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Peruvians Denounce ‘Mexican’ Claims of Discovering Extraterrestrial Mummies

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Peruvians Denounce ‘Mexican’ Claims of Discovering Extraterrestrial Mummies

Is GaiaTV’s story about the three-fingered Nazca mummies falling apart?
This Peruvian television news report studiously ignores any mention of GaiaTV or the involvement of any Americans in this case, putting the blame squarely on the Mexican team that joined Gaia’s investigation led by the well-known Mexican paranormal researcher, Jaime Maussan.
A few weeks ago, GaiaTV publicized the discovery of strange mummies with both human and possible extraterrestrial characteristics, including elongated skulls,  huge eyes, small noses and three long fingers and toes.
According to this report, Maussan’s investigation led to a swift response within the community of Peruvian archaeologists, who have asked the Peruvian government to take action against the Mexican researchers, who they claim have committed crimes against the cultural heritage of Peru, by allegedly modifying ancient mummies from the Paracas culture and sending tissue samples abroad without permission from Peru’s Ministry of Culture, the agency that regulates the taking of samples for DNA analysis.
A representative from Peru’s Ministry of Culture has reportedly claimed that the mummies have been modified and he has asked a public prosecutor to conduct an investigation into the alleged offense against these “archaeological monuments”.
At a press conference held in Lima, Peru on July 12, the Mexican researchers stated that there are five specimens and they claimed that it was the local authorities who had not followed proper procedure. They said that their team had conducted preliminary research but that now the matter is in the hands of the Peruvian authorities and scientists to follow what they determine to be the “right path.”
Jaime Maussan claims that perhaps in an effort to evade the responsibilities associated with this extraordinary find, that his several requests to coordinate his investigation with members of the Peruvian government had previously been ignored.
Similarly to the lack of any mention of GaiaTV in this news report, there is no mention on Gaia’s website of any strife with the Peruvian authorities.

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