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STARWALKERS Episode 27, "Beast's Name is REM" by TS Caladan

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Episode 27, "Beast's Name is REM"
by TS Caladan

A million years ago on Mars in a positive universe and parallel Mars in a negative universe, Evil was confined within the King's Chamber of the Grand Cydonian Pyramid. Negativity that infected the 'Old Galaxy of Rangers' and their enemies was trapped and stored and concentrated as magnetic electricity or sheer Power, imprisoned forever. Evil, Darkness, the energy of destruction itself...lessened in the Milky Way galaxy during the millenniums that Negativity was housed inside what was referred to as the golden "King's Chamber." And also lessened in the parallel Milky Way. Universes were basically peaceful.
       But not in the Real World. That was a very different matter.
       Golden power took the form of the female Care-Taker, the true trouble in the universe: Anti-Life, Black Goo, lies, HATE, master-pagan, "Beast in the trees." In other words, the Devil. She despised her long captivity and the ones that kept her there. "It might take a million years," said the Beast. "But I will escape, rise to supreme power again and have more minions than you could possibly imagine that obeyed my every command."
       The Devil did and didn't spend the rest of eternity confined to a golden, stone room with only a portal of light she peered into and 'contemplated the errors of Lucifer's view of anti-life?'
       Satan had a type of escape plan in mind, but it would take a million years to complete. The female Care-Taker remained imprisoned even after the destruction of the Grand Pyramid, Cydonia and ruination of both planets named Mars. The confinement Spell could never be broken. No matter what transpired in and out of any world, no matter how many minor devils existed and wreaked holy hell upon the cosmos...
       The Big Demon, the one at the very center of EVIL, was fully restrained, shackled and just about powerless. For awhile...
       Such was the intent of early Rangers and other virtual "police" forces that survived Galactic World War 1 and 2. The galaxy and various dimensions were far better off without the Beast, unbound, and its endless horrors alive and well. Good guys initially won after a massive unification of mighty fleets and forces.
       Back then, the Devil was defeated. Head of the Snake or Spider was severed. Peace reigned for countless ages in numerous realms.
       But it was time, soon...
       The Beast, or its dark spirit, projected itself to another place and time. It went to the future and became a Sleeping Giant. The Giant slept at the base, inside the tallest mountain on a particularly beautiful and big planet that would be later known as the "Amusement Park Planet." 
       A million years passed...
       A mean, unfriendly Giant, encased inside a stone mountain, was about to wake... 

       The Captain of the Enlighten was in a bit of a predicament at the moment. John Church had beamed down alone to the surface of what was called the Amusement Park Planet. He wanted to 'test the waters' of what was supposed to be one of the "most thrilling" places in the galaxy, before the rest of the crew.
       The environment wasn't for everyone~  
       The little care-taker of the planet provided the necessary "precautions" for the starship's crew. They needed a well-deserved shore leave. What better place? APP was a world unlike any holo-deck. Images and fantasies taken directly from the minds of players, avatars or participants formed an interactive world where everyone enjoyed each other's creations [as long as Park Rules were obeyed]. The whole crew of Earthlings, for the most part, weren't permitted on the surface. One had to pass harsh mental-tests and have high ESPer-levels before they beamed down to AAP. Only lifeforms that controlled their minds to high degrees were allowed to PLAY.
       When John Church, space pioneer, took it upon himself to, in a sense: go on one of the rides...
       Disaster struck! He already had in mind a location he was super fond of: the Ambrosia Fields of Fanguard. John remembered how succulent the "fruits of the gods" tasted. He wanted to experience the Ambrosia one more time, a rare juice that (supposedly) extends Life? Would the fruit be the real thing? Or an artificial fabrication like a holo-image? John wanted to find out. But. Something was way wrong!         

