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Morton Appeal Denied Again

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1 Morton Appeal Denied Again on Fri Aug 04, 2017 6:10 pm



29 July 2017

Morton Appeal Denied Again

Wanted federal fugitive and bunk psychic Sean David Morton has continued to elude authorities after he was convicted on over 50 felony crimes including fraud and conspiracy.  Morton was scheduled to be sentenced on June 19th and prosecutors were recommending an 87 month prison sentence, but Morton failed to appear in court as ordered.

Morton, who claims to be a "legal and constitutional expert" had filed a litany of rambling legal motions with the court, all of which were denied.  Morton does not possess a law degree nor is he licensed anywhere in the United States to practice law.  Morton also claims to have a Ph.D. in therapeutic psychology, but the organization from which he received his degree is not accredited.

In one motion Morton asked for more time to file a response to an order set forth by the court sometime in May after his conviction.  Recently made available on an electronic court document system, the order on Morton asking for more time via the appellate court was denied.  The reasoning for the denial?  

The court is unable to move forward because while Morton may have been convicted, he was never sentenced.  Without Morton being sentenced, he has no grounds to file an appeal because of precedence set by a case known as Midland Asphalt Corp. v. United States, which essentially states that an appellate court cannot decide on a case when it is not completed - i.e.: convicted and sentenced.  So, you can't complain about how bad the dessert tastes when you're still in the middle of dinner and don't know what's for dessert.  Bad analogy? Probably, but you get the point.

Remember, avoid anyone self professing to be a "legal and constitutional expert".

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