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The System-wide Quantum Collapse

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1 The System-wide Quantum Collapse on Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:57 pm


The System-wide Quantum Collapse

 omnipulse   Unveiling Phase 1.2   August 23, 2017 

From Steven Stevensson (, this is the more accurate and hardcore kind of information that was revealed. We are in a soul-stealing, predatory, manufactured, astral-demon false-reality system. The databases that are held literally map out the social-‘sphere’ as data in the ‘matrix’ because the majority of people here are literally background processing data that are being artificially produced by an AI system.
If the system is permitted to devour the Human collective, the true soul essence, then this entire ‘soulular system’ goes with it and in that way, all of the temporal records, the memories, the experiences.

The ‘soul-shatter’ or the mind shatter is the second death that is a result of continued chaos on a conscious level. The people running the false-reality show that do not back off and permit Humanity to wake up will experience a complete memory wipe, a complete dissolution of personality, and they will be recycled in such a way that no one from this level or the immediate next level up will be able to determine where or when they will appear next. This is because their very identity will start over again, thus they will truly never appear anywhere next again. That is the second death, the spiritual death and is the dissolution of energy and the only way for someone to truly die.
Tethers have been designed to avoid this. As well, many that face this, this is why they do what they do. They know they’re going to dissolve anyway so selling out the entire human race doesn’t seem so bad. As well, then ‘rescuing them’ from their point of view, is like condemning them to a prison sentence from hell, because only then would they actually have to be held accountable for their own actions. It’s a quantum, interdimensional stand-off between the soul of humanity and the underworld overlords “Sith lords” (live off of the sacrificing of souls that is destroying this time-space stream of creation) and even the perpetrators themselves with their own souls! That is how complex things are and that’s just the first few lines of description. Read what Steven Stevensson says as it is in the range of the information that was directly revealed to me by those directly involved as well as through my own involvement with these operations.
This helps you understand. This is not just about kidnapped children or lying politicians, this entire universe is being devoured by a soul-stealing device that worked in reverse engineering fashion to set up a frequency net around the temporal and spatial limits of the human soul effectively creating a false-reality by grafting directly into the blueprint of genetics. It energetically operated, through the help of the human traitors (if they are human at all that have participated in this, that might not be possible) to perform surgery on the genetics and thus the mind and spiritual system to blind the human from ever seeing beyond the memory wiping that would result, if continued, in the complete deletion of this system of LIFE from the universe.
“They are all talking about the same thing, just in different perspectives.
Earth is in 2 places at the same time/space on the tree of bots and on the tree of live. This is the gateway between, and a parasitic 10D entity/black hole predator star: the “Black Sun” is trying to swallow the Milky Way, and this galaxy was part of Andromeda originally.
Earth got stuck in its throat, and if it can sever the link between Earth and the world ofg the living it will swallow the entire milky way with everything within it. The original humans was supposed to guard this place. Most alien souls here cannot comprehend what is happening, they don’t have the divine spark, most of them are made for military purposes, they will never be able to understand. It is a waste of energy trying to save them or help them from this point on, they are not real living beings to begin with. “Numbers” they are called, they are made by intent codes, that executes itself and has limited awareness of the original and imitates it, has partial free will and creative abilities, all programmable. Artificial “organic” soul. The real being has a link to it all the time if i have to guess, and can steer it without the need to enter it.
Those people who have black eyes(not black goo) are these.
Even Nithyananda.The beings are not here cause they are pussies to come down and incarnate here
But i need to use real sensors to tell for sure, i remember i did create “Numbers” myself(like in the matrix movie, but i did not hear the term from there), and they are like animals btw.
Animals are also capable of self sacrifice and stuff, the differece between an animal and human is that the human can defend itself against psyonic attacks the animal cant.
So 85% of the population are AI / Demons / Numbers / Non sentient beings. The Black Sun 10D(Seraphim’s) and or Red Sun 11D(the El-Oh-Im’s)(or “Allah” the moongod – they like to cybernetize celestial bodies) system will try to make you a number to be able to process you, but it really never can. These entities who created this crap went insane and they will implode and loose all their memories and get ejected from the creation. And noone will know where they will end up, no one will see, and they wont remember, they will just disappear, and that is what actually death is.I kind of had a similar experience.
And if u fall down / die to get down here that is also similar, but u still have some memories/original intent codes.If u die again(not physical death that is some fake shit) u r fukt.”
That is also why this is so important, without avoidance, complete dissolution is the end result. That’s by default. This universe is being shrunk, devoured by a quantum distortion. That is why all of this is going public now.
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2 Re: The System-wide Quantum Collapse on Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:58 pm


Technological Accelerated Learning Systems

 omnipulse   Technology   August 23, 2017  
On a side note, there are technological systems that work pretty much like an accelerated educational course. One is shown visuals of pretty much every single chemical reaction, every physical law, an example of every kind of “scientific” (mental magic) physical, energetic, chemical, mathematical, geometric, and conceptual organization that results in experience, consciousness, the universe, or the system we know.
This is literally like a series of movies that one watches that play out the process of creation, destruction, time, space, biology, through visual, animated displays of information that directly present how things work. When a person goes through these courses, in a short amount of time, they gain access to the knowledge that was protected for thousands of years.

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