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TDA UPDATES 7/30-8/04

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1 TDA UPDATES 7/30-8/04 on Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:58 pm


"A TDA Warning" by Not in Jail in Seattle 7/29/17

To All in Dinarland -

This is a warning concerning the accessing of "your" TDA via PayPal or any other scheme.

The TDA is a bookkeeping / accounting device that is in existence in order to evaluate the currency strength and future taxing ability of a nation. Other countries call their accounts by different names, yet they all serve the same purpose - to allow for the calculation of international currency strength for extending credit. Think of it as your income when you get a loan. It shows your ability to pay.

The TDA is based on population and population age. When someone is born, they are assigned numbers and an anticipated economic fulfillment amount. This estimation is what the Fed or any Central Bank will use as future taxable income of the country. This "money" is an estimation of your earning potential; and, when lumped in with everyone else, shows the earning potential of the nation as a whole on which taxation can then be based. This tax base is the ability to service debt of the nation in question.

In this manner, the banks can then loan a country money with a promise to pay based on future tax earnings. Just like you do when you get a loan. Your job, with pay stubs, show a history of income and a projectable future income. This is the purpose of the TDA system, to give a basis for money loaned to the country by the Fed. The income estimated based on the TDA base gives the Fed an estimated ability to pay due to an estimated taxing ability on the TDA estimations.

The TDA System is a bookkeeping device only, for future tax revenue estimations in order to calculate credit worthiness of the country. No more, no less. The "money" in the accounts are not meant for accumulation and spending. This is why so many have gone nuts trying to calculate the interest in these accounts. THERE IS NO INTEREST ACCUMULATED TO CALCULATE. These accounts are an estimation of your income potential. The TDA actually DECREASES over time. The future income potential of a 10 year old is vastly greater than an 80 year old. This money is not real. Think of the ability to list an accounts receivable on your books as an asset. Did you sell something? Yes. Have you been paid for it yet? No. So why is an accounts receivable, which is still hanging out there where someone already has your product but hasn't yet paid for it, an asset? This is done so that the "money" owed can be accounted for, although it does not exist.

The TDA serves a similar function. The name on the account might as well be Smitthlixip, and the SSN any combination, as long as a real person is associated. It is as fictional money used as a bookkeeping device. It is NOT real money. It is NOT your money. It is NOT your account. iT IS not a real, liquid account. Common sense should tell you this - where is your bank book, and how much money have YOU put into it? The money really does not exist. It is a bookkeeping device. To access it is like spending the accounts receivable money in the above example as if it is already on deposit. That will land you in jail if you tried it in your business, as it would be a form of fraud on the bank.

When you troll Fed routing numbers until you click with your SSN on one of them in order to use such funds that, in all reality are non-existent much like the accounts receivable example, you are committing a bank fraud.

So when you do this, be prepared for a visit from people with guns on their hips. The government enforcement on this level is slow to act. They are not like uniformed police that respond right away with lights and sirens to a bank robbery. The are more like the FBI who come in, and after a sometimes lengthy investigation, eventually swoop down and scoop up the perp. Don't be the perp. Don't try to backdoor access bookkeeping ledgers to swipe cash you have nothing to do with, other than as placeholder to estimate future tax revenue the USA uses for loans from the Fed. If you do, you will have no where to hide.


Not in Jail in Seattle

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2 Re: TDA UPDATES 7/30-8/04 on Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:59 pm


It's rather difficult for someone to have a TDA account when they are born given the following restrictions in having one. A TDA account is for managing savings bonds, etc... online.


You only need these things to open an Individual TreasuryDirect account:

    A Taxpayer Identification Number

    (Social Security Number for an individual)

    A United States Address of Record

    A Checking or Savings Account

    You'll need to know your account and routing numbers.

    An E-mail Address


    A Web Browser That Supports 128-Bit Encryption

    This site is optimized for Internet Explorer.

