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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » The Trump COVFEFE - I Will Stand Up - Coded Observation

The Trump COVFEFE - I Will Stand Up - Coded Observation

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Published on Jun 3, 2017
This report shows and discusses the recent May 31, 2017, Trump Tweet, where the cryptic word COVFEFE, was broadcast to the world. This cryptic and coded word Cov-fe'fe and its translation into Arabic, is a coded response by Trump to the NWO ritual globalist, seeking a one world govt. and one world religion. The Trump Message sent, "I Will Stand Up," is in fact, a coded response to the world globalist, in that Trump is proudly declaring his plans to be standing up, on those key future ritual dates, that have been ritually selected by the NWO Globalist, seeking to eliminate Trump from the face of the earth. This Trump declaration indicates that the NWO Globalist are going to fail at their Trump elimination plans and which will then cause the NWO Globalist to fail in their control over planet earth. Sudden changes and or new directions are expected as a result of Trump telling the world and the NWO Globalist, that they WILL in the future Fail to do what they sought to do, and will instead, be defeated by their own evil plans and actions. COV-Fe"Fe and the translation "I Will Stand Up" is a proud declaration by Trump of his future Victory over the "Lords of Chaos.



If your philosophy can't include the whole globe how could it ever deal with the Galaxy much less the universe?
Unity may have been co-opted by greedy "elitists" but if you believe in "free markets" why are you afraid of competing with the world? The conspiracy crowd has been duped by the controlled opposition frauds like Alex Jones, Haggee, Dice, Cernovitch,etc.


Avebury....Could you expand your thoughts a bit...Your informational reference is raw story.....its confusing....


What are the politics of the illuminati/cabal? Left, right? Beings who focus on greed and thus control want everything and everybody. If you believe Cathy O'Brien of mkultra fame she was in a room w/ the Clintons and Bushes when it was announced that " if the wind blows this way you are in control; if it blows that way, you are in control. It was also stated that they would prefer to operate from the right.
I came to conspiracy theory in the mid 90s through spirituality. There was some cross with the "black helicopters/ UN fema take-over militia crowd but once Alex Jones showed up the movement was controlled to the extreme right-wing. This just fed the paranoid egos of "rugged individualists" who were ready to hunker down in some survival bunker and shoot it out for the last pop-tart. Complete co-opting of the movement from controlled opposition. Alex Jones uses the buzzwords of conspiracy theory but foments divisiveness through xenophobia, violent threats and paranoid nonsense. He makes everyone who follows him look as nutty as he is supposed to.
The "cabal" has seen inevitable human unification coming for a while now and what do you do with something you can't stop?
You co-opt it, just as the "NWO" has tried to do by playing both sides against each other.
Controlling the "collective" is different than unity.
Imagine a time when the "cabal" are toppled; do you plan on replacing them with yourself or do you see a system that works for ALL of us?
Government is not the problem, corruption and greed are.


Author of Behold a Pale Horse, M. William Cooper calls out Alex Jones before 9/11.:


Thanks for the response, but I think the rabbit hole is much deeper..."Government is not the problem, corruption and greed are" Do you not think that the gov is a product of corruption and greed...There is very little truth in gov, or the financial market or religion etc etc etc....Its all created for the purpose of control and least from this angle....and a question for you.....I think greed and selfishness abound even at the bottom, and short of a heavenly intervention, this structure will continue to roll without missing a beat....How do you see this playing out? And as for Jones, and most of the rest of the media, they have their roles to play.......the masses are unable to get out of the matrix....and that not going to change anytime soon......As long of people look externally for an answer that can only be found internally, they will find no relief.


"If you don't go within, you go without."
Having said that, imagine the "cabal" have been exposed/ overthrown. We will still need governance. Effective management of resources and measuring our society from how we treat the "bottom", not the top will be the sign we are truly now "we" the people not "me" the people.


"society from how we treat the "bottom", not the top" Its not a realistic goal, admirable however... What the "TOP" has created is beyond destruction, at least in a planetary way....They are to far into the future. They are controlling our present....The decision that many think they are making are being made for them without them having a clue...THEY ARE GOOD, REALLY GOOD...


Using a matrix analogy, Neo didn't wake himself up, other awake beings wanted him to join them and woke him up. Once we "wake up" we realize even more our deep connection to the whole, not continued seperation. Once awake we join "Zion", a community. Not some Wild West, might is right, Ayn Rand, selfish survival bunker.


Its way beyond any awakening of the masses my friend. I wish it wasn't. The entities involved are as old as dirt. This is an "I" journey......The book of Enoch is a good start....


Can't all books be dismissed as being written / controlled by "the ancient ones" or time travelers?
A parent puts it's oxygen mask on first in an air emergency because it knows such a stressful time is no place to force a child to perform a hand-eye coordination drill. You attach your mask first so that you may help others. You don't attach your mask first to "win."


Nice get back to work!.......

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