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Rocky Montana - Opinion / Jan. 25, 2012

Planet Earth (Gaia) has been constantly rebalancing herself since her inception, when she was literally sucked out of Ti.amat (Maiden of Life), a planet of twice the size of earth, some 4 billion earth-years ago. During that violent beginning, she was mostly water as she is now but had one enormous land-mass on one side of it, called Pan. This weight differential caused a great imbalance in Earth's rotation. Forces within the Earth broke this great landmass into smaller pieces and moved these continental plates around her surface in order to redistribute the mass into a balanced, stabilizing rotation and orbit about the Sun.
Earth has also been in a constant state of renewal since her beginning. She has recycled her older, decayed landmasses down within her mantle (a layer of semi-fluid rock between her crust and her core) and has heaved up new landmasses onto her surface. The greatest activity of landmass building has been in the area of the Pacific Ocean where her crust is the thinnest, some 12 miles thick. By contrast, some of the older landmasses have a crust 2,000 miles thick. This recycling process excretes Basalt, Andesite, Rhyolite, Pumice, Obsidian rock, and airborne ash and gases from within her bowels through seafloor and land fissures, and active volcanos.
Largely responsible for driving the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes around the world, is seafloor-spreading and continental-drift. Seafloor spreading occurs at mid-ocean ridges, where new oceanic crust is formed through volcanic activity and then slowly moves away from the ridges at a rate of 1-2 inches per year. Seafloor-spreading causes continental-drift, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and mountain building. It causes continental plates to collide and subduct, causing older land masses to recycle underneath newer land masses and portions of newer land masses to rise, forming new land and mountains. It is also what drives Plate Tectonics. Plate Tectonics is a geological term for the study of the structure of the earth's crust and mantle with reference to the theory that the earth's lithosphere is divided into large rigid blocks (plates) that are floating on semi-fluid rock and are thus able to interact with each other at their boundaries, and to the associated theories of continental drift and seafloor-spreading. The six major plates; the Eurasian, American, African, Pacific, Indian, and Antarctic, are all pieces of an ancient super-continent of Pan. Of the greatest effect on the American continent is seafloor-spreading which is occurring in both the mid-Pacific and mid-Atlantic Oceans.
Also interesting to observe, and related to seafloor-spreading and continental-drift, is the constant shifting of the Earth's Magnetic Poles. After some 400 years of relative stability, Earth's North Magnetic Pole has moved nearly 683 miles into the Arctic Ocean, moving nearly 390 miles in just the past 10 years. In 2009 it shifted approximately 40 miles. The North Magnetic Pole is moving from its present location in northern Canada toward Siberia, a vast region of Russian territory constituting of almost all of Northern Asia. Conversely, the South Magnetic Pole has moved just as dramatically, from a point in Antarctica into the southern Pacific Ocean in the direction of Australia. The movement of the magnetic poles, along with the increase in cosmic radiation from both the Sun and a raise in temperature from within are the cause of the melting of the polar ice caps. As the magnetic poles shift in location, the Earth's orbit shifts to find a new point of equilibrium. This shift causes previous pole locations to become warmer and new pole locations to become colder. In other words, the old ice and snow pack melts in one location and new ice and snow pack forms in another location. This melting of virgin ice and snow pack at both poles may have one unseen and unrecognized benefit for the Earth and all its inhabitants; that is the partial dissolution of the pollution that has built up in all the Earth's oceans. This partial purification should give all marine life some relief and a fighting chance of survival from the effect of man's pollution upon the oceans.
It cannot be stated often enough: the melting of the polar ice caps has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of CO2 gas in the atmosphere as the Globalists would like you to believe. Their despicable pseudo-science (lies) foisted on mankind for the past 30 years regarding "Climate Change" and "Global Warming" have been conjured for purely selfish ends, in order to garner increasing wealth from the unsuspecting and uneducated masses.
In February of 2009, the National Geographic, went on record to state that the next magnetic reversal is "imminent". "National Geographic Scientists agree that Earth has long been subjected to thousands of traumatic magnetic reversals of the poles, and that we’re due for another — but when?"
Yes, we know that the planet has undergone thousands of magnetic-reversals. But do we know that a magnetic-reversal is "imminent"? No. But it is possible. Man has polluted all the lands and oceans, rivers and lakes for a long time. What other means of cleansing is available to the Earth than a cleaning by water? Man has contaminated and depleted the much of the lands so much so that they must be submerged and possibly recycled in order to retain balance. Mother Earth is going to do what she needs to do to survive and restore balance from within and without. There are two mainstream scenarios for the immediate future. I believe that what will occur is somewhere between these two scenarios. I call it Scenario 2. Geomagnetic jump.
"The Creator has proclaimed that the Earth shall not end in annihilation for Creator has given His promise to mankind, that the world shall never be made extinct again, as in the past with the time of floods. However, your world shall be cleansed with a baptism of fire."
--Commander Hatonn - 2/28/90 HATONN, PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, March 1990, Volume 1, Number 8.

