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Utilizing YOUR Treasury Direct Accounts ~ Updates

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Utilizing YOUR Treasury Direct Accounts
by I M Power  /   Sunday, 09 July 2017

Just the first pass at the content for this page. More to come moment by moment… bz    ALWAYS hit Hard refresh on this post so you get the most current post, not the cache version from your browser.

Utilizing YOUR Treasury Direct Accounts
This will be a working post. Things are moving at hyper-speed so I will do my best to keep it updated and organized. You do your part to Start Doing,  try different things, learn, play, flow where you want and need to … Dip your toe in or dive into the deep all at once. I live in the US, so I have done things with the US routing numbers etc. This is an international blog and post so as people dig into the particulars for each country I will post those details. Use the recipes as a guide and modify for your location.
I will keep updating the information as new resources get uncovered. I will try to help put together a step by step recipe of how to go into different institutions/banks… ie: paypal, large banks, credit unions, bill pay, car dealerships, real estate co… as I sort through all the Doings all you Beautiful Beings are doing so we can refine and define each one with specific steps…
This is an unfolding Creation by All Enbodyments! Please use the comment section to share/document your : Blocks, declines, reversals… And your Successes. This will help the Energy expand and flow it throughout ALL systems. BZ
If you are clean and clear, 100% responsible and liable and Know Who You Are then there is flow and fun in these Doings and elation that the time Has Arrived! for us to access our factualized trusts.   
A brief description of what these Treasury Direct Accounts (TDA) are:
They are repositories of property being held IN trust, for You. A Factualized trust self secured created on the day of birth for each Being on the planet. The ones that are being accessed right now are called US Treasury Direct Accounts. There are so many accounts all around the planet with your name on it, you would be staggered, not all of them are ever seen.  There is state level, federal level, international level.. all these districts… In the old days, someone might find one of these accounts, like a state level one and there would be like 300-400 million in it and the PTW bankers, would say take it and go, sign this and never come back… the bankers would laugh because there would be Billions of dollars left behind and that person would never know about their Billions…
Everything on the planet was put into one big trust. This is all “the property” held in the trust. This “property” is a conversion of You. Your Value, converted into property and held in these accounts. It used to all be held in one large account, all Enbodyments’ conversion of value on the planet being held in one large trust. Everything got moved out of that trust and into each and everyone’s own Factualized trust which was pr-existing to the actual large trust the PTW used to hold everything in. They are actually called factualized trusts, they are factualized, created on the day of birth. They are Yours! You just did not know it. The PTW have been using them all of this time, Now they cannot. Actually they Have not been able to use since The OPPT closed the one big trust. For those who want to refresh your memory or look into the OPPT for the first time click on the OPPT Absolute link at the header of this blog, you will find original findings and tons of info there.
These Treasury Direct Accounts are tied to your social security account- your factualized trust account. The social security card is basically an ATM card, Your ATM card, without the magnetic strip. (expect it is connected to an unlimited account
The word picture I would paint to describe the amount of money in Your Treasury Direct account-  is to think of it as a Non depletion account. example- You draw out $500,000 and if you checked the balance it would be $500,000.
HATJ- Heather is working on getting all of the blocks, reversals… etc worked out so the flow to access and Utilize your representation of value out of your TDA’s is smooth.
Keeping in the flow of the process, in joy and warp speed is important for all, documenting everything with screen shots and saving emails etc for successes and blocks, cancels, reversals … allows Heather to work with the bakers, family’s, dragons… to stop and resolve those tricks/issues….
The comments section is a great place for you to share your documentation process. The comments can be easily scanned to see where there is flow and blocks and to open up the river of abundance. ** Make sure to check the little box when you make a comment then you will be notified when there is another comment or reply. You can unsubscribe from the comment update by clicking unsubscribe. I will scan the comment section, most of the time I will add what answers I can in the main post under that area it connects with. Please look there for update info.
What people are doing, and there are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many of us doing Beautiful Doings. People are taking steps to access and utilize our TDA’s. Just start, play, come from your heart, KNOW the TRUTH of Who YOU Are!. Be 100% responsible and Reliable and get started. They are paying off utility bills, credit cards, buying CD’s from their bank and cashing them in early, buying cars, RV’s, helping others pay off a bill, buying something they want. One person put in a skype room 2 days ago, that so far he had accessed 29 Million and spent 2 Million. Limitless possibilities.
Has everyone had success with everything they have tried, the first time they have tried it? No.             Do they keep going, keep digging, keep taking the next step? YES!
Note: As people do things, find out things, run across glitches… I post them here. Sometimes I will do that on the fly and just take their note and put it in the blog post, hopefully near/in the section where it makes the most sense. So that you have the info in as near to real time as I can make it and you can then connect the new dots from there
Recipe Section:
I will be creating different recipes of of to step by step do things. You provide the joy and energy and then share what you did. Sometimes I will post an outline of a recipe and then refine… ALWAYS hit Hard refresh on this post so you get the most current post not the cache version from your browser.
There was a 3 hour call Friday night with 62 people on it. HATJ gave some background and answered some questions. There were other questions answered by Bob and others. the call is split into 3 files as it was so large and long.
Call 1 part 1 click here to play or download.
Call 1 part 2 click here to play or download.
Call 1 part 3  click here to play or download.
link to some of Harvy’s videos
We are all together, coordinated cooperation,  and collective energy creation to open the flow- I will be adding a link section to other blogs, Facebook sites etc where people are working in these collective energies. Please send me links that fit there.
As you are working through the different steps to access and utilize your TDA accounts, remember, like in my paypal recipe, the same protocals and procedures that apply in accounts, bank and other wise apply in this case. Length of days to transfer, time for account to update, min/max amounts and many others. So when you are connecting your TDA to something to utilize it, ask yourself, what is the usual way this is transacted, that sort of question. Then you will have a frame of reference for what to expect.

