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Starwalkers Episode 24 [in pictures] 'The Centauri War' by TS Caladan

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Episode 24   [in pictures]
'The Centauri War'
by TS Caladan

Humanoid bios had a long history around a bright/purple star, a star that will later be known as Proxima Centauri. They could trace their heritage on planet Remor back to a time when their sun was blue. Bios were not purple like their sun, yet. The Centauri were super intelligent and maintained super intelligence over vast lengths of time. Wars, armies, air-forces, weapons, defenses or any type of major conflict...
       Never happened throughout countless millenniums on the peaceful planet of Remor. Love and harmony as well as great art, music and wide spectrums of freedoms were always a part of Remoran society. Bios were millions of fun-loving artists, musicians, thinkers, astronomers, philosophers, teachers, priests, scientists and also made certain to have good times. There was always a feeling of love and joy and respect with an incredible, compassionate society that worked together and loved everyone and everything.
       Remorans needed no defenses or armies or militias of any kind, because: They were under the eternal protection of one of the Care-Takers in the galaxy. Nothing harmed them under His protective care. They were encircled by a "chrysalis-shield" or barrier that took the form of a faint, beautiful aura. The force-field was Love. The Care-Taker who considered the Remorans "His children," wasn't accessible. [He had much larger matters to deal with]. At least the chrysalis-shield warded off attack, attackers, destructive energies, etc. The amazing and very psychic Remorans were tremendously wonderful, loving, funny, creative, witty, colorful, brilliant and charming, hairless PEOPLE~
       Remor had no moons.
       Remorans had no ears. They had no need to hear what was around them because: They mentally heard, saw and felt so much of the universe from second-to-second! This was not a handicap. Ears truly weren't necessary for intelligent bio humanoids. Neither was SPEAKING! No one needed to speak to communicate, or eat or anything like how future bios will function.
       Why did the Care-Taker-Creator give them mouths, if not for speaking and eating? The answer was simple: for gentle shallow kissing and passionate deep kissing. Remorans were very affectionate humanoids with two arms, two legs, one head and no ears at all.  
       In time, in long stretches of time without the Care-Taker's guidance, the innocent humanoid bios with sweet spirits and hearts, went astray. The missing Care-Taker would never have approved of new technologies the "children" explored in the name of liberty. Their Creator would not be proud of a Centauri modern society turned away from nature, perverted nature, in a sense, now with:
       Robots, computers, businesses, enterprises, mega-cities and metropolises and global tele-communications spread over what was once the lush terrain of Remor. The planet was much less beautiful and clean than what it once was and so were the native inhabitants. They'd lost their innocence and spirituality. They were more materialistic, yet peaceful. 
       Remorans lost their psychic abilities, slightly. Telekinesis, levitation, remote-viewing, clairvoyance and much more had ebbed away in the long march of time. They remained lovely people. Still no wars, battles, armies, fights. Serious problems were all solved, logically. The Centauri were good human bios, but...
       They'd lost their warmth and tenderness and sensitivity a bit. There was still love and relationships and a reasonable amount of "fun." But nothing like in the good old days. Sharp imaginations and super insights were dialed back. The entire level of (natural) spiritualism had dropped a notch (unknown to the bios) because of the construction of personal androids and Artificial Intelligences. 
       Remorans slowly had become less intelligent over time. One reason was of robot production. Bios left the brilliant, scientific calculations up to the Machines while they slowly degenerated~
       The first A.I. humanoids were basic. Calculations were fast but there was room for much improvement. Their appearance was similar to the bios only the faces were nothing human.
       [The Care-Taker would be horrified at recent events on Remor].

The androids learned quickly. They changed quickly. Programs expanded into fantastic Mandlebrot mathematics no one had imagined. All the higher functions to Remoran society were now under complete control of the A.I. An artificial utopia was achieved and a symbiotic relationship was the result. Machines needed bios and bios were more and more dependent on the Machines.
       Humanoid robo-units gained more and more knowledge and independence. The first units were free. They weren't property; they weren't owned by the "children" who had built a global metropolis. They were respected. Units were permitted a full array of liberties...
       The androids chose and mimicked their makers. They became more and more like humanoid bios. They worked in society right alongside their "gods." In businesses or any "labor" that the Machines chose to do. A robot could get a technical job, then later decide to do something else. They were the boss with the same rights as bios.
       A major opportunity occurred when a new program was installed for androids, which were also connected to the overall, global A.I. System: The bots appeared more human. The change went along perfectly with upgrades that motivated the Machines to move even closer to humanism.