[color:e097=red]Migration of Earth's Magnetic Poles will lead to one of three scenarios: [/b]

Scenario 1. Geomagnetic excursion: Internal and/or external pressures and imbalance cause brief drifting of magnetic fields to find a new point of equilibrium and axis rotation, which does not result in reversal.
Scenario 2. Geomagnetic jump: While making the Geomagnetic excursion that Earth is now experiencing, the final portion of this excursion ends in a jump of perhaps 7-13 degrees from its current location to its new point of equilibrium axis rotation. This would cause the effects of a minor magnetic reversal; just enough to cleanse the Earth's surface but not powerful enough to extinguish all lifeforms. This might be the best scenario for all physical lifeforms on Earth.
Scenario 3. Geomagnetic reversal: Internal and/or external pressures and imbalance cause a change in the orientation of Earth's magnetic field such that the positions of magnetic north and magnetic south become interchanged, but will not necessarily locate in the exact same location. Geological evidence shows that the Earth's Magnetic Poles have moved and/or reversed many times over the history of Earth. Evidence also shows that ice ages follow periods of magnetic pole excursions and reversals such as we are experiencing at this time. This sequence of events comes around twice in Earth's 24,000 year cycle and an ice age lasting approximately 2,000 years follows each Geomagnetic excursion or Geomagnetic reversal. At this point in time, Earth is very near the end of its present cycle and at the beginning of another.

Where Magnetic North Pole Goes, True North Pole Is Sure To Follow
When the Earth's Magnetic Poles stop shifting or reverses, whichever the case may be, the Earth axis will shift accordingly as well as its rotation. True North and True South Poles will be shifted to a new position, near the new locations of North and South Magnetic Poles. The current Geomagnetic Excursion that Earth is now experiencing has been gradual, thus causing minimal loss of life and disruption of society. Some airline pilots have gone on record to speak of it the change in location of magnetic north and south. If this shifting to its final destination continues to be gradual, mankind will have escaped the worst-case scenario. In this case, expect to experience more of the same climatic patterns that have occurred for the past 25 years, i.e., continued storms and winds, hurricanes and tornados, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, melting of existing polar ice caps and glaciers and new ice and glaciers forming in different locations. Also expect to experience flooding in surrounding areas and a possible minor rise in sea level.
The Day The Earth Stands Still
If a Geomagnetic reversal occurs, however, geophysical events will be exponentially more violent. The Earth will actually shake and wobble before coming to a brief stand-still, followed by a violent pole-reversal in the shift away from its present location to a new point of equilibrium, and then will slowly begin a new rotation upon this new axis. This phenomenon may take as little as minutes or hours. But the action will result in an enormous chain reaction that will permanently change the entire face of the Earth and will either kill or drastically alter all life-forms now living upon it. Oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers will shift and pour out onto all the surrounding lands in tremendous waves, obliterating everything in their wake. Parts of the Sea floor may rip open, exposing the mantle of hot gases and liquid rock, and causing tremendous explosions and plumes of smoke and ash before the rock cooled and formed a suture. Entire chains of volcanos will erupt causing massive fires, and devastation upon the lands and massive plumes of smoke and ash in the skies. The smoke and ash circling the globe will cause drops in temperature for months or even years, more commonly known as 'The Nuclear Winter' scenario'. Huge die-offs of crops, marine life, land animals and humans will occur rapidly while causing great migrations of surviving animals and humans in search of clean air, water and food. Over-exposure, dehydration, starvation, and disease will take its toll for many months and years following the event. Some species will adapt, most will not. The "civilized" preponderance of the human species will be hardest hit, as they have virtually no survival skills and most resources will be wiped out. Great earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados will manifest and strike many locations on Earth's surface. Existing ice sheets and glaciers will quickly melt, causing tremendous flooding and rise in sea level. Landmasses from below sea level will rise while existing land masses will sink, causing additional flooding. Most of the Earth's surface will be totally transformed in the hours, days and weeks following the mighty Geomagnetic reversal. All waterways and land-masses will be permanently altered. The entire surface of the Earth will be permanently changed and unrecognizable.