As soon as he beamed down, he was caught in a violent storm of nearly 100-mile an hour winds! These were the fields all right, the ones he pictured in his mind and now was a part of reality on the surface of the planet. But. But. What the fuck!
       Church grabbed his communicator. Before he had his engineer beam him back up, a strange occurrence transpired...
       The little-care-taker appeared and stopped the strong winds. The guy had white hair and wore a white gown. He had a glint in his eye and smiled. Time and space in the immediate vicinity came to a standstill. He calmly asked the Captain: "Do you know what the problem was, John?"
       Church adapted quickly to the new situation. He relaxed, lowered his BP and casually answered: "Haven't a clue, sir."
       "Quite simple. In your mind, you did not program WHEN. Our machines registered the precise coordinates, but not the time. Fanguard has severe, seasonal storms, yet produces such divine juices, eh? Machines could have thought: Maybe you liked 100-mile an hour winds? You see, John?"
       "Perfectly. I won't make that mistake again. It's like the transporter and holo-deck combined. Huh. No buttons."
       "That's the ticket, my friend. Program everything you can." The care-taker smiled more. "You'll get the hang of it..."
       "Of course, I'm the Captain," John assured the entity with an air of confidence. "Good to know that."
       "Oh. A joy." The being in charge glowed and said: "We have to monitor events here closely. Interactive with each other, you see? Players carry their reality along with them, yes?"
       The Captain understood and replied, "...And...ah, sparks may fly when the individual realities bump into each other, right?"
       "Precisely. Come. One and all, if you've passed our tests. We only allow THE LIGHT here at the Park and never Darkness. We sift it out, expose it from minds. Evil is against the Law here, Captain. We're positive, you see? Nothing can go wrong if, if you're in the right light, John."
       "I agree," the Earthling returned the care-taker's wide smile.
       "What do you mean, you're not going?" Doctor Ben asked the Remoran in one of the ship's hallways when they were alone.
       The First Officer raised one eyebrow and responded: "You enjoy yourself, Doctor. Have a mint julep back on your farm, the one you had as a boy."
       "Not sure how you know that. You know, that's not bad? I never had one there, as a boy." The Doctor was in a slight daze, caught up in memories. "Their computers can make me a boy. How 'bout that? I can show you all the old farm, new farm..."
       Staak replied, "I also...would enjoy the sight of how long you and John could ride my pet Seelat."
       "I see, Staak. You want to see us fall off?"
       "Love your honesty."
       They smiled.
       The Doctor got excited. He was going to the Amusement Park and he wanted his conservative, "stiff," no-fun friend to experience it. "Then DO IT, you purple-blooded bastard! Why the 'F' not?"
       "Not interested. Not my 'cup of tea.' Was that the correct usage, Doctor?"
       O'Leary answered, "Yes. That's one you got right. Hey. No one onboard needs to unwind more than you, Commander."
       "That's what my mind is for. My meditations, my dreams and travels are private, personal. Not to be everyone, that is."
       "Hmm. You've almost convinced me, Staako."

The Park was a massive planet with a diameter over 78,000 miles. Some of the Dream-Realities that materialized on the surface extended for great lengths. If no "player" was in your immediate area, your dream-environment (in a sense) could stretch for hundreds of miles. When players approached other players' "mind-constructions," then dreams constricted, shortened. The only real problems happened when certain players were right on top of each other and their realities clashed. 
       Many of the crew visualized aircrafts from different eras and flew them high over the Park and over other people's dreams. Everything that first day happened without a hitch. Crew of the Enlighten, and no one else, had exclusive rights to the planet's usage for two solid days. Almost a third of the crew (311) qualified and experienced an interactive world where you created the 'theme.'

It was the first night. Three moons set in the northeast...      
Almost all of APP's activities occurred near and around the largest mountain, Mt. REM. It was a colossal site more than 13 miles from base to summit. Shocker was: The mountain could not be accurately described as well as the rest of the terrain because...

       It always changed. No matter who walked or flew by, someone/somewhere dominated the view of the divided areas, which included the great Mountain they called "REM." One player's "visual skin" programmed the huge, omnipresent mountain and then a different player's view changed the 'Skin' or what everyone saw. Sometimes Rem would be forestlands. Then it could change to a frigid snow-covered peak or a volcano that blew! The Park was a wondrous, magical portrait in motion where many avatars painted their art and designs for everyone to inhabit and enjoy.
       Around a campfire, John, Ben, Jagroop, Alice, Boots and the Councilor toasted marshmallows and made S'mores. No one sang songs, but there was laughter and stories after a day and evening of incredible "amusement" and creative entertainment.
       The Councilor recalled what happened within her environment and was always sure (with mental codes) never to recreate them all over again. They were merely mentioned to the group. Machines that were everywhere understood: Thoughts and words were only thoughts and words and were not to be made real.
       The friends took their turns and told what it was like when they entered other people's Dream-Realities. It was great. Everyone around the campfire was happy. They had smiles on their faces and marshmallows in their stomachs. It was the best of times.
       Why was it that, always, at this point in the story...
       Something had to go wrong?

