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Starwalkers Episode 26, "The Return of Curzon" by TS Caladan

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Episode 26, "The Return of Curzon"
by TS Caladan

       When Captain Church heard the horrible news that his old friend, Curzon Dax, had been killed/murdered by an unknown assailant on Deep Space 11, he was devastated. For two straight "days" in space, the Captain had Commander Staak sit in the Big Chair. He gave the orders. John remained in his quarters and did not want to be disturbed. He was already disturbed.
       Ben O'Leary had a host of questions and concerns about the state of the Enlighten's Captain. Was he fit for duty after he received the bad news about the Trill? Was John physically and mentally all right?
       Two previous occasions over the last 48 hours, Church refused to see his good friend and doctor. On the third attempt and under threat of an official report sent directly to SC, John relented...
       The door to the Captain's quarters opened with a "woooosh." John was in one of the seats.
       Ben walked in. "Well. Johnny boy; oh, sorry: I mean, Captain. Ah. Yeah. You assured me you're Okay. But are you, John?"
       "Sit down," he softly ordered his friend to join him.
       The Doctor sat down and did a quick eye-check on the reclusive Captain. John seemed clearheaded to Ben.
       "I'm hardly sleeping now, since the news...Can't settle down or do anything."
       "That's not good, John. Why don't you talk to the Councilor? That's what she's there for. Someone should order you to see her."
       "I can't, Ben."
       "Why not?"
       "She...she makes me nervous."
       "Oh, God. Well. That's not good either. I can give you a few things to put you at ease, put you to sleep. That's what the Doctor prescribes: dreamland, deep MER sleep..."
       "Curzon and I weren't even that close!" John busted out words from nowhere.
       "Thought you were?"
       "We go back, that's all. Had...had our fun, you know? Ha! Ah. Double-dating aliens, then the old switcheroo..."
       "I heard about the drunken orgies, Cap."
       "Oh. You haven't heard half the stories, Ben."
       "Ha. Did you know there's only a few alien species we can reproduce with?"
       "Yeah. I'm a doctor." Ben noticed the first sign of tears in the Captain's eyes.
       John Church held back an emotional display. His hands went out from his sides. "I'm going to miss him, Ben." He wiped some tears.
       "John. You know the symbiont was saved? Dax lives!"
       "It won't be the same, Ben. They're always different in the next incarnation when the, you know, 'slug' gets placed inside the new host."
       "Shouldn't mourn, John. There's no funeral, no death. You might even meet the guy again, who knows?" 
       "They frown on that. Trills do not renew old relationships from previous hosts."
       "Really? Didn't know that."
       "It's one of their prime laws. They only want new relationships built. He's gone, man. It actually is a death."
       The Doctor tapped John's knee twice and replied, "You'll be fine again, Cap. Right as rain."
       "We were very different. High respect for each other. But...I mean...Dax and I were different politically, in many ways. Differed about Starwalkers, our whole purpose. Argued about the Executive Order. Was he right? Are we not what we seem...or present to the rest of the galaxy? Are we one big lie? Explorers or military? Guardians, like the Rangers of long ago? I doubt it. They were the real deal. What are we, Ben? Hypocrites in royal uniforms?"
       Church took a breath. He laughed and came out of his funk and personal depression at that point. "Ha! Ha, ha. Hey. Don't worry about me, my friend. Any more advice, Doctor?"
       "Yeah. Good advice: Take time off. I should insist upon it for your well-being. Personal leave..."
       "A vacation?" John's tearful eyes cleared. It was a good idea.
       "Not a vacation, Johnny boy. Take a weekend off and get as far away as you can from the Command Chair. Forget everything. Have fun. Go home. Get laid..."
       "You know...that's what Dax would have told me to do."
       "Ha. Hey. You could go to Risa, or, or, OH! That Amusement Park planet we've heard about?"
       "I'm not going to sit around a beach with a ton of beautiful babes."
       "HUH?" Ben thought: Was my hearing impaired?
       "Been there, done that. But you know what'd intrigue me?"
       "To get away, exactly like you said, Doctor. [decided now] Only I'm going to Deep Space 11 and see if I can discover who killed my friend."
       "Great. That'll occupy your mind, a mystery. Staak's more than comfortable in the Chair. I think he wants your job, John."
       "Ha. Thanks for the laugh."
       "Good luck, sir."

