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Scott Mowry: Critical Mass Milestone Achieved

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Scott Mowry: Critical Mass Milestone Achieved

Posted on September 9, 2012

Scott Mowry: Critical Mass Milestone Achieved

2012 September 9

From The 2012 Scenario Posted by Stephen Cook

Stephen: I feel some clarifications are needed here…

Despite Scott’s assertion here that there are over 20 different Mayan calendars, Carl
Johan Calleman’s analysis of the Mayan Tun calendar, in which he
assumed that the calendar on October 28, 2011, is but one analysis;
there are many others.

Please remember also that December 21, 2012 will see the
alignment of Gaia ([planet Earth) , our Sun, the Central Sun of the
Galaxy (Alcyone in the Pleaidian system), the Galactic Equator and the
Galactic Core. December 21, 2012 is also the Summer/Winter Soltice
(depending on which hemisphere you are in at the time); represents the
end of a 26,000 year-cycle; and, has been put forward by both the
Galactics and the Celestials as being an important date in humanity’s
and Gaia’s future.

Additionally: We reported on August 21 that we had reached 71,000 awakened people – -
but at that time, the Oneness University did not reveal how they
calculated this magic number. Now they have told Scott: “We have our
Oneness Beings go into a very deep state and ask the Divine these
questions. This is how we attain a very accurate number, etc.” But I
have no idea what the ‘etc’ would refer to. So, I think it is important
to remember that the extrapolated figures for the months ahead, as
outlined below, should still be seen as guess-timates only.

Scott Mowry: Critical Mass Milestone for Awakening of the Human Race Has Been Achieved

• Movement into the Golden Age now assured and well ahead of schedule

• China and BRICS alliance preparing to introduce new gold-backed economic system

Reported by Scott Mowry, Miracles and Inspiration – September 7, 2012

As humanity hurtles headlong through the amazing year of 2012, many
major milestones and significant signposts are clearly indicating we are
on a path that will ultimately transform the entire human race along
with planet Earth into the long awaited Golden Age.

These milestones are unfolding at a faster and faster rate, proving
beyond a shadow of a doubt, humanity is in a highly accelerated state of
evolution. Not only year to year, but at this point, day to day –– soon
to become hour to hour, minute to minute and ultimately, moment to

Many are looking to the date of December 21, 2012 which they have
assumed will mark the prophetic end of the Mayan calendar and thus
produce a great shift effecting the whole of the human race. Yet, it is
important to recognize there are over twenty different Mayan calendars
known to exist, with likely many more still to be discovered, or sadly
have been long destroyed.

The Mayans were masters in understanding the movement of time and
human evolution. They were also brilliant mathematicians, astronomers
and astrologers. As a culture and as a species, they were on par with
the greatest peoples to ever inhabit the planet including the ancient
Egyptians and Indians.

Perhaps one of the most important Mayan calendars thus far found is
what is known as the Tun calendar, which was less concerned with the
flow of time and more focused on the march of human evolution. Where we
stand now, in August 2012, we have already fulfilled all the conditions
of this particular calendar.

The Tun calendar, brilliantly deciphered by Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, a
Swedish microbiologist and author of four books on the subject,
identifies nine distinct levels of consciousness –– nine being the
vitally significant number within numerology representing completion.

The Tun calendar essentially begins at the moment God contemplated
the experience of separation. Or in other words, when the universe
exploded spreading matter far and wide, which within the scientific
realm is know as the Big Bang Theory. According to the Mayans, that
event occurred some 16.4 billion years ago –– a time much longer than
mainstream scientists are willing to admit.

Thus, the Tun calendar tells us after 16.4 billion years of evolution
we completed all nine levels of consciousness on October 28, 2011, a
date which was only recognized for its significance in remote areas of
the world.

Essentially, on October 28th (Stephen: last year, 2011) ,
humanity began its prescient transition from the age of ignorance into
the Age of Enlightenment, or, at the very initial stages of the Golden
Age, which will fully unfold over the next 100 years.

