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To William...

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31 Re: To William... on Tue Nov 07, 2017 3:48 pm


This is IMO pretty incredible.
I found this on the web. Julian Lennon tells how his father once said that if anything happened to him he (John Lennon) would contact Julian with a white feather to tell him he was OK.

When the love of my life started presenting me with white feathers I had no idea they were from Her until the kept coming in. 
She gifted me with a beautiful white feather again today.

At 0.58 he mentions the white feather and how he was presented a white feather by an indigenous tribe in Australia that led him to helping them.

32 Re: To William... on Sun Dec 03, 2017 3:39 pm


Lawrence, Larry my little fierce man passed away today in my hands. He and sweet Susie chose each other and they are together again. I went to the park, feeding the pigeons and touching other people at the same time. One of the parks Susie loved to walk in when She was healthy and as She began Her journey home.
I touched a little girls heart today. Her parents came up to me as I was feeding my friends. They know my car now and run up to me when I pull in. They eat from my hand and climb all over me. I gave the little girl some bird food and she was so happy. It was so beautiful.
 I came home and Larry didn't look good. I picked my little man up and He passed in my hands. He's home with His mommy Susie now. I stay here alone. 
Like little Susie He was/Is a fierce being. He's drawn blood from me several times, thinking He was protecting his Girlfriend. 
As my Goddess, Angel got weaker She continued to clean the dishes, whatever, and She was a  force to be reckoned with so i never argued. One day She dropped several dishes and they shattered. I lost it, sadly. WTF! i hollered. My Our little Man thought I was attacking Her, He flew into my face and and bit me and drew blood. Imagine that! 6" of flying warrior. That's my little Man and Susie's little friend.
This morning He flew than dropped. I picked His sweet little fierce body up and He passed in my hands. 
I love them so but I know they are together and safe and I awate the day we are reunited.

33 Re: To William... on Sun Dec 03, 2017 5:32 pm


Oh William... I am so sorry for your loss but now they are together as you said. I love that you feed the birds. Very cool.
Keep spreading that love my friend. This is the place of healing and peace.


34 Re: To William... on Mon Dec 04, 2017 8:06 pm


I just wanted to add this. I "bought" a little Man Larry, a cockatiel for Susie and they bonded. My little Man became a Prince and a Warrior. He loved my beloved and we sometimes didn't see eye to eye. When He misunderstood my frustration at Susie's failings as She crashed dishes I hollered "WTF!" and my 6" Prince attacked me and drew blood, protecting his girlfriend. He didn't take shit form anyone.
My Prince went home yesterday to his girlfriend Susie and I held him as He drew His last breath. Unfortunately something I'm becoming good at.
My little Man collapsed in my hands. My warrior Prince expired in my loving hands. I will remember His power and weakness until I finally get the chance to go home to Him and my love.

35 Re: To William... on Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:07 pm


I just got an email from my older brother who was speaking to someone who's close friend had just transitioned. She said she was in the hospital when the friend transitioned and she felt terrible that she had so much more to say to her. So she kept talking to her friend who had transisioned and felt that she really heard it.
She left the hospital, went on to a n empty elevator and there was a white feather on the floor.
You can't make this stuff up.

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