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Starwalkers Episode 4: "T-Pal's Quest" by TS Caladan

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Episode 4: "T-Pal's Quest"
by TS Caladan

"Previously on Starwalkers"

       T-Pal thought a moment. She coldly informed them, without much feelings: "I'm going to rid the worlds of the Changling problem. Once and for all! Sir."
       "What?" Jean Luc asked in disbelief.
       "Captain. I have the Care-Taker's permission...and power, ah, in a sense. I'm going to destroy all the bad Changlings" she stated, emphatically. 

       T-Pal was a Remoran First Officer on the third SC starship named "Enlighten." Often, she meditated inside her "boyfriend's" holo-programs. She interacted with an artificial "Trip" Tucker, the 4th. She brought him to life again and again. They had marriage plans after years of courtship in the 'real world.' But it never happened. Lieutenant Tucker was killed in action and saved the ship and the lives of the crew. That was four years ago. She'll never be over the only one she'll ever love.
       Trip's death determined her desperate decision, a decision to confront the one Supreme Evil in the Milky Way galaxy and battle it to her death, if need be. She was highly motivated to destroy it. Was the Remoran, with 9% machine parts, compelled to "Kill the Beast" because she felt it responsible for her own private hell?

       It began one sundate, on holo-deck 13, inside Trip's 'Caladon Program,' when the avatar that spoke and acted like her boyfriend, suddenly...
       ...Spoke and acted like someone else~
       T-Pal discovered what a Care-Taker was, the Big One. He wanted to speak to her and ask her an important question. She understood immediately this was not a 3-dimensional golem but a very, very powerful lifeform she'd never encountered or conceived of before. Her first words were a strange question. She asked like a child: "How old are you?"
       'Trip Tucker' smiled brighter than the program ever had before. He softly replied, "Ancient. Ha. Ah. I have a Tribble problem, er, sorry: I have a Boon problem that needs to be resolved. If you agree to help, I'll grant you one wish. Anything you'd like, except for one thing."
       T-Pal sensed no deception whatsoever. There was only purity, honesty and truth that emanated from the 'man.' She touched her machine parts and agreed. T-Pal also understood the wish she could not have. So she wished for: "The means to permanently eradicate, eliminate and exterminate 'Bad Changlings' at the heart and center of Darkness."

       The next SC directive for the Enlighten was to the Mintara System, an unscheduled mission. A distress beacon was received at Deep Space 5, reported and the Enlighten was the closest starship.
       On the bridge, Captain Church asked Commander Staak, "What do we know about the System, especially the second planet?"
       "Various cultures among 23 planets, all dominated entirely by the Banisuu. Second planet appears to be their capital."
       John asked his First Officer, "What do we know about them, Commander?"
       "Shape-shifters, but not Changlings. Restricted in morphs and time of mimicry. Nasty. They conquer lesser lifeforms, consume them. And. They climb walls, sir."
       "Hmm." Church sat in the Big Chair, turned it and rubbed his chin. "I can also it a trap? To lure us...into a fight?"
       Staak added, "It is a mystery, Captain."
       A few others on the bridge focused on the Captain.
       He responded, "I like mysteries. It's why we're out here. It's why we're aboard her. Well, then. Let's go in. Home in on the transmission and take us in, Ensign Bellikov."
       No one on the bridge expected the next events to take place...
       "Aye, sir."
       Commander Staak stood at the Science station near his chair, when he collapsed! 
       "Commander," the communications officer gasped.
       "Belay that order, Ensign. Take him to Sick Bay!"

