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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » Religion As Control - Why Christians, Muslims, and Catholics Are Being Had

Religion As Control - Why Christians, Muslims, and Catholics Are Being Had

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Religion As Control - Why Christians, Muslims, and Catholics Are Being Had

Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 13-Sep-2012 22:14:55

Very personal.
Very emotional.
Very controlling.
Very divisive.

Washington, DC.
The Vatican.

All four claim to be 'sacred sites'.
Sacred to whom?
Only sacred to the most vile creatures on the face of the Earth.


Because the operatives of London, Washington DC, Israel, and the Vatican supply the ruse of 'sainthood' - when the exact opposite is true.
The Brits are bred to believe that 'royal' blood is somehow better than 'commoner' blood - yet the so-called royal bloodline contains the most perverse, sickening, twisted, and repulsive lifestyle the 'royal' bloodlines can invent.

Christians world wide, are duped into believing the Rothschild drive-thru location of Israel - the "sandbar of a 'country' that is smaller than my house, run by a piss-ant potentate" - to be the 'Holy Land'.

Catholics worldwide are duped into believing the Satan worshiping pedophile ring known as the Vatican is the refuge of the 'Holy Father' they refer to as the Pope.

The minds and hearts of the Muslims of the world are manipulated by the London, the Vatican, Washington DC, and Israel into believing all the other religions want to destroy them - thereby creating the 'reason' for endless war - which destroys everything it it's path - and creates billions in profit for London, Washington DC, Israel, and the Vatican.
It is insanities finest hour, and what's really going on here is mass mind control, using religion as a tool of destruction.

The same old divide and conquer routine that has been successfully applied since the dawn of time.

As long as mankind can be kept divided by false teachings and fake messiahs, the controllers and war profiteers will have their way.
I still hold onto the belief that someday mankind can become enlightened enough to understand the scope of the mind control operation being leveled against man by these forces of darkness - these false messiahs claiming sainthood.

In simple terms, as long as mankind remains divided by religion, man will always be easily duped and controlled by a handful of jerks who want all the stuff, jerks willing to pit man against man to get control of all the stuff.



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