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Anna von Reitz ~ My Twentieth Anniversary plus more

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My Twentieth Anniversary

Posted on August 14, 2017 by David Robinson  
Anna von Reitz ~ My Twentieth Anniversary plus more 12405-judge2banna  Justice Anna von Reitz
Twenty years ago on my Father’s birthday, I took the plunge. I had studied the issues for years and had decided that I would not “voluntarily” pay federal income taxes anymore. That decision and many others like it would follow in a natural, organic process as my understanding grew.
I recognized it for what it was — a foreign and out-of-control and out-of-compliance corporation run amok on our shores. I faced the facts, and that was that.
I was feeling pretty good about the progress that has been made in this country over the past twenty years — in part because of my work and the work of thousands of other people like me, who decided that enough was enough, picked up an oar and began steering our “ship of state” off the reef, inching it slowly away from the looming federal disasters.
Yep, I was feeling pretty perky. And then, I got a message from people in Florida, moaning because they had just “discovered” that they had no justice available to them in the Florida Courts and that the judicial officers responsible even admitted it, brazenly, in public.
This is not exactly news to anyone who has been more sentient than a rock, but I had thought that I had made the reasons for it perfectly clear by publishing half a dozen books and over 600 articles.
These judicial officers in Florida claimed — rightly — that they took their oath to the Constitution of the United States.
What, ho! —-Nobody in Florida replied, “Yes, but our courts require that you take your oath to The Constitution for the united States of America.” (That is, with the word “for” underlined, the word “united” used as an adjective, and I guess, the words “of America” underlined, in boldface print, large font, screaming at you—-“Hey, look!”—-with arrows and blinking neon lights….)
What do people think? Please look at these two sets of words:United States and “United States of America”. Are they the same?
Do you assume that United States is just an abbreviation of “United States of America”?
They are two separate entities and always have been, yet millions of Americans are still missing the most basic facts — facts that should have been drummed into them in grade school, middle school, and high school.
The “Constitution of the United States” is not “The Constitution of the United States of America” nor is it our actual constitution known as “The Constitution for the united States of America.
And yes, it matters which “constitution” these men take their oath to, because that is their law. They are telling you as best they can who they are, who they work for, what kind of law they practice. It is then up to you to decide whether or not you belong in their jurisdiction, and if not, to get out of their jurisdiction.
Those Florida judicial officers are telling the people point blank— look, this is who we are (Federal Municipal Government Employees) and this is the “constitution” we are working under (and no, it’s not your constitution at all). They couldn’t be any more up front about it.
They went on to say that they had jurisdiction (at least SOME jurisdiction of SOME kind, somehow, somewhere) and that it came from the State of Florida Constitution.
“State of Florida” means “State” apart from or other than or belonging to “Florida”—— So what does it mean when a man taking his oath to a foreign United States constitution tells you (additionally) that his jurisdiction comes from the “State of Florida Constitution”?
Once again, these judicial officers are telling you point-blank-in-your-faces: we are here working under a foreign federated “state of state” municipal corporation constitution.
The judicial officers in Florida are challenging people—-either stand up for who you are and clearly say that you are a native-born Floridian and that you live in Florida under the Florida Statehood Compact, or, let us bamboozle you into the subservient and profoundly disadvantageous political status of a “resident” of the “State of Florida” instead, thereby granting us jurisdiction over you and permission to fleece you blind, throw you in jail, or do whatever else we like to you and your property.
Imagine that you are the son and heir of a wealthy plantation owner, but by some bizarre twist of fortune, you are instead mistaken for a runaway indentured servant, arrested, and have charges brought against the NAME of a foreign franchise operation— a “United States Citizen”— you don’t even know exists.
That is the situation you are in when you enter one of their courts. You have to know who you are (and aren’t) and be able to prove it with adequate documentation.
Left to their own devices these foreign judicial officers are always going to “presume” that you are a runaway peon, subject to their foreign municipal or territorial law, and they will treat you accordingly.
That’s what those judicial officers in Florida are telling people, and the people are all upset and confused and angry—- but in fact, those judicial officers are being honest and they are doing the rest of us a favor by coming clean and clearly stating who they are and what kind of courts they are operating and what kind of law they are operating under.
Now we can start operating with a full deck of facts instead of a lot of hare-brained assumptions. Now we can take appropriate action to nail down ownership of our own names and copyrights. Now we can get our political status properly recorded. Now we can get our jural assemblies up and operating. Now we know where we stand and what we need to do to change all this.
They come running to me, asking, “How do we get justice from these courts?”
And the answer is— you don’t. They aren’t your courts. They don’t function under your law. They are not designed to give you justice. Hello? These are foreign, private, corporate “courts” on our soil, here to ride herd on federal “citizens” who are merely “residing” here —-passing through on their way to some other duty station— and who are obligated to live under foreign territorial or municipal law.
If you want justice and respect for your Constitution and its guarantees, you have to provide yourself with American Common Law Courts and you have to learn how to communicate with these foreign maritime and admiralty courts. Most of all, you have to re-establish your identity as a free-born American standing on your native shore.
After twenty years I still don’t know what it is about “self-governance” that is so bitterly hard to understand?
If you want America to be the way America is supposed to be, then you have to get up off your duff and make it so.
You have to correct your public records and political status.
You have to find like-minded people to form jural assemblies and elect judges and land jurisdiction sheriffs and do all the other work necessary to launch American Common Law Courts in your county, then your state.
You don’t go to a Spanish Court in search of American justice, do you?
So why go to a foreign “United States” Court designed and operated by foreign powers, and expect them to know who you are and to administer the law you are heir to?
All the powers delegated to the federal corporate government are international in nature. They have no delegated power on the land, except to expedite interstate commerce. Apart from zealously impersonating you so as to have a means to control you and an excuse for addressing you in their foreign courts, they have nothing to do with you or your state of the Union at all.
In fact, they can’t raise a jury of your peers and technically, they aren’t even allowed to address you.
As bad as this is, as wrong as it is, it has been this way since 1864 and has been much worse since 1938—-and none of it is likely to get better until everyone wakes up and does something about it. Like now. Today.
Nothing very overt happened that day back in August 1998. No fireworks. No bands playing. It was a quiet dog-day in Big Lake, Alaska. My elderly Siamese cat followed me from one side of the kitchen to the other like a dog, back and forth as I puttered around trying to dodge the awful Truth that hedged me slowly into a chair by the window.
I didn’t want to know what I knew about the IRS or the government in general. I wanted to believe in Mom and Apple Pie as much as anyone else ever did. It was easier that way. Comfortable. Safe. But it was also the life of a slave, a life of fear.
It was the fear that finally got me.
I knew I couldn’t spend my life being afraid.
So, very quietly, very humbly, just me, myself, and I—– the decision was made and the die was cast and here I am, twenty years later. At the time, I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do nor how I was going to do it.
Most likely neither will you. Just make the decision and start.

