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Anna von Reitz ~ International Trade Bank? What?

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International Trade Bank? What?

Posted on July 1, 2017 by David Robinson
  Judge Anna von Reitz
I think there has been a misunderstanding — internationally — about the United States of America v. United States and that confusion has led to a vast confusion about banking here, too. Please let me take a few minutes to go over the situation as it stands.
The international jurisdiction naturally belonging to the now-fifty sovereign organic states of the Union is split between two entities, the United States of America and the United States.
The United States is a corporation that has nineteen delegated and enumerated powers that it exercises in behalf of the unincorporated United States of America.
All the remaining non-delegated powers in international jurisdiction, including the powers of private and unincorporated international trade, are retained by the states and the people and are exercised by the unincorporated United States of America.
The confusion that currently abounds arises because: (1) both the United States and the United States of America are often just referred to as the “United States” as if they were one in the same when they are not, and (2) this confusion has become even more pronounced because of the advent of a federal corporation calling itself the United States of America, Inc.
Now you have the unincorporated United States of America, which is the doing business name of the organic states and people of this country, and at the same time, you have the United States, Inc. doing business in behalf of the unincorporated United States of America, and then, the United States, Inc. has its own franchise doing business as the United States of America, Incorporated.
Visualize it like this: United States of America > United States, Inc. > United States of America, Inc.
This is understandably very confusing, but as you can see, the unincorporated United States of America owns the United States, Inc. which in turn owns the United States of America, Inc.
With this as a background then, the unincorporated United States of America has recently established an equally unincorporated International Trade Bank called The American States and Nations Bank (ASAN). This is the bank that the American states and people will use to trade with other nations that wish to trade in currencies backed by precious metals, and the currency we will use will be the old familiar American Silver Dollar.
The American States and Nations Bank (ASAN) will naturally want to belong to the BRICS banking group and have access to the Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payments System (CIPS). The American States and Nations Bank (ASAN) is chartered directly by the unincorporated United States of America and is the private International Trade Bank equivalent of the commercial central banks.
Please note that because unincorporated businesses are legal fictions in the same way that corporations are legal fictions, these entities can trade with each other.
Put another way, commercial banks can only engage in business transactions between corporations, but unincorporated International Trade Banks can conduct business transactions between people, between unincorporated businesses, and between unincorporated businesses and corporations. It’s the link that has been missing in the world financial markets.
The fundamental difference between commercial banks and international trade banks is a matter of insurance and user groups. International Trade Banks have to be privately indemnified and function under complete commercial liability, while commercial banks enjoy limited liability in exchange for subjecting themselves to taxes, public reporting requirements, and statutory regulations.
International Trade Banks are the old-fashioned banks your grandparents knew. When you deposit money in an account with them, it is a completely private matter. No government can bail itself in or out using your deposits absent your consent. Levies on private bank accounts are unknown. A loan is a loan of actual substance, not digits written in a ledger.
As you can see, there are fundamental advantages to doing business with an International Trade Bank and if you are an honest man or small business concerned about the safety of your deposits and the honesty of your bankers, it makes perfect sense to do your business through International Trade Banks instead of commercial banks that aren’t — strictly speaking — supposed to be providing direct consumer services to anyone who isn’t knowingly and willingly functioning as a corporation or officer of a corporation.
International Trade Banks provide lawful private banking services that are truly private and secure, and which are privately insured, to people and unincorporated businesses. They provide the “communication channel” between unincorporated businesses and commercial corporations. They receive and deposit lawful money–that is, money that has intrinsic value, such as American Silver Dollars, and can also trade in actual money-backed certificates, such as the old Silver Certificates our grandparents used and Safe-Keeping Receipts (SKR’s) that are used to trade and establish credit based on actual asset holdings.
We look forward to speaking with the BRICS alliance and to working with each one of the fifty States to open up state-level International Trade Banks. We know that the American people and small businesses are eager to have honest secure local banks available. Americans want access to the many advantages, services and business opportunities that are unique to International Trade Banks— and with the advent of The American States and Nations Bank (ASAN) the real America will be open for business with the rest of the world.
So that is what The American States and Nations Bank (ASAN) is and where it fits in the grand scheme of things. It is a uniquely American bank and in the months to come, we will be working in tandem with the Bank of Dene, the sovereign indigenous bank of the Athabascan people, as our federal interface. In this way the actual Constitution and the Law of the Land is preserved for new generations to come, undergirded with lawful money and honest banking.

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