In the modern era, the Oneness University in Southern India has
picked up the mantle from the Mayans and has been carefully documenting
the flow of consciousness on the planet, particularly through the years
2011 and into 2012. They have gone on record boldly predicting by the
end of 2012, we would reach the critical mass number of 70,000 awakened
people, a number that would assure a great shift of consciousness will
occur for all the people of Earth into the Golden Age.

However, it now appears humanity is moving much, much faster than had originally been anticipated.

At the beginning of the year 2012, there were approximately 30,000
officially recognized awakened people to be found on planet Earth. By
June 21st that figure had reached 40,000 and on July 21st, it stood at

Now, as of August 21, 2012, the Oneness University has officially
reported there are 71,000 awakened beings on the planet –– an absolutely
astonishing number to found at this point of the year!

Below are the official figures from the Oneness University as of August 21, 2012: Scott Mowry: Critical Mass Milestone Achieved Sm2oneness_globalawakening-8-12-300x130

alt=”" width=”300″ height=”130″ />People Awakened are over 71,000
People living in the presence are over 130,000 People in Awakened states
are over 45 million People experiencing the presences are over 86

What all of these figures mean is we are more than four full months
ahead of schedule indicating human evolution is moving so rapidly now,
we can expect many, many more amazing developments to unfold at an ever
increasing rates.

The reason 70,000 is such an important number is that it represents
.001 percent of the current world population. For every one person who
becomes awakened, they in-turn affect 100,000 others around them.
Current world population estimates are approximately 7,037,775,084
people residing on the planet and expanding very rapidly.

Therefore, if we do the math: 71,000 x 100,000 = 7,100,000,000 (7.1
billion) which represents the series of magical numbers necessary to
affect each and every person living on planet Earth at this time.

Further, we can roughly estimate that by September 21, 2012, there
may be well over 90,000 awakened people on the planet. And by December
21, 2012, there may likely be well over 170,000!!

By examining the numbers over the last three months, then
extrapolating those over the final four months of 2012 at the current
rate of expansion, we may be able to anticipate the following (please
note these numbers are speculative only and not official yet): by
September 21, 2012 –– 91,000 Awakened people by October 21, 2012 ––
114,000 Awakened people by November 21, 2012 –– 140,000 Awakened people
by December 21, 2012 –– 171,000 Awakened people

In essence, by the end of 2012, we may have over twice as many
awakened people on planet Earth as has been initially speculated by the
Oneness University –– an absolutely amazing feat in and of itself!

Many have wondered how the Oneness University arrives at these
numbers each month? Apparently, there is a group of Oneness monks living
at the University who are able to identify the awakened people around
the planet because they are already in very high states of awakened
consciousness themselves. By connecting to the Divine and tapping into
the morphogenic or information field surrounding the Earth, they are
able to precisely determine these numbers.

“Just like you can go to Google and ask how many pages are on the
internet, you can also go to the Divine and ask how many awakened beings
are on our planet,” stated Doug Bentley, a Oneness monk from America
and spokesman for the Oneness University.

“We have our Oneness Beings go into a very deep state and ask the
Divine these questions. This is how we attain a very accurate number,
etc.,” he added.

These awakened people can be found in all corners of the globe with a
large percentage located within the indigenous or Third World

The majority can be found right in the country of India which number
over 10,000 alone. China, Africa, Russia and South America are other
parts of the globe which contain many more awakened beings. The United
States, on the other hand, encompasses a relatively low number of these
type of people at the present time although that too is rapidly

What is Awakening and What is Enlightenment?

Those who have achieved an awakened state of consciousness experience
a profound shift within their inner being, often accompanied by a
physiological transformation within the brain. Basically, the awakened
person begins to come to the profound understanding they are not
separate from, but rather, intimately connected to everyone and
everything around them.

Thus, the change of consciousness within them transforms from one of
duality (or separation) to one of unity (or unified) consciousness. In
an awakened state of consciousness, the brain begins to meld together as
one, unifying the two hemispheres together into a whole –– thereby
attaining a state of oneness.