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Reply to David Johnson -- And, Everyone Else Like Him
by Anna von Reitz

Here's an example of the kind of wrong-headed, non-factual, idiot crap that lands on my desk as a result of trying to help people:
This comes from a young man named David Johnson, I believe from Ohio. He has been "doing the patriot thing" for the last couple years and fancies himself an expert in the law. Read on for his comments and then, my reply:
"Anyone who is a fan of Anna Von Reitz....
make sure you tell anna i have two circuits district territories in open coup d'etat and in violation of the application of the legislature and prima fascia can prove child trafficking and kidnapping by the US CORP and STATES OF X Title of Nobility Esquire of the Pope.
As such they are not in compliance with Article IV Section 4 of BOTH Constitutions nor 28 USC ss 1738 and 1738(A) and as such, unless the kidnapped child that is the party of interest in this cause of actions shows up safe and sound at my door post hast, as he is my God Son....that i have every intention of collapsing the whole of the Jubilee Trust created and run by the Pope's and Queen's foreign agents for constructive fraud and will revoke the 'full faith and credit' of the American People proper in international 'court' banks of claim, junking EVERY BOND and negotiable instrument ever laid by their agents of coup d'etat all the way back to 1789 Judicial Act that gave rise to their pos statutory private juris forums...
you tell her so she makes it clear to the Pope and the 'elite', her masters, that unless this child is returned safe and sound to me...i will make it my life's work to collapse the entirety of their world babylonian banking that has merchandised us all and exposed them for the utter criminals and frauds that they and their agents are. And if they think i dont have the power, influence, perseverance, and/or the wear-with-all to do such things...then they dont know me or the Wrath such Facts of Law shall bring upon them and theirs.
I/We will collapse the world trust for constructive frauds which VOID all acts per the Law of Equity. I am done with their baby trafficking pedo foreign agents Esquires crimes against humanity...
We, the American People shall not have baby trafficking re-probaters as Trustees any longer...know that..
consider this post an act of Comity... Rexton Lotus John Justice
Okay, that long bit of babble, was David Johnson's long list of threats and assumptions addressed to me. Here is my public reply to him and everyone like him:
(1) I have no "masters". I am not an employee of the "Vatican" nor the Holy See nor the Pope. I am a Lutheran since age 7 and I have a claim upon the Holy See since 2008. As a result of that claim against the Holy See I agreed to give the actual employees of the Pope --- the Municipal United States Federal Employees -- Due Notice of the Fraud and Mis -Administration they have been involved in. As a result, thousands of federal employees have received a complete Notice both from me in my private capacity, and also from their ultimate Boss, the Pope, who was/is responsible for the proper operation of the now bankrupt UNITED STATES, INC. which is undergoing liquidation.
(2) This idea that I "work for" the Catholic Church is about as hare-brained and out in left field as it is possible to get, and the most irritating part of it, is that I was acting in a private attorney capacity to give Notice to his employees (regarding my claim(s) against the UNITED STATES, INC.) and that was always clearly, explicitly, in plain black and white for anybody to read for themselves ---spelled out in proper English. Therefore, the people making these assumptions about my supposed "connection" to the "Vatican" are completely ignorant and not bothering to check their facts at all. Such people are not likely to have much credibility when others go back and look at the documents, are they?
(3) Millions of children in this country are at risk because their parents (and godparents) are refusing to do what has to be done to correct their own public records and political status, with the result that their children are at risk just as they themselves are at risk. If you are a slave, your children are presumed to be slaves. It wasn't the "Vatican" -- created in 1929 -- that caused this situation. It was the members of Congress who set this diabolical scheme up and who have ridden it like a horse for 150 years.