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3 Re: TDA UPDATES 7/30-8/04 on Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:25 pm




4 Re: TDA UPDATES 7/30-8/04 on Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:27 pm




Posted on July 30, 2017 by David Robinson
by Jaro on July 29, 2017
You gotta realize that FRNs are a PRIVATE scrip, just like c asino tokens. And just as c asino tokens are legal tender everywhere within the c asino, FRNs are legal tender everywhere within federal jurisdiction.
FRNs are NOT money, just as c asino tokens aren’t money. FRNs are a money SUBSTITUTE issued by a PRIVATE party, as the federal gov’t is a FOREIGN corporation with respect to states of the Union. But it so happens that 14th Am. US citizens are subject to federal jurisdiction, WHEREVER they are in the world, so they must abide by the US/c asino rules, under which the tokens are means of payment.
United States” is the incorporatedDistrict of Columbia“.
“The United States government is a foreign corporation with respect to a State”
Volume 20: Corpus Juris Sec. § 1785, Also: NY re: Merriam 36 N.E. 505 1441 S. 0.1973, 14 L. Ed. 287
And just as you can’t use REAL money to gamble in a casino, you can’t use REAL money (silver and gold) within the jurisdiction of the federal US. And that’s because both of these are under PRIVATE rules (Public POLICY), while in the REAL world, Public LAW applies. Well, you CAN use real money in US, but the US “gov’t” won’t accept silver and gold, because then the federal US’d have to deal with you under common law, where their private, corporate nature would be revealed.
So basically, when you pay with REAL gold money in the United States, you’re entitled to the protection of Public LAW, and are NOT subject to its PRIVATE rules (Public POLICY).
And the reason why States can enforce their arbitrary rules on you is because when you use FRNs as money, you’re using NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS, which is COMMERCE, and States have the authority to regulate commerce.
BUT when you make private contracts in real GOLD money, then you no longer engage in commerce, and so are entitled to the protection of Public (common) LAW, and no longer are under the State’s statutory jurisdiction.
So buying something with gold in US, would be like buying something with FRNs in a casino. Such a transaction in a casino would NOT be subject to casino rules, as it was not done with casino tokens, but with real money, which requires real law, not a private law if there’s a dispute. Ergo, transacting in gold money entitles you to the protection of the real law, and is outside of the statutory jurisdiction of the State. You just gotta demand that it is so.
FYI, casinos use private tokens, because if they used real money, any dispute would have to be decided in a COURT, and not administratively, by the casino itself. It’s basically the same reason why real money was removed from circulation in US; use of real GOLD money, entitles people to REAL, common law, while a use of money substitutes such as FRNs, puts you under State’s arbitrary, STATUTORY jurisdiction (=rule of majority=Democracy). While being under common law, PROTECTS you from that mob rule, for there is no crime under common law, unless there’s an INJURED PARTY.
Here you have it. The term UNITED STATES does NOT include states of the Union, since they’re NOT subject to the jurisdiction of United States! Remember, the states CREATED the United States so they OBVIOUSLY cannot be subject to ITS jurisdiction.
I.e. if you live in California, you DO NOT live in the United States!!!
And that’s because territorially, the United States ONLY has jurisdiction over the 10-mile square of District of Columbia and territories that are OUTSIDE the states.
For example, whatever land is within the boundaries of State of California, is subject to the jurisdiction of State of California, NOT the jurisdiction of the United States!
18 U.S. Code § 5 – United States defined
“The term “United States”, as used in this title in a territorial sense, includes all places and waters, continental or insular, subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, except the Canal Zone.” (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 685.)
Federal gov’t is running its own private ‘nation’. It’s VOLUNTARY, and you signup via a Birth Certificate. And when you joined their corporate nation, you gotta get SSN if you want employment. And that entitles you to the protection of federal labor laws, but also makes you liable to obey federal laws. So you then are an employee in the federal nation, a ‘federal employee for short.
And if you want out, just tell the IRS that you are a non-resident alien (State citizen or inhabitant) and ask them for a form to change the status of your SSN into an ITIN. Then you can file a W8-BEN form with your employer and mark EXEMPT on line 7 of the W4 form.
BTW, there are about 100 boundary stones around District of Columbia. And on the inside of the stones, it says “Jurisdiction of the United States”. That’s a proof positive that jurisdiction of US is limited to District of Columbia. SO you now know what is the territorial United States, that form W8-BEN talks about. 
 Comment by ron 
The State of Whatever is a franchise of the United States, operating within the territorial boundaries of a perpetual union state. This said State of Whatever is only federal lands within the territorial boundary of the perpetual union state. Look at any State statute for the meaning of “State” or “in this state” and you WILL find it means District of Columbia. One inhabits upon, ie. Florida, California, Ohio etc, not State of California etc. etc.  The State of California, State of Florida etc. etc are within the jurisdiction of United States but not California, Florida etc. etc.