       (New Lieutenant) Lev Bellikov was another good friend and bridge officer. He was not with the core group around the fire. He stood at the base of Mt. REM and was puzzled. The navigator was another one that enjoyed an oddity, an "irregularity" or your average mystery. What was this? A reading on the Tri-Corder that should not be there. Lev was the one crewman at the Park that did not utilize it like the others did: for thrills, excitement and entertainment. The Russian scientist was extremely interested in learning. He monitored a certain, very faint "energy" that registered on his scans ever since he beamed to the surface. He thought it was nothing and it went unreported. Weird thing was: The readings were only at the bottom of Mt. REM. And they had slightly, very slightly, increased. There was a bit more of it than there was at the beginning of the long day at the Park. No one noticed; they were all having a such good time. Hmmmm...

       Next day, the Captain was alone in a desert he'd made with his mind. Yellow sands extended for approximately 40 miles in every direction, then terminated in irregular patterns because it meshed with the imaginings of other players. He blocked views of flying crafts. REM was not in view. John wanted the stillness, the warmth, the heat, the light and the solitude. Maybe he simply wanted to speak to God? Or the Devil? Maybe the man only wanted to be heard by somebody?
       In the desert 'projection,' John Church had very long hair, no beard and white robes. He held a wooden staff in his right-hand. He reached into a pouch he had over one shoulder and grabbed a juicy, reddish fruit. He finished the Ambrosia.
       A vision appeared in the dry heat and just above the sands~
       John believed this was obviously the Park's Machines that received one of his "mind-isos" and constructed the thought into reality. Smart, clever John Church was wrong.
       A female apparition appeared as a white ghost with golden sparkles. She was hardly physical, almost gaseous without cohesion to the material plane. She was the Voice of the ancient Sleeping Giant that slept inside the rocks at the mountain's base. She told the Captain:
       "I have always been with you, John Church. I am your Companion. I am for you. Your own personal Care-Taker. I have watched you all the days of your lives. John. Would you sacrifice your starship, your friends and crew for me, Captain?"
       He responded to what he knew was total Deception with the question: "Is this a test?"
       "You truly understand, or will in near future, that your world is the Negative Universe, the one with negative electrons? Anti-matter. Isn't that right, John?"
       "That much you've said is true, Demon."
       "Demon?! Flatterer." The 'Dark Prophet' figure seemed to have bowed.
       "Yes! We are negative. What of it?" The Captain got tough. He liked games. He usually won.
       "With Order 33, together, we could change the entire polarity of your world, John. Use your keen senses; feel that that much I say is absolutely correct."
       "Go on." The messiah-like man in the desert under blue skies was highly skeptical. Although, that much was true.
       "Explorer! You are part scientist and know that is perfectly possible. I am connected to the Large Care-Taker, not the small manager of this facility. The Giant can wave its magical arm and electro-magnetically reverse it so YOU have the positive electrons and the other Mirror universe is negatively charged. Everything flips! You only have to prove worthy of the Great Gift..."
       "How? May I ask?"
       "There is always Balance, always loss for every energy-gain. You must SACRIFICE your ship. Simply agree to its destruction and it will be. Captain! What's a thousand lives compared to a thousand Wars over a thousand years that will not happen? John. It's not a thousand lives you could literally save, it's BILLIONS! Is it not worth it? Right now! SAY THE WORD and it be so. What's your answer, Captain? Worlds depend on you. Simply agree."
       "Get behind me, Satan." He didn't hesitate. John felt very strong and alive.
       "What? Are you serious?"
       "I've dealt with your kind before and I'm sure I will in future. Fine, if we allow it. Fine if we drink the poison, allow the Devil to come in the house, invite him in, and, of course: sign in blood. No ma'am. I won't do that. You're a LIAR! I don't deal with liars. I deal with something I can trust, something that has one face and not two. My dad was the same way. So. In my Father's name: Get the fuck out of here before I kick your ass."
       The amorphous creature from hell had a final comment before it disappeared: "The test never ends, Captain."

