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The Smithsonian's Authentic Crystal Skull

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1 The Smithsonian's Authentic Crystal Skull on Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:33 pm



Published on Aug 23, 2017
The crystal skulls, a set of the world’s most alluring artefacts.
Possessing the power to create religions, snaring many a Hollywood figures with their mysticism and rumoured possible alien origins.
Firstly, how does one tell a real crystal skull, from a fake?
“There are always artists capable of making and selling things that seem old,” says anthropologist Jane MacLaren Walsh of the Smithsonian museum.
And she should know, Walsh has seen her share of fakes, in fact, she has probably seen more crystal skulls than anyone else alive, subsequently becoming the leading academic on the subject.
A stern sceptic with a ruthless ethic, only the most puzzling will convince Jane.
Another major player in the skull game according to Walsh, was Frederick Arthur Mitchell-Hedges, an English stockbroker-turned-adventurer, who in 1943, began displaying a skull at dinner parties which he called, “The Skull of Doom.”
His daughter Anna, later claimed that he had found the skull in a ruined temple in Belize during the early 1920s.
however, this was later found to have been a lie.
Investigations by the Linnean Society of London, a research institute specializing in taxonomy and natural history, revealed that Mitchell-Hedges actually purchased his skull at auction at Sotheby’s in London in 1943 for around £400, about $18,000 today.
How it came to be at the auction house however, was never established.
Which is unfortunate, because the Mitchell-hedges skull, according to walshes scrupulous examination, is the only one she has ever had to reluctantly confirm as an authentic crystal skull.
Whats more, it is the only academically accepted original, known within the public archives.
Smaller than other examples, which under microscopic analysis were seen to have been made using rotary drills, the Mitchell hedges skull, is a more finely crafted, yet more crudely designed example, that under the atomic microscope, has shown signs of having indeed been an ancient pre- Columbian artefact, which sure enough was constructed using quote, “unknown technology.”
There are of course many examples of crystal skulls around the world, and many more stories surrounding their mysterious construction, elongated examples, stories of groups of these skulls initiating some form of energy field, ancient laser cutting technology has also been claimed time and time again.
However, we felt we would approach them from another angle, to experience the rare occasion when modern, specifically funded, academic institutes buckle to overwhelming evidence, proofs, given by the defeated sceptic, to those who pursue nothing but the perplexing truth and a direction for study.
Made from a single piece of quartz crystal, mitchells “skull of doom,” is unquestionably, an exquisite example of an unknown history here upon our planet.
Regardless of beliefs, or indeed the superstitious which now surround them, there are a rare few, which support the theory of lost civilization, and ancient visitation.





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