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A Vision for Political Change

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1 A Vision for Political Change on Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:25 pm



The Intenders of the Highest Good via

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[color:e104=009966]The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Political Change

Today we are pleased to
bring you another Vision from Carol Peacock. Carol's Visions are so
poignant that we intend she is a regular contributor to The Vision
Alignment Project. Thank you, Carol!

We envision political change. We see all representatives of government
making all their decisions based on the highest good for all of mankind.
They are able to do this because they now know that all beings are
created equal, and they are honored to represent the will of the people.
They've decided that wars are not in the best interest of the people
and can find no need to instigate war to stimulate the economy as there
are plenty of resources available for all nations. Now they know,
without a doubt, that war damages the psyche of all the people they have
agreed to represent, and damages the beautiful and fruitful planet we
live on.

With this awareness, they now spend their time cleaning up the
destruction of their past actions, teaching all how to live in peace,
properly using the resources the planet provides them with, encouraging
people to travel and understand the customs and beliefs of their
fellowman. They have forgiven themselves for the atrocities of the past
and dedicated their service to the highest good of man with relief and

As a result, they've found themselves with massive amounts of money to
insure that all people have education, shelter, good health, proper
nourishment, and the freedom to express themselves creatively. Because
they have realized that we are all One, they no longer base their
decisions on race, sexual preference, religious dogma, gender, age or
individual belief systems. In time, they discover that mankind, because
of the purity of our actions, is able to self govern. Each and every one
of the politicians and government employees resign their positions and
begin the task of living their individual lives joyfully and peacefully
without fear. The government machine dissolves since the people - which
now includes them - live in love; wars are abolished due to lack of
need; everyone is healthy, wealthy and wise; everyone has learned to
share; the hearts of all mankind are with God; and everyone respects
everyone and honors their individuality as an aspect of Oneness.

Large government offices and monuments have become public arenas for
art, performance, retreats, and housing for travelers. The coffers of
the government have been spent to correcting the errors of the past.
Now there is no need for money as everyone knows how to manifest their
needs and desires by intention. There is nothing left for the government
to manage, as each individual manages themselves with highest good of
others in mind. This is our intention lovingly based on the highest good
for all mankind. And so it is!

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your
Vision too!

You can align with this Vision
by double-clicking the "YES!" Button below.

I Align with this Vision!

Clicking the YES Button will also show you the Total Alignments to date.



We encourage you to forward this message to your friends.


If this vision was sent to you from a friend, you can go to to sign up free for The Vision Alignment Project.

The Vision Alignment Project
is sponsored by The Intenders of the Highest Good in alignment with the people at Create One Love. If you have a Vision you would like to share with the world, please email it to []. Your Vision may be published here!

Separating and dividing ourselves from one another
can never lead to Oneness
~ Tony Burroughs


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