       In Sick Bay, Staak was prone, with shirt, on the med-bed while the concerned Captain and Doctor stood over him. Instruments and machines showed nothing out of the ordinary.
       The Commander recovered. He came to. He remained horizontal, but he was not the same Staak. Not at all. He expressed very intense...emotions! He was engulfed by feelings he could never have imagined, previously. Now he felt, in one big ball of sensations, everything that humans felt and experienced and took for granted! Staak cherished the rapture. Out poured what he'd buried inside himself so, so deeply...
       John asked Dr. Ben, "What's wrong with him? What happened?"
       O'Leary replied, "Nothing! He's fine. John, all this is going on inside his head."
       Suddenly, Staak grasped the hand of John Church [not as "merge"] and knew, through osmosis, he'd be able to transfer a little of the sensations and knowledge that sent him to the deck in tears. 
       "John. My good friend." Tears poured out of the Centauri's eyes and down the side of his earless head. He turned to the Doctor and expressed with compassion: "My old friend. I understand, Doctor. I am very, very sorry...for my dark thoughts. I love you both."
       "What?" Ben was mystified. "Oh. He's out of his mind, John."
       Staak returned to his firm clasp of the Captain's hand. "John! Huh...what I feel for you..."
       "What's happening to you, Science Officer?"
      "Your computers cannot comprehend, understand and fully appreciate and value...this..."
      "What?" Church asked.
      "A simple handshake, John...and what it means. Funny thing. My understand the love and warmth behind it."
       "Explain," the Captain ordered.
       The Commander answered as if it was a normal occurrence: "I am in contact, remotely, with"
       "What?" Captain and Doctor almost asked at the same time.
       "...An amazing, incredibly powerful force. You are observing a remote...Mind-Merge, sir. In progress."
       "Someone is?"
       Captain John finished the Doctor's question, "Who's contacting you? What are they saying?"
       "Huh. Now I understand. Now I know. It's all right, gentlemen. I've calmed myself. The Merge came from my 'sister' on Mintara 2. She sent the distress beacon." Staak released John's hand. He stood up, sat, then got to his feet. It appeared as if everything was fine.
       The Doctor asked, "You're sure you're all right, Commander?"
       "Perfectly, Ben."
       "Something's up when he says 'Ben.'"
       Church shook his head.
       Staak told them, "We're needed on the bridge." He raised his hand toward the exit.
       John tilted his head to the side and said, "Lead the way."

       "We're here to rescue you," the Captain said, surrounded by a heavily-armed Away Team. For some bizarre reason, Banisuu that they should have violently encountered on the planet, were gone! They were all gone. Minutes ago, Mintara 2 crawled with millions of Shape-Shifters. Where were they? 
       Captain and Away Team beamed to the coordinates of the signal. They saw a naked girl confined to a Banisuu (torture?) "mind-chair." She was barely conscious and appeared to have experienced extreme trauma. They noticed the "hardware" in her right arm, like the Commander. She must be Centauri. Only, she had ear appendages and wasn't purple-ish.
       An hour later...
       After full medical filters and scans and tests, which included instant 'psych' tests and "shrink" analysis programs, the attractive Remoran sat comfortably in the staffroom with the staff and stars that moved by at Warp One. She was calm, relaxed. She wore a deep blue gown.
       It was established that the woman was a 66-year old Remoran from the future.
       Staak and T-Pal couldn't take their eyes off each other. Earlier, they were at the other ends of a Super-Mind-Merge neither would soon forget. Or would they?
       "T-Pal? Where were the Banisuu?" Captain Church asked the lady Remoran.
       Staak answered for her. "They were sent away by the Care-Taker, sir. They'll be back. He is in charge of the Alpha Quadrant, at least." Staak smiled at T-Pal, "I'll let my...sister explain." He nodded to her.
       T-Pal smiled and nodded back.
       She told the officers, "I am on a personal journey. To be blunt, you would not understand. I am in contact with an overwhelming Power, a great Entity. I know what I must do. He, uh, strengthened the Merge a million times more intense, so that physical contact with Commander Staak was not necessary. R'maughze." Her last word referred to Staak.
       Staak expressed, "She needs us, the ship, to complete her quest. We Centauri have been lied to, all this time, it seems. About History! And what is Veritas." Staak looked around the room and into the eyes of his friends. His friends looked back and witnessed his emotions, slightly. "About our History. You know your history. Our long History, we know not. They LIED. The Academy KNEW the truth and looked away...and lied to our people, again and again, it seems. This is a supreme byproduct of, of...dealings, with Care-Takers, shall we say?"
       "More than one?" Church asked.
       T-Pal shook her head up and down for yes.
       The Captain was confused and asked, "Make me understand, Staak. Someone. What's she need our starship for? Why are we back in our neighborhood, close to Earth?"
       Staak once more nodded to his Centauri 'sister.'
       She stared right into the face of the Captain and declared: "Can't explain why, precisely, so you'd understand, realize. We have to discover hidden truths, they're inside. It's what's been denied to us for all this time, and..." 
       "And?" John asked with some excitement of his own.
       She told them, while she looked into John's heart and soul: "We have to...we...must...take your starship into the center of your yellow Sun."
       "Oh. That's all," Church stated too casually. He turned to Staak.
       Staak confirmed it with a serious expression on his face. He enlarged his eyes and nodded a bit.
       They didn't know if T-Pal was serious when she stated: "I have a few questions for the Supreme Being."