Scott Mowry: Critical Mass Milestone Achieved Sm3enlightenment_buddha-300x225

alt=”" width=”300″ height=”225″ />In this heightened state of
consciousness, one can almost instantaneously experience a feeling of
deep bliss by merely closing the eyes and going within. Many ascended
masters such as Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus (or Yeshua) and others have
explained and then taught this state of consciousness to their
followers. In Buddhism, this state is known as “nirvana”.

Nirvana is an ancient Sanskrit word used in Indian religions to
describe the profound peace of mind acquired with what is known as
“moksha” which means liberation. In the Shramana tradition it is the
state of being free from suffering. In the Hindu philosophy, it is union
with the what is called “Brahman” which means the Supreme Being.

Even the Bible mentions the process of enlightenment with the quote, “the Kingdom of Heaven lies within” (Luke 17:20-21).

It is important to note there is a somewhat of a distinction between a state of Awakening and a state of Enlightenment.

“Awakening is the state Buddha is in, where you are declutched from
the mind yet the mind is still active, and enlightenment is where the
mind then fades off. It comes after awakening. This is the State Lord
Christ is in,” Doug Bentley clarified.

Enlightenment is a real and genuine human phenomenon that up until
most recently had only manifested within a handful of people throughout
the history of the Earth. We also now know consciousness itself has been
proven to be transferrable process from one being to another in what is
known as the “hundredth monkey effect”.

The 70,000 figure is also significant because it represents a
spectacular accomplishment by the current population residing on the
planet at this time. Never before in the entire history of the Earth
have so many awakened beings walked the planet at the same time. And
those numbers are going to rapidly increase, each and every month, until
nearly every single person residing upon the planet will enter into an
awakened or enlightened state of consciousness.

Even more significant, these numbers clearly indicate human evolution
is quantitatively speeding up beyond any other point in our collective
experience. In fact, we may now be moving nearly two and a half times
more powerfully than previously expected. This great momentum will be
used to propel the entire planet into the long anticipated Golden Age,
also known as the Satya Yuga or Sat Yuga in the Hindu traditions.

A Reboot of the Economic System is Nigh

What is most essential right now is to free the human race from
centuries of economic slavery so each and every person on the planet can
really begin to experience an environment where true spiritual
evolution can fully flower. Imagine how quickly the world will evolve if
the basic necessities of life can be met for everyone instead of
spending most of our time eking out a living or scratching and clawing
for the next meal as much of the Third World must do.

This goal is highly doable now. Only ignorance and the false illusion
of scarcity has prevented us from realizing there is a plentiful amount
of food, clothing, shelter, medicine and energy for all. We must
realize the world we live in is truly abundant beyond our wildest
imagination. There is no such thing as limited supplies. It is nothing
more than a big, fat lie we have all bought into.

With each passing day, we come closer to the realization at any time
now there will be the introduction of a new higher evolved economic
system designed to benefit the entire world. Rest assured there are many
wondrous, brave people –– many of them likely awakened too –– working
diligently behind the scenes to make this a reality.

China nearly ready to unveil gold-backed financial system.

Surprisingly, the country of China has been a major player in this
plan. There is strong speculation the Chinese have been buying up all of
the gold they can lay their hands on, then melting it down into one
kilo bars, all in preparation for a new gold backed world-wide currency
to be delivered sometime in the last quarter of 2012 which has the full
support of many countries in the BRICS alliance.Scott Mowry: Critical Mass Milestone Achieved Sm4china_gold

alt=”" width=”288″ height=”222″ />Once this new global, gold-backed
financial system is ready to roll, the world will move even more quickly
along the path of evolution as many, many deep-seated changes for the
better within our societies, governments and corporations will begin to
take root.

It is possible, this new economic system could be quietly launched
late on a Friday or a Saturday night when all the world’s banks are
closed, allowing enough time to bring it on board the following Monday
as everyone will start anew at nearly the same time. Or perhaps there
will be a world-wide banking a holiday before its implementation.