Getting started Recipe-

1. Get your social security card.
2. look on the back for red letter and number or black… (mine was red). The red letter is what you want (in US, may be different internationally) The letter corresponds to the district branch for the Federal Reserve Branch, FRB, your TDA is linked through. look up branch on the charts below.
Tip- When submitting a question or sharing a block with a routing number. Please write the number in question like this F-0640001010 . The capitol letter will let everyone know which district of FRB.
**** Note- For USA- If your social security card does not have a red letter/black letter and number on the back you will need to get a new one. Usually if it was issued before the 70′s it does not. If you do not have a social security card request a replacement. Information Click HERE
****people outside of USA, I don’t have any recipes yet. There are many people all over the world working on the banking protocols used in different jurisdictions. The links below by country are the ones that seem to connect the most dots, I left out the other reams of data being waded through. If your country is not listed Yet, its because someone has not brought forward info. You can and I will add to this post.
*** Note this table was made with information pulled on 7.5.17, see date stamp at top of each screen shot. The codes may have been changed… Go here and do a search on: FRB Boston for example, do Federal Reserve Bank Boston etc this should bring up all routing #s for the A- Boston FRB. Depending on your district branch do the same, putting in your branch area from chart. then follow the tips and recipes and routing updates in this post.

3. Find the section that corresponds to your letter.
4. go to this site you can either type in the routing number or the bank name or FRB and the main city. It will look something like this when you click on the routing number that gets returned in a broader search.

This is an example of A FRB routing number screen.
Notice the 1st highlight with a T. This should say FedACH if it is a valid routing number for setting up a funds transfer. Like when you link an outside bank account to an existing bank account of yours to transfer money back and forth etc. or if you go to a vendor like a utility and want to pay your bill using a bank account of yours as the funding source. If it does not say that then you will need to suss out a different routing number for your Letter region.
Notice the 2nd highlight with a W. If you want to wire funds to pay for something, like a car, real estate, or anything else that you would wire funds to… the routing number you have selected needs to provide this information. Notice- its different then the ACH. This is the additional information you will need to supply when completing a wire transfer to complete a transaction.
The third highlight is the date the record was updated.
5. Now you are ready to start to utilize your TDA account.
6. pick a place to start and use the routing number that is correct for you and correct for the kind of transaction you want to complete, your social security number no dashes is your account number. ** note- when filling in a routing number, some forms cap you at 9 digits, if you have to many drop the zero from the end of the routing number.

*** Any one having trouble accessing or been blocked in anyway, ask your bank for the reason code. Here’s a link to them;

Paypal Recipe:

Go into your paypal account. I have a business one, so I will write the recipe for that. The personal paypal may be a little different but this will give you a solid start. Let me know what specifics were different and I will add that to this recipe.
1. Clean up your paypal account- some people have one but have not used it in years. Go in familiarize yourself again with how it works.
2. update all of your information so its accurate.
3. Veryfy. Paypal has what they call a verify system for security purposes. If you choose every option they have to verify then when you go to add your TDA account it will take a second!
verify your phone
veryify your account for sending and receiving money
verify your existing bank account that is linked to your paypal
verify your existing debit card or CC card that is linked to it.
4. Go to the profile tab in the upper right hand corner of the tab. Click profile and settings. On the left hand side of that screen at bottom under quick links, click update bank account. At the bottom of that new screen click orange button- link new bank account. On the next screen click the I have a different bank. On the next screen choose checking, put in the routing number and your social for the account number. Then click continue. ** I think the next screen is fairly straight forward, I would need to put in actual bank info to see, so if there are questions on that let me know and I will do it. Other wise you go ahead and complete that process.
5. You will get a screen that says you need to verify the bank account. This is the process where they send 2 little deposits to your account, you look in the activity screen at your online banking protal and then type those amounts into your paypal screen. We can’t do that, as of now so we need to call paypal to verify.
6. Call when you have about 30 minutes. No it doesn’t take that long but being on hold does and you want to be in the flow not looking at your watch. Work your way through the phone system to get to a representative. Don’t tell them you are going to verify to the automated system because they will try to do the 2 deposit thing. Once you get a live person, who is very nice and your new best friend… Tell them you just added a bank account to your paypal account and it needs to be verified. You need to have them verify it as- “My account I added is a private family trust and I dont have access to the ledger to verify the 2 small deposits the way you usually do.”
They will say something like ok, let me just have a look at this and see what we need to do to get this all verified. You are sending loving energy and seeing the account verified in the blink of an eye ;- ) (well that’s what I did) The person then asked if my phone number on my papal account was verified. Absolutely, I said. They said ok I’m going to send you a txt and have you read me the code I send. I read the code and she said, You are all set, your new bank account is now verified and you are all set up.
7. Close out of paypal, close your browser. Open your browser, log back onto paypal and go to the Money Tab, then click on the transfer money tab on the left hand side of that screen. In the From tab click and you will see a list of your banks you have linked to your paypal account. And there you will see- TaDa…
select that one. On the to tab select your paypal balance. Add the amount- ********** don’t go crazy here!!!
PayPal is not a bank. They have specific and resolute protocols in how the set things up and how they get used to activity on your account. so start with a small amount. I started with $5000 and that did not work. Because I had forgotten to think about paypal’s business model which I’m familuar with but was excited so my brain went to mush. I entered $1000 as my amount. It prossed and I got a green check mark. Same day, but a couple hours after that I went back to try to transfer more. I tried $2200 this time. It did not like it. I tried $1000, it did not like that. Again I forgot that peypal likes me to take baby steps when I am first working with a new bank account I have linked and verified to my paypal. They just do with any new bank account. I now have a $1000 and a $777.00 transfer initiated from my TDA account to my paypal. All transfers from your bank account to your paypal take about 3-5 days to arrive.
8. Different ways you can use your TDA funds through paypal.
a. transfer small amounts from your TDA to your paypal and send it to others
b. take an ATM withdrawl of your paypal debit card up to $400 a day
c. use your paypal debit card as a point of purchase payment up to $3000 daily limit.(inclusive of ATM’s for the day)
d. when purchasing or paying for things online- You know how, because of paypals great marketing push everybody, even utilities etc have the- use paypal- when you are filling out the payment form for electronic payment ; -)when you are checking out with whatever you are paying for select paypal, then on that screen fill in your info and select payment source!!!! no select, you guessed it  FEDERAL RESERVE BANK CHECKING x-xxxx   :- ).
Your payment will be drawn out of that account to complete the transaction.
Updates to Routing numbers- the capitol letter refers to the district FRB and will match the letter on back of your ss card.

