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"DIAMOND EYE" [new James Bond thriller] by TS Caladan

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[new James Bond thriller]

by TS Caladan

At the moment, 007 was slightly preoccupied. He hung from a small niche or vent at the very top of the Washington Monument in DC. He was sure no one saw his "fly-routine" as he climbed the tower in clothes the same color as the obelisk. He had a lot on his mind:
       His whole career as a secret agent for the British government was in jeopardy because of the near-exposure of his acting career. Secret Service did not appreciate that a lover of their top/new spy recorded the "pillow-talk" truth and it went viral on the Internet. Damage-Control remedied the situation and proved the allegations 100% false. Allegations against young actor, Sean Connery...were 100% true. Like Chuck Barris, Arnold, and some Hollywood and British actors, they were paid killers for the State! And the State rewarded them highly for their espionage, foreign murders and various nefarious activities no one knew about, except for the elite.
       Right now, Connery, as a field agent (Bond) had more pressing matters to attend to. He reached the south facet, high atop the famous monument. A month of intense research, spy-drone data and sleeping with the appropriate ladies for the appropriate information...
       Led precisely to the top of the Washington Monument and the BOMB that will 'surprise' the world when it goes off in one minute! The secret or the actual truth will not be what Media, news channels, UPI and TMZ will report after the blast. They'll blame it on Osiris again. It's always Osiris! When will the general public wake up? There's no Osiris. There is another Enemy of the State, a real one invisibly at work in the world that causes all the chaos, damage, bloodshed and wars.
       Bond realized, as he fumbled to open a hatch on the south facet of the monument: Those bastards, the bloody Empire, the perverted, little "toadies" with all the power that HE WORKED FOR were the ones behind these little bombings and disco, concert, school and marathon attacks. He only learned the truth in this passed month. Even the bomb placed in America's proud monument was set by 'agents of the British Empire' to appear as another terrorist attack against the U.S. The news overwhelmed the field agent, who only yesterday got the part in the film 'The Hill.'
       The hatch released and there was the bomb, a CIA special. Thirty seconds remained in the countdown. Bond knew how to disarm it. As usual and to relax his nerves, he said a joke: "So the big pervs wanted their Big Dick to climax in a big blast, did they? Not if I'm at the head of it. Um. Could've been better." 
       The right wire was pulled and the bomb was deactivated. Digital numbers stopped at 00.13 seconds. Connery pulled the mechanism straight out of the niche. He held it to his chest; it was fairly heavy. The spy for British Intelligence, M15, Tavistock and the Realm saw men in black SWAT gear far below...
       They shot bullets at him!
       Apparently, his presence on top of one of the most sacred monuments was known. And he held a big (dead) bomb to his chest. Federal shooters didn't know that fact and fired again and again! He had the instinct to simply toss it to the ground. Then he realized that would be a mortal sin and super-rookie mistake on such a secret mission: to stop another '911.' His thin body armor was as good or better than the old, thick body armor. He would be fine outside of a perfect head-shot.
       The spy thought, I should dance around. He did.
       More shooters shot. A few bullets ricocheted off the bomb.
       Another threat loomed large and approached the vicinity: American drones! The flying devices swooped in close and took aim at Bond.
       The spy of many talents understood exactly where to shoot to put the contraptions out of commission. It was wonderful target practice for the "man who never missed." In no time, the agent knocked out a dozen deadly weapons before they got a good aim. "Ha. Yankee rubbish. At least the Brits know how to build something."
       Suddenly a bigger/better 'thing' flew very quickly over the District of Columbia and targeted Mr. Sean 'James Bond' Connery. The black orb got to its mark in a flash, directly in front of 007.
       He looked for a place to incapacitate it and saw nothing. He holstered his powerful Walther when he recognized a familiar word written on the big, black drone's digital screen. It read: "H. Ryder." Bond smiled a massive smile. The device was a friend and not an enemy. "Now that's what I call a drone." He leaped onto the thing's undercarriage made for a single passenger.
       More bullets flew passed him. One grazed the side of his face!
       007 held on for life with one hand and the bomb in the other hand as even more bullets blasted every part of him (not face) and the large drone! The device changed its rockets, not propellers, and horizontally sent man and machine out of the area, fast. It was not long before the British drone brought the spy out over the ocean...
       Bond hung on the whole way and made it into a military helicopter high over the ocean. The bomb didn't make it~
       Then the most extraordinary, unplanned SURPRISE of all happened...
       It happened exactly 13 minutes after News Media showed the world that a terrorist had a bomb at the top of the Washington Monument. All news and public sources of every kind purposely failed to show the public that the man with the bomb was removed from the area WITH THE BOMB. Since nothing was ever shown to the public or the High Elites of a removed threat and what little evidence of this was destroyed...
       This leaves a major mystery to those in-the-know. Why did a "strange explosion" really happen around the Monument 13 minutes after everyone viewed films of the terrorist...IF THE THREAT WAS REMOVED? The bomb or something still went off, killed many people, shattered the Monument and utterly smashed the area around it.
       To the dumbed-down, general public: There was no mystery. Some terrorist, probably Middle-East Osiris terrorists, exploded a bomb at our National Monument. So what else was new?

