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umm...remember the death rays on every pole? where did they go?

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on monday morning before the eclipse took place I jumped in the truck and ran to the store. I looked up at the local "death ray", you know, those camophlage cell phone towers that hold the sonic weapons? I don't know what the technical name is for these nasty things but I always envision myself with an ax, like a lumberjack and I chop them down. Never mind they are on metal poles...I still see myself chopping them down. 

Anyhow, I took note of the absence of the one that looks over our neighborhood. They are pretty much everywhere in my small city, until Monday. Of course I questioned my eyes...are they really gone? I went to some other areas of the town today doing regular errands and made it a point to look for the ones over there I know. Well, all the towers are stripped naked. NAKED! The death rays are disappeared. Is it me? Did I imagine they were there and now they are not?

I did not imagine them, I know that. But I can tell you, as of my roundabout town today; THEY ARE NO MORE.

What does this mean? I am cautiously optimistic but I did want to let everyone know and to see who can check in and see if they are gone from your skies too. 

I call this good news. Wow. woohoo!!!

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