B-  Just successfully used 021001208 to pay my car insurance.
The only time that number has not worked was for my purported student loan. In that instance I used 021050466.
E- The Richmond ACH Routing number that worked for me for a Wells Fargo CC : Routing Number 051050339. When I plugged that in, the bank and address autofilled.
E- FRB Richmond routing number 051050009 if you are NOT having success with 051000033
Guys, sometimes there are “branch Federal Reserves” like the one in Denver. It’s mother is the Federal Reserve in Kansas City. Always use the main Reserve routing number, not the branch, as the main holds your accounts.
 *** Any one having trouble accessing or been blocked in anyway, ask your bank for the reason code. Here’s a link to them;
Links to other blogs Facebook pages etc- playing in this collective energy:
 Clearing Codes:
Look up US Bank routing numbers
National Insurance number format
Money without borders- transfer money online
Search your ssn with dashes on this site to see who is trading on your acct…
International (mostly for outside of USA, but not all)
Look up SWIFT codes
Oracle Payments Implementation Guide
United Nations Directories for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport

ok this is what i have done so far:  00006 or 000000 are bank of canada transit numbers. [we don't have regionals like in the us, as far as i can tell.]  010 is the bank of canada code.
for the account number: nine digit SIN [Social Insurance Number]  i have “added” this account successfully with the 00006 transit number using the PAYPAL account. don’t know how to do that with a regular bank. next is to call paypal using the method above.  the oracle [i ching] is on our side : 787677
Wondering how this may work for someone like myself from Canada, who used to work in the US.     I was given a SSN even though we have SINs here on Canada.    I plugged my SSN into that I remembered out of the blue when I saw Roberts message above and see that in fact many are trading on the account tied to my SSN from years ago that I worked in Michigan.
Info on payment clearing in Europe
For those in the EURO
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)!search
Here’s an overview of SEPA, which is the ‘framework’ which covers ‘credit transfers’, ‘direct debits’ and ‘card payments’ in europe. This is posted to complement the link posted above in relation to SEPA and written in italian –
Bank transfers in Europe involve a BIC (Bank Identifier Code) and an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) Here’s the former ECB’s blurb about that –
An interesting list of abbreviations in relation to euro area transfers –
Found this link which demonstrates a wire transfer from the US to an international destination amongst other things. Shows the use of the IBAN in such a transfer –
Not sure if any of this is of any use for the UK. anyone?
Not sure if it’s any good, just trying to find some kind of information that would help.
Ok so this is how french bank accounts go : RIB Relevé d’Identité Bancaire
Bank         branch       Account number     key
5 digits     5 digits       11 digits                2 digits
And this is how french SS numbers go :
1 digit for sex
2 digits : year of birth
2 digits : month of birth
2 digits : french department of birth
3 digits : N° of town birth
3 digits : rank N° of birth in the town that month
2 digits : control key
so french bank accounts have 11 digits + 2 digits contraol key
When SS N° has 13 dgits + 2 control key
the routing numbers are 10 digits ( 5 for the bank + 5 for the branch)
Then you have the IBAN which is :
FR +76 if account has only numbers in it (if there is a letter in account N°, these 2 digits will be different)+ RIB above
And the BIC : Business Identifier Code
8 to 11 Letters :
4 letters for bank code
2 for france FR
2 for where the bank is in france
3 digits can be added for the bank branch
The french FR is the banque de france = french central bank …
Anyone in Ireland who is trying but been refused here are the reason codes;  This link is a good one, lots of data.
Czech Republic
hello there. i’m from the czech republic. i would like to work out how the czech accounts are composed.
czech birth or identification number has 9 or 10 digits and you can find out the date of birth of the person and their gender (at birth) in this format: xxxxxx / xxx (with either 3 or 4 digits behind the /)
first 6 numbers are the date of birth: yymmdd. i’m a girl, so i add number 50 to their month. i’m a girl and i was born march 30, 1984, therefore my first 6 digits are 845330. if i was a boy, these numbers would be 840330.
the next part is so called “control part” and identifies different people of the same gender born on the same day (since they have the first part identical). it can have 3 or 4 digits.
i don’t know if any of this helps but i read similar analyses of french number so thought i’d add this one. how do i go about finding out the accoutn numbers? we are in the EU, but do not use EUR. we still use our own currency CZK, Czech crowns. we do use SWIFT.
any help please.. where to begin?
Petra Quirke
Links to look up of Routing numbers and banking documentation etc:
Payment, clearing and settlement systems in the CPSS countries
Volume 1
Volume 2

Thanks to:

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2 linked to boston routing number! on Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:53 am


i had trouble linking to the dallas account via paypal; even though I used proper account number. I have linked the boston account to paypal with success! I am waiting for the deposit transaction attempt that will happen in a couple business days. drumroll please!


Hi fwest! Thanks for joining and commenting!
Please keep us up to date on any success if would be so kind.

Very interested in this process!



PurpleSkyz wrote:Hi fwest! Thanks for joining and commenting!
Please keep us up to date on any success if would be so kind.

Very interested in this process!

Maybe I'm missing something and/or don't have enough understanding yet but how is this different than the RV/GCR?

Aren't they both promising access to vast stores of wealth so individuals can become bazillionaires with hardly no effort?

I'm also struggling with how the powers that be would let something like this ever happen.


Lots of info on this....

has anyone actually done this successfully? If so please let us know!



Looked at the relevant "yookay" links and....

Maybe I misunderstood, maybe I don't understand at all

There is absolutely nothing there that links social security numbers to anything written I could see

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


seems to be an avalanche of info all over the net today on this... to be continued



PurpleSkyz wrote:seems to be an avalanche of info all over the net today on this... to be continued

I'm a bit surprised that you didn't previously answer my question about how are these TDAs and the ACH process any different than the RV/GCR? But in all fairness I don't really know you and thusly have no right to be surprised.

Yes - there certainly seems to be a buzz but wasn't there also the same from the past? Starting with the Montana Freemen, the accepted for value process and the 1099-OID and the various other commercial redemption theories.

