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Red Ink Wet Signatures Required For UCC/Trust Documents?

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Red Ink Wet Signatures Required For UCC/Trust Documents?

For those who are engaged in the TDA and the UCC filings so that you can get access to your Federal Reserve Funds using their routing numbers and your social security number nonsense, here's a few things for you while you're thinking about the fraud your committing.

Here's a few links regarding the color of the ink to be used for documents:

There are many more, but red ink isn't required and some authorities won't allow it.

Line 8 on UCC-1 is optional and doesn't need to be completed. Did they tell you to read the back of that form to fill it out correctly?

Quote :8. Optional Filer Reference Data. This item is optional and is for filer's use only.  For filer's convenience of reference, filer may enter in item 8 any identifying information that filer may find useful.  Do not include social security numbers or other personally identifiable information.

Here's one of my favorites:

Quote :Fingerprints may be used instead of signatures where the signer is illiterate.

Reading about the failures surrounding the HATJ, TDA, and UCC filings nonsense, illiterate pretty much sums these folks up.

Run these legal documents by a lawyer first, so they can back you when you go to court!

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