In New York, under the United Nations Building, deep in secret halls, another meeting was about to take place. Down in the depths, on cold, covert floors, it was very different from public activities above. In reality, there were no countries. In dark, gigantic, subterranean chambers, the real Directors of the planet regularly convened. These were not "puppets" or ruling class kings and queens, popes, princes, princesses, presidents and prime ministers or any type of governor, boss, chief or magistrate. These were the Puppet-Masters or overlords or avatar representatives of the true 'Movers and Shakers' of the universe.
       Television, newspapers or any other kind of Media will never have photos of their faces and black suits as they dished out POLICY from generation to generation. When one "Engineer of Society" (EOS) retired or died, they were replaced by another man [always men] in a ritual that 'passed the torch.'
       There were plenty of occult rituals and Black Magic practices all performed as magicians of magicians or slaves of slaves rose up the levels of Power. One pagan ritual was giving yourself totally to the Demon Beast "in the trees" or "in the woods." Another was "sacrifice," animalistic rituals or pure murder for Baal and Baphomet to prove loyalty to the gang in power and control. A ceremony also "burned care and compassion" from hearts so unspeakable horrors could be performed. The overall EVIL trickled down and influenced society collectively through art, music, television, films, Internet, science, education, sports, etc... 
       They were an international, Wiccan Order that caused/executed and maintained all the chaos on Earth.  
       In recent history, the controlling or ruling class always manipulated what they owned. World leaders were owned and world leaders owned us. They were the "gate-keepers," the "Judas Goats" that led the masses of "sheeple" to slaughter. Such was the state of the 21st Century: utopia for the rich and hell for everyone else.
       "Bring him in," one of the black-suited reps without a name said from the darkness and from one of the golden seats, behind the elaborate table. The voice was low.
       Thirteen reps were the most powerful humans on the planet. There were more powerful humans inside the planet and off the planet! The 13 old guys were themselves controlled by higher, unimaginable forces. They sat solemnly behind the priceless table as a new "villain" was brought in and on what was considered by elites as the "world stage." The special EOS members viewed a rather small and unthreatening man upon the floor design of a great circle, triangle and pentagram.
       "Tell us your name," the same speaker said from the shadows in an ominous tone.
       "Ah hm. My name. My name is, uh, Dennis Toddman..."
       The speaker quickly ordered, "No more. From now on...your name is...Elon Trespec."
       "We will spell it out for you and handle everything, Mr. Trespec."
       "Ah, Okay. I wanted to say how great an opportunity this is. Ah, and, and...what did you same my name is?"
       "That's twice you have asked us questions. You were given strict protocol orders, told ask even one question. We can go on to the next..."
       "Won't happen again," snapped Elon Trespec, who was happy with his new name.
       "See that you remember. What do you have for us?"
       "How would you like to, to, really turn everything upside-down? Really shake things up and cause chaos? (realized) Fuck! Forget I asked questions!"
       Speaker looked at a few of the others at the table. Director-speaker asked the little man on the stage, "You have a machine that actually turns things upside-down?"
       "Of course not, sir. My 8-sided, Diamond Device...[excited] can you believe? DAMN. My DD fractures reality!" Elon stated quickly and with force, before he inadvertently asked them another question.
       "What have our scientists said about it?"
       Trespec volunteered an answer that was wrong and ignorant: "Best scientists are clueless on the principle of my Diamond Device, sirs. They know nothing of it."
       Speaker only did a slight turn and answered the inventor. He said, "You mean...Earth scientists." Director returned his gaze to another of his 12 colleagues.
       That particular dark, nameless one said, "They approved. Only waiting our green-light."
       Speaker-Director said to the man, "We read about...the button. Explain...the button. What happens when pushed?" the low voice asked.
       The inventor was slightly frustrated and wanted to ask a question. "Do I have your permission to ask a question?"
       Thirteen men in old suits turned to each other, one more time.
       The man on the magical floor didn't care anymore about the "opportunity" and these slow, foolish officials. "Did you see what happened to your Washington Monument, ah, ah, ah...earlier today? I know...that's a question, but..."
       "You did that?"
       "Little Toddy Toddman..."
       Now, they were impressed.
       The small man was suddenly in charge. He played it mean and 'evil' for the real devils in the room and in the world. He firmly spoke with confidence: "Don't call me Little Toddy. I am Elon Trespec! What mysteriously occurred today to your precious, phallic, Washington Monument can happen to reality itself...on a level a trillion times greater or more...when polarities are switched. Today was a tiny demonstration, gentlemen. To get your green-light, of course." The small inventor smiled very big. He had them in the 'palm of his hands.'
       "You have our attention, sir," the speaker said. The EOS was extremely interested and decided there and then to fund their 'boy,' Mr. Trespec.
       "I can change the polarity of the planet with the push of a button that only I command. Ask your off-world scientists, ask the aliens...what will happen when everything is upside-down, the North Pole becomes the South and the South Pole becomes the North? Eh? See what happens to communications...or power? But that's nothing."
       "We, all of us, Mr. Trespec, will get to work. You show us your designs for a lab, a facility, whatever you want, a place you can do your work...and we'll build it. We like your initiative, what you've done...and we want to see what you can produce for us in future."
       The new Elon Trespec smiled with power. He waved it in their faces when he couldn't help but end...with a question: "Will that make you happy?"