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6 Re: TDA UPDATES 7/30-8/04 on Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:34 pm



"A Further Warning to A, et al" by Still Not in Jail in Seattle - 7.30.17

7/30/2017 03:44:00 AM  Emailed, Thoughts  
Entry Submitted by Still Not in Jail in Seattle in at 2:31 AM EDT on July 30, 2017

To A, et al;

Sigh. Here we go. Normally I wouldn’t bother, but this goes beyond entertainment or investment. THIS COULD PUT YOU IN PRISON IF YOU TRY TO ACCESS TDA BOOKKEEPING SYSTEM FOR PERSONAL GAIN. Please do try to keep up.

There are only two official .gov websites to which you can go that have anything remotely to do with this. I know not of which website you “checked” at, A, and I took note that you did not provide the link. Here are existing REAL government websites that deal with anything that has the words Treasury, Direct, or Account. The first is:

This website is the U.S. Trade and Development Agency. Nothing to do with any sort of TDA as has been discussed. But it does have TDA in the name, though.

This website is an official government site, to access your treasury accounts. NO, not the TDA as has been discussed. This is to access accounts where you have purchased treasuries such as T-Bills, etcetera. It is an official site with government computers in the system, so don’t try to access if you don’t have legitimate business there.

The TreasuryDirect site is the official government website for investment. If the TDA, as discussed, was real and held negotiable funds, this is where you would find and access them. If they were real, negotiable accounts, that is . . .

This is where you negotiate Treasury Bills, Notes, Bonds, TIPS, FRNs, and an assortment of things. If anyone in Dinarland actually wants to deal in reality, and not under the guidance of someone claiming Center Earth Dweller Status, go to the real government website. Have fun! Explore it. It is there for you.

I repeat: the TDA System that has gotten people tossed in jail awaiting arraignments is a bookkeeping device at the Treasury in order to calculate future taxable earnings of the US. These US future taxable capital profiles are calculated in a straightforward manner. An individual’s earning curve is all calculated. This is why, the older one gets, the less that is held in the account. You have less earning potential the closer you get to 70. It is all a methodology to calculate future tax base figures in order to secure loans from the Fed. It is a huge, glorified spreadsheet for budgetary purposes - no more, no less. And if you think THIS is complicated, research how economic activity is calculated on a National level for such purposes! But I digress. A far as the TDA System as discussed in Dinarland is concerned:

It is not your account, as far as negotiable funds are concerned.

You have no money in it.

There are no negotiable funds in it.

The amounts there are not real.

The entire system is a bookkeeping and budgetary device.

If one attempts to troll Fed routing numbers with his or her SSN, then use the funds through a third party device such as PayPal, nothing will come of it other than a stint in the Federal Pen. But don’t just listen to me and your common sense. Many others with call-in conferences, websites, and YouTube channels (IQD Calls being but one of them) have all urged caution. They are wise to offer such advice.


Still not in Jail in Seattle

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7 Re: TDA UPDATES 7/30-8/04 on Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:35 pm



"Zorra 7/28/17 TDA Call Notes Part 2" by Ascension Blessings - 7.30.17

7/30/2017 01:48:00 AM  [url= Call]Conference Call[/url], Emailed, Intel, Thoughts, Zorra  
Entry Submitted by Ascension Blessings at 12:37 AM EDT on July 30, 2017

Greetings Dinarland,

Enclosed are the Zorra Call Notes from 07/28/2017 and footnotes

Topics: TreasuryDirect Accounts (TDAs), RV/GCR and Heather-HATJ
TDA's, a Shiny Distraction, or GCR/RV Puzzle Piece? by Ascension Blessings - 7.23.17

" of the underlying messages I felt was Zorra's CTA (call-to-action) for us to not only now publicize TreasuryDirect Accounts to the masses, but also to unite in-force, standing in our power against blessing resistance, to cause an energetic tipping point for NESARA. Our continued loving "pressure," will greatly support this prosperity dam to keep cracking, and ultimately break!"

HATJ = Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

Zorra speaks on the call from approximately 00:08:05 - 00:14:30 min

00:08:05 (Jane) Zorra is here, as well, yeah.

