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Lost Pyramid City Of The Giants Found In Peru?

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Published on Jul 2, 2017
The discovery of the ‘Lost City of Giants’ within the Ecuadorian/Peruvian jungles, has to be one of, if not the most important archaeological discovery of the 21st century. It has also got to be accredited with the most suppressed story of the past one hundred years. This, presumably due to the artefacts which simply cannot be explained away by the modern theory of evolution upon our planet.
Very Ancient legends within Ecuador spoke of Giants who once roamed these jungles, a time when huge megalithic cities and pyramids were created, structures now, all but retaken by the clutches of nature.
A small group of alternative historians, along with a number of notorious relic hunters, amassed a team to set out and prove if these legends, along with modern claims by apparent witnesses to this lost ancient city, were in fact true.
A small number of selected native aboriginals would lead the group of explorers to a site they considered truly holy, where local tribes gathered to celebrate powerful spirits which according to legend, still inhabited the megalithic sites.
After successfully locating what was indeed an ancient city complex, all but consumed by the roots of the forest, they recorded their findings in an attempt to correlate them with the traditional perspective of what they were looking for.
A series of once enormous structures, accompanied with a massive, flat topped pyramid, a pyramid made from multiple ton blocks, complete with a large, polished, sacrificial stone placed upon the top, was this stone once used for the sacrifice of fellow giants? Or was this stone a far more terrifying sight premise for our Ecuadorian ancestors…
When the research team returned to civilization with a solid understanding of the cities location and layout, they conveyed their findings to Bruce Fenton, author, researcher, and specialist in regards to the ancient, he would subsequently complete a detailed analysis of the findings, amazingly, he concluded that the complex was indeed the legendary, long thought to be mythical, not to mention impossible, ‘Lost City of the Giants.
The extremely large pyramid structure, approximately 80 metres square at the base and 80 metres in height, possesses steeply inclined walls, the structure of which is made up of irregular shaped large cut stone blocks, each currently calculated to be approximately 2 tonnes in weight; many hundreds such blocks making up the walls of the building.
Scattered around the area were a great many artefacts of stone and pottery. Many of these objects stone tools used in the field of mining or refining of metal ore. However, astonishingly, these tools are sized for the use of giants.
The style of the buildings and the objects found all suggest an unknown pre-Inca giant sized culture. However, unfortunately, it seems the powers that be may be stalling a full exploratory investigation for such ancient relics, with a possible goal of sending in private contracted hunters to get them first. further investigation is needed to establish the facts, but approval to dig is being found to be an arduous undertaking to achieve.
According to Bruce Fentom, quote, he said.
Assuming they were indeed attached to hardwood handles, a rather safe presumption to make, they would have been both incredible in size and weight.
Clearly making their use impractical for a typical Inca or indigenous Indian, generally found to have been around five feet or so in height.”
Mainstream scholars still persist that the city be non-existent, despite the numerous discoveries in 2013, a clear case of denial, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Culture has even sent representatives to investigate the lost city of giants. They ultimately concluded, to the shock of the team, that the pyramid-shaped buildings were nothing more than a natural formation.

The team has so far identified several large hills near to the pyramid structure, each of them equal size. It is possible that each of these hills is a pyramid yet to be uncovered. This would make for a very significant sized city and pyramid complex.
An international team of experts of ancient megalithic sites and pyramid technologies are planning further expeditions to the site to place it accurately on a map and to produce a one hour documentary recording the amazing features of this intriguing site.
We will, of course, keep you posted.


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