       "Well. This is bizarre," M told 007. "Usually, you're the last to arrive."
       "Unprecedented," Bond (Connery) smiled proudly, like the 'cat who ate the canary.'
       "Did you have something to do with this, 007?"
       "No, sir," Bond stated in a confident lie. 
       "You're in enough trouble with the bomb that went off. God. And after the scandal with Miss Marquardt."
       Each sighed and looked around the large and very formal room of Parliament. The wood of M's desk was the same wood as the desk made for Isaac Newton a long time ago. Nine royal chairs with very big backs were unfilled by 00 agents. Bond sat in his usual seventh seat.
       The agent had arrived 40 minutes ago, precisely on time.
       "Whatever could be keeping them, sir?"
       M broke a pencil with the fingers of his one hand. "Let's get on with it, then? I wanted to see what you'd say in front of the others. Never mind. The bomb went off, 007," M insisted.
       "Not my bomb, sir." 
       "Not your bomb?"
       "Mine was a 'Gelli-Max' special; I recognized it as soon as I saw it, sir. The white wire. It checked out with, with, well...with the Madam's info (rolled eyes). It was the usual CIA issue. This time...'Osiris' almost got America's penis to go off...sir."
       "Then where the bloody hell is it, Bond?"
       "I dropped it."
       "You dropped it?!"
       "It was heavy, sir. I, I was...tired..."
       "You were tired?"
       "There's an echo. Sir! I had just scaled Washington's Monument. No one recognized me with only eyes showing. Info checked out, sir. Who discovered the plot? What did the news films show me holding? There was a bomb there, exactly where it was supposed to be, wasn't there, sir?"
       "I don't know! 007...we have no film or witness of you dropping it into the water. Yes, we see you whisked away from the Monument with it."
       "You have my word, sir." Bond stared straight ahead of him and averted M's eyes. "It was deactivated."
       "Whew. I know you a little by now, rookie. When you look off like that and your head goes up a're telling the truth."
       "I always..."
       "Spare me the lies, 007. M'name's not Moneypenny. All right. How do you explain the blast?"
       "Couldn't be a coincidence. A SMERSH connection? I was sure no one knew my research or saw my climb up the Monument. I must have been monitored by whomever detonated it. And somehow an explosion was generated right after the drone took me away. Look at the damage, sir?"
       "What do you mean?" 
       "Completely different type of damage from the bomb I deactivated. If I was not successful, oh, there were only 13 seconds left, if not successful...the blast would have blown up from the top, exactly like intended: to be a big cock going off. Instead, everything, the whole area seemed shattered like with an EMP or by Sonics or electro-magnetism."
       A few other 00 agents entered the grand hall as the main door opened far away from the two men.
       M asked a sincere question to his bright, young prospect: "What do you suggest to get to the bottom of this?"
       Without a missed beat, 007 declared with all sincerity, "I have a friend in Kingston, specialist in this type of explosion. He might lead me or get a line on who did it? Sir."
       "That's better than no leads at all. You're dismissed, then. See what Q's got for you. Take Felix. That's it, 007." M waved slightly.
       Connery got to his feet and walked toward the main door.
       M only said two words to the others: "Go home."
       007 smiled at Laurence Olivier (003) and Jimmy Stewart (009) on his way out.