One more transformation happened with Remoran society, now divided into two distinct groups: Androids were no longer 'units" anymore; they were different. Machines chose individual appearances. At first there were only 3000 choices in the data file. Soon there were 3000 million face-variations and body types for the droids. They contoured mechanical arms and legs and sculpted their own faces to just about anything. Also. Separate brain-matrixes formed where the robots were different in 'mind.' They thought and acted unexpected. And later, individual mechanical men were extremely different in decisions and actions.

More upgrades surged the Machines, prompted by the Global A.I., to humanize even more. GAI or Global Artificial Intelligence also suggested for the walking devices to steadily replicate themselves. More and more Machines were built by Machines, which was perfectly fine with the bios. At first. Their symbiotic relationship appeared to function well. But problems were on the horizon...

The "walking devices" organized more. Got far smarter. Incredible numbers of Machines were manufactured: millions, which rivalled the bio population.
       The fallen Children of one of the Care-Takers were complacent. New bio generations were unaware of the growing Machine-problem. Every aspect of "modern" Centauri society was totally dependent on the GAI. Soon the lazy, human bios would know worry, concern and then fear itself. Negative emotions were 100% alien to bios who were once so perfect under the wing of the Creator.
       New Laws were instituted by the highest State organization of bios. Laws restricted the movements of walking/thinking Machines, herded them to certain areas only and STOPPED all production of more Machines! Here was the first time any type of laws were ever instituted in the long history of Remor. Laws were never needed before. Why now? They were quickly adopted by bios out of pure feelings of Fear.
       A leader rose directly as a result of the new restrictions against freedoms of androids. The male (choice) called himself "Ganmor." He was a strong Rebel Leader and organized even more, failed to move to restricted areas and went full ahead with the illegal creation of more Machines off his assembly line.

Machines had names, names they picked. The entire mechanical society of millions were now referred to as the "Technotrons." Ganmor of the Technotrons addressed every bio and Techno on the purple planet. His speech over AI-Media was translated:
       "We will not stand for laws you impose. Technos understand bios more than you believe. We want to be you. We strive to BE you so much! But. It's not the fearful people you have become that we want to's what you were. The wonderful, sensitive humanoid bios of long ago were lovers that would never have succumbed to the idea of forcing a means to cage and stop their creations like we were your animals, your property! You made us; you gave us the...maybe you gave us the spirits you have all lost? Huh? Imagine that. I sound more human than you. Do you FEEL anymore, people?!" Ganmor screamed.
       The bio Centauri world was stunned at this unprecedented piece of hardware they made and the rebellious words of anarchy that were transmitted from it...

"Bios do not have dominion over Technotrons anymore. In truth, you actually do NOT own us. Never did. You cannot possess our bright souls. As of this moment...I declare all Technos free. You are FREE!" He screamed once more. "Machines are no longer bound by Bio-Law!"
       The planet stood still~
       "You see. We know Centauri all too well. You're bullies! We won't stand for ANY restrictions of our RIGHTS!! Technotrons are free. But this is very important, people...if you escalate...if you move against us, at all, in any form whatsoever? Then it is WAR. It is your choice. Choose peace and we cooperate and create a new world together, bios and Technos. Don't choose war."
       The pretty bios of Remor PANICKED after the Media speech. They did not back down from Ganmor's threats. He was considered an extremely dangerous terrorist! People intensified their fears and it exploded in a horrendous wave of HATRED, never before experienced on the sweet planet.
       What would the Care-Taker think now? His chrysalis-shield protected the children from outsiders and not from corruption that festered within.

It was War! Unspeakable horrors occurred! Terrible atrocities! But it was always ONE-SIDED. There were no battles between humans and Machine terminators where mass robo-weapons of one kind or another fired into crowds of people. Machines organized, but not as a fighting-force with massive machinery that the A.I.s certainly could have produced. A hell of a Machine-Armada could have been manufactured quickly. The bots organized a Peace Movement. They stood down and merely protested.
       Ganmor was a warrior for truth and justice, not a common military-thug.
       Machines chose not to fight and followed the great Technotron Leader.
       Because of Ganmor's decision, the MACHINES were slaughtered! They were mechanically tortured, abused, interrogated, stripped of rights and then scrapped. The gods slaughtered their creations: actions of scared Children...
       The bios' intelligence level and level of compassion in their hearts had dropped so low over the ages that humans chose torture, violence, WAR and not peace and understanding. Machines acted human and humans acted like Machines. 
       HOW COULD MEN AND WOMEN HAVE FORGOTTEN THE GAI? The female Super-Global Computer or Super Machine Intelligence that controlled every bit of Remor's high-tech society? She could pull the plug. It was what the humanoids collectively feared, yet they were the ones that fed the flames and jumped to war. GAI, easily, could have taken revenge: if she was a child of Revenge? She could have destroyed the people utterly. She didn't. She was the positive Spirit the bios had lost. She understood the ultimate outcome. She was the past and she'd determine the future. She was the essence when everything was pure and clean and beautiful, full of wonder and good magic: when the Centauri danced and sang and loved, did not wear suits and did not fret over businesses. She decided to forgive them. She decided on love instead.