One thing that can't be denied is that there are people who have gone to jail and are now felons as a result being involved with these theories. It would seem that the TDAs and ACH process are just another iteration of the same song and dance. Will there be more "bodies" to add to the counting?

If my memory serves me correctly there were others who laid the first bricks but it was LeRoy Schweitzer and the Montana Freemen who were the grandfathers of what we see today in these commercial processes. Did they have it right? I suppose they did as evidenced by the way the gooberment came at them and the treachery and lies that followed.

To many in the patriot movement they were heroes. But what did they do that was so heroic? Yes - they did lay open in grand fashion the fraud that is the Federal Reserve but they also did what the Federal Reserve does every day - issued paper notes worth nothing.

At this point it is about intent. Did the Freemen intend to enrich themselves using the same scheme as the Federal Reserve or were their actions merely to demonstrate the fraud. You must decide as I'm not here to tell you what to think.

What I find perplexing is that many who are jumping on this are probably aware of the true nature of the Fed Reserve and the fiat currency that it keeps pumping into existence. Not only are some aware but have railed against the evils of the Fed and its currency that is not gold backed.

For those that want to get all this money for nothing - well that is one thing but is not this TDA money also a fiat currency? Are they not also guilty of pumping worthless money into a system that is already inflationary with too many fiat dollars floating around. It's a head scratcher to me.


I don't have the answers metech to provide to you. Sorry to disappoint or surprise you though. Wish I did have answers.



PurpleSkyz wrote:I don't have the answers metech to provide to you. Sorry to disappoint or surprise you though. Wish I did have answers.
No problem or need to apologize Purps. Maybe I misunderstood your position on the whole RV/GCR thing which led me to be surprised by your, what I perceived to be exuberance of this TDA/ACH process.

I will gladly own my lack of understanding.


me too! lol though I would love to be able to be exuberant re: RV/GCR... have not been for 7 years now. I think it is one of the biggest scams out there... even bigger scam then Zap! hahaha

But.. I am very interested in this treasury/SSI payment story line.


12 Didn't work for me on Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:15 am


I paid  $50 on a credit card and it went through a few days later. Then it was reversed a few days later. This does however prove that there is an account with my name attached to my SS#

 See this incredible video:

A live stream that took place  7.12.17  to talk about Utilizing your TDA accounts and where we are with the PTW.

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Thanks Serena!



When reading about this TDA business, and the explanations of how they came to be, is very tempting to believe.  Then we read that many people claim to have gotten their transactions through only to be rejected a few days later.  What strikes me here is that, if there were no accounts, the transactions would have been rejected immediately which indicates to me that there are in fact accounts.  If and when they are ever made accessible to the owners of same is yet to be determined.   Thank God for people who are willing to stick their neck out to test the waters for the rest of us.



