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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR CAST OF CHARACTERS & CHARLETONS » Cindy Kay Currier » Cindy Kay Currier ~ Commentary on TDAs, Heather's arrest, becoming an American national, etc.

Cindy Kay Currier ~ Commentary on TDAs, Heather's arrest, becoming an American national, etc.

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Maybe people are confused because you have been extremely cryptic in your videos. I am not a stupid person but I am not psychic, so I don't read minds. I am not a numerologist, so I don't use gematria to "de-crypt" your messages. I don't have an opinion either. Those with logic and a semblance of reasoning faculty working in their brains can tell that you contradict yourself from one video to the next. You make appeals for "we need this, we need people with that, all are welcome, please come." But, what you don't tell them is, they should not expect to stay there and pass muster with you. Some who are independently wealthy, and perhaps the festival hopping types can just pop on down to your island, stop in for tea maybe. Talk to you, have an exit plan when they find out the details of actually setting up a place to live there on the island, contribute the necessary funds to open your bank, etc.

At least you said "pay for my gas". That's a start to being transparent, Cindy which is something you have not been. By saying that, you let people know that the "America" you want to create is only created in your mind and in your trailer spot on an island. It is possible that you need everyone's focus to manifest it, of course you do. That's what "the controllers" do, they use our focus and energy to create what we have now. Tell me, with the lack of transparency you have already displayed, how are you any different than them? If none of us jumps on board, the message from your videos is; "you will not be included in Organic Earth" unless you do this. Remember the video, "There is only one way and this is it" ??  Maybe you mean well, geez, whatever it takes to wake up humanity" kind of mentality. You are willing to go out on a limb like this. The work regarding the natural law handbook is brilliant and needed. You lack "understanding" of where this is going, I think. You are not a savior and leading people to believe you are the queen of earth is really showing your delusional state and displaying the exact same attributes you say you seek to abolish. What if you just did you? What if you put down the savior, minister, therapist, solution bringer and just did Cindy? I don't think you can. I think you are chipped, mind-controlled, and unable to see yourself as worthy of all this effort. No, you have to save HUMANITY. Geez, what would we do without you? How could we survive? According to you, we can't. Wow, maybe you should look at yourself and ask yourself why. You may not like the answer but regardless, you must. We all must do this, look directly at ourselves and ask; "if I only had one person to fix and save and that person turned out to be me, would I still put in the effort? for thought.

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:tup: well said Music! and she can not take over Chincoteagea. This place belongs to Misty and all the other wild ponies! hahaha


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