(Jane) How about I ask Zorra what is, what he sees now in terms of events that are coming (a) into play at this time?
(Sharon) Sound great.
(Jane) Hello Zorra.
(Zorra) Indeed.
(Jane) ...TDAs and Heather
(Zorra) Indeed.
(Zorra) Well beloved masters, understand what is called you term it the TDA, TreasuryDirect Accounts, what that is, is a little more than what is called the blessing, it is also an avenue for you, in the interim before what is termed as the Revaluation of Currency, Global Currency Reset, that is will be, what is termed, as a precursor to that…and what I mean by precursor, you’re going to be able to access funds that will pay off all of your debts, that was the reason for it, and for it to come out…and so that’s what is transpiring now. And of course, I can tell you that the Galactic Federation have Heather (HATJ) in their safe arms; (ah) they are protecting her from any harm that may befall her while she is in Washington (DC).
(Jane) And what do think the results are, of what has happened with her arrest…what will be the results of all of that happening?
(Zorra) What was termed as, it was very beneficial, (ah) not so much for her but it was beneficial for all of the inmates that she has had the opportunity to speak with, and to enable them to become free as well. (and what about the rest of us? asks Jane) And also the rest of the world; as you know, the District of Columbia (DC) doesn't follow the rules and regulations that all other states do, they have there own little world there, but (ah) still…she is there for the sole purpose to bring about the ratification of (um) full and complete access to your gifts, to your accounts, and to your monies! Many of you have Trillions, if not, well you know you have Trillions/Billions of (ah) bonds in your account, and it is your right to know that- it is your right to access them.
(Jane) So I guess what your saying Zorra, is that her being there, because that was made public, that it is her mission then has been exposed, more so, so that it’s reaching thousands more people, is that correct?
(Zorra) Indeed. Very much.
(Jane) Very good. So we thank her for what she has done to be able to go to Washington DC, and we love her, and we support her, and her endeavors, (ah) and she (HATJ) is of the Light correct Zorra?
(Zorra) Of Course.
(Jane) So, you know we have, excuse me Sharon but have to bring in a few issues with regards to Sharon, there is a lot of information out there as well, again regarding TDAs, that we really should not be delving into this, because we we’re waiting for the RV/GCR instead and why do we want to get ourselves mixed up with this?
(Jane) Because a lot of people are pretty fiercely against what we’re doing, because we’re meddling with fraudulent money, even though it’s ours, it’s still fraud/fraudulent money.
(Zorra) It is part of your blessing.
(Jane) Oh ok, well then I guess …so talking about our blessing, where are we with the RV and the GCR presently? I know we were waiting for the USN notes to come through, and apparently that has already been signed by Trump.
(Zorra) Indeed.
(Jane) So where are we now?
(Zorra) Very, very near.
(Jane) Do you think this thing with the TDA, we already know this is pushing everything to to open up the gates for the GCR the RV, to really come through the gate, is that really necessary?
(Zorra) Well understand, what is termed, the (um) the RV has all the attention of what is call the minions, of the Cabal, so now we've given them another (ah) slap in the face, so to speak, with the (ah) disclosing this information that we are doing now. And it is going to intensify, so so greatly, that they will not be able to stand it, at all…(and so then what?) so they will just give up. ("completely" said Jane)
(Zorra) So you’re thinking that this exposure of the TDAs is going to push them over the edge, and therefore we’ll have the GC/R. Are we really waiting separately for the RV/GCR? are we waiting for the RV/GCR, separately from this TDA we are working through?
(Zorra) Understand the RV, is a slang term for the Global Currency Reset ("correct" said Jane). Well the Global Currency Reset is on-going, and it is opening up everywhere…and but also this information that we’re bring out now, through Sharon and through others, that is going to intensify the (ah) efforts that are going on ("for the RV?" asks Jane), for the Global Currency Reset.
(Jane) Oh, so it’s actually pushes it, it’s pushing, it’s pushing that (GCR) to come forth.
(Zorra) It is Indeed.

00:14:30 (Zorra) So let’s get to Sharon...

Author's footnotes:
1. Zorra message(s), and others, focus leveraging TDAs to primarily pay off your debts (at least at this time, pre-RV)
2. Listen to the rest of the call for details regarding FS form 5446
US Government FS form 5446 (updated February 2017)
3. Universal routing number stated by one caller (Victor?) as 021...... is likely 021050466
YouTube - Zorra * Zaraya * Jane TDA's, Part 2 July 28, 2017

We are all ONE, and it is our time to UNITE!

Love and Light
{=}Ascension Blessings{=}
Please take only what resonates, and disregard all the rest.

Thanks to:


8 Re: TDA UPDATES 7/30-8/04 on Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:36 pm


"To Still Not in Jail in Seattle and I Did Not Earn it Crowd" by Reallucky1

Still not in Jail and I did not earn the money people:

I am not in jail either, and I have used the Treasury Direct accounts but I did it legally. I mailed a copy to the Treasury Retail Securities in Minnesota along with all copies of my long form birth certificate and my social security card and my Texas State Drivers License. What you do not seem to get is this money is part of the Nesara package and that it is being made readily available through the accounts. In addition, you posted the links to the site, DID YOU READ THE SITE? Did you go into the Fedwire Services and the ACH payment systems I posted yesterday? The site clearly reads the system will be made available for Americans beginning August 1, 2017, or by Tuesday.