US Congress: House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5, 1933

Posted on August 17, 2015 by David Robinson
On June 5, 1933, Congress passed House Joint Resolution (HJR) 192. HJR 192 was passed to suspend the gold standard and abrogate the gold clause in the national constitution. Since then, no one in America has been able to lawfully pay a debt.
This resolution declared:
“To assure uniform value to the coins and currencies of the Unites States, Whereas the holding of or dealing in gold affect public interest, and are therefore subject to proper regulation and restriction; and Whereas the existing emergency has disclosed that provisions of obligations which purport to give the obligee a right to require payment in gold or a particular kind of coin or currency of the United States, or in an amount in money of the United States measured thereby, obstruct the power of the Congress to regulate the value of the money of the United States, and are inconsistent with the declared policy of the Congress to maintain at all times the equal power of every dollar, coined or issued by the United States, in the markets and in the payment of debts,
Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate and House of t Representative of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that
(a) every provision contained in or made with respect to any obligation which purports to give the obligee a right to require payments in gold or a particular kind of coin or currency, or in an amount in money of the United States measured thereby, is declared to be against public policy; and no such provision shall be contained in or made with respect to any obligation hereafter incurred. Every obligation, heretofore or hereafter incurred, whether or not any such provision is contained therein or made with respect thereto, shall be discharged upon payment, dollar for dollar, in any coin or currency which at time of payment is legal tender for public and private debts. Any such provision contained in any law authorizing obligations to be issued by or under authority of the United States, is hereby repealed, but the repeal of any such provision shall not invalidate any other provision or authority contained in such law.
(b) As used in this resolution, the term ‘obligation’ means any obligation (including every obligation of and to the United States, excepting currency) payable in money of the United States; and the term ‘coin or currency’ means coin or currency of the United States, including Federal Reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal Reserve banks and national banking associations.
Sec. 2 The last sentence of paragraph (1) of subsection (b) of section 43 of the Act entitled ‘An Act to relieve the existing national economic emergency by increasing agricultural purchasing power, to raise revenue for extraordinary expenses incurred by reason of such emergency, to provide emergency relief with respect to agricultural indebtedness, to provide for the orderly liquidation of joint-stock land banks, and of other purposes;, approved May 12, 1933, is amended to read as follows:
“All coins and currencies of the United Stated (including Federal Reserve notes and circulating notes of the Federal Reserve banks and national banking associations) heretofore or hereafter coined or issued, shall be legal tender for all debts, public and private, public charges, taxes, duties, and dues, except that gold coins, when below the standard weight and limit of tolerance provided by law for the single piece, shall be legal tender only at valuation in proportion to their actual weight.’
Approved, June 5, 1933, 4:40 p.m. 31 U.S.C.A. 462, 463
House Joint Resolution 192, 73d Congress, Session I, Chapter 48, June 5, 1933 (Public Law No. 10)
Note: “payment of debt” is now against Congressional “public policy” and henceforth, “Every obligation . . . Shall be discharged.”
As a result of HJR 192, and from that day forward (June 5, 1933), no one in this nation has been able to lawfully pay a debt or therefore lawfully own anything. The only thing one can do, is tender a transfer of debt, with the debt being perpetual (only discharged). The suspension of the gold standard, and prohibition against paying debts, removed the substance for our common law to operate on, and created a void as far as the law is concerned.
This substance was replaced with a “PUBLIC NATIONAL CREDIT SYSTEM” where ‘debt’ is “LEGAL TENDER” so-called ‘money’.
HJR 192 was implemented immediately. President Roosevelt signed the resolution the very next day, and the treasury offered the public new government securities, minus the traditional “payable in gold” clause.
HJR 192 states that one cannot demand any certain form of currency they would like to receive if it is dollar for dollar. If you review the Modern Money Mechanics article of the Federal Reserve you will discover that all currency is your credit! The Federal Reserve calls credit “monetized debt.”
The Implications of HJR 192 of 1933 and the Strawman Illusion it created
In effect HJR 192 of 1933 states that the one with the gold pays the bills. It removes the requirement that U.S. subjects and employees have to pay their debts with gold. It actually prohibits the inclusion of a clause in all subsequent contracts that would require payment in gold. It also retroactively cancelled the clause in every US contract written prior to June 5, 1933, that required an obligation to be paid in gold. It provided that U.S. subjects and employees could use any type of coin and currency to discharge a public debt, dollar for dollar, as long as it was in use in the normal course of business in the United States.
For a time, U.S. Notes were the currency used to discharge debts, but later the Federal Reserve System and the corporate United States provided a new medium of exchange via paper notes and debt instruments that could be passed on to a debtor’s creditors to discharge his (the debtor’s) debts. That same “currency” is available to use to discharge public debts.
Any possessor of a fictional corporate name (“PERSON”) upon learning who s/he lawfully is in relation to the corporate United States, can file a UCC Financing Statement listing a Security Agreement registering his/her interest in the artificial entity (“PERSON”) the U.S. Inc. created when his/her mother applied for a birth certificate.
The act of registering the mother’s biological property, her recently birthed baby (substance), with relevant State authorities places them in charge. The U.S. holds the paper title (form), not the substance (baby) but the act of registration transfers title from the mother to the corporate U.S. and colors its “legal” right to dictate how that baby may be raised, cared for, and educated.
Accordingly, the United States is the holder of title to the artificial entity strawman and, in effect by using the PERSON as collateral for a loan, sells (via a warehouse receipt mechanism) the potential life-time productivity of the individual (YOU) it represents. The loan using the PERSON as collateral gives rise to a trust account in the name of the fictional corporate entity and the corporate U.S. has a lien on that trust account. That trust account reverts to consolidated revenue upon your death unless YOU, the flesh and blood human individual, become aware of your prior claim to a lien over that account and file a Financing Statement claiming that lien. The name of the artificial corporate entity is spelled in all capital letters (JOHN DOE).
When John Doe files the Financing Statement supported by a Security Agreement signed by the artificial entity (JOHN DOE) – by John Doe as agent – and the owner, (John Doe), he becomes the holder in due course of the title to JOHN DOE. The Uniform commercial Code (UCC) and State commercial law are very specific about the effect of a registered security interest. It has priority over most other interests claimed in the same thing (in this case, the PERSON).
The owner of the name must notify the US Secretary of the Treasury that s/he is going to handle his/her own affairs in the future. S/he can file a Bill of Exchange with the Secretary whereby s/he exchanges his/her PERSON’s accepted-for-value birth certificate and social security numbers, for a chargeback of all the presumed charges brought against his/her PERSON since the birth certificate was issued.
The owner can also reserve a noncash Federal Reserve routing number and any number of noncash instrument numbers by filing an amendment to his/her Financing Statement or just including his/her reservation on the original Financing Statement. Each bank account opened in the name of the owner’s PERSON has a routing number. If an account is open. it is available to process cash items. If you write a cheque to a tradesman, it can be converted to cash at your bank. Checks cannot be written on accounts that have been closed. Those accounts and their routing numbers are reserved for noncash items for the PERSON (JOHN DOE) that opened the account originally. Accounts that have been closed by the bank instead of the PERSON, should not be used for noncash items. Once this is done, you are in a position to start receiving reimbursements against the obligation the United States owes to YOU for money and time it has received that belongs to YOU.
The owner of registered things, who has learned the law and what his/her rights are, and has filed his Financing Statement, Security Agreement, and Bill of Exchange; and reserved his/her noncash account routing numbers, can issue an instrument indicating his/her UCC registration number and registered Federal Reserve routing number, the name of the public party making a charge against the PERSON, and the amount of the debt to be discharged.
Think of the whole transaction in relation to a dead battery. The battery represents your public PERSON (JOHN DOE), which is a dead entity that can function within the public maze of fiction, transmitting benefits from the public to you in the private arena, IF it is charged up. You cannot go into the public arena because you are NOT a fiction. JOHN DOE has no power until it is charged with some energy. That energy comes from an IRS default notice, court judgment, credit card bill, utility bill, traffic ticket, or some other instrument that has a dollar amount and JOHN DOE’s name on it as the presumed debtor.
The bill is the energy. It charges up the dead JOHN DOE. You can now discharge JOHN DOE and put its accrual account with the charging party back to a zero balance.You as the secured party over the assets put up as security by JOHN DOE to you as collateral for the debt JOHN owes YOU, can discharge JOHN with a negotiable instrument for the same dollar amount as the charging instrument. The charging party that receives your noncash item can: 1) process it through a United states department; 2) give it to a third party; or 3) keep it to increase its liquidity.
The minute we accept an offer we “own” it… and we control it, the ‘negotiation’ phase of the contract is over – all that remains is the ‘consideration’. We’ve had our our meeting of the minds. (Remember: ‘agree with the adversary quickly …‘ When we accept an offer for value we have basically acknowledged the fact that there is no possible way to literally “pay” for that offer in the public sector due to the constant state of ‘reorganisation’ of the UNITED STATES under the bankruptcy laws and the fact there is no actual “money” in general circulation.
Therefore, we accept the offer for value by providing our signature on their paperwork. This action is consistent with “Public policy” and the ‘discharge’ of pubic debt. Remember: We (the U.S. people) are the Creditors in this bankruptcy! The corporate UNITED STATES is the debtor.


