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1 Holographic Space-Time Operations on Sat Aug 05, 2017 12:27 pm


Holographic Space-Time Operations

 omnipulse   Technology, Unveiling Phase 1.2   August 5, 2017  2 Minutes
I am here to divulge information related to specific covert operations regarding

  • mind-control
  • advanced technology
  • cloning and the celebrity cloning situation
  • temporal operations
  • non-human entities
  • advanced supercomputer synthetic intelligence networks
  • projected and actual events both forwards and backwards in history
  • ritual abuse, trauma based mind control and the entropic effect of abuse of advanced technology

This information is brought in these channels (other like this one) in order to avoid a mass uprising due to the sensitive nature of the unveiling and the currently mentally vulnerable status of the majority of the human population.
The format of the operations contains a ‘self-healing wound’ methodology whereby the interest and involvement of the subjects or operatives are selected and applied to carefully match the fundamental nature of the individual’s consciousness. In other words, the situations are designed so that the people involved have plausible deniability and the subjects are involved in ways that induce a stress or difficulty which also acts as a catalyst for change that leads to the path of healing. By refusing to heal, the individual is applying their own will to refuse health and prosperity and thus they are choosing the outcome out of a personal discrepancy.
The vast majority of individuals involved sign contracts or otherwise consent to participating for the betterment and continuity of the human civilization.
The very format and outline of these operations are nearly impossible to understand without some training and direct experience. For instance, temporal dilation technology enables one to interact in another location for a period of time and then move back to the moment that they left within a few seconds of their leaving. This works throughout a scale of degrees.
Through the utilization of cloning and consciousness recording and transfer technology, one can access the other time physically while a cloned version of themselves can fill in the momentary absence to avoid suspicion. People do not realize the advancement of this technology. Supercomputer systems that network with billions upon trillions of data points can simultaneously gauge the best response based on recorded consciousness connectome data and literally fill in as the operatives double. People without the ability to sense on a higher level will not be able to see the difference. This also relates to the original nature of humanity and whether some people are capable of utilizing higher-senses or not.
While the operative is in operation, they can look back and see their ‘surface’ role being thoroughly filled and played by the cloned version.
The more confusing method involves time dilation as previously mentioned. The cloned operative will leave and return in moments. However during the time of their absence they can spend hours to weeks in operation and can even look ‘back’ at the moment and see the real version of themselves in the original location.
They have effectively doubled back over themselves in time, and in this situation it is imperative that they make no signal or method of communication towards themselves as this could cause temporal disruptions that can induce insanity or loss of memory as the two overlapping consciousnesses begin to mix and intermingle similar to two substances of the exact same density and texture brought to touch and combine.

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