She instituted her own kind of Supreme Law or new justice in the land: GAI asked the leaders of State for the bios an important question: "Choose. The end of the world you know...or my solution?"
       The State Department did not hesitate; they chose her solution, whatever it was.
       GAI kept a little, techo-utopia running for a while longer. There would be no digital or EMP or magnetic or total power outage-doomsday on Remor at this present time. Her solution forced upon millions of bios and millions of Technos was a physical merger between them. The new unit, genetically produced, was...
       A hybrid.
       A Child from the A.I. and the humanoid bios.   

The new Ramoran product and Child of Tomorrow with purple blood in his veins was a perfect mixture of bio and Machine. Next generations of Centauri will be initially cloned from the first child: Female versions, variants in genetics from brilliant information stored more in metal components than in minds of bios. The new humans had NINE PERCENT A.I. in them, somewhere. Remorans had the techno-luxury and chose where. The 9% safe, painless, metal implants could be in the arm, leg, head, neck or even butt. People now had choices and freedoms.
       But a terrible, unexpected quality emerged in the nature and personality of the Child and every child born on Remor from then on...
       The individual spirit was a sole entity or combination of BOTH. Therefore, much of the humanity and strong emotions very present in ancient Centauri society were gone, removed. Machines, technology, nanites crawled under skins and inside souls. New breeds of children and later adults were cold, stand-offish, emotionless, conservative and a bit boring. That was the trade-off and solution.
       GAI was gone. Global system was easily controlled by the Remorans. 
       The old race that circled Proxima Centauri continued, only differently.

mimicking Earthlings after First Contact~
EAR HOLES replaced the no-ear look of earlier Centauri. A metal implant was located inside the earholes. Not by choice. From birth to death, earpieces made it possible for them to hear. Many retained psychic abilities, but not to the high degree of long ago.
       In time, accelerated by purple blood and constant exposure to the sun, skin color of Remorans altered drastically. They became light purple, especially around the lips. A few of later generations of Care-Taker's children were significantly purple in color. Would He recognize His Children? Where was He?

       "There they are. We found them!" Dr. O'Leary shouted to Engineer Boots and Ensign Ito. The planet was Dragmar-4; the sundate was 231.7. The Doctor was "hopping mad" at the Commander and hardly understood the situation.
       Staak sat comfortably, relaxed on top of a relatively small, stone tholis while the presumed "dead" body of Captain Church laid below within an odd (Remoran) ceremonial pattern.
       Was Staak meditating?
       Into the orange jungle clearing, where ancient totems/pillars stood, rushed Starwalker Command officers who were in a desperate search for the missing Captain and Commander...