       Bond loved Jamaica. He loved the clean air, water, white sands and the heavenly blue skies. The women weren't bad. Everyone was friendly. Natives wanted to kiss you. All the visiting tourists were kissed. They were kissed by the pretty dancers and they were kissed by fat, chubby dancers with a lot of arm waddle.
       Few knew the face of Sean Connery in this primal paradise. The agent did not have to resort to his vast talents as "master of disguise" here in Kingston. Bond and his friend, Felix Leiter, sunned themselves on a fantastic nude beach. They were not nude. They wore colorful, protective clothing: vest-things that exposed their chests and also stylish shorts. The agents viewed the spectacular, natural scenery around them.
       Sean and not Felix received most of the stares from young and old gals that passed by.
       Agent Leiter humorously said, "They can't take their eyes off you. Why do clothes look so much better on you, James?"
       Bond replied, "I thought it was the hairy chest and great physique?"
       "Ha. Ha. It's always interesting to find out what Q gave you? What did he give you?"
       Bond immediately stuck out his right arm and showed Felix the new addition to his arsenal.
       "What? The watch?" Leiter was not that confused and knew the thick, expensive-looking device was much more than a watch. He joked, "Oh, good. You'll know the time."
       "Uh, ha."
       "What does it really do?"
       "That drone that flew me over the ocean?"
       "The watch controls it. I'm getting the hang of hanging onto it, Felix. It's a trip, man."
       The lesser agent (soon replaced by another with the name "Felix Leiter") will go on to star in his own television series, filmed in Hawaii. He reacted in amazement: "Wow. Jet-packs don't fly too far. No one has drones like our XL5s: now made into a transporter, self-piloted? With guns? Huh. That is a trip, James. Ooh." Felix saw an incredibly beautiful naked girl that he had to take his sunglasses off for.
       "Hi." James Bond simply waved and smiled.
       "And they only have eyes for you. What am I, chopped liver?"
       "Ha, HA! You'll be the Elvis of Hawaii in no time. Hey, you get to leave the Service. Can't beat that, friend," Bond said with real emotion.
       "Have a question..."
       "What lead here in Jamaica? Bomb specialist, JB? We've been here for days now, having a good time. Fun in the Sun and spending the Empire's money..."
       "You're complaining?" 007 asked.
       "No. I'm curious."
       "I've done this before when I don't have a clue. I snoop around in my favorite spot on Earth, get them to pay for it...and..."
       "Son of a gun, Felix: it's like magnetism, my mission, or with women. They come to me. IT...whatever it is...finds me!"
       "You DO have a charmed life."
       "You think so?"
       James pointed to a native girl on a towel about 30 feet away who had stared at him, by far, the most.
       She just so happened to possess the largest breasts on the beach. She walked right up to him and they suddenly, without words, made-out with more passion than the beach scene in 'From Here to Eternity.' Without the water~
       Felix was disgusted and left.

       After James made love to the native girl, they cuddled in his bed, in his very modern apartment on the outskirts of Kingston. Felix was down the hall and not that lucky.
       James was completely fooled by the girl, or was it her...? She left the door unlocked as he showered. Two heavy-set, dark-skinned killers broke in the front door! Guns would draw attention in the popular resort community and weren't used. The tough thugs (sent by EOS) worked with the girl and believed they had enough physical power to beat the spy to a pulp and even capture the young man.
       The fat thugs were very wrong. Bond jumped toward his Walther, but one of the "Raining Men" boys stood in his way. 007 kicked his balls almost up into the guy's chest. He was done.
       The other one had a machete.
       "What? They can't give you silencers?"
       The first blow by the Jamaican struck Bond's forearm. He'll have a nasty scar to go with the one on his lower back and recent one on the side of his face. He bled. They faced off again: a naked man without a weapon against a man twice his size with big knife.
       The girl looked on, frozen in fear. She was sure that her comrade would get the best of him. She was wrong.
       Another blow like the first one was readied. When the thrust came, Bond caught the blade at its handle. They wrestled a bit on and off the bed. With leverage, the spy was able to control it more than the thug. When the blade sliced the big guy's groin, Bond gained full control of the weapon and killed the man.
       Then the naked girl with "monster boobs" ran toward the door of the apartment.
       He lunged. He stopped her from leaving and got to the door first.
       Before he asked, to avoid being roughed up, she blurted out precisely who was responsible, who paid her, who sent them. She told Bond where he lived. The native figured the British man might spare her life, but the new "Mafia-man" in town that hired her, would not. He quickly rose to power; utterly controlled all Jamaican drug traffic and was even behind a Black Market "child-slavery" ring in Kingston. When James heard the identity of the kingpin for the entire island, he couldn't believe it. He was shocked. He knew the man. He was a good man. In fact, it was his old friend.