I guess you do not want yours because you are spreading FEAR PORN, the only thing that the government has left over us, FEAR. This money is held not only with my credentials, it has been used by the government and traded. You say the money is not real, really why do I have 5 pages of print outs using my CUSIP and Social Security Number that shows I have 77,337 Bonds held with my name and numbers? I clicked on just one of them, and the account held in trust has an interest payment of $79,000. I guess you want the government to have access to your money held in these accounts. That number above 77,337 is only for the Bonds, then there are stocks which I own 225, and trusts which I have not found a way to list or print these out yet.

This does not even get into the value of my Birth Certificate the chattel bond that holds there system in place. This is how Americans break free from the evil satanists that have enslaved us our entire lives. I have been teaching many about these trusts, and I stand by what I say 100%.

To the many that I have seen say, I did not earn this money, really? Every single time you received a paycheck in your life, you were taxed through Fica and Wic, which is unlawful to tax your work. This has been done your entire life. Any notes, liens, mortgages or loans that you have ever made, the company immediately takes your signed documents and sells them to a bond company that runs the notes through the Federal Reserve Banks and they are paid in full IMMEDIATELY. While we have struggled to make these payments, our trusts and Federal Reserve Accounts have already paid the loan. While we struggle to pay the debt with the huge interest attached, the Note is paid in full. If you are late even two weeks, you are turned into a past due status and the information is sent to your credit report for a Note and Loan that is already PAID IN FULL.

When you say, I DID NOT EARN THIS MONEY it is not mine, I guess you want the Federal Reserve Banks and the Vatican who have made us chattels to retain your estate, that was set up for you. Prior to 1936, it was printed on the social security card as Account Number with your social security number being the account number. The main reason that JFK was assassinated, because he had the Kennedy Bonds set up through Mr. Soekerno of the Indonesian empires. The bonds remain until this day, reading for every American to lay claim to their assets held in these banks, you must know the history to truly understand what is happening in our country.

The whole Heather and Randy in jail, is a way for the government to get this Natural Law released, and if you pay attention, you will see this happen in real time. The government is going bankrupt and this system that has enslaved us will be over on September 30, 2017. The US has been using the Nesara money since March 16, 2017 and it is now imminent that the RV goes through to stay in compliance with the Basil IV, once the new system is in place we will become Basel V compliant and meet all the requirements of the Nesara agreement with the other 208 nations under the same requirements.

While I was explaining to some friends to help them understand what is happening they listened intently for a while as I was explaining the UCC laws and how we got to where we are now. At the end I asked them if they had any questions that I could help them truly understand what was going on. My friend asked me "I agree with everything you have explained except I do not want to give up my US citzenship". I said really, you have some love for your country that have enslaved you and your entire family our entire lives? The same country that will be bankrupt in two months? You are not giving up anything except you are opting to be a free sovereign national, with the same rights you thought you had before. Only this time, you can pick the way in which the money held in trust will be spent and be given full and complete access by taking the necessary steps to ensure that you and your children will never be enslaved by the evil that persists within our nations and the fiat money system.

This Federal Reserve banking system, the government use it at will, that is how many of them live so lavishly, they are linked up to these accounts and have black American Express cards so they never run out of money. Is it now time, that we are given full and complete access to the money held in our names and live the life God has in store for each one of us? Or I guess you want to continue to be chattel property, even though the Pope has released the stranglehold that has enslaved us, through Motu Proprio. I am taking the necessary steps to ensure that the money held in my name and credentials is returned to me and my family. Once my stuff is completely set up and working, I will claim all my deceased family members assets. You see the government when your family member passes, they send you $255, the death benefits for each passing US citizen under Social Security Administration. Once you sign and cash the check they take the billions left in trust in your family members name. If you do not get upset about this, you can remain NOT IN JAIL and continue to be a puppet for the government and the Central banks. I am taking action and reclaiming all property in trust in my name, and for my families name, not to be greedy, but because the bank held this secret as well as the government that are exempt from the laws and regulations that you and I the tax payer were forced to follow.

