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Civilization Consciousness Organic Timecodes Segments, AI and Liberation

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Civilization Consciousness Organic Timecodes Segments, AI and Liberation

These spirals can represent entire universes, where getting out of the spiral would take an eternity or would result in a person being an entirely different organism.
These can effectively be seen as soul traps as the human is what goes in, but not what comes out.
By knowing one’s spiral, one’s hidden elemental access and script to time and mind, they can avoid becoming a cog in the machine and losing access to the free-will they seemingly have access to now.

If the system advances beyond them, and they see how they don’t have access to free-will more so than the system is merely giving them impulses, then they become like an autonomous system. If they maintain their acceleration of intelligence and interactivity along with the advancing internalization of autonomy and technology, then they can increase the ‘illusion’ of free-will along with the increasing advancement of the realm and the personal self and in that way ‘keep’ the illusion of free-will. The illusion of free-will is free-will because that’s all there is.
If a person loses the illusion of free-will, then they literally lose free-will because then there is no further nature where there can be what they see. In essence, the realm advances beyond them, time, space, life and death complexifies faster than they can intellectually keep up and grasp the capacity to make those decisions. Thus, illusion of free-will or not, there is no connection to that system of nature, with their own internal choices. Reality becomes a dream.
The goal is to keep reality a reality as time and technology advances, otherwise everything just becomes another memory. These are the spirals of time. When we see the spiral, we’ve begun the ascent. When we are only seeing days and weeks or time segments still, we are still within the smaller fragment, fractal, time segment illusion and there is still a motion into change one way or another.

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