Prepare For The Worst And Expect The Best
Each day is a precious gift. Preparation for the possibility of any interruption of society as we know it, occurring in our lifetime, is the most important action step to take while we still can. Preparing for a major geophysical event and disruption of services gives one a peace of mind. Expecting the best of outcomes keeps one positive and in control mentally. By staying away from the ocean coast and seeking higher elevations would greatly increase ones odds of surviving a geophysical event, such as a tsunami or a magnetic pole jump or reversal. Do your part to prepare for the worst, expect the best possible outcome, and have faith that God is overseeing it all and that everything will work out for the best and highest good of all the physical lifeforms stationed on planet Earth. And remember that Soul, the real you, is continuous and everlasting. If one's body stops functioning, his soul never stops functioning. While the physical body recycles within Gaia, adding nutrients to the soil, the Soul moves one into a non-visible, higher vibrational realm of experience. The Soul will return to this or another planet when it is ready to re-experience in the physical. So, you really never die, you simply recycle back to your Creator. You live forever, and therefore, there is nothing to fear, from anything, ever.
As the theory of pole-reversal is now in the mainstream media, we will probably hear more and more about it. If history is any teacher, the Global Elite will most likely try to use this idea of polar-reversal to scare the masses out of their minds, while passing more draconian laws to erode our freedoms and drain more and more money from the private sector. Don't be fooled, don't let them control you through fear, and don't let them take your freedoms and money based on any more "scientific" fear-mongering. "Scientists" don't know ANYTHING for certain! They can only make educated guesses as have I in this and prior articles. My intuition tells me that Gaia will experience a Geomagnetic jump at the end of its current Geomagnetic excursion, not a Geomagnetic reversal.
Round and Round She Goes; When She Stops Only She And God Knows
Whichever scenario occurs, the Earth's axis and rotation will adjust to a new position on the planet. In Scenario 1., Siberia may become the new North Pole and Australia may become the new South Pole. The areas around the new North and South Poles will begin to form new ice sheets and glaciers. The Jet Stream and Oceanic currents will shift to new locations causing different weather patterns. Birds, fish and land/ocean mammals will adapt to new migration patterns. The equator will be in a new location and all lines of latitude and longitude will be in different locations and orientations. The Sun will rise and set in a new orientation on the Earth's surface. We have been observing the melting of the polar ice caps, glaciers and mountain snow pack for decades. We are witnessing the confusion of migrating birds, fish, and land/sea mammals as they effort to adjust to the shifting of the magnetic poles as well as man's interference with the magnetic lines of force. And we are experiencing the effects of increased and changing weather patterns. It is said that in the approaching ice age, the snow line will drop down to the 38th parallel (currently through the center of the United States), however, the 38th parallel, as with all lines of latitude, will be in different locations and orientations from where they are today. If the North Magnetic Pole continues its present course, moving away from the United States and towards Siberia, the 38th latitude will end up north of its present location and tilted southwest to northeast of it present orientation. In this scenario, it is possible that the North America that remains above water will either stay approximately the same temperature or become slightly more temperate.
