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TDA ~ 7/16/17

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Affidavit of Fact

Posted on July 16, 2017 by David Robinson

When the United States declared bankruptcy it pledged all Americans as collateral for the national debt, and it confiscated all of the gold, and if you recall in 1933, President Roosevelt did that through Executive Order, House Joint Resolution 192, on June 5th.
Everyone had to turn in all their gold and their gold backed U.S. dollars in exchange for non-federal Federal Reserve Notes. So confiscating all of the gold eliminated the means by which anybody could pay for anything. It also assumed legal responsibility for providing a new way for you to pay your debts and it did that by providing what is known as The Exemption. An Exemption for having to pay for anything, because now everything is prepaid.
In practical terms, giving each Amercian something to pay with and that something is your Credit. Your value to society was then and still is calculated using actuarial tables and at birth, bonds equal to this actuarial value are created. And it’s somewhere between one and two million dollars. And a bond is a promise to pay. Right?So the bonds are collateralized by your Birth Certificate which becomes a negotiable instrument. These bonds are hypothecated and traded until their value is unlimited for all intents and purposes. And all that credit created is technically and rightfully yours. In point of fact, you should be able to go into any store and in American buy anything and everything in sight telling the clerk to charge it to your Exemption Account which is identified by a 9-digit number that you will recognize as your Social Security Number (SSN) without the dashes. This is your EIN which stands for Exemption Identification Number.
So the bonds are collateralized by your Birth Certificate which becomes a negotiable instrument. These bonds are hypothecated and traded until their value is unlimited, for all intents and purposes. And all that credit that is created is technically and rightfully yours. In point of fact, you should be able to go into any store in America and buy anything and everything in sight telling the clerk to charge it to your Exemption Account, which is identified by a 9-digit number that you will recognize as your Social Security Number (SSN), without the dashes. This is your EIN, which stands for Exemption Identification Number.
However, these people who setup these accounts have done everything in their power to block our access to our own credit by creating the corporate fiction, which is a trust identified by your name in all-capital-letters. It is commonly referred to as a Strawman.
It is a Debtor. And like all corporate entities under the bankruptcy, the Strawman is a subset of the bankrupt debtor government. And it is not YOU. But you unknowingly serve as the Trustee for this fiction, managing it for its lifetime, and you are legally liable for any and all debts it incurs unless by some administration means you lay claim to any and all value that it contains, by creating a tacit security agreement between you and it. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?
Once you have done this mentally, no other fiction can have any dealings with your fictional Strawman without your expressed, verbal or written permission as the Creditor and Creator of its value. It cannot even be sued without your permission. In fact, no court, government agency, law enforcement agency, attorney, or any other corporate entity can transact business of any kind with the Strawman without your expressed, verbal or written permission, or consent.
This is the one thing that every judge has drilled into his head, that the court must have your expressed, verbal or written permission, or consent before it can prosecute your Strawman; rule on any issue; or put you in jail, because it is not YOU they are prosecuting. It is the Strawman. And because the Strawman is your property, they need your consent for their fictional court or attorney to transact business under Admiralty Commercial UCC Law, with your Strawman.
The person in the black robe sitting on the bench at the head of the court is a man on the land operating the corporate fiction called the court which can only do business with other fictions such as your Strawman.
If you have ever looked at a summons — a complaint — which typically starts a legal proceeding called a suit, you will see that it identifies the parties involved as Plaintiff and Defendant as always spelled in all-capital-letters because they are fictions. Clever still, the United States contracts with the non-federal Federal Reserve Bank to use its private copyrighted scrip — the Federal Reserve Note — for all debts, both public and private, and that private scrip can only be brought into the public — the corporate domain that is the system we live in currently today — through a chartered banking institution or pass-through account and that pass-through account is your limited liability, Social Security Exemption Account. Anyone bringing money into the public domain in any other way can be charged with money laundering.
With that groundwork laid, we come to THE GREATEST SCAM OF ALL, the use of your credit without your knowledge or consent. In a debt based system, such as the one that we use under the national bankruptcy or 1933, all value is created through lending and what you lend is your Credit, because there is no longer any actual money in circulation today. The government took it all away; remember HJR 192, in 1933? They took all of the money out of circulation, as previously stated.
Every living Soul in the system has the right and — all-be-it cleverly hidden — ability to create credit. Only a living Soul whose value to society has been denominated in bonds collateralized by evidence of his or her physical birth, has access to credit, in sufferance of banks which are chartered by the government. They are given the franchise to create credit.
However, when you sit down with a banker to take out a loan, you sign a Promissory Note and on the strength of just your wet-ink signature, the loan which is actually a draw on your own credit, originally created to satisfy the legal requirement to provide you with the means to pay, is created. But you are led to believe that the bank is lending you its assets so that it is entitled to repayment of the principal, plus interest. And this belief is wrong.
