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Why Write Starwalkers? by TS Caladan

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1 Why Write Starwalkers? by TS Caladan on Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:01 pm


Why Write Starwalkers?
by TS Caladan

Haven't we had enough Star Trek? We've had enough bad Star Trek and Star Wars. As far as "stories" go, we need good stories and not ones that suck. Why write SW? Because it was fun! We've lost FUN in what's presented to us these days: mindless, wicked TV shows and negative-magical films today, loaded with evil symbols and dark agendas. Enough! Haven't you noticed, with Superman and Batman now enemies and the whole universe turned upside-down? Even the Jedis are nearly gone. It's like "they" (Disney, feds, etc.) have DARKENED the heroes and story-universes we view on screens as well as the real world we inhabit.
       I have a theory...
       If you've kept up on recent events, CBS (How did CBS own a show that never aired on CBS? Another corrupt story, I'm sure) has virtually destroyed FAN-FILMS! Have you seen the new CBS restrictions now imposed on fans who have reached into their pocket and produced and filmed many versions, inspired by a TV show they love? I think our federal Constitution is less complicated than the new laws.
       NO MORE:
~ usage of Star Trek characters, familiar scenes and familiar situations can't be replicated in any way.
~ ST fan-films are restricted to a half-hour and a budget not to exceed $50.000.
~ They cannot use professional actors. Many old actors looking for work are no longer allowed to earn a buck. (That's unconstitutional). Or anyone remotely connected with the show! If someone did make-up once on one Trek episode or film, they cannot work for fan-producers in any capacity.
~ In your 'Star Trek' productions, you cannot SWEAR, use NUDITY or besmirch the 'Star Trek' brand name in any negative way. Are you fucking kidding me?
~ You cannot make Trek uniforms anymore. YOU HAVE TO BUY THEM from official 'Star Trek' retailers. Here we come to really what the new restrictions have been all about from the very beginning [planned well in advance]: Money and Control. And there's considerably more restrictions~
       Have you seen the many incarnations of Trek? 'Star Trek Continues' and others freely available on YouTube? But AXANAR was not freely available. It should have been from the start. What's wrong with this picture?
       I tried to see the Axanar film, the center of the CBS lawsuit, and could not. I'm not going to use a credit card or log in. I wanted to click and view, the same with 'Star Trek Continues' on YT. Nope. Impossible, except for a few clips. One was a visually-stunning scene with Gary Graham (Soval) on Vulcan. How did Axanar get (almost) top stars and utilize such a huge budget? Fantastic production quality like Hollywood films. 
       Axanar and others with big time actors and budgets (really) are not fan-films. A fan-film is a cheap set with cheap actors, not very attractive, in home-made uniforms with horribly written scripts. And bad special-effects. That's a fan-film.
       My theory is: Planned by CBS, who secretly controlled those at Axanar to do illegal dealings, like financially PROFITING: The one thing you cannot do! Doh! Who doesn't know this? Apparently, those behind Axanar. So WHO would AXE Axanar? It was even in the name from the very beginning. THEY WOULD. CBS! It's just a theory, but it's a sensible Commander Staak would say.
       So Fuck the Fascists! [Wait. I think the Thought-Police are at my door]. They're not going to stop me! I can do anything I want because my mind is free. I am free. So are my stories; I give them away!  -TSC
What is Starwalkers?

My version of Star Trek, Okay? May I proceed in the way that many others (not pro writers) have done with their films? Sorry my stories are not movies. They could never be now. Maybe it was the regulations that inspired the universe I created? Maybe I should thank the Nazis? I reached deep and dreamed of a fictional TV show and a FILM that I wanted to see or wished could be real~
      I took Star Trek themes, situations, characters, aliens and gave them a different spin. ST set up a 'Mirror Universe,' not me. Also used in 'ST Continues.' The other, reverse, world was portrayed in every Trek spin-off TV series. You know, the one where negative Spock had a goatee? We've seen an evil Major Kira, Captain Archer and T-Pol from the other (-) world. I did the same...
       Only, I made the positive universe the old Star Trek we are familiar with Kirk, Spock, later Picard, Janeway, T-Pol. I made the negative universe or anti-matter universe, the recent movie (JJ Abrams) version with actors: Chris Pine, Zachery Quinto and Karl Urban. Almost fitting, since well-justified Trekkers basically HATED the new movies: What have they done to the Trek we loved?
       Look how twisted and perverted 'Into Darkness' was: No Klingons! [Can you imagine how disappointed many were at premieres, fully dressed as Klingon warriors? Ka-Pla!]. What's Romulans doing before Klingons? That's not what a Romulan looks like! Spock swopping spit with Lt. Uhura? Sulu's gay? Wow. Oh. It's a different universe. Well I can do the same.  
       So I created a Starwalkers Universe. Why not? It's the negative world, not where everyone was evil and looked to kill and benefited because of it...
       No. It was an anti-matter universe, a parallel world, SIMILAR and DIFFERENT than the positive one we know well. Pictures inserted in 10 episodes and film showed my Captain John Romulus Church of the Enlighten starship as Chris Pine from new movies. My Commander (not "Mister") Staak was a Remoran (not Vulcan) First Officer with 9% machine parts. He's seen with no ears. Get it? Different and same. My parody turned into a black & white television show from the '50s, not '60s. Who knew? Just happened to be. There's a lot of worlds.