       At a later sundate, John Church was nowhere near the captaincy. He was an ordinary mortal and, temporarily, not a part of Star Command. The intelligent, intuitive, sensitive man had an initial feeling in his gut...
       As he walked into the main promenade on DS11...
       The sensation, vibe or his "muse" informed his mind that his detective side will fail this time. No matter how hard he 'sat down and figured it out,' not going to happen. So. If that were the case, why was he here at the station, at this late hour in the evening? (He asked his muse). He was about to take a seat in the sparsely populated promenade. Then he saw her~ The Captain was flabbergasted. He was totally captivated at the lone vision that stood tall in the back bar section. She was a goddess. A radiant, dark-haired, lean, work of feminine art.

The Captain walked closer and closer. He couldn't believe it.
       SHE HAD SPOTS! The lovely woman was a Trill. Every feature on her face was fantastic. She wore a white gown that shimmered in the light. The girl was dressed for a very special occasion.
       What was she doing here? Was she waiting for him?
       He introduced himself.
       She was impressed. The ravishing woman told the Captain that she was an eighth generation Trill. But she would not divulge her name for some reason.
       Ah. The mystery.
       At the moment, she was the only mystery and thing of interest to John. In fact, he concentrated all of his attention on her and nothing else.
       She also 'locked onto him' and was equally attracted.
       John made sure to not mention Curzon or any type of investigation to the girl. She would have been the perfect person to question: Did she know anything about the murder of Dax? Where was she? Did she know Dax? John decided. He played it cool. He placed the questions in a 'drawer' and forgot about them. For tonight anyway.   
       Why did it always appear as if the Captain just met the most beautiful, enigmatic and sexy woman in the galaxy? He thought: Nothing could top this gal. Did you see those legs?

       The Captain took the girl with no name to his 'compartment' on the station. He made passionate love to her and she to him. There was something about this woman John had never encountered before in all of his exploits with the ladies. They had just met. How did she know him so well? It was like they were the best of friends. It was a feeling. It was as if they were perfect soul-mates. Every need, desire, fantasy fulfilled to its maximum in short moments of pure bliss.
       'Something had to be wrong on Zenon.'
       After a small breakfast and a sonic shower, the 'perfect couple' relaxed in each others arms and really talked for the first time...

"I'm ready to tell you my name now," the girl with no name said. "Tell me if you like it." Every utterance and image from this 'dream girl' was precious, priceless and magical. She wore only one of the Captain's long shirts, very casual. Her hair was down and different from the night before.
       "Really? Guess you know I like older women, women with taste and sophistication, brains? Culture. That's probably what drew us together."
       "Or something else, eh? It's Jadzia."
       "Ah...Jadzia," John Church repeated and etched it into his head.
       "Before you say, it's the most beautiful name you've ever heard, young man..."
       "I wasn't going to say that..."
       "You weren't?" Jadzia was surprised.
       "No. Jadzia...Jadzia...kinda sucks."
       "My new name sucks? Is that what you're saying, Johnny?"
       "Dear. Dear. I'm merely saying you are FAR more lovely than a Jadzia. See what I did there? Ha."
       "You always were so clever."
       "Hey. What did you mean, new name? Did you just transition?"
       "Brilliant, my boy. I did indeed."
       John reacted, "Huh." He decided. He'd ask the first question about his old friend. "Jadzia. Did you happen to know Curzon Dax?"
       "John...I am Curzon Dax."
       "What?" Yeah, he freaked out a bit.
       (Love was blind).