(4) Facts of Law are indeed something to be feared, however, they do precious little good in "courts of limited jurisdiction" and statutory law, as David has already discovered the hard way and despite my early efforts to show him why.
(5) As I keep trying to tell people, these courts don't do "Law" and they don't operate under the American Constitution and they aren't supposed to have any jurisdiction over us or our property--- they can only "presume" jurisdiction based on your acceptance of a Birth Certificate and your failure to surrender it.
(6) Imagine it this way--- there are two teams, a Red Team and a Blue Team. You are born as a member of the Blue Team, but someone hands you a Red Team jersey and you ignorantly put it on. Who is to blame for this situation? The person who gave you the Red Team jersey? The person who failed to give you a Blue Team jersey? Your parents' fault for not getting it straight and recording your name and copyright to your name? Your own fault for not realizing the situation and putting on the right color jersey? The fault of the judge who sees you walk into his court wearing a Red Team jersey and then proceeds to "presume" that you are a Red Team member? And try you under Red Team law instead of Blue Team Law?
(7) The registration of your name on a STATE-issued BIRTH CERTIFICATE is the equivalent of a "Red Team jersey". Until you take action and re-convey it to the land jurisdiction --- making it recognizable as a "Blue Team jersey"--- you're going to get what you are going to get, and so are your children. It is your responsibility to make the change. Nobody else can do it for you. I have alerted everyone to the need to do this and explained the reasons why and have pioneered the means to "surrender" the federal PERSON(S) and re-convey them to the land jurisdiction states. I have even posted the necessary indemnity bonds for all fifty states of the Union. Now, David, and all of your ilk, I would like to know what I ever did to "owe" you all that work, much less be identified as your servant to go tell the Pope anything? Why aren't you having the courage to do what I did, and go tell him yourself?
(8) So, you have the information in your hands, delivered to you for free, by my efforts--- and you have failed to take advantage of all that---- and you have instead gone against my advice and teaching and have fallen on your face fighting in District Courts that shouldn't have anything to say about you or about your children in the first place. Ah, duh? And I am to blame for this situation? Exactly how?
(9) I sympathize with anyone who has a child seized and placed in forced custody. I really do. It's a nightmare I don't even want to think about, much less experience---- that said, it's all up to you. I have given you the tools and the explanations and the information to make sense of what these "courts" are and are not. I have posted the indemnity bonds. I have done what I could do, short of trying to take on and prosecute millions of cases all by myself.
(10) As I said yesterday, I have to keep my eyes on the real prize that will help many millions of Americans--- reclaiming our ESTATES from the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES and addressing the identity theft that is at the bottom of all these cases. It offends some people that I don't just stop the world and jump when they need something. The fact is, I can't. The fact is that I and my team have all that we can possibly handle and more trying to address the central issues, without getting wrapped up in 29 million foreclosures, 48 million custody cases, 23 million unjust arrest cases....... do I really NEED to go on before everyone gets the picture?
(11) Blaming me because I am not God and not able to solve all the problems on Earth--- including your custody cases--- isn't a sane proposition for adult people to embrace---- and certainly isn't in the realm of anything I ever claimed to be able to do. It's going to take millions of people to solve millions of problems and that is all there is to it.
So to David Johnson and everyone else who feels the need to blame me for all my advice they didn't take and all the information I provided which they didn't use---- there's the door.
Maybe you can use that?


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