R'Maughze Staak (few knew or could pronounce his first name), like his counterpart in the positive universe, was one of the most fascinating characters ever conceived, because...
       Spock's inner conflict made the character very intriguing to viewers and same if the character was only found in literature. The Jekyll/Hyde 'war' or internal struggle between man and machine, computers and human feelings/emotions, was fought within his head, heart and soul. Vulcans (sorry Tuvok) were boring. They're dull walking-calculators, trained to purge what most humans believed were essentials to life: love, sex, joy, pleasures, happiness, tastes, tears and everything that made people, people. Spock was fascinating because he was a rare "half breed" combination of a human mother and a Vulcan father. He lived his life as a controlled, trained and logical Vulcan. But, inside, with human emotions always held in check, all he really wanted to do was...
       Boogie! Let his hair down, show his human side, have fun and express what he really felt and what he was never permitted to show. That made the character worth seeing, hearing and exploring~
       Same as Commander Staak. Not an original character, I admit, but a different version of a Vulcan. As a writer, how do you write something similar, that connects, that touches base with fans...yet, different and unique? How do I craft Commander Staak?
       I made him originate from Proxima Centauri, closest sun to our sun, which is red; I made it purple. I gave the native humans slight purple skin and purple blood. (Spock had green blood). Staak's people were called the "Centauri," but also "Remorans." Remor was an ancient planet that circled Proxima Centauri.
       They had their version of brother Romulans: violent, military Bios, (Remusans) that left and settled on planet Remus. (from Roman Mythology: Romulus and Remus).
       A full, lush backstory to planet Remor emerged that, of course, had to parallel Vulcan. I conceived of an early War with the Machines. You'd think it'd be the same as movies we've seen before, such as 'Terminator' films and 'The Matrix.' Not in this twist. Over time the A.I. Machines emulated good humans and good behaviors. (Almost like Data wanting to be human). It was humans, once utopians, who for the first time, FEARED. They acted like cold machines, panicked and slaughtered kind, peace-loving Machines! Machines were pacifists and never laid a robotic hand against a Bio. That's different.
       Episodes often focused on Commander Staak, same as Star Treks that dealt with Vulcan and the popular, alien First Officer. A final Resolution happened in Remoran History where the slaughter or one-sided, civil war ceased (because of GAI, Global A.I.). Resolution was: Every Remoran from then on was essentially a cyborg with 9% ("makina") machine parts. They chose where the "hardware" would be installed in their bodies. Machine males impregnated Bio females. Really. But...
       The New Centauri children or Next Generation no longer played, laughed, loved and were the colorful artists/musicians and warm, spiritual people like in the old days. The compromise made all future Remorans colder, harder, realistic, businesslike, less playful, less cool and much less fun. People who were once 100% psychic, without ears, because they heard and remotely saw and felt the universe far more intensely than species with ears that heard. No more. New Centauri were less intelligent than their distant ancestors and only slightly psychic. They had no lobes or ear-appendages, but earholes with implants that gave them sensitive hearing.
       Same and different: The "ear-thing," Captain Church noticed when crews of the + and - universes met each other in the 'movie.'
       OH. I dream big. Ten episodes of 'Starwalkers' are available in LINKS out of 46, 2 full seasons. And you gotta see the movie! Written version with plenty of pictures, anyway. Crews met and Worlds Collided! I saved a heck of a massive plot for the FILM~ Check out the movie poster I "borrowed" and changed. Hey, these are sketches, JJ. "Visual aids." Don't call lawyers; I changed everything. Do you know what Disney pays for what I do better? Don't believe me? Well, check it out. It's free! They're going to charge you a pretty penny...

Not easy. As an author, not easy to capture the "chemistry" that Kirk, Spock and Bones had. How do you do that? How do you parallel and ever hope to mimic the seriousness to deadly threats, the comedy they displayed for us and the friendship they shared? How to make my Dr. Ben O'Leary as an antagonist or human-irritant to computer-like Staak? What can you add to Star Trek [SW] no one has ever thought of before? I like my solutions to the challenges. I think it's high quality. Again. Check out the 10 episodes with pictures, which should be read before: "REM: the Starwalkers Movie." 
       You'll notice Staak's hair in the pictures covers his no-ears and little things like the communicator-pin device on their chests, shaped as a vertical Eye. I thought it worked well.

Instead of Mind-Melds, there were Mind-Merges. Instead of a "logical" way of life, a "sensible" way of life. Phasers were Fasers or Fusion Amplified Static Energy Radiation. Yoda was Adoy. Surak was Saruk. Did you know the Horta and Vorta were connected? Suliban was Banisuu and the parallels go on and on.  Guess who the first Borg was? Fun.     
       For 50 years, I've enjoyed Star Trek characters and, like Star Wars, loved the plots, ideas and strange and mysterious worlds they showed us. Why not extend the characters and storylines? They've done it ad nauseam. Let's see YOU do it! Maybe you can do it better and launch your storylines? Let's be creative rebels against the Republic and the Federation! Let's be imaginative Separatists and go against the will of the Order, the Empire ~ ones who have always imposed or "FORCED" unfair laws upon helpless, innocent masses.
       In the name of Giordano Bruno, who basically preached for people to do their own thing...before he was burned at the stake in the Church square:
       Let's do our thing. Let's have the freedom to do our thing...
       Let's think. Let's produce. Let's fly with new ideas. What'cha got?


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