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tesla/children of israel

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Consciousness Of Economic

Consciousness Of Economic
I want to Say something about the person who I am posting this video. I never got his real name. I was in contact with him years ago. As you will see there is not activity on his channel for 5 years. He told me he was committing suicide since people were not waking up. His information like mine is disturbing to people, doom and gloom, people do not want to know the truth of this reality. I believe that he did in fact kill himself or was killed. I have not wanted to post his vids anywhere since I was worried his channel would be taken down. There are still videos I am exploring. However I think his information really needs to come out. I know that he was a remote viewer and could levitate things, very unusual like myself in his abilities which made me drawn to him more. He and I suffer the same fates, reactions, pain, isolation and poverty because we do say the things we do. I think he was a beautiful being...who deserved more from society then he got for telling such truths. In the video he shows a young man who is channeling the I have explained before and you can find that video on channeling here in my past posts..these beings are bad. Channeling is a type of possession as you will witness. What these nords coming through this guy basically say or tell talks2dead is that he is causing problems for them..hmmm that is very interesting, in telling the truth and educating the public he is "making Problems for the ET's" that call themselves nords? WOW that means nords are no good and people think they are some of the good ets come to save us. Come on people wake up, use that brain that critical thinking that is attached to your free will. Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff

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Thanks for the post.,..My first report on Tesla was in grade school....and I was the only one it made sense to..Ahhhhh,  lifes adjustments came slow..As for your struggles my friend, its difficult for us to survive in a fictional world, as lies and deceit rule, the very things that make us ill...The world is energized, as the speed of things is phenomenal.....but it may not be to the liking of the masses... There are many "watchers" that have our backs.....Enjoy your day and create your own reality.....

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