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Impossible "Alien Crystal" Found In Meteorite?

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Published on Aug 24, 2017
Has ancient, alien technology finally been discovered within Russia?
According to several talented ufo enthusiasts, along with a number of scientists, who had previously postulated to this very scenario, that is exactly what has happened.
A team from Princeton University in America, and the University of Florence in Italy, have discovered a quote “quasicrystal,” — so named because of its unorthodox arrangement of atoms, — found within a meteorite from a remote region of north-eastern Russia.
This crystal, long thought impossible to be formed naturally, due to being too energetically unstable, and atomically manipulated.
When the team discovered that the meteorite contained this mysterious, ancient, intelligently designed material, they merely moved the goal posts, simply stating that it can indeed be formed naturally.
Technically, scientists describe quasicrystals as quasiperiodic, being manually ordered, no longer found on the periodic table.
Although they exhibit a pattern that fills all available mass continuously, they lack what scientists and mathematicians term, “translational symmetry.”
Simply put the are not naturally occurring materials.
The meteorite in which it was found, is believed to be around 4.5 billion years old. Yet alas, when it picked up this perplexing and possibly alien passenger, may remain unknown.
UFO enthusiasts and scientists alike, had previously hypothesised that evidence for alien life, would in all possibility be found in a form such as this.
Pointing out that quasicrystals, being a novel form of matter, should actually be seen as artefacts of alien, artificially created technology.
No one has ever been able to explain how quasicrystals can be formed by natural processes, and no one is ever likely too, it just does not happen.
Their “forbidden symmetry,” making them impossible to be formed naturally.
The only other known quasicrystals beside those found in the Chukotka meteorites, were only recently synthesized within laboratory conditions by scientists.
Being very hard, with low friction characteristics, also a low heat conduction, quasicrystals are a very useful product, used in a wide range of high speed technologies, such as the coatings of airplanes and stealth fighters,
Two-time Nobel prize winner, Laureate Linus Pauling, the idol of the American Chemical Society, and one of the most famous scientists in the world. Argued till his last days against quasi-periodicity in crystals mere existence.
He didn’t even believe we would ever manage to create it.
Does this sound like a naturally occurring material to you?
How did this complex material end up on and within an ancient meteorite?
Did this lump of space debris once collide with an alien craft, somewhere out there, in deep space?
It seems regardless of what certain scientific bodies would have you presume, that is indeed, the most likely scenario.


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