Man is just now learning about the great cosmic cycles of our galaxy that Gaia and its Solar System is a part of. There are cycles within cycles. There are solar systems within solar systems. Our solar system is one of seven solar systems orbiting around the super-solar system of Pleiades. There are galaxies within galaxies. The Pleiades is considered a minor galaxy which resides at the rim of the Milky Way galaxy, and it is said that the Pleiades constellation is at the center of our universe. Well the center has to be somewhere. There are universes above, below and beside our own. Our Earth experiences a 24,000 year cycle with minor cycles of 10,000 years, 2,000 years, 10,000 years and then 2,000 years. A 10,000 year period of day/night cycles is followed by a two 2,000 year periods of continuous light (without night or darkness) and then the cycle repeats itself. The 2,000 year period of light is produced by Earth moving into a cosmic cloud of light photons. This is a cold light. This photon light nullifies the sun's light, the light of all other stars, and the reflected light of all planets. During this period of light, the temperature will drop enough to cause an ice-age in the northern hemisphere down to approximately the 38th parallel and conversely in the southern hemisphere. We are now experiencing at the end of the 10,000 year cycle of day/night (Light and Darkness) and are poised to enter the 2,000 year period of light. These light photons are also of higher frequency than man is currently used to, similar to the frequency of X-rays. In order to live within this higher-frequency light, man must raise his body frequency to a level matching the incoming frequencies of the light photons. There will be many experiencing physical bodies which will not survive this higher frequency radiation but this photon radiation will be just what Gaia needs for her continued cleansing. This cosmic cloud, the Photon Belt, is the mechanism which triggers all major, cyclic ice ages on planet. Today we stand at the door of this New Age of Light.
There have been thousands of geomagnetic excursions and/or reversals, thousands of ice ages, and thousands of cosmic cleansings throughout the Gaia's lifespan. Hopefully, if man doesn't destroy the Earth in his foolishness, Earth will survive to experience thousands more cosmic cycles and life will continue anew.
Click on the NOAA website (below) to see the movement of both magnetic poles over the years, since 1600. Note the acceleration which has occurred in more recent years.
Conventional theories for geomagnetic reversals:
Internal events: Many scientists believe that reversals are an inherent aspect of the dynamo theory of how the geomagnetic field is generated. In computer simulations, it is observed that magnetic field lines can sometimes become tangled and disorganized through the chaotic motions of liquid metal in the Earth's core. In some simulations, this leads to an instability in which the magnetic field spontaneously flips over into the opposite orientation. This scenario is supported by observations of the solar magnetic field, which undergoes spontaneous reversals every 9–12 years. However, with the sun it is observed that the solar magnetic intensity greatly increases during a reversal, whereas all reversals on Earth seem to occur during periods of low field strength.
External events: Others, such as Richard A. Muller, believe that geomagnetic reversals are not spontaneous processes but rather are triggered by external events which directly disrupt the flow in the Earth's core. Such processes may include the arrival of continental slabs carried down into the mantle by the action of plate tectonics at subduction zones, the initiation of new mantle plumes from the core-mantle boundary, and possibly mantle-core shear forces resulting from very large impact events. Supporters of this theory hold that any of these events could lead to a large scale disruption of the dynamo, effectively turning off the geomagnetic field. Because the magnetic field is stable in either the present North-South orientation or a reversed orientation, they propose that when the field recovers from such a disruption it spontaneously chooses one state or the other, such that a recovery is seen as a reversal in about half of all cases.
Perhaps both these theories hold a portion of the truth. But this is not the whole truth. Don't forget the nurturing energies that are now coming more and more from the Photon belt, and the Sun. The Sun continues to nurture the Earth by providing her with the cosmic energy she needs to live and carry on her maintenance and repairs, her recycling and her renewal, within and without. One truth that will become self-evident to all is that during this current Cycle Change Mother Earth, not the Globalists, is in control of Earth-man's future upon her.

[b]NOAA website:
Supporting data from The Phoenix Journals, Sumerian texts and
Video, entitled "Magnetic Reversal of Fortune":

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