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1THE CIRCLE OF LIFE Empty THE CIRCLE OF LIFE on Sun Jul 23, 2017 3:30 pm


There are rules; our parents thought they knew them, our teachers defined them and the governments, well, they would be without purpose if the law became obsolete.

There are rulers of scale and rulers who hale; yet rulers who hale are seldom subject to mere contrivances of scale. Though there have been periods when the peasants took matters into their own hands and dragged the royals to a bloody end. These were considered the good o’l days, but in those days it wasn’t all that hard to know the color of an enemy’s cloth.

Today it’s all the more complicated; rulers hide behind money while their rules are never published, for their agendas are as merciless as their gods. We can sum them all up as industrialists, but imperialists only use industry to further that which coincides with the agenda!
Fortunately imperialists are materialists and the greater the layers of material one surround themselves in the more imprisoned they become.  Could success ever be more backward?

The end of the world is coming; dig a hole! The end of the world didn’t materialize so it’s now our responsibility; dig a hole! There’s just too many people obstructing the view; lets remove a few billion, we’ll start with these humans. I know lets screw with their food and medicine; stupid humans they’ll eat anything if we say it’s good for e’m. But let’s not forget the disclaimer, we want this to look like free will if anybody were to ask; just etch an idiom on some stones and throw them in a park somewhere.

I would agree with the part about the end of the world, while it should be followed by, as we know it! But incremental change happens every day and a century from now the history books will paraphrase these days as the period when gangsters, bangsters and pranksters ruled the world and held governments hostage. The story will tell the tale of how the public was funding their own demise, while trillions were siphoned from public programs including retirement funds and allocations for infrastructure were being mined and huge black budgets were being pissed away on hybrid hide-outs. The new weapons secretly being built became part of the new infrastructure, but used against the citizens unknowingly.

Though the tide has been slowly turning since 2012, I know many are getting impatient, but we must realize how long it took for things to get this twisted and there are a lot of knots needing to be untangled. The first step has been accomplished, which is a congruency of world leaders with a common vision to replace the old paradigm or New World Order agendas which were more about genocide. We still need certain countries on board and France, Australia and aspects of South America are necessary for quickening the pace. Unfortunately these lands are drowning in corruption, in fact most countries are but some brave souls have learned techniques, loopholes and dodge ball methods which cater to the middle path. Which is nothing more than chaos management, and although this would appear to be shooting from the hip to an outsider, it borders on addressing fundamental needs in lieu of extravagant wants.

There will always be cheap shots coming from corporate sponsors, but corporate competition builds innovation. The oligarch’s have become too pampered and have succumb to tunnel vision which caters only to the bottom line. When corporations hold sway over military factions with Senate sponsorship they are no longer beholden to anything which resembles national unification. Such insubordination is not openly discussed, but we are and have been in the grips of a silent Civil War for some time. The only reason the public has been duped into the status quo archetype is because the silent coup was done incrementally over a century.

At this time there has not been sufficient evidence that justifies corporate national dictatorship, in fact there has been little evidence that conglomerates do anything positive on a national scale outside of exploiting labor, environment and government. The sad thing when one considers the financial markets, is that the millions of investors these corporations love to exploit are helping their bottom lines by buying their stock while their pensions are being siphoned by another spoke in the wheel. These same corporations are where the majority of our tax dollars are going as well. Military spending is an industrial black hole that won’t be justified by beating war drums via the MSM while pennies are thrown at healthcare and infrastructure.

Do you really think the corporate oligarchs care about your health aside from wanting to keep you addicted to the pill they charge you for. The circle of life was not meant to be a lap wheel for corporate spinsters. Sure I know, they create jobs, which inherently strip one of the need for creativity and creates mindless slaves who cater to the system, but lets curb this rant.

