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~ A Message from The Angels~ We are Here to Help~

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~ A Message from The Angels~ We are Here to Help~

By FatherMotherGod... - Posted on 12 September 2012

you are is our business. Ultimately it is everyone’s business. You see
we are all one, all connected, all divine. Therefore what you do or
become affects all of us. Do not turn your back on Angelic help; allow
us to do our business with you. Allow us to help you to carry the load.
Notice we did not say we will carry the load for you, but we are here to
help you carry the load. We will take some of the weight off your
shoulders, but it is you who will have to take the footsteps to move
forward. Propel yourself toward who you desire to become, for in that
desire is Truth. For in that desire is the memory of what you planned
for yourself, what you knew for yourself was possible.

you were born and moved thru the veil, you forgot. We all forgot, but
now your desire is the spark to remember what you planned to do, to be,
to share. You are not here arbitrally. You came with an agenda. An
agenda filled with light, with hope, with peace. You knew you had the
power to create, to heal. For you are a child of God, how could you not?
Let others judge, let them say what they will for the fire burns in
your heart and it is your flame and yours alone. Yet that flame if
fanned with your desire will reach all, will heal all. For as we stated
before what you do affects all of us. All this time you thought you were
powerless, and in the new energies you are discovering you are powerful
and filled with power. Direct this power first to yourself and your
personal healing, then it will begin to flow to all and all will receive

by cell, molecule by molecule healing will unfold and a new era will
dawn on Earth and her inhabitants. The new dawn carried forward by those
like you, willing to be the change. Embrace your power, it is your
birthright. Shine the light for others to see. Hold their hands when
needed, guide them when they are blind, comfort them when they are
scared. For have you not been there? Dear one you are loved, you are
cherished, and you are our hero. Namaste.

Angel messaged via automatic writing
by Monique 9/11/201

Thanks to:


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