       Much later...
       The Captain happened to walk into a stunningly beautiful meadow with a castle that a particular crewman "crafted" into reality like Camelot and 'Knights of the Round Table.' It wasn't Jagroop, but John observed (in background) when Ito showed off his fencing skills for a few women that adorned him. He was topless and had forgotten his shirt.
       John spoke to Staak over his communicator. "It's true then, Commander?"
       "Yes, sir. The lieutenant was correct. A type of magnetic or electric emission from the base of the mountain. It only increases a trillionth of a Kelvin every hour, yet the build-up is measurable to our sensors, Captain. Should not be there."
       "You say...specifics of what kind of rays, unknown? Yet we know, whatever it is, it's increasing, amassing more energy on an infinitesimal level?"
       "You should speak to the lieutenant about his recent, closer, more precise readings. Lev might have a few more answers. He's approaching you from the south..."
       "I see him, Staak. Wonder if the care-taker knows anything about this? Over and out. Hold the fort..."
       "Never mind, Commander."
       Lieutenant Bellikov arrived in the Camelot area and walked closer to Captain Church...
       "Just spoke to the Commander. Anything to add, Lieutenant?"
       "Yes, Capt'in. Well. No, uh, sir."
       "Which is it?"
       "Only to say. Ah. You may not believe this, sir..."
       John could just about take anything "Star-Walking" threw at him. "Spit it out, man."
       "I calculated the rate of energy, radiation, ah, and traced it back in time. I received a precise reading of, ah. Well. It's a possibility of something significant, sir. I'm not sure what, exactly."
       "Lt. Bellikov...What?"
       "Maybe. The catastrophe at Cydonia? What decimated Mars, sir. I know it's billions of miles away and long ago."
       "Wait. Lev. You're telling me...a thing inside the bottom of Mt. REM somehow connects with our tremendous explosion of magnetic power a million years ago? This is your...theory?"
       "Cap'tin. Take a look." He handed the Tri-Corder to John. The strange EM energy had, apparently, begun on the mountain 1.043451 million years ago. "I checked with history, sir. We know exactly when the Grand Pyramid blew on Mars; our genesis on Earth started shortly afterward..."
       "And. It checks, eh? Checks with the date of the Martian Big Boom?"
       "Precisely. I could say: When the 'God of War' died there, it was reborn right here."
       "You may have earned your pay for the week, Lieutenant."
       "We get paid, sir?"
       John waved his hand a little. "No. It''s an expression."

       The Captain spoke with the care-taker.
       They were basically at what was the Manager's Office. The environment was a magnificent construct, intricately detailed and colorful, on the order of a huge, elaborate, open-air gazebo.