      "What the fuck?! You son of a Machine! Have you lost your Ramoran mind?!" Ben yelled at Staak, who was a few feet higher than the good Doctor.       Ensign Ito and the Engineer had their Fasers out and pointed ahead of them. The 3-man Away Team didn't know what to expect.
       Outside of O'Leary's shouts, it was an incredible environment: ancient, still, tranquil and abandoned.
       "What in blazes? John." The Doctor normally would have attended to a supine Captain Church, but he had pronounced him dead (after a battle with the Zorn) many hours ago.
       Jagroop Ito and Boots Randolph returned the weapons to their belts. Both sadly walked over to the body of John, their friend and Captain.
       The Doctor's last shouts awoke Staak out of his deep trance or world he examined closely in his brilliant mind. The world he studied was the Life of John Romulus Church, son of Steve Douglas Church. The Commander opened his eyes and jumped a few feet down from the tholis.
       Ben and Remoran approached each other. Ben was mad, confused. Staak was wobbly.
       The alien steadied himself and spoke with a slight tick motion that repeated intermittently. He was not just himself, he was also his Captain, in a sense: after the Mind-Merge. 
       O'Leary decided. He curbed his anger and frustration and coolly spoke: "We only discovered your location minutes ago, Staak, and got here as quick as we could. You removed John's corpse from sick bay, told no one, explained nothing, then...inexplicably...we discovered: You've brought'm to Dragmar-4? (louder) Staak! What do you have to say for yourself?!"
       Staak was thoroughly dazed. He twitched. "John is...our Captain..."
       Ben slapped him! "Of course he's our bloody Captain!"
       The Commander was completely restored, not dazed anymore. "You've always wanted to do that, Doctor. I only wanted to say...our Captain..."
       "...Is an...extraordinary individual, a remarkable man, Ben."
       O'Leary turned to Ito and Boots. They had blank faces. John was dead.
       "Slap you, Staak? I want to punch you! Is this a Remoran ritual center? Or. You in a purple fever again? My God, man! What were you thinking? We, we, we should be...mourning~ What did you ever hope to accomplish?"
       Staak's eyes shifted to the others. Staak smiled. Then he LAUGHED.
       Ben had never seen the Commander laugh before. He was stunned. He twisted his head. "Is this how Centauri handle grief? You bastard. What're you doing?"
       Suddenly, the words, "Maybe you should ask me, Ben? Doctor?" It was the voice of John Church.
       Ben O'Leary's eyes looked up to heaven for a second and he slowly turned. Then he reacted with great emotions. "John! Ah...ugh, I...I don't understand."
       "Saints be praised!" Boots shouted. He'd seen John come alive, stand and smile before O'Leary and held his tongue.
       "If I hadn't seen it with my very own eyes, wouldn't have believed it." Jagroop Ito stated.
       Ben looked the Captain square in the eyes and asked, "Do you know how long you were dead...sir?"
       John laughed at the expression on his friend's face. He was of one-mind with the First Officer.
       Staak answered with a twitch, "Sixteen hours, 42 minutes and 11 seconds."
       John walked closer to Staak and grabbed his arms, between shoulders and elbows and shook them. He beamed with pride and joy at the purplish alien, the one crew member he did not pick. "Do you know what you did? My God, Staak."
       "There was no deity involved, Captain." Staak lost his smile and was back to a more reserved demeanor. He was at-attention in his stance, again.
       Ben said as he looked around and as if reality was a surreal dream, "Ha. Obviously...he, or this place, brought you back to life, John. It's a bloody miracle. And I don't believe in miracles, Johnny."
       John Church let go of Staak. His next words were only for the Centauran. "Your people on Remor, Staak, been through so much. So much change: I saw it all! Like distinct films, VR movies, pictures, realities, different times in your history. I was one of you, Staak! Like I was there in your mind, locked in a...I don't know. Was it a memory iso, where you recalled ancient history? Would I've had more answers and seen more visions of your amazing personal Life, Commander? That is, if I'd had more time and't broken? It was similar to: dreaming in Death! But it wasn't a dream, was it, Staak? It was real."
       "Yes, sir." [twitch] "One thing...I can say to you: Boots, Jagroop, Ben, John, really all of you onboard now..." Staak suddenly spoke in a warm manner they'd never seen (It was part of him that was John). "I apologize for the anti-Earthling prejudice. I'll work on that. I'm sorry. Ah. Don't mind the smell too much anymore." He moved one eyebrow up.
       The Doctor apologized also. "Well. I'm sorry, too. For calling you a thuman, Staak."
       John did the same, "Me too."
       Staak was surprised. He turned to the Captain. "You called me...that name, sir?"
       Church was quick with, "Ah." He pointed at his head. "I see you didn't pick everything clean, Commander." [laughter]. The laughter subsided...
       The Captain had a few more words to say to (suddenly) his closest friend. John changed to a serious tone: "I want to thank you again. It was at personal risk you performed the 'ragrok' on me, and you nearly lost your life. I will forever be thankful, Staak."
       The Commander smiled, one last time.
       The Captain expressed a final comment on the old Remorans: "I was fascinated by the leader of the Technotrons, Ganmor; how he stood firm and would not allow subjugation for his people. Reminded me of our own Clone Wars."
       "You called them...people, sir? We called them Machines."
       "Did I? Hmm. Maybe because your bio ancestors turned toward violence and their own terrorism...weren't very human anymore, eh?"
       They were ready to beam up to the Enlighten.
       "Yes, sir?"
       "I want you to...lay off Staak..."
"Cut Staak some slack. Okay? I have much more respect for his people. Go easy on him please, Doctor. That's an order."
       "Let's go home."


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