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First Half of 2012 part 4 1/4 The Illuminati's Plan for the Starseeds

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First Half of 2012 part 4 1/4 The Illuminati's Plan for the Starseeds
If you want to read what i wrote and am sharing here with you and can not hear everything because of the sound quality or because i am talking to fast you can find this article on my website under jessica writings 2012 series or on my for-OM 2012 saga

This is the First half of 2012 part 4 The Illumanti's (ill-um-naughtys) Plan for the Starseeds

There was something I wanted to share in this particular part of my 2012 video series in which I talk about the hollow earth and its core. It became apparent to me that I needed to share this first then the hollow earth and its core could make more sense to people.
I was thinking that maybe as we begin our journey to the hollow earth that it represents layers of things that we must unearth. For so long we have looked outside us and this is where we now find our selves now. There is something pressing me about the starseeds and the illumantis plan to use them for their agenda.
I am not sure how going to find the right words for this.It is not a simple thing to share but here I go.

I came across some information on my second trip to Sedona that has rocked me a bit. I came across some kind of encyclopaedia from a secret base on all things paranormal this was from the secret service of classifications of the bizarre, how they interpret it, they have a better understanding because they horde the information. It explained what each project meant i.e. Bluebook, Montauk, Monarch and so forth. I did not really look at those though as it was not so much important to me. It was interesting to see that they knew of all the star beings making contact with people. What was more interesting was their definition of how they saw them, how they classified them, what was most important to them, how they could manipulate the contact to work for their advantage, how they could intercept and eaves drop on the contact and channeled insight, how they could keep tabs, and how they could duplicate the vibe and pose as them. They were most interested in whether the beings in contact with humans were service to self or service to others.

I did not realize at the time but it was a major clue and kept being highlighted in my brain of all the things I saw in this. Then I came across who is behind all this - the puppet masters pulling all the strings on the so seeming dark side. They had revealed their plan. This book was only meant for certain people to see, that is for sure. Now what if this book is not true I thought. it does not matter. I have to talk about it because if it is then it must be known. It mentions how they understand time travel and how they have created a window of time that will allow them to pull off this plan. The term window of time is interesting because in the Anastasia books, she mentions about having to carry humanity across the dark window of time.

(i ran out of space and can not put the rest of the content in for this part. To read the rest go to my website blog or check it out facebook notes. I shall have this up there soon, keep checking back www.jessicamystic.com)

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First Half of 2012 part 4 4/4 The Illuminati's Plan for the Starseeds

Thanks to: http://extraterrestrials.ning.com


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