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Cindy Kay Currier - The GCR with or without sleepy Americans: Y'all awake, Virginia?

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I tried to post this but I screwed something up so I'll try to repost.

Whoda thunk?!
cindy is M2, wow, I didn't know that.
cindy created a sovereign nation and world? Didn't know that either.
Wow, people actually mocked her and no one from Virginia got back to her? They better watch out she is after all the queen of everything...hey she said so, must be true.
As soon as I send some money to zappy/jerzy and take my meds I'm gonna watch all of the queen of everything's videos and really know some kosmik trooths!








President Friggin' Designate of the USA AND the American Family of Nations...HOLY SHIT! We all better to listen to her.
With all those titles she can hire sorta false, benny foolturd, zappy and many others to lead us to Kosmik Trooth and gazillions of green backs.
Unlike the current corrupt governments we can see them any time in landa's new HQ at 462 1st Ave in NYC. Call Bellview Psychiatric for visiting hours. Please understand fellow amerikans if the queen of the universe and the other geniuses are undergoing electro shock they might not have visiting hours that day to present your landa humanus projects, donations, etc. Be patient after all they all are or should be patients by now. Allow them a few days after the lobotomy to bring them your humanus projects or donations. But hey if you are doing that you already know about lobotomy recovery times.

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