From John "Smarty" Mendez via fakebook:

Your Treasury Direct Account (TDA) was created under your Social Security number at birth and contains billions of dollars. The account is in your name, perfectly legal. Here is your account information:
ROUTING: 051736158 (Bureau of Public Debt)
ACCOUNT: YOUR SS# (No spaces, no dashes)
No longer necessary, as was stated early in the month, to use the alpha-numerical number on the back of your physical SS card. You can IGNORE that.
ONLINE: Go to your bill pay online and “add bank.” Enter the routing and account number for your TDA.
BY PHONE: If there is no provision for paying online with an ACH bank checking account, call them and ask to pay by phone from a new checking account.
If you’ve always paid your bills by physical check in the mail, call the creditor institution on the back of the account card or on the website for the utility and tell them you want to make a payment by phone using a NEW checking account. You will only need to give them the ROUTING, ACCOUNT, and NAME (your name as on your SS card) on the TDA account.
Monthly bills a single time.
Monthly bills set up on Auto Pay using your TDA.
Credit card monthly payments.
Mortgage payments.
Credit card balances.
Mortgages. (You may need to call the bank. They are all different.)
Car loans. (May need to call.)
College loans.
These same payments for OTHER PEOPLE.
You CANNOT at this time pay a non-banking institution or person using the checking account unless it is an “ACH transfer.” Stay tuned as that could change soon.
Start with an easy one, a utility or phone bill and see how it goes. Then go to town! Pay off all your bills. Pay friends’ and kids’ bills. The money is yours and there is no limit.
NB: In the early days, people have struggled with declines and reversals of paid charges. These should clear up soon. In the meantime, if the payment “went through” it means the money came out of your TDA and is at the creditor institution. If it doesn’t resolve naturally in a few days, call, tell them what you know, and insist they credit your account.



From Nash at Dinar Daily:

What an interesting weblink they put out. LOL



Prachi Mahajan

List of domain names registred by Prachi Mahajan

Domain NameCreate DateRegistrar
india-banks.info2011-09-28wild west domains, llc (r213-lrms), llc (r171-lrms), llc (r101-afin), llc (r101-afin)

Now if you go to one of the banks listed on that website, lets say Wells Fargo in Arizona, they point to Minneapolis. LOL

The same for Nevada. LMAO!

Something is definitely not right about that website! LMAO!

Maybe we should ask the guy in India who owns it?

>>>TNTBS's YouTube Channel<<<











Consumer Scam Alert: Do Not Use Federal Reserve Routing Account Numbers to Pay Bills; Could Face Late Fees, Other Charges

For immediate release: July 12, 2017

Recently, the Federal Reserve Banks have received a number of unauthorized transactions in which consumers have tried to use the Fed's routing numbers and their Social Security numbers to pay their bills.

It is important for consumers to know that when making online or e-check bill payments, they cannot use Federal Reserve routing numbers. Federal Reserve routing numbers are used for sorting and processing payments between banks. Any video, text, email, phone call, flyer, or website that describes how to pay bills using a Federal Reserve Bank routing number or using an account at the Federal Reserve Bank is a scam.

The Federal Reserve provides banking services only for banks. Individuals do not have accounts at the Federal Reserve.

The bill payments being attempted using the Fed's routing numbers are being rejected and returned unpaid. Consumers who have attempted to use the Fed's routing numbers to pay their bills may be subject to penalty fees from the company they were attempting to pay.

This is the SCAM that Tank (Steffen Rowe), Fisher and Dr. WC (Sylvia Shipman) are promotion:

>>>TNTBS's YouTube Channel<<<

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Hello? Campers? WAKE UP!!!

Posted on July 14, 2017 by David Robinson
  judge Anna von Reitz
I want to cut out a lot of unnecessary silliness and panic and wasted effort by driving this point home to my readers.
Almost every government on this planet is bankrupt.
The exceptions are North Korea, Iran, a handful of Pacific Island kingdoms, the Holy See, and the unincorporated United States of America.
Now you know why the Big Push to make war on North Korea and Iran.  Misery loves company.  If their governments could have been added to the big Slush Pile, it would have been a clean sweep for the plotters of this monstrous enterprise.
They always knew that the unincorporated United States of America was still alive, but as decades fled by and the Americans didn’t awaken, it seemed likely that we would stay asleep until it was too late and even if we did wake up, we would be “at sea” — all misidentified as US Vessels in commerce and unable to reclaim our standing as Paramount Security Interest Holders.
So what happened?  The Paradigm Project happened.
A group of DOD employees discovered something amazing— fraud and embezzlement on a staggering scale, and from there, they discovered that all governments worldwide were incorporated and that all those governments were tied to the Holy See as the ultimate owner.
Those of you who have followed along realize that all corporations were created by the Roman Curia, and so, you also know why that had to be.
So after discovering this, the members of the Paradigm Project foreclosed on all these incorporated governments— but they could only act as Secondary Creditors and they could only act in the international jurisdiction of the sea.
The Paradigm Project could not claim to be the Paramount Security Interest Holders, because that is only owed to the land jurisdiction American states and people— the same Rip Van Winkles that had been left adrift decades ago in leaky boats far off the coastline of North America.
So– all Municipal Governments worldwide (except as noted) were liquidated in Chapter 7 (involuntary) bankruptcy by Barack Obama.  The UNITED STATES (INC.) enfranchised all the other governments— FRANCE, UNITED KINGDOM, GERMANY, and JOHN MICHAEL DOE.
He also placed all the Territorial Governments worldwide (except as noted) in Chapter 11 Reorganizations.  The USA, Inc. enfranchised all the other governments — France, United Kingdom…… and John Michael Doe.
The Paradigm Project and other Secondary Creditors named Bankruptcy Trustees and created a gigantic “public trust” that they named the One People’s Public Trust or OPPT, and they proceeded to create the Giant Slush Pile described.
They claimed title to all assets presumed to belong to JOHN MICHAEL DOE and JOHN M. DOE and John M. Doe and John Michael Doe and John Doe…. all the land and all the houses, all the businesses, all the oil rigs, all the cows, all the cars and trucks…..all dumped into the OPPT and parceled out by Secondary Creditors.
All this while the actual Paramount Security Interest Holders drifted in their leaky boats, far, far out at sea, asleep, never told a word about any of this by their employees.
I don’t have a problem with the OPPT people.  They did as good as they could do given the situation without putting their own necks in a noose.
They intended to provide people remedy within the system they had available to do that and to discharge all the bogus odious debt that had been heaped on Mom and Pop via the public bankruptcy.
That is, I believe, what is going on with the “Treasury Direct Accounts”— people aren’t receiving money.  They are receiving discharge of debts owed by JOHN MICHAEL DOE— debts that are naturally being discharged as part of the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES.
And this same blessed relief would then carry through to Mom and Pop in Portugal and Japan and Cambodia and everywhere else.
Within its limits, it was a good enough plan— but the problem then, is that because the Paramount Security Interest Holders were not slated show up to retrieve their property out of the bankruptcy, all our assets would be “subsumed” as collateral owed to the Secondary Creditors and under their control.
OPPT would own everything.  The entire notion of Private Property would be destroyed.  It would all be in one big pot under the control of the OPPT Trustees, a sort of global communism on steroids.  Nobody would own anything at all— except in North Korea, Iran, and a handful of Pacific Islands.
Those who set this system in motion were so sure that the Americans would not wake up and not be able to get back to land if they did wake up, that they set up their whole system using the presumptions above.
But against all odds, in the eleventh hour of the eleventh hour, the Americans did wake up and they did pioneer the legal means to return to the land jurisdiction of the states and they did appear at the bankruptcy proceedings and they did firmly lodge their claim. .
So, all bets are off, and the American states and people are here as the Paramount Security Interest Holders in all the registered assets on Earth— not the OPPT.   Everything rolls over into our trust instead, and private property is preserved.
Farms in Norway will belong to Norwegians.  Factories in Germany will be the property of Germans.  The people of England can come home, just as we did.
The unincorporated United States of America owns the United States and owns the UNITED STATES and owns the USA, Inc. and therefore also owns all the many, many, many franchises of these corporations worldwide.  This is because the American states and people paid for it all.
Having paid for it all, we have no interest in creating a gigantic Ball of Wax worldwide trust to own everything and everyone via any shady legal process and no intention of destroying private property interests worldwide— not our own, not anyone else’s.
The forgiveness of all the debts of FRANCE and JOHN MICHAEL DOE will be accomplished, but not at the cost of the loss of any rights or assets rightfully belonging to living people.  The Great Fraud is at an end.
Meanwhile, people need to think and think carefully about what is going on.  The governments are all in bankruptcy at both the Municipal and Territorial levels.  This means that they are being controlled by Bankruptcy Trustees, and are functioning under the laws of bankruptcy, not the “laws” established by these corporations.