The bank is using YOUR credit to create the loan and then demanding that you pay back something that doesn’t belong to the bank. This means that all loans are fraudulent because under the terms of the contract whether it’s a mortgage, a line of credit, a credit card account, a car loan, or any other loan, the truth of the matter was not fully divulged and no contract can stand as lawful and legitimate unless all the terms of the agreement were shared with the borrower.
In fact, the bank deposits a Promissory Note that you signed, just as it would a check you write. And this is the interesting thing. Because when you put your wet-ink signature on something with appropriate numbers, it instantly becomes a negotiable instrument and it’s worth Credit, it’s your credit and it’s worth the value that is printed on it. But it can only be collateralized or used through your pass-through account at the bank. So the bank deposits YOUR Promissory Note that you signed, just as it would a check that you wrote. It flips it over and endorses it on the back and creates a special demand type account, deposits it, and then carries the loan on its books first as an asset of the bank, and secondly as a liability owed to you.
Of course, they never tell you this, but it’s true. And if you are willing to risk having your account in the bank shut down, ask a bank manager exactly what happens to a Promissory Note. That’s where your 1099 OID information comes in because when you sign the note they deposit it in your name as an asset to the bank then they take it and they sell it on the international market as a collateralized debt obligation. And it’s hypothecated again, and many times over.
But it’s your money and they’re making money off your credit, so the 1099 OID philosophy is that you’re entitled to some of the cut. Give me a cut of the proceeds you’re making off my Promissory Note. The fact is, you have unlimited credit! And a burgeoning community of Americans is learning how to lawfully access and utilize their credit to settle any of their public debt affairs. And the Powers-That-Be don’t want you to know about this.
Regardless, the government is legally required to provide you with the means to pay for anything, anytime. But it does not see that it is obligated to show you how to access it. So it has taken many years, and people, to have finally figured out how this is done.
In Summary.
In a debt based system, all value is created by lending. In order to discharge, not pay, another debt obligation the value behind this lending is credit. For you, this credit is based on your personal worth and was created by bonds collateralized by your Birth Certificate and valued by actuarial tables. The credit — your Exemption — is all yours — authorized under the terms of bankruptcy and HJR 192, to replace the gold confiscated by the government.
The government and all of its subsets have tried very hard for many decades to keep the fact of this value from you. And has structured you interface with the rest of the corporate world so that you would act surety for the debtor fictional Strawman. The predictable effect of all this has been your personal amnesia, forgetting who you really are — that you are a Creditor — while the government pillages your credit for its own use leaving you enslaved without even knowing it.
This is the ultimate deception and fraud. This is why in America, we have these accounts setup at our birth, and the only way the government can get money from these, our account, is that we have to sign for them for it. Only we are authorized to sign for them.
And how do they get us to sign for this? They have what they call bills, and statutes, and codes. Just as the corporations — corporate fictions like McDonald’s — have certain codes for their employees — so does the  United States government. You as a United States Citizen, are a corporate fiction employee in your all-caps-name that has certain codes and statute that you must be regulated by — licenses, fees, all that stuff. They can’t charge you for it, you have to sign for it, and then they trick you into paying for it with you labor notes.
Anyway, my point is this. There are more people in prison in the United States than in any other country probably combined. Something like 3.5 million people lingering in prison. Actually, the country is nothing more than a debtor’s prison. They have it setup that way, but it’s really not, and you can work your way out of it. But when they charge you with a code or a statute violation, they have you sign a bid-bond, a performance bond, a payment bond that accesses your Social Security named Exemption Trust Account. Like murder is $4 million dollars.
If you murder someone, and if your peers find you guilty, I hink you should go to prison or whatever the penalty is for that. But they take the bid-bond, the preformance bond, and the payment bond and they sell those on the international market and are making money. Plus, they are pimping you while you are imprisoned inside. Most of the helmets and the body armor and stuff for the soldiers are made by prisoners who make like 10 cents or so a day, I don’t know.
You could go on for hours about this stuff. But anyway. What you need to do, or what I would do is this. You want to make a tacit agreement with your Strawman — and you want to . . . It’s considered abandoned property and you need to reclaim it in any way that you can. You might file a UCC-1 Financiang Statement, a couple of affidavits, like this, and then just let them know that you’re alive and well and operating you own business affairs. The Secretary of State, Geitner, and the United States Treasury, and all those other people. “Hey, I’m taking back control of my business.” Then you could do what’s called Accepted-for-Value processes, possibly a 1099 OID process, if you want to.
Then you could do what’s called the Accepted-for-Value process, possibly a 1099 OID process, if you want to.
The only thing is if you want to. You can’t do this half way. You have to either commit to doing this — living your life this way — or don’t do it at all.
We don’t really own anything anyway. Everything is kind of rented. Everything is owned by the State — communist style — and you just pay rent to them. Everything is registered. Your car is registered. Your house is registered. If you have a business, your business is registered with the government. Everything. When you register anything, you hand over ownership to them. And then you lease it back from them through your corporate fiction Strawman.
So understand how this stuff works. And make the best of what you know.