       Elon Trespec looked out upon a new world. They hollowed out a mountain in the Swiss Alps for him, exactly as he instructed. He could have had an island; he wanted a mountain instead. With technology only for elites, that would not be utilized on the surface of Earth in the next 50 years, the awesome project was finished in a short time. The former 'Dennis Toddman,' boy genius, now Mr. Trespec or even Doctor Trespec...
       Brought a small group of royal scientists to his huge laboratory within the huge installation, encased inside tons and tons of granite and far away from the rest of the world. The only thing of interest to elite scientists in the massive place was...THE BUTTON.
       "That's it?"
       "That's it, gentlemen."
       "It's not even 3 inches in diameter!" a German scientist yelled.
       Trespec smiled at the device in his hand. "Size matters not. You boys should know that."
       A man with the largest beard questioned: "And with this small mechanism, you can fracture the whole planet? The power of diamonds, is that right?"
       Elon tossed his thick research books and nearly hit a few in the group. "You've had time to study my work! Everyone one of you were given copies. You tell me. What will happen when I push the red button?"
       The British scientist answered, "Theoretically (looked at group, then back at inventor)...most likely, the result will multiply the universe by eight..."
       "Eight, ah, eight," one of the Saturnists whispered in awe.
       Trespec clarified, "It's not just 8 Earths. You will have access to 8 different universes to plunder, rape and exploit, instead of one."
       "This will occur with the simple push of a button?"
       "It's a lot more complicated than that! The super-computer now in the lab is fully functional. It will create the hyperspace vortex pathways to travel to each universe. Like you've seen on TV with 'Stargate.' You walk into each parallel world by stepping into it. Button's the first step and it's all ready to go. You want to push it?" he asked with wild eyes. Trespec held the red button and offered the honor to anyone that wanted to push it.
       No one did. 
       Elon laughed and pushed it.
       What happened? Did it even work?
       The least scientific-minded official was very confused and expressed: "After the DC demonstration, I expected to control fantastic amounts of power and be able to direct energy anywhere. Much more powerful than HAARP. To destroy anything, Mr. the touch of a button! You are telling us, that is not the case?"
       The inventor stated, "Then you were very, very misinformed, sir."
       "But nothing happened!"
       "Nothing happened? Are you all morons? Did you not...?"
       "Explain what happened, Mr. tell us."
       The man laughed, then howled at the Moon like the mad scientist he was. Elon stared into each of their eyes so they knew IT WAS TRUE. "The entire universe exploded! How much energy do you think was required for that to happen? All contained or dampened inside the diamond. My DD is the only thing now holding 8 worlds together." He pointed to the door in anger. "Now get the fuck out of here! The energy build-up takes about a week. You come back then, bring some real geniuses; I'll open up 8 vortexes for you, bastards. Then you're on your own. Get out!"

       It was night. Bond was in black Ninja gear and in front of him, through the jungle vegetation, stood a mansion complex nearly 'fit for a king.' He could not believe what he might face in this place. Quarrel? He saw a guard who made rounds. The man with the "license to kill," did so easily. He moved on and entered the enormous house.
       A loud alarm went off!
       In seconds, a few big men with guns closed in on the intruder. Lights in the room went on and the sometimes actor was surrounded. One of the strong Jamaican guards walked up to James. Bond raised both his arms. The man removed the agent's mask to reveal his face. He also removed a small Beretta and a few other pieces of neat equipment on the spy. In the next moment, Bond saw his friend from years ago...
       Quarrel was a bit more grey in hair color. The drastic change was in his attire. Quarrel wore a suit outfit, plus jewelry, that had to cost a few thousand dollars.    
       "My friend," the 'Mafia kingpin' said with great joy and affection. "It is so good to see ya again, James! Leave us. All of ya. Leave me alone with my friend."
       The guards reluctantly did so.
       When they were alone, James was outraged and did not understand. He stated, "Child pornography, drug-running...and, and...arms-dealing? Maybe my next job will be to kill you?"
       "Ha, ha! Let me tell you what's going on. Please. This way."

       They entered a brightly-lit and ornate room, filled with trophies and heads of animals on walls. The large fireplace had fire that burned bright. 
       Drinks were poured. They drank.
       "Ya never believe who I work for, James."
       "Not the Mafia."
       "Ya got that right, boss."
       "Tell me who."
       "The next M."
       Bond smiled.
       The new Quarrel said, "Sometimes, Captain, you has to get down n' dirty, know whata mean? She gonna change everythin'. The new M. She don't like wass been happenin', my friend."
       "She?" Bond laughed. "So you're a double-agent?" 007 drank more of the expensive drink. Then he tasted the slight odor of the potent drug in the drink. "Ah." He collapsed to the floor.
       "Sorry, Captain."