The fracturing land mass in Antarctica could be a metaphor for the current land grab occurring between nations, leading to animosity by smaller countries who thought they had sovereignty. Here’s the tip of the day about this mysterious place; stay clear of the GG’s, aka the Green Grays who have been inhabiting this region long before humans. They are a very old race who live for extremely long periods. The GG’s are superior to any other subterranean  intelligence and will use other life forms to do their bidding without their awareness though typically non aggressive. It’s best not to trade or work with such beings nor infringe on their territory. They are rare and have angular jaw lines, spindly bodies and are slightly taller than tall Greys but their bodies have a greenish hue. They are whats left of a hominid non-reptilian race line which once occupied a star system within Orion prior to the wars. Tampering with the Star-Gate at the South Pole will stir them up because they consider themselves its guardians.

The Anunnaki have agreed to Guardian pow-wow’s, which could prove beneficial in the coming years. This no doubt will allow limited access to earth provided other requirements are met. Such incursions are better managed to avoid accidental clashes with terrestrial life, and to keep them away from cities and sensitive sites considered off limits.

The marketeer’s are busy selling apocalyptic doom and gloom which is primarily based on Johnny B good’s revelations which had less to do with God and more to do with the illuminati steering committee, which unfortunately was a common theme with this particular soul, although much has been slanted during the interim. Knowing this collective on a personal level from several past incarnations I can say with confidence that what this confidence man herald’s as gospel via Anunnaki-Drak illuminati hybrid publications are often Occultist renderings that are far more equal to curse than course, though he was not without talent his Holiness is hardly synchronistic with Guardian approval ratings. When the man peaked it was glorious indeed, however it was the depth of the valleys where the trouble arose, which carries all the indications of being a punching bag for higher race lines who used his wandering consciousness as a boomerang.

But there is a light upon the Horizon due in about a year, or the summer to late summer of 2018. Unfortunately one need be co-resonant to notice, otherwise its business as usual. This will be the first stimulus giving the opportunity for ascension for a small percentage of the population, but unfortunately you can’t take the atomic body with you. No need for portal access, though being near a primary star-gate may help, or even a cue site or vortice, or any active lay-line.

To avoid the Star-gate debacle Interdimensional Merkaba fields will begin be-bopping around the planet, the where and when will be made available on a need to know bases, so tune in to turn out. Such travel is akin to nuclear fusion and requires anti-particle quanta from the anti-particle universe which will be at high tide during said season.  A flame holder can anchor such but so can a group of initiates chanting in keys. Otherwise it’s a timing thing between the individual and source.
 Star-Fire requires particle fusion which requires a higher harmonic frequency interface. This is the only way for off planet ascension, and where you end up will depend on co-resonant genetics. But in truth your first stop will not be so much of a where but rather a when, because transmutation first and foremost is not travel at a geographical level, but travel on an energetic level which mainly has to do with space-time harmonics. Off planet destinations for those who wish to use a future Templar passage for star system travel needs to be coordinated from that time zone. Those who wish to return to star-ships need to go to the home base first for orientation. This often requires a rebirth into a genetically conducive body to purge distortions from the light body which is really all one needs to travel.

Mischief should be minimal, simply because your present vibration will be causing energetic imbalances on the planet and those who cater to the status quo can’t wait for you to get gone before you do something crazy like start your own religion. In truth you have begun to outgrow this morphogenetic field energetically, which, though beneficial at first can add to the chaos we’re experiencing in the long run. Guardian races know this and will create opportunities that cater to your removal before you reach critical mass and start changing the reality field by anchoring new probability fields that this planet isn’t ready for yet. What I’m trying to say is that cosmic consciousness can be a dangerous thing trapped in a 3D environment and can make CERN look like a child’s toy. The realized must learn to walk softly because they have already incorporated the big stick. The powers that are trying to be are aware of this and your presence makes them apprehensive to say the least, because you are the potential proverbial weapon of mass destruction. Emotional control is paramount, getting angry on a 3D plane can do incredible damage and this is not the path of the light worker whose path is too heal & heel. We are the Stellar Activation Cycle!

Val  7/23/17

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