       It was the first time Captain Church visited Commander Staak's quarters. The hour was late. They had to talk.
       John got over the small talk with the first sentence: "Love what you done with the place. Staak?"
       "John. You are here to convince your Science Officer we should not go into the Sun."
       Church was upset, but not that upset. "I don't need to convince you of anything. I'm the fucking Captain! I give the orders around here."
       "Then why fuck are you here?"
       "Commander...don't swear. You don't really have it down, yet. Staak?"
       "It's never been done by a starship, any starship! I'm not going to risk the lives of; how many are onboard?"
       Staak's answer was vague. "It's over a thousand, changes week to week, sir..."
       "Oh! So you don't know? I give my First Officer the simplest of questions!"
       "Captain." The Centauri was a little frustrated.
       "...And you don't know? Then maybe you...and your sister, are wrong about everything? Eh?"
       Staak suggested, "Drop everyone off on Earth. Shore leave."
       Church changed to a friendly tone, only for two seconds. "You know, we could use a shore leave, Mister Staak? It's been non-stop since we got out here..."
       "Don't call me, Mister Staak," the Commander oddly said.
       "I don't think you're 100%, Staak..."
       "I'm more."
       "Sure. Okay. You're suggesting, we take the smallest amount of people to pilot the ship? Don't need to risk the crew, just the ship!"
       "A total of 13. None of our crew, John. Centauri will arrive soon..."
       "Really? That's news."
       "That's fate. T-Pal and the 12. Our people have already seen it happen. I understand. My friend. You do not need to come with us, sir. But I know you will. Trust me. Trust me that the quest for true knowledge is that important. John."
       "And how do I explain this to Star Command?"
       Staak replied, "You don't."

       Church employed a secret, illegal CLOAK around the Enlighten that he was unaware even existed. Some higher knowledge (Care-Taker) filtered through one or all of the natives from Proxima Centauri, told him about it. He pressed the hidden button. Starwalker Command received a holographic, mock Enlighten that functioned exactly like the genuine did, while they were invisible. They might get away with it, unless a "known" crisis occurred (other than a personal one that could destroy the ship).
       An unscheduled return to Earth happened for the happy crew.
       As Fate had it...
       T-Pal, future Centauri, along with 11 other (earless, except for earhole) Centauri and a special, brave and trusting human being, plunged into the direct center of the Sun! True answers were viewed and experienced in the minds of the crew.
       Remorans would never be the same after the Knowledge and the brilliant Light~
       Nostik Texts of Saruk were revealed instead of concealed for ages by the Centauri Academy.
       In prehistoric "wars" between man and A.I. Machines on Remor, many heroes became well-known on both sides: Ganmor, "the Courageous," for the Machines. Ganmor of the Technotrons. He was their leader, a walking/talking Machine of Peace who would not fight and spill the purple blood of Bios. The humanoid mechanism and many followers copied and emulated the good nature of people. Then, there was Saruk: a man, a Bio, originally a minor leader who would not join the madness of dark/negative aggression and hatred against the Machines. He preached peace and love and began a movement, a particular sect of Remoran Bios that believed: ONLY the dark, negative, hostile emotions should be purged. The wondrous delights and fantastic love, joys, feelings, tastes, foods, pleasures of the flesh, arts, creativity, individuality, music/dance and a million other beautiful sensations and good/positive aspects of the 'human condition' (emotions) should be wholeheartedly embraced and experienced!
       The list of absolute/new truths that came to light to those inside the Enlighten that safely entered the yellow Sun, was endless and timeless. The most important points were...
       ~ After final Resolution between A.I. or the GAI (Global Artificial Intelligence) network, the occulted truth emerged: Saruk, "the Immaculate," Holy Father, founder of Remoran principles, wasn't immaculate. He did not have a divine-birth from Light itself. Saruk was a man and had a biological mother and biological father [before Resolution] like everyone else at the time. The great philosopher was an "ordinary man" and fathered a daughter, which produced a lineage of leaders.
       ~ Ancient legends of "Reshaka" or a primordial Paradise were true! Early legends were not mere stories but basically true. Centauri genesis (without Machines) was not a warlike period of chaos and violence and war as the Academy had always preached. Truth was: Every Remoran originated in a long, lost UTOPIA. Perfection. Modern, stubborn Academicians refused to believe the ancient truth and chose not to teach it. They taught lies of centuries upon centuries of hatred and conflict instead. The truth was: First Remorans were far superior to modern Remorans in every way imaginable: physically, mentally and even spiritually. Everything great and glorious was completely lost over the large expanse of time. Mythical Reshaka was real History and demonstrated how far the Centauri had fallen. No one faced Veritas, but now they did.
       ~ It was the original colonists of Remor, after the split of Remusans, that were the true beautiful people. It was a wonderful time of pure White Magic when all was energy in harmony with the Care-Taker and the perfect universe. The Care-Taker had no wars of His own and tended to the needs of His children with great tenderness and love. Remorans didn't have the same short, dark hair with unattractive bangs. Colonists and later generations displayed incredible individuality with fabulous, clothes, styles and every color and shape of hair possible. The Centauri were great artists and skilled musicians. Remorans were passionate lovers and expressed their affection openly. Everything later Remorans suppressed, the first Centauri explored and enjoyed to the maximum. Especially sex. 
       In some ways, their ancestors were much like the inhabitants of early Cydonia (Mars) or Atlantis. Earth's genesis and Remor's genesis paralleled, but only in the beginning.
       This was the Big Lie. NO PRIMAL WARS. No slaughter of men, women and children by Machines. The only violence and slaughter were conducted by men toward helpless/innocent Machines. Later, written out of historical records.
       Truth was: The most venerated, almost a 'deity' as far as ancient Centauri Bios goes, was Saruk. Proper understanding of his holy teachings was to eliminate, with practice, the bad emotions, not all emotions. To "master" emotions, conquer the negative ones and eventually integrate them into a Centauri way of life.

