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Martian Dreams by TS Caladan

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1 Martian Dreams by TS Caladan on Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:20 am


Martian Dreams

by TS Caladan

Every day was glorious and beautiful and perfect on Lilith, as it had been for millions of years: Millions of years of perfection, precision, love, harmony, sweet feelings and overall goodness in the world. The fifth planet from the yellow Sun was a very special blue/green planet, an oddity in the galaxy and possibly the known universe. Lilith was precisely placed in ideal position between the inner planets and the outer planets. The balance of the 5th planet set a lovely tone or vibration for the rest of the Solar System.
       But the extreme oddity was not Lilith, it was the absolutely beautiful creatures who dwelled upon the surface of the pristine planet. Natives of Planet 5 were the Spirits or the Hopes and Dreams of the Martians that lived on the 4th planet. Martian Spirits were not held within Martian bodies; they were living, breathing, blue/green, hairless humanoids that thrived for ages on the next planet out from the Sun. One for one, a Spirit on Lilith paralleled every real human being on Mars. Martians were the Dreamers and the Lilithians were their fantastic Dreams.
       The Maker established a "Chrysalis-Shield" around Lilith that protected the Spirits from harm. Nothing from outside could hurt them, apparently. The 5th world glowed with a type of force-field from the gods.
       The 'children' of Lilith played, danced, sang, laughed and loved. They enjoyed the incredible nature around them to the maximum and lived in peace with compassion from warm hearts. The relationship with Martians that functioned to perfection since endless time was a symbiotic one.
       Everything was about to change for the two worlds that never changed~ 
       A dark movement toward negativity and evil and anarchy and change had grown, festered and was now in full swing inside cities of Mars. A New Wave of disorder and chaos ruled. "Capital City of Celebration" called Cydonia was transformed into the opposite of its true purpose. The thousand-foot tall Grand Pyramid once broadcasted vital, wireless, electro-magnetism that provided every need for a very high-tech civilization of humans. No more. 
       [Martians couldn't penetrate the Chrysalis-Shield and never met their Spirit-Dreams face-to-face on the 5th planet].
Evil won the day as darkness fell upon Martians and the Power Station at Cydonia. The Grand Pyramid was altered, given a 5th side, which changed everything in the energy flow! Now the great EM power went in reverse. In time, a massive IMPLOSION will occur after the build-up of energy. Madmen who took control of Mars and its prime Station focused the energy through the 5th side of the Pyramid Lens. In essence, the humans made the enormous structure into a Big Gun and FIRED IT POINTBLANK AT LILITH!!  Why?
       The energy blasts were so intense that the Maker's Chrysalis-Shield was shattered! The Dream Planet with sweet Martian Souls was struck again and again...

...Until the very core of lovely Lilith was penetrated. When that happened, the entire planet EXPLODED into billions of shards and sizeable pieces! Two major satellites of Lilith remained intact and joined a parade of irregular shards in an eventual Asteroid Belt. A glaring gap stood in the front part of the Solar System while particles were violently hurled beyond Pluto and some would return as comets.

The general Martian civilization was totally unaware of what would soon happen in the aftermath, after the Big Gun fired. The recoil, the ricochet, the radiation from the titanic blast only millions of miles away RUINED MARS! Even the madmen that had ruled Mars never calculated what such a severe Cydonian IMPLOSION would do to the fertile green lands and blue oceans of Mars.
       Only a few humans understood the real Doomsday to come of their once utopian metropolis. A handful of people realized the supreme dangers of the Cydonian, 5-sided Pyramid Gun and left the planet before the tremendous decimation had occurred~

MARS TURNED RED WITH RADIATION AND WILL BE UNINHABITABLE FOR NEARLY A MILLION YEARS! The bio-sphere was completely ripped away and the surface poisoned in the devastating explosion.
       Men, women and children refugees migrated to Earth~
       Their Spirit-Dreams went elsewhere, to different places in the galaxy, and...
       The Spirits were preserved, guarded, nurtured by a number of alien "shepherds," "guardians" and "Old Rangers" in various forms, presently.

