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The Cannabis Story

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1The Cannabis Story Empty The Cannabis Story on Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:56 pm


The Cannabis Story

August 11, 2017 Ines Radman  

If you have been diagnosed with Cancer, before choosing or accepting any treatments; you have to think about why your cells turned against you. It doesn’t matter that you HAVE Cancer, if you don’t know what caused it, you can’t cure it.
Many experts/scientists and medical researchers outside of the status quo give different reasons/causes for Cancer. Whether it’s an invader such as bacteria, parasites, viruses or fungus, whether the person did bad things to their body like smoking, poor diet, exposure to chemicals and radiation; the bottom line is that a once healthy cell for whatever reason turned rogue and started to replicate itself.
I’m very active in the Medical Cannabis Online Community and share my personal experiences with others, along with how I cured my partner from PAH (Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension), COPD that have the same outcome as Cancer. PAH and COPD are considered deadly and it’s a commonly known life span after diagnosis. For those of you that have been reading this blog for the last few years, you know the struggle I was having, arguing with doctors, writing letters and insisting on transparency when it came to toxic drugs.
Well, in the past few days a few people contacted me through FB Messenger. These are my people, Croatians. It saddened me to read and feel their desperation. None were actually Cancer patients, the people that contacted me asking for help were friends, sisters and co-workers. Three of them were Cancer and one of them COPD who didn’t get any benefits from conventional treatments and they were sent home to die because the Cancer had mutated.
These people were actually repeating the very same thing their loved ones were and that is contacting a stranger and asking for help without giving any specifics.
How do they know I was truthful in my posts? How do they think I could help them when I grew the Cannabis and made my own Oil? This is typically how people diagnosed with Cancer behave. A stranger tells them they HAVE Cancer and must start Chemotherapy as soon as possible. These so called experts/oncologists never ask the patient what kind of lifestyle they lived, what their diet is like, where they work or if they had any exposure to toxins to at least get an idea of how the Cancer developed.
In turn, the patient, having met the Oncologist maybe for the first time completely hands over their power to this so called expert/stranger, doesn’t ask any questions and dares to ask: “What are my odds?”
The people that contacted me told me their friends/co-workers didn’t look at other options after being diagnosed. They trusted a stranger/doctor, accepted the therapy no questions asked. So, like in most of the cases the chemo and radiation didn’t work, the Cancer cells mutated and only then do they get desperate.
It’s difficult for me to be understanding let alone objective because we live in an informational age. These people obviously have access to internet, have researched in different forums and blogs and found me so why couldn’t they do this right from the start? How come they didn’t or couldn’t just learn how to grow the Cannabis or find someone to buy it and make their own Oil? They weren’t even specific about what help they needed, they just asked for help.  When I asked them for more information, I would get a few short sentences and then it clicked and started to make sense to me.
These people wanted a quick solution and wanted someone else AGAIN to do the work for them. I have no experience with treating Mutated Cancer Cells so I couldn’t even offer the Oil to them for free. Because I don’t have that experience, I don’t dare give hope to patients whose bodies are damaged by chemo and the rest of it being eaten up by mutated cancer cells and tried to find a gentle way to say: “Sorry, I can’t help you, I can only send you love”.
For starters, candidates for receiving my Cannabis Oil are those that have not gone through conventional therapies. Not only do they have the best chance of being cured but their mindset is different. They have done their research, they have noticed people dying from Cancer and the conventional treatments don’t work and they take responsibility for their condition.
Treating mutated cancer cells can be successful but under certain conditions. I tell my clients if they choose Chemo to also take Zeolite so that it can detox and clean out the toxins so they don’t build up in the body and cause more damage. They have to remove everything from their lives that could have a negative influence on them including family and friends that are not supportive of their choices. They need to take supplements to strengthen the immune system, to be positive. To stay away from negative people and environments even if that means staying home like a recluse. To take walks in nature and notice everything around them, to observe nature and connect with it, if possible walk barefoot to connect to Mother Gaia.
I can’t help people that continue to harm their bodies through an unhealthy lifestyle because these all neutralize any Cannabis benefits.
It takes roughly 5 months from germination to harvest when growing Cannabis plants. The Cannabis Story Cannabisaugust2
