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1NAS Entry #14 Empty NAS Entry #14 on Sun Sep 09, 2012 12:21 pm

New Age Seer

New Age Seer
"I tore myself away from the safe comfort of certainties through my love for truth - and truth rewarded me." Simone de Beauvoir

I recently added two videos - As I am interested in New Age Ascension through transforming the Human Ego into Christ Consciousness through Internal Alchemy, I am equally interested in Fringe Sciences and Philosophy.

I've been following the discussions of Nibiru for about 7 years now, and I've equally been a fan of Alex Jones for about the same time... Oddly enough, I've been a Vegetarian for about that long too - much of it to do with an altered consciousness that is open to receiving many frequencies... Yet, just because I'm 'into' such topics doesn't mean I believe the content or message - for me, they remain curiosities... Interests.

Yet from these interests, I have developed a perspective of the world that is removed from those around me who buy into traditional media and mainstream philosophy.

Global Warming/Climate Change, Unemployment and the Global Financial Crisis and Global Unrest from the G20 Nations against the poorer nations of the world that remain yet untapped resources ready to be exploited... I merely have to put myself into that driver seat and say 'what would I do if I was in charge' and the answer would invariably mirror what is happening and what is about to happen...

As a child I would meditate and see visions of the future... As I age, my vision of the future becomes increasingly veiled in a fog. I 'know' what is about to happen and that the timeline is near and that there will be a long string of Global Catastrophes that will follow - I believe with all my heart that humanity really only has 3 generations before we cease to be the Apex Hunters that we are... Humanity will face near Worldwide Extinction Levels, and mostly because of Ego and Pride... The 'Seven Deadly Sins' will be our undoing.

Humans will continue to live and thrive on this planet. They will eventually rise and once again fall in a succession of Ascensions and Falls from Grace... But the world of 300 years from now will be vastly different than the world we are projecting today...

Whether it is Nibiru that will cause a Near Extinction Level catastrophe on
Earth, Manmade Wars with the use of N/B/C Weapons of Mass Destruction because of different human ideologies and the greed for wealth, or because of Global Warming, Polar Ice Melts, Pole Shifts or so forth... We can be certain that something is drawing near and that it will change life for humanity in a way that has not been seen in 10s of thousands of years...

But I wonder... I knew that Y2K was a hoax and yet, it helped bail out many large corporations by exciting and invigorating the consumers into buying survivalist gear - Oil, Generators, Food, Water, Tents and Survival Gear... Just in the event that 'something' will happen on January 1st, 2000... People reacted and spent Billions. The economy was doing better until 9/11/2001 when the stock market collapsed again and Tech Stocks took a dive.. 2008 the Housing Crisis which lead to Banker Bailouts with Public Monies which saw Banker Frauds receiving massive bonuses... While Sovereign Nations became insolvent to their debts - Our governments continue to protect the Industrial Leaders of our World whilst plunging their own citizens deeper and deeper into debt-slavery.

Let's go back to the Y2K Hoax - because it seems like the Global Shift really began there - the world markets were in the middle of a deepfreeze - North American Industries were leaving for parts unknown and our jobs were being outsourced to 2nd class Nations - yet, consumer trends did not change in opposition to the shift in the Global Job Market.
I remember places like Brazil being in so much Debt that they were never expected to pay back their Loans - and yet, today, many of the G20 nations are negotiating Free Trade Agreements with Brazil as it becomes are Fortune 500 nation. Yet, the average income of their citizens hasn't increased (much) - much of what we are buying today in terms of household goods are being manufactured in Brazil, moving away form Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and China.

China recently negotiated a multi-billion dollar deal with some of the South-Eastern African Nations to build high-tech factory/cities with what is being reported as Negative Interest taxation - meaning, that with kick-backs from the factory cities, which are completely self-sustained with foreign militaries acting as Law Enforcement, the State pays the Factories to operate in their borders, because they can tax the workers instead. You have in this case, a free military presence with modern weapons to protect your borders... When called on.

This will invariably collapse the financial institutions of Asia, which are already in peril. But, this will equally infuse into our markets even cheaper goods, such as electronics and clothing - making it impossible for our nations to replicate the costs for these goods and creating new jobs for our citizens.

This all brings into question the reason why Israel wants to invade Iran... Iran being the world's 5th largest Oil Producer and an emerging Super Power - with powerful allies such as Russia, China and India... Syria is the stage with Al Qaeda at the helm of destabilizing their Asad Government. Algeria, Egypt and Libya being past conquests, are now under the thumb of the United Nations.
Canada recently closed its Embassy in Iran - reported as a cowardly move by the Iranian Government, accusing Canada of being sympathizers with Europe and Israel. Which is no secret that the Harper Government (as it is wanted to be called) is deeply intrenched with Israel and Canadian Jews - oddly enough, until recently, there have been no tensions between Canadian Jews and Canadian Iranians - I have no doubt that now we will see a polarization in Political Support for different Parties by both nationals in order to transform the prevailing opinion in both out Provincial and National Governments.

In the face of a contentious Political Race in the United States, we are seeing both parties supporting Israel, yet with Obama wanting more diplomacy between the US and Iran to negotiate a complete and unilateral surrender from Iran without a single shot fired... The primary quarrel is that Iran has rejected the current Global Reserve Fund as the principle currency with which they are selling their oil to their Allies. Each Nation are buying Iranian Oil for their own currencies. In turn, Iran purchases goods and trades from their allied nations with the currency they've received from them... Thus By Passing the International Money Fund. Because Russia, China, India and Pakistan rely on Nuclear Energy, Iran wants to create its own Nuclear Program to enrich their own Uranium that they have a huge reserves of.

With Global Economies tanking, Iran being the few nations that can increase its exports and thus monopolize Global Energy Markets, they prove themselves as a true threat to the UN and Israel - To the UN because with the financial crisis, they will lose the monies they require to fund their Military and Israel because Iran will become a Super Power in the Middle East and thus have the resources to purchase Long Range Commodities such as Water - which Israel is poor in.
Therefore, long explanation short - Israel is fighting not over ideology by over Water... If Israel controls the Water Supply of the Middle East, it controls the Middle East, if it doesn't then Israel will simply be swallowed up by the desert and vanish within the next 60 to 100 years.
To understand what happened in Libya and why Gaddafi was assassinated, you just have to read up on the Great Water Project of Libya - Libya was enroute to becoming the Fresh Water Capital of North Africa and the Middle East, which proved a threat to Israel and the UN.

This all brings into question, what do our Leaders actually know? Are they actually vying for position to find shelter from the coming Crisis - be it Alien, a giant astroid, Nibiru, Maya 2012, a N/B/C Attack, or a Pole Shift that only they know about? Has NASA and other Global Intelligence Bodies been actually suppressing Information that we don't know and giving us misinformation so that we are distracted by the many conflicts they've engineered in the first place so that they can survive the coming threat? There is certainly evidence to support that this isn't beneath them...

I'm becoming increasingly more suspicious, because I wouldn't put it past them... And I think that's the part that scares me the most.

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This is an intriguing thought. I always tell my daughters that there is nothing better than distraction when trying to direct their little ones.

We are the children. And I think that we have some real bad parents! If only there was a DCFS for the governments and those abusive bankers!!

Time to form some watchdog groups.

Good post NAS. Thanks


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