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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR CAST OF CHARACTERS & CHARLETONS » Dave Schmidt » Dave Schmidt Compromised, Under Mind Control

Dave Schmidt Compromised, Under Mind Control

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1 Dave Schmidt Compromised, Under Mind Control on Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:18 pm


Dave Schmidt Compromised, Under Mind Control

an interesting cloak and dagger twist in Dave's story:

This is a comment posted at BlogTalkRadio on Dave's most recent show that was cancelled due to technical issues link: The Sedona Connection - August 9, 2017

via Oliver Wharton
Quote :Attention! Dave has been compromised.

I am one of his direct contacts. Of course, this is not my real Facebook profile. I remain underground most of the time for security reasons and could never have my own social media.

Unfortunately, the black hats have succeeded in using artificial intelligence to control Dave. We have been fighting to protect him for a long time. Unfortunately, he nor his closest friends know or will be able to tell the difference. I do not know exactly what they plan to do with him as they could make him kill himself or others, like they have done with numerous assassinations. However, I believe it is more likely that they will use Dave to collect information and steal funds from people that are wise to their ways.

It is likely that they will still have Dave go through the motions as an aggregator to collect personal identification, bank information, addresses, etc. By doing this they can better monitor and silence any opposition we would generate.

Also, attending an in person seminar can allow them to be more invasive to you with their artificial intelligence.

It is heart breaking that this has happened to Dave. He was a true hero who put himself out in the public for the good of others. It is likely that his motorcycle crash is when they succeeded in compromising him and that this was the true reason for his headaches. However, it was not until recently that he was visiting that we were able to do a thorough scan and discover leak. However, it is nearly impossible for us to remove the implants to Dave without accidentally killing him.

I strongly recommend that you distance yourself from what looks like and talks like Dave at this point. There is no longer any benefit to following him. At this point black hats are simply using him to find more people that they consider enemies.

I strongly recommend that you share this intel with anyone else that you know who is involved in this process. Liking, disliking, or responding to this post or future alerts that I will attempt to post as warnings is not recommended as it will simply pinpoint you as a higher target. Simply copy past and email the text to those you know.

Thanks to Red Panda at:



Here is a little info for you all to digest...

Last December I had an interesting facebook messenger conversation with someone that you would ALL recognize as they were publicly involved in perpetuating the RV myth. I prefer to keep the ID of this person confidential even though this was not asked of me.

This is what this person had to say about Dave "the douche bag' Schmidt:

"I warned him over two years ago to stop this RV bullshit and stop his lying. But it is all about him and his greed and RV hopium and making money."





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