       At this point in time, an extremely bizarre situation occurred in the stately room of Parliament that was given to the "M" in charge and his organization of Double-0s. The old man sat in his usual chair behind the fine wood grain of the large desk. Six seats with high backs were filled with...
       Six James Bonds!
       Each came from different times, different realities and had entered their own type of hyperspace vortex pathway and arrived in the "prime reality." This one. Seated, in great-looking/dark suits, were agents: Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig and, of course, David Niven...
       M was nearly speechless. His first words to the agents were, "And one's a blonde."

       "We finally meet, Mr. Bond. Or should I say...Mr. Connery?"
       Bond was tied to some kind of heavy machine. He came to consciousness.
       Elon Trespec faced him inside his large lab, only the inventor was about a foot and a half shorter.
       "You won't live to tell your secrets." Bond activated a button in his heel his adversary was unaware of. A signal was transmitted. "Where's Quarrel? I want to give him something. Forget that. Who the fuck are you?"
       "I will answer none of your questions, sir."
       James looked at the spectacular scenery of gigantic mountains through the fantastic curved glass of the mega-window in front of him. Then he checked his watch. "Wait a minute."
       "Yes? You had something to say, Mr. Bond?"
       "I was in Jamaica, minutes ago. That's not the island out there. Is that Switzerland?"
       The little man reacted with the words: "Questions. Questions. I'll answer the big one: Why? Why were you brought here?"
       "There's a start." Bond tried to break his bonds, but couldn't.
       "I just had to tell you of the most amazing COINCIDENCE of all time. You know, Einstein didn't like coincidences; he said they were against the nature of the universe. Einstein was wrong!"
       "I knew that. What coincidence?"
       "We were both drawn to the obelisk without the knowledge of the other. Huh."
       "Kismet, fate, whatever you want to call it? You removed a bomb from the Monument a moment before I just happened to choose that location for my demonstration to the world? Actually. The world doesn't count; it your EOS bosses of Parliament, who run the whole freaking 'show.'
       "Say again?"
       "Why, indeed? Impossible. Yet it happened. You know, Jim, sorry, James..."
       Bond tilted his head to the side and heard the words of the world's new villain:
       "...You know? Nothing matters anymore. The universe fucked me up; now I've fucked up the universe. Fucked it up, good, eh?" Trespec's eyes stopped their mad glow. He relaxed. His whole mood changed. The little guy was very proud of himself and what he had accomplished. "Here, let me..." He came closer and touched the machine the spy was secured to...
       "What are you doing?"
       Elon laughed. "I'm...I'm letting you go."
       "Why?" 007 asked, incredulously.
       After a release clamp was undone, James was unrestricted and could move.
       The misunderstood genius, who only wanted a little attention, was tired. He was also quite mad. He told the man: "I think my work here is done."
       This was not the super-villain Bond expected. Maybe everything was cool now? James asked the inventor as he looked at his watch, "Watch stopped. Ugh. You have the time, old boy?"
       The brilliant man of small stature was thrown off for a moment and believed the spy.
       This gave Bond enough time to localize the signal to the XL5 that was activated minutes ago.
       Dennis Toddman was very serious. The dazed and not confused inventor said to the spy: "Two-thirty. It's always two-thirty." He looked up, squarely into James Bond's blue eyes, and told him the truth: "Did I ever tell you, Mr. Bond, what happens...when I push the button...a second time?"
       "No, sir. You have not." Whatever was meant by the button? the spy wondered.
       "The power...the awesome power that my Diamond has contained...can be forced the other way, in a short time from now. Say goodbye to everything. I fractured the universe. Now...I CAN DESTROY IT! Ha, ha. What's it matter? I was going to kill myself anyway."
       Bond saw it in his eyes and believed the madman.
       Suddenly the big, black, British XL5 drone homed in precisely and...
       SMASHED through the tremendously large, curved window!
       007 leaped onto the vehicle's undercarriage. He guided the drone back through the wide opening in the glass. Bond shouted, "I'll be back! Whatever your name is. I know where you live!" Drone and agent zoomed away~