No one is telling anyone what to do, you do as you please, just what the Fed Banks want you to do which is NOTHING. I am helping bring this home for the 330 Million Americans that have been enslaved, we all have a choice, take action or let them control you forever. Enuf said......



>>>TNTBS's YouTube Channel<<<
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9 Re: TDA UPDATES 7/30-8/04 on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:30 am



"AJ Regarding TDA's" by islandwave8 - 7.31.17

7/31/2017 02:18:00 AM  Emailed, Thoughts  
Entry Submitted by islandwave8 at 2:15 AM EDT on July 31, 2017

Re "Changing the Atmosphere: Admiralty Law? Natural Law? OR?" by AJ - 7.30.17

Hi AJ,

I think Anna V.R. has been saying similar to your post in several of her recent comments concerning the TDA's.

(As far as getting involved w the Admiralty side of the fence would then make you a participant on that side of the fence - as you stated.)

The only exception I can see to that problem is if, as part of this transition from old system to new, if accessing it in the past it was Admiralty jurisdiction yet perhaps now in these many changes those accts are actually being handed off to the land jurisdiction, aka States/Republic etc.

In fact, Anna had mentioned she did some of her legalese actions to help accomplish that. Perhaps the Reset activities in motion are also causing that result.

The speculation is that our "shotgun start" (widely sprayed birdshot apparently, ha) will also have the TDA's become accessible. (Presumably under Republic Treasury jurisdiction.) And if Heather's trial (justifying public access) culminates around the turn of the year when the GCR will also be made more visible to the public, then it looks like it's all seamlessly being orchestrated.

We shall see if your suggestion is already in motion, soon enough.

~ islandwave8


10 Re: TDA UPDATES 7/30-8/04 on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:51 am


We want our FREE MONEY and we WANT IT NOW!!!  The comments are priceless!

Petitioning  Secret Service and 1 other

full disclosure of accounts tied to social security numbers at federal reserve

mike obrien/ youtube channel

recently information has come out that there are hidden accounts in americans social security numbers which hold a large amount of money.  the federal reserve bank has been blocking the access of the american public to these accounts even though the accounts are in our social security numbers and our names. we want full disclosure on these accounts and immediately want a user interface up and running so we can access said accounts. the crimes and fraud the federal reserve has committed against the american public need to be addressed legally and corrective action and formal charges brought up immediatly.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • Secret Service
  • federal reserve bank

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Just a sampling of comments regarding the above petition:

Im signing it because I have alot of proof and I know the whole truth and nothing but the truth they are making us slaves and having us pay for there debts and they stole our wealth and kept it from us so that way we can be slave minded and deprived out of our riches which they got us out here killing stealing and robbing our own people we are savages while they share our riches amongst thereselfs and on the Lord's behalf brothers and sisters end the war amongst us and open your eyes the real targets is the feds the irs the social the birth the prisons and jails judges attorneys lawyers bar lawyers military mind control and the bankers but also not to mention the Rothschild the jp Morgan's the Vatican the Cardinals the Jesuits the Catholics the Jewish and the rocker fellas it's time to pick up yourselves and fight for what is right and not what is wrong


Because they all have been lieing to us all and tdas belong to the PEOPLE




The fraudulent bankers have to pay if it was any of us we would be uder the jail somply put we need to reprimanded for our suffering




We are being drown in debt and they are profiting from us


i believe in bringing the truth to light.


This is not right make money off the american public and some are just make ends meat some are homeless


why the **** not?


I've come realize the truth. I'm awake now. There is no going back to sleep. All we need to do is tick together and there is no stopping us. I'm on this train!!


I want my money


I feel like everyone should have access to this money


Its pretty obvious that my SSN and BC have been compromised by the United States Government... Cut dat check


I want access to my said secret account associated with my social security number.


I AM not lost at SEA.


Tired of living in poverty due to these secret accounts, I want to live in a nice home and eat organic food.


I'm inning because!!!! We the people need ous rights back. Is agaisnt the law to have an account open without the knowledge of the People. I AM the beneficiary of the account.. We deserve this, we aren't slaves. We are not falling for the system anymore. I am not lost at sea, and I know for sure they aren't lost at sea either, so let them go because they didn't did anything illegal the one that doing illegal things is the government.


There would be less crime if people had access to their money. They want us to kill each other off.


I have an account in my birth name of Anthony Porter and a social security number which was set up without my concent nor knowledge. I have a legal birth right to access this account in order to discharge any debts, bills etc.


I want asset to my TDA ( Trust fund)






I wont to no whats going on.

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