With gratitude and concern,

Rev Doc



That is FEAR Mongering. That is the very last thing that the Elders and the NPTB would allow to happen. The way they have it planned, is that this whole thing happens and the general public hardly notices a thing. Remember they spook easily, especially since they have no idea what is going on.

This explains the Big show leading up to the Republic coming in. Think about this for a moment. Instead of just switching to the Republic, they are putting on a show for the US public and the World that lasts for months just to lead to Paul Ryan being President, and then the Republic being announced. They are literally putting on a complete show that includes TV, and a full fake congress and fake president, doing fake things all leading up to Paul Ryan being president. That shows you how much effort they are willing to go through to make this a SMOOTH transition.

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My Answers In Blue - OWK

From Email:

Richard / Mr. OWK,

I was curious if you might be able to answer some questions i have seem to forgotten the answers to. Might have applicability to share with IDC.

1) At the time of currency exchange, what is the maximum amount of currency an "exchanger" will be able to request to walk away with? Obviously a limit is needed but does the uniqueness of the situation change any of the rules? What if we were to request a cashiers check to either a creditor direct, or to a family member, to repay any outstanding balances? Would checks or wire transfers be deducted from the "carry out" amount? or have no effect. I know a lot of us will be looking to get caught up on some outstanding financial concerns.

The "Limit" is for the Cash in hand, for both safety reasons for you, and practical reasons for the exchange center to have that much cash on hand. There is really no limit to your Cashier's checks or wiring except that they want to make your first appoint as short as possible so they can get a lot of people exchanged.

Remember, you can get cashier's checks and wires later or at you second appointment. It is YOUR money and you can do whatever you want to do with it. But remember, try not to have too many "Tasks" to do on the first appointment. Get in and out as fast as you can.

2) After exchange, all remaining currency will be "frozen" until publicly announced implementation of GESARA correct? What about a cashiers check or bank wire request? Would it process or be held in "limbo" until release? Any updates on the expected timeline between exchange and liquidity?

No, your money will NOT be frozen. That is what is great about going last, your money will be available as soon as you exchange. By contrast, people who exchanged before it was "Done" could not get to their money yet, until we went. But when you go as a T4, you will be liquid as you walk out of the exchange center.

2) While at the bank today, branch manager confirmed that any amount over $10,000.00 by even .01 (one penny) either withdrawn or deposited would "flag" a review for money laundering. Block Chain should eliminate this concern if I understand correctly, can you confirm any changes and / or supplement this information? FYI, some banks will not allow you to deposit ANYTHING into an account without being a signee on said account, (Chase). They say it is an attempt to prevent money laundering. While they confirm they want to add new clients and help them "grow" their net wealth, ALL ANONYMOUS DONATIONS ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

The $10,000 limit before sending notice to IRS is true for the moment. However, I expect that to change after the IRS is out of business. As far as the other matters, I expect much more flexibility as we will again be trusted to deal with our own money. The big evidence of this is that we will now have large size USNs Notes in circulation. We will have $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 as I have heard. In short it will be a lot easier and better very soon.

3) My point of contention with a banking institution: If someone was to inherit, win, or say, exchange existing currencies and have need to deposit a large sum of money. Once the money is proven "clean" going in, why flag it at all when withdrawn? Unless the bank was "laundering" our digital currency, should it not be made available to us to use in any amount, as the owner(s) and steward(s) of the account(s)? Want to buy a Veteran a house? FLAGGED! Want to pay some doctors bills anonymously? FLAGGED! Find a great deal on a car for a single mom? FLAGGED.

No worries, all that nonsense will be over.

4) Be careful traveling!! If two or more people are traveling together and between the group of them, they are physically carrying more than $10,000.00 in money, under current law, the must fill out forms declaring the money or face potential seizure and criminal charges... This one to me is ridiculous.What if you didn't interrogate your friends and family before boarding an airline. I cannot think of a time when i wont be trying to carry as much dispensable money as possible. Do you know of any impending law revisions to allow easier movement to achieve our calling? Start carrying a stack of prepaid credit cards? Not "physical currency", per se.

Again, this will soon be over. Remember we will have VERY LARGE size USN notes. If this were true, you could have one of those $10,000 USN notes, but you could not travel with it. So you can see that this nonsense will be over soon as well.

Does BASEL III or IV compliance deal with these anticipated concerns?

Most banks are already BASEL IV (4) compliant and on the way to BASEL V (5) compliant.

All is well!

Thank you,


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

Thanks to:



First tRump was their savior, now he's a patsy(but they knew that!)

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