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"TDA/Strawman Accounts - Peeps are Overrunning the System" by Patriot of the Republic

"TDA: Peeps are Overrunning the System" by Patriot of the Republic - 7.14.17

Honored Elders, Saint G, Commander O, General D and IDC sisters and brother…the skirmishing for control of our future resources is breaking out at the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank, and the current Prize is the Treasure Direct Accounts.

The internet is on fire with a Tidal Wave of patriots hungrily seeking the correct information to unlock the resources that are in TDA’s in their names. Furthermore, the systems of the FRB, the Treasury, 1st and 2nd Tier Banks, PayPal, utility companies and debt collection agencies all over the nation are being overrun with peeps using this knowledge to access their accounts.

The reason for this post is to point out what is so obvious to those of us who are suffering under this system and seeming oblivious to those or the one who has the ability to flip the RV switch and release the #800’s. Take a look around….can’t you see how desperate we are? We have had enough of the platitudes and the reasoning and the pump faking….please pull the trigger already and release the RV or watch the whole damn thing break loose and implode into chaos.

We the people are tired of tomorrows promise. We want results so badly that we are currently engaging the enemy directly. If you do not cut the RV loose, then heaven forgive us for what the awakening peeps will do to anyone and anything that stands in our way. (Reference the French Revolution).

So NPTB….if you really want the transition of this world to happen peacefully then we suggest you finally do what you have promised and cut this whole thing loose and let tomorrow begin…..literally tomorrow.

With all due respect,

Patriot of the Republic
Posted by enerchi at 7/14/2017 08:08:00 PM
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Veritas Issues Strong Warning: About the Strawman/TDA Accounts


Received via email from VERITAS......


Ladies and gentlemen,

I have missed you.

Despite Yosef's assertion, my breast is NOT an NSA one, lol.  Oh, I am a woman, though.  Not certain all of you knew that. 

I did NOT leave because "there is no money here".

I did NOT desert anyone.

You know me.  I am NOT prone to ranting and raving.  I have a strong amount of character and always wanted to simply be helpful to those that seemed such really, down-to-earth good people looking for answers.  I wanted to help and provide a calm, rational view point on the entire GCR process.

Let me simply say that there are those gurus who do not want the truth posted.  They certainly have a way of making it unpleasant via personal attacks, character assassination, and many other clever, hurtful things to bring me to my knees.

Even so, it was a request from those who really make all this happen that made me stop posting immediately.  Leave all chat rooms, etc. They like privacy if you are in any way going to be associated with them.

Would you? 

I did.

Today only, as an exception, I am allowed to share my thoughts on a program I am watching being promoted very strongly into the GCR people.  I am referring to the recent video and postings promoting payments made via your Social Security Number and using the routing number on the back of your Social Security Card or various versions of such.  This is the Straw Man, UCC program.  You know what I mean.  The one you may think is the answer to everything;

Gosh, who isn't hurting financially about now?

This can make it very hard to resist.

I simply want to insert a strong warning and a word of caution.  As you will recall, I am not an attorney and can in no way offer any sort of legal advice.  Perhaps simply leaning back on good old common sense might help to guide you here.

"If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true."  That wise old statement, often used in the financial and banking industry, is a good thought.  What caught my eye was the reference to the future potential energetic productivity of the individual.  Well, if I were looking for a very vague phrase, this one takes the cake.  What do you think?  Do you want to do anything that is hooking into a future anything?  It just makes me think. 

If something makes good sense, it should be verifiable.  Have you called the Bureau of Public Debt to see if they agree that you have these funds and can use them FREELY?  Have you asked them what legal documents might be involved?  Have you inquired as to what future obligations you are opening yourself up for in return for payments or debt relief now?  Have you asked the Vatican what that phrase "future potential energetic productivity" means?

The question here is not what routing number you use, it is have you verified your right to use so without consequences?

