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Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey - What Can Be Mistaken for a UFO? plus more

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Published on Jun 18, 2017
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey asks for examples of what can be mistaken for a UFO.

Researcher Peter Davenport explains that the US military has highly advanced technology that could be mistaken for an extraterrestrial craft. In certain circumstances a plane coming from a certain angle, a reflection or a large assembly of balloons. Davenport clarifies drawing upon a phrase of Stanton Friedman, "The question is not are UFOs per say machines of advanced technology from parts unknown. The question is 'has one ever been?'"

Please visit the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure website for full archives in HD:




Published on Jun 18, 2017
Congressman Roscoe Bartlett was contacted by the BBC for an interview following the 2nd day of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. He ended the interview with the question, 'What are they [UFOs]? There is clearly something out there that can not be explained as some beams of light or swamp gas or hallucinations..."

Bartlett reminds the audience that the Air Force admitted to there being 701 unidentified flying objects that could not be explained in Project Blue Book.

Bartlett outlines the difficulty associated with interstellar communications but humbly offers that it was not so long ago that his forebears walked around in animal skins during the stone age and there is likely a civilization in this huge Universe more developed than Earth.

The billions of stars in the Universe make it statistically likely that life is somewhere else out there offers Bartlett.

A question posed by Congressman Bartlett to the Press is "Why not report it?" [UFO sightings] There are interesting stories to be told. Who has been successful in convincing the Press that these are reportable?

"The phenomena is real. There are thousands of reportings."

Please visit the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure website for full archives in HD:


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