       Now. The 12 Centauri onboard the Enlighten and one Earthling accepted the truth, which was the pure truth inside everyone.
       But something was wrong. T-Pal was granted her wish that all negative-Changlings in top positions of Star Command and larger Galactic Union were "eradicated, eliminated and exterminated." Forever.
       THEY WERE GONE! Just like that. Every negative-Changling in the negative universe disappeared, never to return, as if by mega-MAGIC! Thanks to her and the Care-Taker's granted wish.
      But something was wrong. Something was terribly, terribly wrong!  Was her math way off? T-Pal was supposed to communicate with the Care-Taker. She thought it would be the Male.
       It was the FEMALE!
       The 'Beast' was dressed in gold. She asked T-Pal, "Do you know where you are?"

       The frightened woman had semi-recovered after struck with a strong dose of reality, now this~ T-Pal looked around the stone chamber and recognized it. "It's the, the King's Chamber..."
       The negative-Care-Taker in gold asked, "Of?"
       The Centauri answered correctly, "...The, the Cydonian Great Pyramid, before it blew. That was a million years ago. This isn't right. You're the Demon, Beast, the Devil in the trees."
       The negative-Care-Taker laughed. She explained, "T-Pal. I thank you, sincerely, from my darkest reaches. In this moment, you have done more damage to the galaxy than I could have done in a thousand years!"
       The psychic and scared child who had lost everything that was important to her, whimpered. She cried. She now realized she did something so very wrong with her WISH, her calculations. In fact, it was the opposite of what should have happened. Negative-Changlings in the negative universe were positive. Positive Changlings in the negative universe were negative...
       T-Pal, with the best of intentions, destroyed the last of the Old Rangers, all the Light-Workers and Good Changlings critically placed in high positions to counter the bad ones. They were now gone. All that was left was evil and darkness and hate. Tomorrow was lost. Everything good was gone and all that remained was wrong~
       She screamed so hard she lost consciousness!
       The positive-Care-Taker, some called "Creator," returned. His latest battle was won and also lost. Seemed like something was always 'sacrificed,' lost, gone, missing. Created and destroyed. He repaired and put a lot right in the Alpha Quadrant. He made it so. And it was good and it was perfect. But the Supreme Being didn't fix everything. Memories were wiped where they should have been wiped. Balance was restored. Care-Taker set up pieces of the 'Game' on the playing field once again. "Play."
       The massive war, battle, confrontation with the Klingon Empires did not happen. In fact, the means to travel between the positive world, the negative world and the real world were totally forgotten by those who knew and even had traveled hyperspace between the universes.
       None of that happened.
       Citizens will discover the 3 worlds and zillions of other universes in time, real or not. The galaxy needed to shift back a bit. And it did, a little differently.
      T-Pal's life was wiped and rearranged. The woman actually found love again at the young age of 70. Beautiful.        
       Another warfront brewed ahead. The positive-Care-Taker was alerted and quickly noticed. He, one more time, went to war...
       ...So we didn't have to.

       There was one place no one knew...
       Where all the lost, undistorted, clear, wiped memories and realities were stored.


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