       Onboard the Enlighten...
       Commander Staak gave the "com" to "Lieutenant" Ito, no longer an ensign. 
       Inside holo-deck 11, sat Commander Staak and Doctor O'Leary, cross-legged at the high pinnacle of sacred Mount Shi'luud. Or so it appeared as the panoramic vista from the apex of the holy mountain. They sat in the center of the grand, ancient, Centauri pattern or hub, where the concentrated 'lines of energy' and physical markings came together. The place was a Remoran Super Ley-Line center where wisdom often materialized under amazing skies. Only, the stunning scenery was a facsimile.
       They had been there before in the 'real world.' Ben, with the aid of Admiral Varek, enhanced the Doctor's skills and replaced Staak's makina before a powerful storm swept them to their death. Or Varek staged the whole affair? The past was forgotten in the now. Now, it was an artificial world with real words...
       "Bright here," were the first words out of the Doctor's mouth.
       With eyes still closed, Staak almost smiled.
       "I must say...I'm honored, Commander." Ben stated with real feelings; he sincerely meant every word. "You, ah...we, we never, ah, went anywhere. I mean: you and me, together. Really. You asking me to join you, uh, HERE. Wow. I'm truly honored."
       R'maugzhe opened his eyes. He asked, "How did we meet, Ben?"
       "You forgot?"
       "I'm seeing if you remember."
       "Ha. That's typical. Sensible. Sorry, shoulda used 'sensible' for a better occasion. Of course I remember. I learned Centauri anatomy, biology from you at the Academy. You were the closest Remoran and wound up on the table in front of medical students. Long time ago, huh? Why?"
       "Why?" Staak turned only his head and looked at the Doctor.
       "Yeah. Beautiful here, calm, very relaxing. When there's no violent storm and red lightning blasting you, that is. WHY? Ah. What do you want to tell me, Commander?"
       "We go back..."
       Ben was confused. "You want us to leave?"
       "No, you big-eared human. How do you like it, eh?" Staak declared seriously.
       Now Ben turned only his head. They stared at each other an odd moment. "Was that a joke? Because the Admiral was right: You guys aren't very good at it."
       "No, Doctor. However it was...humorous. To me. We have a history, that's all I wanted to say. We're friends. Did you know a Commander sounds higher-ranked than a Captain?"
       "Is your Cycle coming up, Staak? Is that it? I think it IS! Are you aware of the next, you know, 'Deadly Sin,' that will emerge?"
       "Don't you call it my Period? Nothing to worry about, Ben. I do know. It's avarice, hubris. I'll take my leave of the ship at that point."
       "Why?" the Doctor asked.
       "Because if I didn't leave, I'd probably take control of the whole ship."
       "You know, I can see that happening. So. So what are you saying here? And don't cry on me."
       "We go back. We're old friends."
       "Of course we're old friends, you..." Ben stopped a small rant and his insult and went the other way. For a few seconds, his arm went around and patted the far shoulder of his buddy from another planet. Ben said, warmly: "There's a lot of people that care about you, Commander."
       "And funny thing, Ben. They're mostly Earthlings."
       They smiled and turned their heads toward the incredible (fake) panorama when the ceremonial center of Shi'luud was shiny, clean and brand new.

       John Church took an entire day of his 3-day vacation from command of a thousand people and talked and talked and talked with his old friend, the Trill. He did this while his eyes fixed on her perfect skin, her incredible eyes and luscious lips. He remembered how fantastic the fucking was! He had not touched her/him since the big news was smashed over his head. They were constant companions since they'd met and during the "awkward day" in his compartment.
       But on the third day and last, free day...
       John and Jadzia had "things" worked out, in a sense. The Captain accepted this was not the "old man" he'd known and partied with for years. Here was Jadzia: a completely different "amalgamate" and new persona, almost like a new lifeform. There was not one aspect or quality of her that was masculine, outside of a highly-charged and experienced sex-drive. Could a wise "slug," 8 lifetimes in age, actually be this exquisite on the outside and truly beautiful on the inside? Was this his perfect mate? His queen?
         The Captain loved her and wanted her again. They entered one of DS11's holo-suites. It didn't matter which one. They played and played as adults, as children, as husband and wife as well as the best of friends. The couple changed forms again and again, quickly, almost like Changlings in love. New experiences, new pleasures, anything they dreamt up. John was the Trill. Dax was the human. It was the most fun in his entire life~

All good things must come to an end. He had to go back to work. Dax was officially assigned as Science Officer to DS11. 
       John was invigorated, recharged. He'd found Love, what he looked for all of his life, the only thing of genuine importance. Jadzia was perfect. A soul-mate. He could MARRY this woman. In fact, he would marry this woman.
       Imagine, a married Captain of a starship! Wait a minute, that's not right.

Jadzia was magnificent in mind and extraordinary in beauty. Captain John Church would gladly never sit in the Big Chair again. He'd leave the Starwalkers, settle down, find a place of their own and build a HOME together. He knew Steve and Lara would be supremely happy for them and the love he'd found. What could go wrong? We had our jobs. Wait. We won't have our jobs.
       'Something was wrong on Zenon,' as the expression went. His usually sharp and clear mind was cloudy. He didn't know what was happening.
       For some strange reason, John Church had a vision that concerned (not Jadzia) Commander Staak. His birth on planet Remor. Now. Why was that? The scene couldn't be real. The Captain was confused.