Again, you must make your own choice here.  I am not here to advise you.  I suggest that you contact an attorney.  I did.

I had four different international and national attorneys contact the Bureau of Public Dept.  They all stated that they were advised that this is a scam and all payments would be returned.  In addition, they were each told that this was a violation of federal law and could entail serious consequences.  You may call the same number.  (304)480-7711, Option 1.   I was advised by Andrea that her department has been very involved with these calls.  Her group was told that all payments would be returned and to advise that it is a scam.  I asked what consequences there might be.  She said that people much higher than her in the Federal Reserve would be making the decision but that use of a federal routing number was federal business and very serious.  I asked what someone could do to "undo" if they had participated. Andrea said that they are referring these cases back East and so will give out that number starting Monday. But, she added, even if they undo, she said, the information that they tried it is still retained.

We live in the days of the cabal.  A choice of this type could possibly be used to their benefit, perhaps way in the future. Pray and let your gut guide you....not the one that is needy and scared, but the one you have nurtured to be aware of what the spirit is saying to you.  Time to listen up.  After that....well, you are all adults.  Choose.

You know, this close to having our great opportunity, what are you thinking, lol?  Make certain you feel very good about a carefully thought out decision.

Now, I love you guys.

If you hear any junk because I dared to raise my head and make this post, ignore it or just tell them to shut up, would you?

Much love,


Copyright 2017 Veritas Witticisms LLC

Posted by enerchi at 7/14/2017 07:09:00 PM
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The above video is one ALL should watch. If I saw anyone else do this I would be doubtful. But I trust Erin, and she does not pull any bullshit on people. Quite the opposite. There might be something to this after all.

So thank you Erin & Liv! WOW!




Fedwire Funds Services

Data and Additonal Information
The Federal Reserve Banks provide the Fedwire Funds Service, a real-time gross settlement system that enables participants to initiate funds transfer that are immediate, final, and irrevocable once processed. Depository institutions and certain other financial institutions that hold an account with a Federal Reserve Bank are eligible to participate in the Fedwire Funds Services. In 2008, approximately 7,300 participants made Fedwire funds transfers. The Fedwire Funds Service is generally used to make large-value, time-critical payments.
The Fedwire Funds Service is a credit transfer service. Participants originate funds transfers by instructing a Federal Reserve Bank to debit funds from its own account and credit funds to the account of another participant. Participants may originate funds transfers online, by initiating a secure electronic message, or off line, via telephone procedures.
The Fedwire Funds Service business day begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern time (ET) on the preceding calendar day and ends at 6:30 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, excluding designated holidays. For example, the Fedwire Funds Service opens for Monday at 9:00 p.m. on the preceding Sunday. The deadline for initiating transfers for the benefit of a third party (such as a bank's customer) is 6:00 p.m. ET each business day. Under certain circumstances, Fedwire Funds Service operating hours may be extended by the Federal Reserve Banks.
For further information about Fedwire Funds Service, please see the Fedwire Services page on the Federal Reserve Financial Services website.
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Last Update: February 19, 2014

Thanks to Jackie McGinnis via fakebook



Your Treasury Direct Account (TDA) was created under your Social Security number at birth and contains billions of dollars. The account is in your name, perfectly legal. Here is your account information:
ROUTING: 051736158 (Bureau of Public Debt)
ACCOUNT: YOUR SS# (No spaces, no dashes)
No longer necessary, as was stated early in the month, to use the alpha-numerical number on the back of your physical SS card. You can IGNORE that.
ONLINE: Go to your bill pay online and “add bank.” Enter the routing and account number for your TDA.
BY PHONE: If there is no provision for paying online with an ACH bank checking account, call them and ask to pay by phone from a new checking account.
If you’ve always paid your bills by physical check in the mail, call the creditor institution on the back of the account card or on the website for the utility and tell them you want to make a payment by phone using a NEW checking account. You will only need to give them the ROUTING, ACCOUNT, and NAME (your name as on your SS card) on the TDA account.
Monthly bills a single time.
Monthly bills set up on Auto Pay using your TDA.
Credit card monthly payments.
Mortgage payments.
Credit card balances.
Mortgages. (You may need to call the bank. They are all different.)
Car loans. (May need to call.)
College loans.
These same payments for OTHER PEOPLE.
You CANNOT at this time pay a non-banking institution or person using the checking account unless it is an “ACH transfer.” Stay tuned as that could change soon.
Start with an easy one, a utility or phone bill and see how it goes. Then go to town! Pay off all your bills. Pay friends’ and kids’ bills. The money is yours and there is no limit.
NB: In the early days, people have struggled with declines and reversals of paid charges. These should clear up soon. In the meantime, if the payment “went through” it means the money came out of your TDA and is at the creditor institution. If it doesn’t resolve naturally in a few days, call, tell them what you know, and insist they credit your account.


28 TDA on Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:55 pm


Ms. Purps, of the one eyed one horn flying purple People eater variety. let me know when 10 days have passed and you did not receive a reversal.


PurpleSkyz wrote:The above video is one ALL should watch. If I saw anyone else do this I would be doubtful. But I trust Erin, and she does not pull any bullshit on people. Quite the opposite. There might be something to this after all.

So thank you Erin & Liv! WOW!

So that is your confirmation to "throw your hat in the ring"? Lol 

Please explain why anybody should watch that as a confirmation video?

The payment was posted today, 7-15-17. The same date as the video. It's a weekend and hasn't even been 24 hours.

Are you not paying attention to all the reversals happening? 

People are losing there effing minds. Do you really think there are billions of dollars (or even millions for that matter) stashed away under your name? As Veritas and many others have said - if it sounds too good to be true - it is.

Now I know why you call this site Out of Mind.

Last edited by metech on Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:33 pm; edited 1 time in total


microaggressor wrote:Ms. Purps, of the one eyed one horn flying purple People eater variety. let me know when 10 days have passed and you did not receive a reversal.

I feel quite confident there will be nothing to report. All you will get are the sound of crickets.

Someone once said that civilizations always get the kind of governments they deserve.

From what I've seen of this lunacy with the TDA and ACH process we certainly don't deserve the freedoms that people proclaim they desire.

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