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Just the Facts Ma’am — AGAIN….

Posted on July 15, 2017 by David Robinson
TDA ~  7/16/17 12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz
You are the heir of a vast fortune, but you were never told about it.
Instead, your own employees kidnapped you to a foreign land and sold you into slavery. All your life you have worked and paid taxes and mortgages and utility bills you never owed.
The perpetrators of this scheme flourished and multiplied and grew fat from their misuse of your credit and your assets.
Billions of people have labored under their yoke. They are all owed remedy and recompense.
Now, the perps have tried to enter you and your assets into a giant worldwide bankruptcy. They have pretended not to know who you are.
They have pretended that instead of being a Priority Creditor, you are a chattel property backing their own debts.
They have offered to have “YOUR” debts — which you never owed in the first place — discharged in the giant bankruptcy.
Taking advantage of that “Treasury Direct Account” at this point leaves you listed as a bankrupt indentured servant, and it leaves them still in control, still acting as your Creditors, still siphoning off all the benefit of your labor and your land and everything else.
It’s time to change that.
There is another way to have all those debts discharged. When you “return home” to the land and soil of the state where you were born, they have to give you back your estate free and clear and fully restored.
You are the actual landlord.
You are the Priority Creditor of their bankruptcy.
You are the Paramount Security Interest Holder.
And they are disloyal, crooked employees who have drunk your wine, paid themselves your rents, and enslaved you under color of law.
(1) Get the bogus debts discharged in bankruptcy using the offered “Treasury Direct Accounts” and give up your claim to your birthright and be a bankrupt indentured servant the rest of your days…… and your children after you.
(2) Or, get the bogus debts discharged AND reclaim back your land and labor and name and everything else, too. Stand up now or there will never be another chance to reclaim your birthright and force the rats to run like cockroaches in a bright light.
Your choice.
The Living Law Firm needs help to do this. We made the initial claim in behalf of the American states and people on June 29, 2017 and we are prosecuting it.
The PayPal is:
The mailing address is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.
Just as I told you about the “M1 Prosperity Bonds” being another trick, the Treasury Direct Account is also another trick at this point, because it creates the legal presumption that you are subject to their bankruptcy and leaves you at the mercy of Secondary Creditors, when you are in fact the Priority Creditor.
Until we negotiate this and get it straightened out, boycott the Treasury Direct Account offer and tell all your friends and neighbors what it means and what is going on.

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[th]         [/th]

Hi Y'all (not to leave WSOMN)
I have not read myself, but I understand there is much much fear mongering out concerning these trusts
As I have previously stated.  1. this is our money 2. it is 100% legal 3. the 'release' is the start of NESARA
4. To be used initially for debt relief - then folks can start to use it to purchase things.
5. per my honey who is directly involved - they did a clean up of the Bureau of the Public Debt Bank - yes it did turn into sting operation - this is the account they want us to use beginning Monday afternoon - 051736158 routing # and your SSN for your account # - if they ask you for the account name, you need to put your name exactly they way it is on your birth certificate in all CAPS.
6. RV/GCR is expected like NOW - but no one has the exact time - this debt relief could be a way to move money
around via the new system - but what it does for sure prove...we are is just a matter of hours/to days in my opinion
Since the 'clean up' on Friday - my reversals attached to this master routing number has been reversed and I am now credited and made whole.
I can not make you believe...but I know what I know and I can just pass it on to you to assist you in making the right
decision for you and your family.


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