Much is influx now and the elite powers who have owned the financial
systems for eons are not giving in without a fight. The battles behind
the scenes have been very fierce and many lives have been lost. Yet many
within ranks of the elite are finally seeing the handwriting on the
wall and are realizing their demise is sooner rather than later.

The whole global financial crisis which began in 2007 has been
completely engineered by the world’s elite in an insanely vain attempt
to stall the inevitable –– the awakening of the human race. Thankfully,
it has all blown up in their faces and has helped fuel the rise of the
Arab Spring; Occupy Wall Street; Anonymous; the Audit the Fed movement;
the End the Fed movement; the Tea Party; the Ron Paul Revolution; the
LIBOR scandal and much, much more. Oops –– so much for that dirty little

Meanwhile, several major steps have been implemented to completely
take down the Federal Reserve in preparation for the new financial
system. After passing overwhelmingly through the House of
Representatives, the first ever audit of the Fed has been initiated and
revealed some startling results when published on July 21, 2012.

During the worst financial period in US history from December 2007 to
June 2010, $16,000,000,000,000 ($16 trillion) in secret loans had been
given out to US banks, private corporations and foreign banks everywhere
from South Korea to Scotland. To put that figure in perspective, the US
GNP (Gross National Product) is only $14.12 trillion. On top of that,
these loans which the Fed terms as “all-inclusive loan programs”, were
issued at a 0% interest rate and virtually none have yet been paid back.

In addition, the New York Fed is undergoing an audit itself to
determine how much gold is actually stored in its vaults, however the
results will not be revealed until the end of the year. Persistent
rumors have suggested most of the gold at the NY Fed has been stolen and
may have been replaced with gold-plated tungsten.

Finally, one other noteworthy development regarding gold which is
extremely significant. A new change to the accounting rules has been
quietly instituted which will allow banks to recognize gold as money.

All of these recent developments are proof positive the international
banksters have lost their death grip on the world financial system and
much bigger changes are imminent. You can take it to the bank!

Most Important of All – Your Personal Enlightenment

Combined, all of these factors can unilaterally be termed as
exceptionally exciting news for the whole of the human race. We all owe a
deep debt of gratitude to the awakened and enlightened people who are
leading the charge for the rest of us to follow.

With each passing week, the momentum generated by expanding
consciousness will benefit us one and all. We are now witnessing so many
real, tangible results giving us the decided confirmation a great shift
for humanity is very, very rapidly unfolding.

Ultimately, the most important factor of all is to obtain your own
personal state of awakened consciousness. Once you are able to escape
the prison of the mind and open yourself up to the unlimited
possibilities of Divine consciousness –– where you become acutely aware
of a connection with everyone and everything around you –– all
suffering, conflict and problems simply fade away.

This is not to suggest that miraculously overnight all of life’s
problems simply vanish once one becomes awakened or enlightened. Rather,
what changes is your reaction to the problems and conflicts. Once you
quiet the incessant chatter and clamor of the restless, weak mind and
realize it is your major obstacle to your own personal happiness and
fulfillment, it is possible to move beyond the highs and lows, pain and
suffering of life –– forever! You are no longer enslaved by these lower
consciousness thoughts and you can finally experience what true, genuine
and unlimited freedom really is.

As much as the Golden Age is about a transformation of the entire
planet Earth, it is more precisely about a personal transformation
within. And once this transformation is achieved, there is no turning

As these latest figures from the Oneness University indicate, there
is no turning back in the collective evolution of humanity. It is a done
deal. It is guaranteed. We have won! In fact, all have won as there are
no losers, only winners.

The Golden Age is well underway, the Heaven on Earth is here, the new
Earth is unfolding–– only now, much, much faster than was once
forecasted. How sweet it is.

Long live the Golden Age and the Age of Enlightenment.

© 2012 MR Productions, LLC | All rights reserved

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