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TDA RANT - Treasury Direct Accounts

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1 TDA RANT - Treasury Direct Accounts on Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:24 pm



Published on Aug 17, 2017
from Fisher Reality Truth? Interesting RANT
TDA Updates


2 Re: TDA RANT - Treasury Direct Accounts on Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:45 am



"Response to Fisher's TDA Rant" by Reallucky1 - 8.18.17

8/18/2017 05:11:00 AM  Emailed, News, Thoughts  
Entry Submitted by Reallucky1 at 4:56 AM EDT on August 18, 2017

TDA RANT - Treasury Direct Accounts

Dr W C, and any and all hosts of the Real Truth Call:

I was busy all day fixing to relax before bed, only worked 16 hours today, when I decided to go check out your call from last night after I got many emails about Fisher's delusional speech today. I am so much above this sir, people listen to my words because I have no agenda and do not criticize. To say that I am upset about the way in which Fisher spoke to the people and used such horrible language, and contradicted himself about 9 times here are just a few examples:

1. The government has been using the Nesara money since March 16, 2017, to run a bankrupt government to get the transition into Natural Law out for humanity and usher in the New Republic. This money (the digits) was only to be released at Christmas or Easter time, and it has been here since last Easter. The money is being used to supplement the same government that fights us tooth and nail to free the people by releasing the money. Once again, our whole lives we have been enslaved, why would anyone let the same defunct government, and the out of control Military Industrial Complex be in charge of this money? The same money meant for THE PEOPLE, not the criminal out of control government and over reaching power banks and insurance companies. Where are the good guys? Why, if the government can use the money, is it not being sent out to the people. Funny how the system can be used by the government, but has to run a million Beta Tests when releasing to the real heirs of the legacy We the PEOPLE.

2. One of the reasons I fight so hard, as the Elders never wanted the government to have this money in any way, the government always want to add different stipulations to maintain control. Always about greed and power never about the people! Why were we given the accounts when its our money then you try and bury us with repetitious paperwork and redundant processes, while using the very IDs that were generated from the same sources with government seals. is a trademark for the Bureau of Fiscal Services for the US Treasury. Were We The People, given a choice where our funds would be held? This was to get us to invest in stocks and bonds and other platforms, but once again the powers that be made this decision, which was not given to the true holders of the assets.

3. While Fisher criticizes the TDAs publicly and calls the people stupid, he never offers better programs or suggestions, while he says he can make one phone call and have the answers, Fisher WHY HAVE YOU NOT MADE THAT ONE PHONE CALL?!!

4. Then Fisher goes on to tell people they are idiots, and so irritating and that they must bring the documents and paperwork into the Admiralty/Maritime Courts (corporation law) that has no jurisdiction over anyone and have enslaved us further using the B.A.R. (British Accredited Registry, that's right the British Crown) to further enslave and keep us under their thumb. The Judges, cops, clerks and bailiffs all work for the same source, the State B.A.R. Its not about the crime, its the money that can be made from that crime, the bonds that were generated. Just ask for your bond that is the financial agreement for the offense you have committed, basically, every crime has a price tag attached. What a complete joke for you to even suggest this sir, you were in the military whats up with this response. Thanks Judge Anna Von Reitzinger for this awesome information!

5. I have never met Fisher, nor has he thoroughly reviewed my work, so who makes him the authority to criticize any one about anything. Especially since the complete files are posted at the top of your website, the Real Truth Universe, thanks Real Truth Call. The same site in which Fisher was speaking last night.

6. My research and information is completely accurate and well vetted, by four complete teams, I spend hours trying to help people and all I see is Fisher trying to be critical in complete support of the same bankrupt government that has done nothing at all to help bring this to fruition. This is a movement about the people, not Fisher or his precious feelings, I would never disrespect anyone, but you left yourself wide open sir.

7. When I heard the man say no one is really suffering, my head almost exploded. I have emails and stacks of letters, where in the hell does this man get to judge the suffering of others? Did someone appoint him as the King of the World? He is no one that should be respected nor listened to, we are transitioning into Natural Law, and the DO NOT HARM, which Fisher caused definite harm last night, what exactly was his purpose of this unbelievable rant?

8. I am just going to have to put this out there, anyone that wants to support all the things mentioned above, without ever telling people answers or solutions or give guidelines for improvement, will never be respected, nor listened to and I question why this awesome site would let their viewership be affected? This was nothing but a disrespectful cheer leading of a government that deserves nothing but to be dismantled immediately. Fisher even mentioned this himself that the viewership of your site was having callers drop the line, (he said over 200 calls had dropped) after such a ridiculous display of manhood, that was complete fantasy land sir. I almost lost my mind listening to you go off on your charade, it was an ego driven fiasco. Two hundred viewers actually dropped the line, the negativity was such that I felt sorry for the hosts of the call, they were left to think how did this man get to speak on the REAL TRUTH CALL, because there was nothing to be considered the truth in the call, just fear and the same tactics the government has used in the past.

9. If this military you speak of is so wonderful, and now in charge, why have they not taken over the CIA run Main Stream Media stations that do nothing but lie to the people daily, is this not considered HARM? What is the problem for people to have their affairs in order? We are taking action no matter your response, we are making things happen in Unity and Love and people that have a problem with people doing things properly and legally, will be the ones left behind. We have never been given instructions, I do know that I was dead on in my calculations, and for the record the Master Universal Account from America's First Credit Union and the new Social Security Credit Union accounts as of today are working, after reversals started occurring today. The people are now in charge, not the government or the military or any one but us. If you have a problem with the way in which we are making things happen, please give us the solutions, or hold your peace. Even after the America's First Credit Union put a disclaimer on the front of their website. I wish you would have had them put up a comment section, where they mentioned they had contacted the FBI about the scam!! I would have left the comment how ridiculous it is that you put up a disclaimer when the same FBI had never investigated the Federal Reserve Banks, or the US Government, or the banks when they were using our money fraudulently, but its fine for them to call out people that are using there money legally. Also, every single document I have filled out, come from either the Bureau of Fiscal Services site, or the TreasuryDirect,gov site both of which are part of the New Republic. When you finish your investigation of these services, you can then begin to work on those of us that are trying to do this legally. What a joke, but I digress. You tried hard to slow us down and use the same thing that has kept us under your wings FEAR, we are not scared anymore!!

10. We are heading into a system of complete transparency of no more lies, but the roll out has been nothing but a disinformation campaign. Why have the military not stepped up and taken care of making this happen NOW? Like I said the money is good enough for the government, but not for the people that have been given no instructions and have taken the actions on for themselves. You seem as if you are threatened in some way, or maybe you are setting me up to respond, either way you got what you have coming sir.

11. The lies and secrecy that have been completely hidden is what is now the biggest enemy to the evil ones that had control, we are now standing together in UNITY, I bet the elites are really upset. The racial divides and constant paid protesters have had zero effect on people deciding we have now had enough of the crap. We are now not only taking over we are taking action!! For those working hard to make changes in the systems and to speak truth, which never changes so I never have to review. My Girl Power is spot on, so if you ever want to discuss anything to get messages out to the people, or have real answers, I am all ears, otherwise get out of my way because we are very determined to make this happen, and will stop at nothing until it is achieved.

Just wanted to point out that for Fisher to stay on an hour rant with non stop hatred spewing, it was very difficult for me to listen to, if this was to get me to respond, your phys-ops just do not work anymore, so time to go for a new plan, I suggest you start with the truth.


Ginger Snyder

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