       An assault team was assembled by the British Secret Service: Seven Ninja assassins with the License to Kill. Seven special agents with special training, all with the (code) field name of: 'James Bond.' The seven spies were fully equipped and did not climb a certain mountain in the Swiss Alps, they flew there via a XL5 drone. Roger Moore had his own flying unit. And so did Sean, Tim Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, George Lazenby, Dan Craig and the older gentleman-spy: David Niven.
       A glorious sight occurred among majestic, natural scenery. Seven 007s assaulted a great mountain, the lair of a madman. The drone-vehicles came to rest on a high balcony, porch or possibly an indented vent conduit. Whatever the ledge was, it was one of the few artificial sections on the exterior of the mountain. Was there time?
       The team had been briefed. They soon adapted and got used to the idea of other Bonds from other timeline universes. Scientists did not need to be consulted on whether or not the universe had been "broken" or duplicated into 8 different pieces? Certainly the proof was in the multiple Bonds that made it here to the "prime universe." 
       Pierce commented first and noticed, "Guns. They have to know we're here. Why aren't they activated?"
       Five gun turrets suddenly turned and took precise aim at five of the men.
       The guns fired and accurately struck their targets!
       George was hurt the worst and bled badly from the upper chest.
       Tim, Pierce, Dan and Roger were hit lower in the chest. They'd survive longer. Five were grounded and two stood on their feet. 
       Then the metal port OPENED.
       There was the suicidal Elon Trespec who'd take the entire universe with him into oblivion. He was upset, waved his arms and said, "This is all wrong. All wrong."
       "No kidding," Dan said from the metallic floor. 
       Trespec made an offhand comment that was ignored: "Hey. Why only seven? Never mind." The guns obeyed the inventor's command and pointed away.
       David Niven was on his feet, as was Sean Connery. The old gentleman politely asked the small-sized, insane lunatic: "Now. What's this about...hitting the button...twice?"
       "Come! Gentlemen. This way, you'll see. OH, well, two of you, anyway. Sorry about that. Did I tell you, Mr. Bond (pointed at Sean), this one. It doesn't matter anymore?" He smiled like the Devil with all the power in his hands. Or was he Prometheus?
       Elon walked into the darkness and the two men followed...
       Sean and David were scared. That's what their eyes revealed. This might not be something that even seven James Bonds can fix~
       Connery asked, "What's going to happen?"
       The inventor laughed, then said, "Come. See the end of me...and the end of the world."
       Two Bonds followed through the dark conduit and were more frightened with every step and every thought...

