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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR CAST OF CHARACTERS & CHARLETONS » TDA (Treasury Direct Accounts) INFO » *It's Here! *Ginger's Step-by-Step* Access to TDA Accounts 8/18/17 plus more

*It's Here! *Ginger's Step-by-Step* Access to TDA Accounts 8/18/17 plus more

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*It's Here! *Ginger's Step-by-Step* Access to TDA Accounts 8/18/17

Don't follow Ginger Snyder's advice!  No doubt the FBI is on to her and it's isn't going to end well!


Christopher Franchino11 hours ago
You know we all appreciate everything that you've done and gone through. But these accounts are not working for most of us and now you want us to sticker next on another chopping block. Not interested lost all faith in his so-called movement. I'm going to put out a few videos letting people know my personal experience and about six of my friends. These accounts are being reversed and they are not being reversed from their. You're giving false hope. And that is wrong. You're making this out like it's so simple to begin with. Now you have all this complicated crap. Enough people are already in trouble over this. Please start using your head

Sam Fisher8 hours ago
When you attempt to "use" a routing number that IS NOT ACTUALLY, TECHNICALLY YOURS, you are committing WIRE FRAUD.

Christopher Franchino4 hours ago
Please do not misunderstand I appreciate all your efforts. I am disabled in my medications cost me so much money that I wish this did work for me. But at the same time I have two dogs that depend on me that our seniors now I cannot afford to end up getting put in jail. I have no family left to watch out for the animals. Believe me it goes a lot further than that. I'm very grateful you've helped so many.

Asalia Ramirez2 hours ago
Christopher Franchino i stop using this shit its all bullshit to much obstacles & hoops to go threw..

Greg White1 hour ago
The link is now down! WTF?! I am like the rest of the folks around this TDA stuff, I am sick and tired of the bullshit. So far, NO ONE has been able to prove any of this TDA stuff has merit. I am not referring claiming the birth certificate, I am referring to these "mysterious" TDA accounts. Stop posting unproven material!

awumdah4 hours ago
Can you send the American version? The one that only requires a signature or 2? All this reading and filling forms is not worth a few million dollars. Who do you think we are?. Get real. If its our money just wire it into our current account and get it over with. We're not rocket scientist here. LOL!!! Just kidding. It's worth it if your willing to follow the procedures but I got turned down went to court lost that my license a and lot of problems the plague me to this day. I didn't do something right and am waiting to see how Heather comes out. She got me excited when she first came out yrs ago. If she can't do it and is an attorney too I can stop beating myself up for all the trouble it caused me.

sticky597 hours ago
Teaching people how to commit fraud.....nice one, your making it too easy for the Fed's.......hey, dont forget to write.

Monopoly Rodney8 hours ago
Do you think if you claim you own independence and a citizen of your own beliefs and own Land they will have no choice to cut you a check because your not apart of the country anymore ????

>>>TNTBS's YouTube Channel<<<
Thanks to Ssmith at:





The following is a public statement from Randall Keith Beane from the Blount County Jail in Knoxville Tennessee.  Randy wanted this put out there right away. 

Its not meant to be an insult to anyone who thinks of themselves as "sovereign citizen" but Randall and Heather have NEVER resonated or identified themselves with that term (neither have I), and the separation it implies from the ALL of humanity, however it is construed to mean.  When she was asked once about that term she replied "what does that even MEAN?" 

Heather's UCC law filings have been followed by a widely diverse group of beings who have to deal with the court systems which are all based on UCC law and its international equivalents.  They may arrest you on a criminal charge but they always convert that to a "TRUE BILL" which is an undisclosed UCC "bill of lading" for human cargo which they monetize against the same TDA accounts the courts claim are "fictiious" and non-existant.  The legal dictionaries define it as an "indictment" but that truly is not what it is.  Every court case is monetized for millions of dollars as are prison bonds and court bonds.  China is the largest purchaser of US court bonds, holding an undue amount of financial influence on the court systems.

>>>TNTBS's YouTube Channel<<<
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Is Ginger Snyder a FRAUD?

From the Ach payments... Secret account unleashed Facebook page:

Stephen Pacheco shared a link.
Moderator · 2 hrs

GINGER : You need to step up to the podium since your methadology and ulterior motives are being called out on this conference call...

Your ROAST begins at the 3:30 marker..

>>>TNTBS's YouTube Channel<<<
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Heather is Now in GA

Update: 8.18.19 HATJ is now at her new hotel

Irwin County Detention Center
 132 Cotton Drive, Ocilla, GA 31774
Telephone: 229-468-4121


Update: 8.18.17 The Conference call tonight had over 900 people. And the energy was building to be amazing. The call was hijacked, the Moderator controls were hijacked.
Great fun was had by all…!

We were able to move quickly and put together a ZOOM call and as soon as I have the video file will post for all to see.

As this was happening, my texts, my phones, my skypes were alerting that HATJ had arrived at her new hotel and I needed to set up her phone services. lol

I got that done too! So H has phone service and you have a call to listen to.

I Love You all, You are Brilliant!!      BZ


>>>TNTBS's YouTube Channel<<<
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