...Until time was right for the Lilithians to reemerge upon the physical plane.

Physical bodies of a few Martians awoke from within sarcophagi brought to Earth in the aftermath of the Great Martian Disaster or "Big Boom." Earth was a lush, virgin territory at the time: 60,000 years ago. The ancient (Asian) Lemurian age in the Pacific had lost its power. Tera was ripe for new colonists. The Martians landed first in the Andes, then settled on a prime continent in the Atlantic Ocean. They created Atlantis. They built a smaller, lesser, weaker version of the Power Grid that proudly stood on the surface of Mars.
       The people, now Terans, constructed an Eden Paradise that lasted for tens of thousands of years. The "perfect" Empire of "Little Cydonia" slowly corrupted and eventually FELL! An entire continent with a power pyramid inferior to the Grand Pyramid sank in one day and produced violent electro-magnetic storms.
       The Moon was "brought-in" at this time to study the problem. 
       Good leaders of Atlantis (like Mars), their mystics, scientists and psychics saw visions of coming tragic events. They made preparations and saved a small amount of people. Survivors flew with "painted sails" to Egypt to the east and Peru to the west. Other ages of Indians cycled in the long, slow course of time, down and down...
       Until the eventual Dark Ages. Why did no prehistoric civilization, far superior to anything in the 21st Century, survive? Why was there always retrograde technology among early high-tech societies that were not primitive in any way? Why always from amazing greatness to utter collapse for Egyptians, Incas, Toltec, Olmec, Sumerians, Babylonians, Mayas, Aztecs, Hopi, Anasazi, Cahokia, Greeks and Romans?
       Could the answer from the Indians simply be:
       We have lost the Great White Spirit?
       Possibly it was time to reconnect with the sweet, pure goodness of the Light in the center of our being, the love and compassion we have all originally felt and have forgotten or lost entirely. Good Spirits of ancient Martians needed to sing, dance and play in the material world once again. Where were our Dream-Spirits?

Could we be reconnected with the positive side of nature and bond with our dismembered Souls? Can everything go from negative back to positive? 
       Believe it or not, on another level or dimension, Martian Dreams incubated, grew and were digitally recorded and stored for all time. MACHINES did this. Cold, calculating machines preserved what was once perfect precision: wonderful, joyous emotions, feelings of love and goodness. Robots kept safe long dead Martian Spirits for when the time was right for them to appear again.
       The time was now.
       Lilithians had help from a "Master Guide," as if the Spirits had one collective Leader or Supreme Gai that really watched over them and cared for them, all this time. She even controlled the Machines~

It was not long before the beautiful waifs, free-Spirits and fully-matured Dreams of the shattered 5th Planet, were released from their darkness, despair and captivity. They came to consciousness as the "Ghosts of Mars" reformed. They remembered what they once were: In the beginning, they were the playful dreams of the most exquisite human creatures on the 4th Planet...
       Now, the Spirits were upon a New World at a different time. Free. Free to play, sing, dance and relish the world the Maker created for them, all over again. This time, the Spirits were on Tera! They were giants and they were totally invisible to the tiny Terans who polluted their planet once more...
       But not to the Big Dreams, not to the Giant Spirits that viewed a completely different universe. They made the past the real present, in their view. It did not matter what the small natives did with the third planet from the yellow Sun. As long as Tera was in one piece, it was utilized to the fullest by the New Lilithians. Invisible, good Spirits of nature will have a positive effect on the future~

The people would come around to a better and more productive way of operating in the universe, eventually...
       Earthlings, Terans, in a few hundred years, will no longer be military warriors or mindless slaves of higher overlords. Corruption will cease. Tyrants will fall. People will be free, unleashed, and closer to the gods or the Great White Spirit. Color will return and darkness will fade away. Eventually. It will be a brighter future and we will follow in the paths of ancient Spirits and finally find home.

Link to "Valerian" [for now, might be removed in future]:

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