Staak's mother told the father, "Don't worry. He'll be more Centauri."      
       John's mind observed Staak's father with ears, pointed ears! Apparently. Something was also wrong on Remor because Remorans don't have pointed ears or lobes or appendages, only earholes with implants. WAIT! There's more wrongness with this picture because Staak's father was a MACHINE! Not a Bio. What did the vision mean? The answer jogged the Captain to consciousness~

       "Haaaaw!" At this point, John Church woke from his extremely lucid dream. He screamed: "NO! No! No!...No..."

       Hours later, on the bridge of the Enlighten, Doctor O'Leary had a private conversation with the Commander.
       "Staak. Are you sure we should have, you know?"
       "Went ahead with what should be a wonderful surprise for the Captain?"
       The Doctor was unsure if it was a sensible move. "Don't know if he likes surprises on his ship."
       "Nonsense," Staak assured Ben. "He loves mysteries. Make him guess; see if he knows who's waiting in the staffroom? Yes?"
       "I don't know. If that's a good..."
       The turbo-lift opened. Church walked onto the bridge. [Captain was not incommunicado for days, only a night]. "What's this?" John asked Ben and Staak. The Captain was in a foul mood. He was pissed.
       "What, Captain?"
       "You two. Those looks on your faces." John was nearly angry.
       A few others reacted, a bit scared. Tension was felt on the bridge.
       John continued and walked closer with a heavy heart that he concealed with anger. "What's up? Gentlemen?"
       "Aaah. Why don't you do the honors, Commander?"
       Staak declared, "You have special visitors, sir. They're waiting in the staffroom, Captain."
       The Doctor, meekly, said: "The Commander, uh, wondered if you could guess who?" Ben's words were ignored.
       John didn't have his head on properly. He was madder. He turned back toward the Lift. He stomped and said, "You mighta told me that in the fucking first place. Not protocol and not cool!" He was gone.
       The others didn't know what to think.
       Ben said to Staak: "I told you he doesn't like surprises."

       When Church walked through the door and entered the staffroom, he observed a sight that was more intense than a Faser blast to the head! Parts of his lucid dream flashed back as vivid memories. Curzon was in the room with a tremendously beautiful woman the Captain had never seen before.
       Oh my God~ She was a Trill. Two Trills stood in front of him.
       "John!" Curzon shouted in pure, joyous glee. "I know! Hope can forgive the intrusion. But I'm so happy, my friend. I think my days of wild, wild...well, you know...wild days are behind me now, eh? Had to tell you. I want you to meet..."
       "This is your wife, you got married? You hound dog." John blurted out.
       She laughed for a moment and said, "Married? No way." She respectfully bowed to the Captain.
       "John. This is my girlfriend. We're just dating; playing it as it goes."
       Church asked him seriously, "Curzon. Since when did you ever have girlfriends?"
       "Ha! Funny man. Pay no attention to him, dear." He turned to John. "I might change my whole political view for this one. Haw!"
       The 8th-generation Trill introduced herself and shook John's hand: "Hi. Cur's told me a lot about you, Captain. I'm Jadzia..."

The Captain froze and well hid how freaked he was inside himself. "What's your name...again?"
       "Jadzia. Jadzia Dar," she said with a wonderful smile.
       Curzon told his old friend, "Yeah. We know, John; it's a beautiful name..."
       "Is it?" John whimsically asked.
        "Sure it is, what's wrong with you? She used to be Ezri Dar, now she's Jadzia. I actually knew her as Ezri. She's the new Science Officer on my station."
       John asked, "I thought that was taboo? To renew old relationships?"
       "Oh. It is," gorgeous Dar replied.
       "Hey. I won't tell if you don't tell, uh," Curzon said and winked. His spots moved.
       Was there another mystery?
       "And you two...aren't related?"
       The female Trill laughed.
       The male Trill expressed, "What? Of course not. Dax and Dar: it's different. Ha. We have that taboo in common, Captain. Haw."
       "Of course. Don't know what I was thinking. Well! I wish both of you the very best, happiness."
       "Thank you, Captain," Dar said with a sweet smile. The girl's full attention focused on Curzon. She only had eyes for the older Trill.
       They said their good-byes.
       Jadzia walked out of John's life...






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