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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » CROP CIRCLES » Crop Circle ~ Monarch's Way, Nr Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire

Crop Circle ~ Monarch's Way, Nr Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire

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Monarch's Way, Nr Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire. Reported 7th August.

Could this crop formation relate to the Eclipse in the USA on the the 21st of August?




Monarch's Way, Nr Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire. Reported 7th August.
Map Ref: SP1641163494
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Updated Saturday 12th August 2017


Solar eclipse at sunset in southern England on August 21?


A Crop Circle and Metaphysics; End of Chapter?
Some observer (Red Collie?) has already submitted a quick comment and graphic comparing it to the sun setting over Warwickshire on 8/21, the date of the upcoming solar eclipse.  And the graphic, for what it’s worth, seems to evoke a Japanese theme with its silhouetted tree, flying birds and pagodas.  Evidently, the commenter noted the crop circle’s streaming rays and they reminded him of Japan’s battle flags (the current Naval Ensign, and the historical Imperial War Flag), though he does not expressly say so. 

Naval Ensign

Imperial War Flag
What to make of it?!  Perhaps, I’m being hasty, but two immediate thoughts come to mind:
1.    In Japan“Land of the Rising Sun”—the crimson orb and sixteen rays are associated with sunrise, vice sunset, undoubtedly because each day begins with the sun appearing to rise up out of the sea, spreading its beneficent illumination over the island-nation ahead of ancient continental antagonists, which lie farther west—Nippon first!
2.       There is a trail of thirteen bubble-like shapes that appear to link the crop circle to a magnificent ancient tree—the Tree of Life?—standing grandly in the midst of the field (NB: the bubbles do not link the disk to an equally grand, but evidently dead tree standing off to the right); and make no mistake, thirteen is a mystical number, but whether standing for good or ill depends upon one’s point of view.  he-mystical-number-13 
Equally obvious, but nonetheless difficult to interpret, is an apparent lick of flame flaring from the presumed solar disk; do the bubbles emanate from the flame and move off in the direction of “life,” or does the sun, like some great balloon, rise up and away from the source of life?!  Put another way, does life on Earth emanate from Sol, the benefactor of us all, or is there a mystical consciousness from which even Sol’s life-giving energy arises?  In that regard, it would be interesting to know whether the circle-makers are devotees of a particular metaphysical school; quantum-idealism, say, as opposed to materialism/realism, whose long-running chapter may well end on Monday, 21 August? 
John DelCampo



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