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 RUSS MICHAEL: ***Project Camelot, a live interview with ***WHISTLEBLOWER Bill Woods, ex Navy Seal.

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PostSubject: RUSS MICHAEL: ***Project Camelot, a live interview with ***WHISTLEBLOWER Bill Woods, ex Navy Seal.   Thu Jan 26, 2012 1:34 pm

Russ MIchael here . . .I thought--busy as I AM--I would never listen to a 2.5 hour Interview - - -BUT when SaLuSa stated in his yesterday Message that Military High Clearance "Whistleblower Bill Woods"--who was a "Time Traveler" for the Secret Governnment "Looking Glass" time travel into the future--confirmed that ALL TIME LINES converged to show only a "wall of white Light" on Dec. 21, 2012--meaning END GAME "checkmate" for Illuminati Dark Cabal . . . and ASCENSION for Humanity on Earth, I talked myself TODAY into setting down for two and a half hours to hear for myself what Bill Woods had to say. And I thank Prime Creator of All That Is - - - that I did!!

Please take or MAKE take the time to hear "dark secret" disclosures from Bill Woods--an extraordinary human being--to say, the least! Stick with get the full backgrtound of Bill Woods up to almost the 2 hour mark!! About 1 or 2 minutes before the two hour timeline mark, Bill Woods "discloses" his own "time traveler" experience...and also explains how what we really believe is what creates our own personal "time line" to converge with that same shared belief by others holding that same exact belief . . . however, now NO matter what the individuals NOW believe, they cannot change the FACT that the "Critical Mass" point was reached and passed, that the Dark lost, and the Light WON, and nothing "short of a negative miracle in reverse" can stop the sudden mass Ascension from occuring on Dec. 21, 2012....

Please "fast forward" to your list members and everyone who wants or needs to hear this interview....

I can hardly wait to hear the Tuesday night Bill Wood interview with Kerry and David Wilcock!! It ought to be a real "Mind Bender." We --here now on Earth--are all so greatly blessed!!

Bless us all. WE are ONE. And, so it is!

Linda Foster wrote (Jan. 24, 2012)

I watched the 2.5 hr. interview between Kerry and Bill Woods last night and it was an eye-opener. He's a former Navy Seal and was also involved in Project Looking Glass. He's a very believable whistle blower and patriot who has a lot of dirt on the powers that were. Tonight he will be talking with Kerry and David Wilcock and it will be live streaming at 7pm PST. I'm sure it will be riveting.
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PostSubject: Re: RUSS MICHAEL: ***Project Camelot, a live interview with ***WHISTLEBLOWER Bill Woods, ex Navy Seal.   Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:38 pm

Awesome...can't wait to hear it!!

Thanks GoldPeg9 sunny

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RUSS MICHAEL: ***Project Camelot, a live interview with ***WHISTLEBLOWER Bill Woods, ex Navy Seal.
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