I’m in the garden everyday taking care of them and ensuring they get everything they need. They are like children growing up and about to give birth. Producing oil is costly as alcohol is very expensive in Croatia and difficult to obtain.
The Cannabis Story Cannabisaugust1
The oil seen in this photo was made last night from an entire male plant. Each syringe contains 6 gr. or 6 ml. of Cannabis Oil. That’s a total of 18 gr. plus 4 in the spoon. This is not enough for treating Cancer but enough for maintenance for my partner.
For only 100 gr. of Cannabis, I need 2L of pure alcohol and it’s difficult to obtain. Good thing my best friend owns a pharmacy and she’s able to get it for me. In the end, this oil will cure most diseases but patients have to do their part and contribute to being well and avoiding all thing that are detrimental to them. I made this batch last night and just because it’s a male plant doesn’t mean it didn’t produce quality oil. Look at it. It may not have high dosage of THC but only .05 mg is needed to activate the Endocannabinoid receptors, so this is good enough for my needs. In a few weeks, there will be a lot of buds that I will make into potent medicine.
The people that contacted me didn’t fit any of the criteria even if I accepted money because ethically I stand behind my product and if the Cancer patients allowed the Chemo to destroy their bodies, even the most and best Oil has little chance of working.
Had I been doing this a few years ago, I probably would have sent the Oil no questions asked and glad to be able to help but after really giving it a lot of thought, Cannabis Oil can get a bad name if patients don’t use it properly or continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle and in the end might blame me accusing me of not giving them good quality.
My Chinese Doctor and teacher/mentor Dr. Joseph Wu in Vancouver B.C., often told me that we should never give anything away because they won’t appreciate it. If we have to charge them 10 cents,  but we have to charge something. He said they would most likely misuse things because it didn’t cost them anything. He also said that we only give to the deserving ones and the non-deserving will die, it’s Karma and we can’t change their destiny; only they can.
For a long time I admired the founder of Rick Simpson Oil. His entire philosophy was based on helping people. For many years he produced the Oil himself and gave it away and then eventually taught others how to make their own oil for cheap and without using expensive equipment. I’m using his recipe and love it, it’s very potent and 100% pure Cannabis, I help others as well but only if the patients have no other way of obtaining it. In other words they don’t have a space to grow it or a means of buying the material to make the oil.
What changed last night was while I was doing some research on Cannabis Oil in Croatian, I came across a website that Rick Simpson has in Amsterdam. He was selling Cannabis products and the prices just knocked me off my feet. He was charging 100 euros for 1 gr. of Cannabis Oil. He claims that you need 60 gr. of Oil to cure cancer and if they had chemo then it would require up to 120 gr. At 60 grams, that’s  6000 Euros close to USD. For my country, it’s unobtainable. The average Joe here has to work 12 months to make that kind of money and you can’t charge it on your credit card either. This  means that his oil is only attainable to the wealthy and upper class of society.
What happened to you Rick? What happened to the down to earth guy that wanted to educate and help people? Did greed get to you? It’s a lot! Here in Croatia you can find the same Oil for 35 Euros because the market can’t handle more.
So, behind every cancer lies a story, a story of what that person did or didn’t do to their body whether it’s conscious or not. How does one proceed upon being diagnosed? Exploring all options and then choosing the therapy/or therapies. While in treatment trying to find out why or what caused the healthy cells to turn against each other. Perhaps visiting someone who can help the patients balance their mindset, removing negative thoughts, changing their perception about Cancer, learning to live a more positive life, stop having negative thoughts, learning to live a more spiritual life. If we don’t try and isolate the cause, chances are it can return even after successful therapies. This is the mind that creates another reality to get sick if we don’t stop it. Treating any illness must include body, mind and spirit otherwise the chances of a permanent cure is slim.
I have learned a lot on this journey together with my partner to get him well again. He has also learned that giving our power over to doctors is a sure death sentence. He was on the brink of life/death several times and perhaps it was for reason and purpose because he realized the drugs were killing him and not curing him.
His transformation is so incredible, his illness has brought us even closer, challenged our inner truths, strengthened our belief in self-healing and gave us an understanding that even death can be a choice when on the brink of it.
I’m proud of him as he went from a very religious man who only believed in Modern Medicine to believing he IS god and self-responsibility is his only choice for being well. I’m looking forward to many more years together with him and instead of fearing losing him, I can focus more on loving him while he chooses to stay a while longer.
Each have their own story, this is mine and I’m sticking to it!

Thanks to Ines at:


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