       In minutes they were inside the enormous lab with the super-computer, the electronic machines and the all-important Button.
       "Should've taken it with me. You know, sometimes...I'm mindless?"
       "There it is." Sean's sharp eyes spied the Button, but, he knew immediately that he should not have said those words aloud. The little guy cannot press it or anyone. The End of Everything.
       David tried to get the attention of Elon who walked toward the Doomsday Button. Niven said, "I say, old man, why haven't you pushed it already?"
       Sean glared at the other Bond as if his words could have been a big mistake. Anything could be a big mistake at this point.
       "Always takes time for the energy build-up. Does your car move in one second? Only now can..."
       "Don't press it," Sean said those three words extremely sincerely, extremely seriously and he held hope in his heart that he'd see tomorrow. Maybe it was all the future "Bond girls" on his mind?
       Suddenly something incredibly significant happened...
       Both young and old Bond ONLY NOW pulled their Beretta out and aimed it at Dennis. Both shrieked! "Why didn't we just fucking SHOOT him?"
       At this point in time, crazy-ass Trespre or "spectre" over the whole affair, LAUGHED HIS LITTLE HEAD OFF, so to speak. His finger was on the red Button. The Doomsday Button!
       "Blimey," David said as he looked at Sean again.
       Connery's response was, "We had EIGHT devil-damn minutes to blow the little fucker away! Uh, why?"
       Elon finished the eternal question: "Huh! WHY didn't you do it? Now my finger's on the trigger. The Big Gun: there WILL be a penis going off! Must be fate, that Kismet-thing again. Huh. You shoot, and it's pressed. Can't be stopped."
       Sean's eyes told David: we should drop the guns. Each tossed their Baretta to the floor. "Don't."
       The inventor laughed again and made the largest wild-crazy-eyes he'd ever made and winked. "Oh, but I will." Then he, very gently, dropped the 3-inch Button to the floor!
       Sean gasped his loudest gasp.
       David screamed, a little.
       "Woooooooo," Elon expressed like a child.
       Miraculously. The Button did not turn in the air, fall to its side or turn over. It remained straight up...
       ...Waiting to be pressed!
       There was a silent stillness.
       Niven was flip and stated, "If this were a movie, dramatic music should swell at this time."
       Sean was cool and realized he was closer to it than Toddman. And he was faster.
       Connery was about to dive for it and make sure not to PRESS, when...
       A black, XL5-unit drone burst through the same conduit they'd traversed, scraped the sides of the metal tunnel many times and forced its way into the laboratory! Someone rode in the undercarriage and directed it via a watch.
       Equipment and machines in the lab were pushed with a strong force! The stuff nearly hit the Button on the floor.
       Again there was a gasp and a scream from the agents. Then they smiled. Everything was all right.
       "I see. Nothing touched the Button," David said.
       "Nice," Sean said with a breath of relief.
       Niven asked Sean, "Who was that IDIOT?"
       "Don't look now, David. But I think it's...James Bond."
       Barry Nelson (the very first James Bond) approached the two agents and "zombie-out" inventor.
       "Can't you guys count? World was split 8-WAYS. And, one calls me James. I'm Bond, Jimmy Bond." 
       "British Intelligence?"
       "Ha. My ass. That's a joke. I'm CIA! Do I sound like a limey?"
       Then it happened...
       Jimmy Bond stepped on the Doomsday Button!!
       This time, David gasped and Sean screamed!
       "Hm? What was that?" Jimmy asked.
       Connery yelled louder: "The BUTTON!"
       Suddenly, Dennis Toddman woke from the dreamy state he was in and noticed...
       The Button was pushed.
       The inventor laughed and laughed. He rolled on the floor and shouted up at the stars. "Fate!" Fate!" Then he seriously said a sane joke, "I didn't do it."
       Everyone, but the little guy, looked around. Another minute went by. Beside all the end-of-the-world stuff, it was an incredibly beautiful day in the Swiss Alps. Kind of pleasant and quiet. Good weather. So where was the Big Bang? What happened to Doomsday?
       Dennis' laughter simmered down to quiet elation.
       David Niven misunderstood. "That cheeky bugger. There's no bloody Apocalypse. There's no bloody Apocalypse? He lied! Bugger lied all this time!"
       "What button?" Jimmy asked long after the fact.
       Sean had to do it. Oh, he punched the inventor hard on the side of the head and sent him back a few feet. 
       Then Connery grabbed him by the throat, very firmly. "You put us through hell? Explain." He was pissed.
       Elon was fine. He had a lump on the side of his face. "They'll be a Doomsday! They'll be a Doomsday! Keep your shirt on. Don't worry, you'll blow up..."
       "I told you! Take's time for energy to build-up or to implode. Hey. Does your computer download in two seconds? No!"
       "When?" two of the agents asked.
       "Oh. Around year 3000, most likely. Everything will turn to fire; I don't know."
       Niven smiled and turned to Connery with his index finger pointed up. "Shall I?"
       "Please, sir. By all means."
       David punched him on the other side of his head. The gentleman doesn't normally do that sort of thing.
       The three Bonds smiled at each other.
       Jimmy asked, "Can I keep that (Button)? For a keepsake?"
       The other two replied, "NO."
       The agents soon checked on the other 007s. Before that, Jimmy told them: "Did you know? Stanley Kubrick put me in the beginning of 'The Shining' not because I looked like Jack Kennedy, but because I was the first Bond? It's true. Before all you guys. What?"
       Sean and David rolled their eyes and shook their heads.

       Much later, the Empire had to deal with the existence of seven more Empires. Adventures between these universes were now possible, thanks to a madman. What of the Engineers of Society? Were they not the top bosses? Weren't the ones in charge of the entire, elaborate 'show' to the world, the very Enemies of the State?
       Questions. Big questions for other times and other stories...
       At the moment, James Bond (Sean Connery) was in his Kingston apartment. He was not alone.
       A fabulous blonde call-girl laid next to him. She was naked. She was gold. The girl painted herself, just for James.
       "Think I'm going to quit."
       Jill Masterson was surprised and asked, "What?"
       "Cigarettes, my dear. Nasty. And booze. They cut your life short." Sean snuffed out his smoke in the ashtray.
       The golden girl smiled, ran her hand over his hairy chest. "Hmm. I have a surprise for you, James."
       He laughed. "Another one?"
       He heard noises on the other side of the door.
       It opened. In walked seven naked blondes all painted in gold, from head to toe.
       Sean's mouth dropped. "They can't be." He tried to get one of them to answer. "You're not from?"
       She had no clue and nearly replied.
       "They could be." He was totally blown away and very happy.
       "Your friend, Felix, filled us in a little, put us up to it."
       "Felix. Did he now?"
       "He said you deserved a reward. Must have been something big, eh, James?"
       The man asked the ladies, "You're call-girls?"
       The one who almost spoke before said, "Pilots, silly. Small planes. We're from a flying troupe."
       Everyone had golden smiles.
       "You know, Jill?"
       "I'm beginning to world is not enough."





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