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Smile, Love, Repeat

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Smile, Love, Repeat

Smile, Love, Repeat  Sophia-love-logo

It is a gorgeous Fall
day. The sky is that blue you only see
this time of year. The clematis, deep purple
and violet, seem to push along the fence as I watch, eagerly getting in one
good spurt before their exit.

Smile, Love, Repeat  Clematis

The sounds are
different. The crickets, as ever,
provide background but I wonder about that propeller I hear from the sky,
perhaps a helicopter. What’s missing are
the voices of the children, school has them captive and quiet. The dogs are inside as well today. I hear an occasional muffled bark from behind
closed doors. Summer is about over. Birds surround the property, enjoying the
almost empty yard, along with the dragonflies.

These are the things I’ll
hang on to – crisp Fall days, the sound of birds, vibrant flowers, and
brilliant skies. Creation is only
amplified as we evolve. The most
accurate tool we possess is our emotions.
The stronger we feel around a person, place, thing, or event, the
speedier is our manifestation. I am blissful; this day will get a

What has been kept from us
is the power we hold in our emotions. As
we unleash our true feelings, our core focus emits an ever stronger
frequency. We get more of and quickly,
whatever we strongly react to. Emotion
is emotion. Positive or negative are
irrelevant. It is the strength of the
feeling that creates MORE. The Universe
is operating on magnetic attraction. Our
feelings are powerful attractors.

We are entering a pivotal
time. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize,
and focus on the world we’d like to keep.
There can be brilliant skies above us with striking flowers at our feet
while we live, surrounded in fields of love.
Fear may rise up. When it does,
remember your creative power, and let it go.

Today Inelia Benz
( is calling for a global vibrational shift. I will include it

It is simple, useful and
will help us as we navigate the times ahead.
It will help us retain our clarity of purpose, and sharpen our

We are here for a
reason. We chose and were chosen for
this time today and just ahead. We can
so do this. We are divine aspects of
Source, individual sparks of enormous love.

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.


CALL TO ACTION - Let's reach 10 Million individuals who are
willing to change the course of history.

Share, forward, email, copy/paste, post
and DO the Fear Processing Exercise. If we get 10 million individuals around
the planet to do this just for 5 minutes out of their entire life, we will
shift the planet into a higher vibrational reality:

The original exercise is here:

Fear Processing Exercise, by Inelia Benz

You can do this exercise at any time, whenever you feel fear.
For best results, it is best to do it in a quiet and private space and
working through a list of fears you have written beforehand.

Sit or lie down comfortably with your back straight and close your

Breathe in deeply and slowly into your abdomen, then breathe out as
fast as you can.

Repeat, breathe in slowly, then out as fast as you can.
And once more, breathe in slowly and slowly, then out fast.
Now continue breathing at your own pace.
Scan you physical body from head to toe, to find the energy of fear.
Look for fear. If you cannot find it, read one of your fear items
in your list and scan your body again.

Once you find fear in your body, simply look at it.
Don’t analyze it, just look at it.
Allow it to be there.
Allow it to exist.
Allow it to grow and to be.
It could be a physical discomfort, such as a knot, a pain, a location
of energy, or through a thought or memory, or it could be just the emotion of

Just look at it.
Observe it.
Feel it.
Allow it to be here.
And say, “fear, you are welcome here.”
Welcome here.
Welcome fear and allow it to grow.
Let it get bigger and bigger.
Allow it to grow, and grow... as big as it can go
Let it be as big as it can possibly get.
Allow it to express itself to you.
But don’t analyze.
Simply allow whatever comes.
Whether words,
Follow it if it changes into another emotion,
or changes locations in your body.
Whatever it does, welcome the new expression. “you are welcome
here, thought... you are welcome here emotion, words, memories, you are welcome
here fear.”

You are welcome here.
Watch it. Observe it.
Now, allow yourself to get closer and embrace fear in whatever
expression it has chosen.

give it light and love, and allow it to exist.
Thank it for whatever job it had for you, for being with you for so

Now, release it into Oneness. Allow it to go free back into

Breathe deeply now.
As you breathe in, breathe in light and love. And as you breathe
out, allow that light and love to go to and fill the space where fear used to

Now, simply breathe deeply and slowly.
Breathing in light and love, and as you breathe out, allow that light
and love to expand throughout your body and out into your environment.

Now, scan your body from your toes to your head and see if there is any
of that fear left. If so, repeat the exercise straight away. If not, you
can use your list to repeat the exercise, or end now by opening your eyes and
having a good stretch.

Repeat this exercise every day until there is no more fear in your

Thank you for partaking in this fantastic collaboration!


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Smile, Love, Repeat  Icon18_email

Inelia Benz,
Sophia Love

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