"Captain!" [happiness to a frown] "I sense trouble." The care-taker sat behind a bizarre apparatus. He glanced at every monitor screen in front of him and saw no indication of a problem. "What seems to be the trouble?"
       John wore white and sat in a chair-thing directly in front of the happy manager in a dark outfit with patterns. He showed the care-taker the strange Tri-Corder readings. "Tell me, sir. What do you know of a type of unusual radiation that emanates from the base of your big mountain, REM?"
       "Of course, Captain. It's our power source and also a major mystery."
       "I don't like mysteries," Church repeated a few times in his life. "What's so mysterious about it, to you...sir?" John was fascinated about the enigma more than going on Amusement Rides or even more than when he recalled Ruth (first Academy girlfriend).
       "It's why the Park was built on this enormous planet, John. REM is alive with life and electricity. It's some type of energy. Quite a simple process of conversion, instituted by larger Care-Takers..."
       "It powers everything?"
       The older 'man's' hands went high over his head. "Every machine, scanner, drone, Eye-in-the-Sky, computer and even the underground lights! Ha. Ha."
       "But what is it? Ever think you need to answer that question? Is it safe for the guests?"
       "Served us well so far, a few millenniums, John. Why worry when there is no problem?"
       "It's growing. EM emissions have increased at a slow exponential rate for a million years. Could be time for something to blow?"
       The care-taker only smiled and held back a lot. "John, John..."
       "Please don't call me that."
       "Captain. What would you have me do? As you say: I'm all ears."
       "Study it! Have Centauri scientists look into it, the best psychics of Star Command. Best alien minds examining the resource. Sir! We've found that..."
       "What?" the old "guy" asked.
       Church expressed in awe, "...There's nothing there! That's what instruments show."
       "Ours too, Captain."
       "Your machines, which are powered by the odd, underground source, have also detected nothing at all? No energy, nothing substantial, yet? Explain it."
       The care-taker enlarged his eyes and said one word: "Magic."
       "Don't buy it. Here's one, or two questions: When did the first photonic particle of radiation begin here? What seeded the Energy? How did it start? Do you know? And what connection does it have with Mars, a million years ago in my Solar System? Okay, that was more than two questions, care-taker."
       "Sometimes, John..."
       "You're not a joy. I cannot answer one of those questions. Look. I'm the furthest thing from a technician or historian. I'm a host! The police. A master of ceremonies and I lay down the law here, Park Rules, in a fair and orderly way. We don't question what powers the Machines. We're users who dream along with our lovely guests as they play. We're simply pleased that we have the best of security and the trains run on time."
       "Hm? Let me say one thing. I had a vision in the desert. I, I...may have actually talked to REM, the Sleeping your mountain."
       "Really? How marvelous, extraordinary! Good."
       "No, sir. It wasn't," the Captain stated as if depressed, as if he'd lost at RAMVOID. [He never lost at RAMVOID].

      The 48-hour Shore Leave exclusively reserved for the flagship and finest SC had to offer, concluded without incidents. There were no injuries, bogus fatalities, scrapes or scratches or traumas of any kind. Thoughts were controlled. A fantastic, interactive, multi-faceted fantasy among co-workers and friends and lovers happened on a planetary scale! Memories of Shore Leave would remain fresh in minds of the crew and on their recorders for a long time. All 311 had a jolly good time for various reasons. It was desperately needed. Everyone on the surface for the 2-day period had plenty of fun.

       In a particular positive universe, it was a different story. James Kirk and only a few members of an Away Team landed on an unknown, unshielded planet. They had no Orientation. They were unprepared for what awaited them. Some would not have qualified and passed the strict tests of admission. There were no rules set in advance. They had no clue to where they were. The Away Team members were 'babes in the woods' or innocent lambs led to slaughter.

A few of Star Fleet's Away team [in only one Positive Universe] paid with their lives! In the beginning, everything seemed wonderfully enchanting and beautiful. THOUGHTS MADE REAL were soon discovered by Kirk and his crew.       Then, disaster...

Fantasies raged out of control, unguided, unsupervised and clashes between Dream-Realities of individual "players" had horrific consequences! Half of the Away Team were killed. 

       Back in the world of negative electrons and the starship Enlighten, this special, unique Captain John Church may be "key" to the galaxy's future. And also key on other levels? Could his "adventures" tilt the scales, the Balance, and even affect the Future-Fate of other universes?
       Higher Beings far beyond the microscopic Milky Way noticed that semi-psychic, John Church, realized a Dark Power laid inside the stones of Mt. REM. The Captain believed the mysterious, undetectable "Energy" connected to Cydonia Mars, therefore Human History over a million years ago. He also referred to it as a "Sleeping Giant." His implication was: The Demon would "awaken" from ancient slumber and rise to power and threaten the entire galaxy.
       He talked to it.
       The Demon did not power the Amusement Park Planet. Dream-Realities and fantasies and magical energies of elite guests, POWERED THE BEAST! Grounds that only permitted Good Behaviors and Good Thoughts were the perfect 'soil' where Evil sprouted again and remained hidden for a million years. The Giant Monster will soon open her eyes and multiply in great numbers and in Super Strength. REM will rule as Legion and Union and dominate all empires on all levels, in time. Plans within plans. There was time...
       SHE AWOKE~~~
       The Golden Demon waited, along with mighty hordes of followers. The Beast was patient. It could wait. It was good at waiting. When the time was precisely right, the Female Side of the Big Care-Taker will rule again and threaten the worlds~ Beast's Name is REM.



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